Use our fantasy basketball playoff schedule to see which teams are playing during your 2018-2019 fantasy basketball playoff weeks.

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Sacramento Kings44412
Washington Wizards44412
Cleveland Cavaliers44311
Denver Nuggets34411
Detroit Pistons44311
Houston Rockets44311
Los Angeles Clippers43411
Los Angeles Lakers43411
Oklahoma City Thunder43411
Utah Jazz44311
Boston Celtics34310
Charlotte Hornets34310
Dallas Mavericks34310
Golden State Warriors25310
Indiana Pacers34310
Miami Heat34310
Milwaukee Bucks34310
Portland Trail Blazers33410
San Antonio Spurs34310
Toronto Raptors34310
Atlanta Hawks3339
Brooklyn Nets4239
Chicago Bulls3339
Memphis Grizzlies2349
Minnesota Timberwolves3339
New Orleans Pelicans3339
New York Knicks3429
Orlando Magic3249
Philadelphia 76ers3339
Phoenix Suns3339

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