Now with 2 different sets of fantasy basketball projections and rest of season rankings for the 2018/2019 NBA season (Long Term and Short Term) with the ability to filter and customize projections by ticking categories on and off.

What's the difference between long and short term? Long term are our standard projections. Short term is an experimental dataset that uses per-36 averages over the last 30 days, multiplied by the minutes being averaged over the last 2 weeks. Players who have not played in the last 2 weeks will not appear in the short term projected rankings.

Want to create your own ratings and rankings? You can use any of the 16 categories available by ticking the categories on or off (below).

Think a category is worth more than the others? Use the multiplier below each category option to add adjust the impact of it.

Last updated: Long term: 21 March 2019 by @MarcFRoberts | Short term: 19 June 2019 by @hashbasketball

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TOTAL: Adjusted total based on selected categories and impact multipliers | GP2W: Games Played Last 2 weeks | COLOR GUIDE: Elite Very Good Good Average Below Average Not good | ICONS: Currently injured In doubt (check injury status)