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Last updated: 16 January 2021 by Joseph Mamone ( @josephmamone)
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Luka Doncic (DAL, PG,SG) AGE: 21.9
Luka is approaching walking triple-double status, his shooting %s are no longer a problem, and his defensive numbers are becoming respectable. He's the #1 dynasty option across (almost) all formats.
Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN, C) AGE: 25.2
The fact that KAT has been able to play so well on the court with so much happening off it speaks volumes about his character.
Nikola Jokic (DEN, PF,C) AGE: 25.9
Can realistically end the season with 9+ assists per game, which makes him a top-3 fantasy player.
Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL, PF,C) AGE: 26.1
His FT% has almost dipped down to his FG%, which is a huge concern, but the rest of his game has gone to another level. He's the best player in fantasy basketball in punt FT% builds.
Anthony Davis (LAL, PF,C) AGE: 27.9
LA has stacked their roster with enough talent to coast their way through the regular season, so we might not see Davis kick into next gear until we start getting closer to the playoffs. He'll continue to be a top fantasy option for a few more seasons as his three-point shot continues to improve.
James Harden (BKN, PG,SG) AGE: 31.4
His value takes a small hit moving to Brooklyn (mostly in scoring and assists), but he's still a top-6 fantasy option.
Jayson Tatum (BOS, SF,PF) AGE: 22.9
He continues to improve his fantasy output, and with Kemba's knee injuries looking like a long-term thing, it means more of Tatum running the offensive end.
Trae Young (ATL, PG) AGE: 22.3
His value is at the lowest I think it can get right now, so it's the perfect time to target him in a trade since we know what's he's capable of.
Joel Embiid (PHI, PF,C) AGE: 26.9
He's a top fantasy player when he's switched on. Target him in a trade when he has a stretch of lower than expected output. Still a top-15 guy.
Bradley Beal (WAS, SG,SF) AGE: 27.6
Beal is on an absolute tear right now. The only thing that'll get in his way is if he starts getting frustrated with getting mentioned in trade rumors 18 times a day.
Bam Adebayo (MIA, PF,C) AGE: 23.5
The Bam break-out has taken place, and Miami are even running offensive sets through him (amost averaging 5 assists per game). Congratulations if you drafted him.
Devin Booker (PHO, SG,SF) AGE: 24.2
Phoenix is good now, which means more of Booker playing within an offense run by Chris Paul. Great shooting efficiency will continue to be there, but the counting stats that made him a top-10 player last season don't look like they will be.
Ja Morant (MEM, PG) AGE: 21.5
Had a great rookie season. My only concern is with how ferocious he attacks the rim, given his slender frame. Has the potential to be an end-of-first-round guy if he improves his 3PM and STLs.
Ben Simmons (PHI, PG) AGE: 24.5
An elite fantasy player in punt FT% builds, but it's hard to see him improve until he starts to work on developing his outside game.
Damian Lillard (POR, PG) AGE: 30.5
A top-10 guy in re-draft leagues and there's no reason why he can't do the same next season, and the season after.
Stephen Curry (GS, PG,SG) AGE: 32.9
Steph is back.
Zach LaVine (CHI, SG,SF) AGE: 25.9
It's debatable whether LaVine is a good-stats-bad-team guy, but you can't deny the numbers he's putting up and should continue to flirt with top 25 value this season.
Kawhi Leonard (LAC, SG,SF) AGE: 29.6
A top-10 fantasy player in re-draft leagues, but his on-going knee issues make him less desirable in dynasty formats.
Brandon Ingram (NO, SF,PF) AGE: 23.4
Has proven that he's more than capable of continuing to stuff the stat sheet alongside a healthy Zion.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC, SG,SF) AGE: 22.5
He has managed to improve his fantasy output while maintaining his solid shooting percentages. Will be a quality fantasy option for years to come in both re-draft and dynasty formats.
Zion Williamson (NO, PF) AGE: 20.6
Has the potential to be elite in 3-4 categories, but we're seeing absolutely nothing from too many categories right now. It'll take time, but the potential to be elite is there.
Domantas Sabonis (IND, PF,C) AGE: 24.7
His 5+ assists per game look sustainable (even more so given Indiana just traded away a ball-handler), and his FT% should tick back up to the 70%+ range soon, which will only increase his value even more.
Kyrie Irving (BKN, PG) AGE: 28.8
Rosters always look better when Kyrie is on them, but it's hard to trust him to stay motivated enough to play basketball for an entire season. He'll no doubt clash with Harden at some point this season.
Jaylen Brown (BOS, SG,SF) AGE: 24.2
His usage increased a little more than expected last season, and there's nothing to suggest that he can't continue it. Just needs to keep improving his FT%.
Deandre Ayton (PHO, C) AGE: 22.5
Has started the season horribly, but he's still averaging a double-double with 1 block. Target him in a trade if you can.
Donovan Mitchell (UTA, PG,SG) AGE: 24.4
Mitchell looks like he'll be one of those better NBA players than fantasy players. He's no doubt one of the better players in the league, but the consistent top 30-40 fantasy output in re-draft leagues just isn't there yet.
Kevin Durant (BKN, SF,PF) AGE: 32.3
I'm still worried about how players return from serious Achilles injuries, but he's playing like a top-10 fantasy player, and I don't think Harden joining Brooklyn is going to hurt his numbers too much (we've seen him be a top-10 player playing in Golden State).
Kristaps Porzingis (DAL, PF,C) AGE: 25.5
His FG% will always be an issue since almost half of his field-goal attempts are from behind the arc, but he makes up for it with his elite shot-blocking. Injuries are the only thing limiting his upside.
Paul George (LAC, SF,PF) AGE: 30.7
Regular-season P is back, and he's returning top-10 value. Expect more of the same as we go deeper into the season so long as he can stay healthy.
Christian Wood (HOU, PF,C) AGE: 25.3
He ended last season in Detroit balling out on a depleted roster, and it looks like he'll get every opportunity to do the same on the Hardenless Rockets.
John Collins (ATL, PF,C) AGE: 23.3
We expected Collins' output to take a hit this season, and not signing an extension with Atlanta doesn't bode well, but he should be a bounce-back candidate next season if he can find himself on a roster willing to utilize him like he was last season (Hello, San Antonio, do you need a young PF?).
Pascal Siakam (TOR, PF,C) AGE: 26.8
The Siakam hype is decreasing and his ceiling is getting lower, but he's still a quality fantasy player.
Myles Turner (IND, PF,C) AGE: 24.8
He's not a strong rebounder, and playing next to Sabonis isn't going to help that, but what he does provide is elite shot-blocking, the ability to hit 3s, and not hurt you too much from the free-throw line.
LeBron James (LAL, PG,SG,SF) AGE: 36.1
LA has stacked their roster to give LeBron more time to recover after a long and successful playoff run, but even a coasting LeBron is capable of being a top-20 player in re-draft leagues this season.
Jimmy Butler (MIA, SF,PF) AGE: 31.4
We're seeing a trend to start the season with teams who made it to the finals last season. Expect Butler's output to increase as we get deeper into the season. He should still have a few seasons of elite-level play left in him.
Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM, PF,C) AGE: 21.4
His output is still inconsistent, which is to be expected given his age, but the potential to be a top-20 player is there.
Fred VanVleet (TOR, PG,SG) AGE: 26.9
NBA Finals Fred has evolved into Regular Season VanVleet, and he's a fantasy stud. He'll continue to play a key role in Toronto moving forward.
Rudy Gobert (UTA, C) AGE: 28.6
Sometimes players have the reputation of being such a good defender, that teams shoot less around them, and that's what's happening to Gobert. He's still an elite shot-blocker when given the chance to contest shots.
LaMelo Ball (CHA, PG,SG) AGE: 19.4
Instantly gives Charlotte an identity and only needed a few weeks to prove that he's going to be a good (and better than good if he can clean up his shooting %s) fantasy player. It's only a matter of time before he starts.
D'Angelo Russell (MIN, PG,SG) AGE: 24.9
Should continue to hover in the top-50 range in Minnesota now that the Rubio at PG experiment is flaming out.
De'Aaron Fox (SAC, PG) AGE: 23.1
Seems to be undervalued by a lot of people, but his FT% needs to improve next season after regressing this season.
CJ McCollum (POR, PG,SG) AGE: 29.3
Goes from cold-shooting stretches to hitting everything as frequently as any player I've seen in the league, and so far he has started the season on an absolute tear. Continue to ride the hot hand or look for a deal if it returns a top player.
Nikola Vucevic (ORL, C) AGE: 30.3
His membership has been revoked from the 1-1-1 club (averaging 1 3-pointer, 1 steal, and 1 block), but he's working on getting it back.
Khris Middleton (MIL, SF,PF) AGE: 29.5
Continues to out-perform his ADP and continues to be underrated by mainstream fantasy players. Has a game that should age well.
Jamal Murray (DEN, PG,SG) AGE: 23.9
The bubble has popped, and Murray has reverted back to his regular self, which is essentially a SG with nice assist numbers. Hopefully, you managed to trade him before the season started.
Gordon Hayward (CHA, SG,SF) AGE: 30.8
When he plays he's a top-30 player, you just need to cross all of your fingers that he stays on the court.
Mitchell Robinson (NY, C) AGE: 22.8
One thing we know about Thibs is that he loves playing his favorite players big minutes, and for Mitchell Robinson, 30 minutes is more than enough for him to put up top-50 value. Seems to have improved on his fouling issues.
Michael Porter Jr. (DEN, SF,PF) AGE: 22.6
Puts up great numbers when he plays, but he's not the most mature player to step on the basketball court, which could limit his potential in the long-term.
Victor Oladipo (HOU, SG,SF) AGE: 28.7
The move to *checks notes* Houston is a strange fit, and we might see him moved again at the trade deadline, but we've seen enough this season to know that Oladipo has recovered from his injury issues.
Collin Sexton (CLE, PG,SG) AGE: 22.1
At this point, we need to stop looking at Sexton as a PG. He's a score-first combo-guard, who still has the potential to improve his assist numbers. He continues to get underrated in fantasy drafts.
Dejounte Murray (SA, PG,SG) AGE: 24.3
His production has started to pick up, but he's still limited as a fantasy player until he improves his scoring. Even without it, he's putting up good defensive stats.
Malcolm Brogdon (IND, PG,SG) AGE: 28.1
He started last season on a tear without Oladipo, has started this season on a tear, and now Oladipo is gone. If you've followed that train of thought, then you'll agree that he'll continue to put up great numbers this season.
Clint Capela (ATL, C) AGE: 26.7
Atlanta has suddenly become very deep at the big man spot.
Jusuf Nurkic (POR, C) AGE: 26.4
Injuries suck, but we know what he's capable of doing when he's fit and healthy.
Mikal Bridges (PHO, SG,SF) AGE: 24.4
I like what Mikal provides long-term as a 3&D specialist, and his offensive production has started trending in the right direction.
Jrue Holiday (MIL, PG,SG) AGE: 30.6
He's back to playing at an elite level and has minimal competition at either of the guard spots in Milwaukee.
Jerami Grant (DET, SF,PF) AGE: 26.9
We all expected Grant to improve his output as he moved to Detroit, but he has exceeded my expectations as he continues to be a top-30 player in re-draft leagues, and it doesn't look like he'll be slowing down any time soon.
Jonas Valanciunas (MEM, C) AGE: 28.7
Jonas continues to be a big part of this Memphis team, but they seem to be building up a talented crop of big men. You have to wonder how many more seasons he'll be around for?
Andre Drummond (CLE, C) AGE: 27.5
The addition of Allen doesn't look good in the short-term, and you have to question how many other teams there are that'll give Drummond big minutes in the long-term.
Wendell Carter Jr. (CHI, C) AGE: 21.8
A roto-friendly big man who can get you clean shooting percentages. Didn't play well under Boylen, but a better coach should be able to get more out of him.
Tobias Harris (PHI, SF,PF) AGE: 28.5
Continues to be a roto-friendly player, and should be a staple in the top-60 for another season or two.
Julius Randle (NY, PF,C) AGE: 26.2
It looks like Randle is Thibs guy. Expect the big counting stats to continue.
Tyrese Haliburton (SAC, PG,SG) AGE: 20.9
While he played PG in college, he has the size and shooting ability to play SG and is an excellent fit next to Fox.
James Wiseman (GS, C) AGE: 19.8
A great athlete who can run the floor, block shots, and pull down rebounds. He fills an instant need in Golden State. His game should transition well to fantasy, but he lends himself to punt FT% builds (shot 70% in a very small sample size). He may not see big minutes early, but he's one of the best big men to take in dynasty rookie drafts (unless Atlanta moves Capela, in which case I'd take Okongwu ahead of Wiseman).
Darius Garland (CLE, PG) AGE: 21.0
He started to break out before getting hurt, but we've seen enough to know that he'll be a quality fantasy player moving forward.
Russell Westbrook (WAS, PG) AGE: 32.2
His shooting %s are starting to look horrible again.
Jonathan Isaac (ORL, SF,PF) AGE: 23.3
Injuries suck. He was putting up top-30 value to start the season before getting hurt. Somebody you might be able to get a discount on.
Caris LeVert (IND, SG,SF) AGE: 26.4
Fingers crossed that Caris is OK.
Coby White (CHI, PG,SG) AGE: 20.9
Coby White's game is the definition of a rollercoaster ride, but it's one you want to be taking in a dynasty build so long as you can cover his FG%.
Richaun Holmes (SAC, PF,C) AGE: 27.3
As predicted, the Whiteside experiment fizzled out in Sacramento before it even got a chance to start. Holmes is the stand-out center on this roster, and he'll continue to put up top-50 value.
Jarrett Allen (CLE, C) AGE: 22.8
His value takes a hit in the short-term, but we all know what he's capable of doing when given the opportunity to play. Target him in trades if he comes off the bench in Cleveland.
De'Andre Hunter (ATL, SF,PF) AGE: 23.1
He won't sustain his 51% shooting from the field, but he's still exceeding expectations this season.
Keldon Johnson (SA, SF) AGE: 21.3
The break-out is starting to happen and San Antonio is actually starting to play their younger guys. Expect him to flirt with top 50-60 value.
Chris Boucher (TOR, PF,C) AGE: 28.0
He's the best center on Toronto's roster, and doesn't need to start to return top-60 value.
Lonzo Ball (NO, PG,SG) AGE: 23.2
Looks like playing with Zion has had a positive impact on his fantasy output, but his shooting %s continue to be horrible.
Kyle Lowry (TOR, PG) AGE: 34.8
Continues to put up top-45 numbers, but it's hard seeing him continue at this level for more than a few more seasons.
Lauri Markkanen (CHI, PF,C) AGE: 23.7
Injuries and missed games continue to hurt Lauri's fantasy value. He could slide in drafts if people are only looking at his numbers from last season.
DeMar DeRozan (SA, SG,SF) AGE: 31.5
DeRozan continues to be underrated, and the re-addition of a 3-point shot has only increased his value even more. The move to PF has been a welcomed one.
John Wall (HOU, PG) AGE: 30.4
Houston is no longer in win-now mode, and it's hard to see anybody willing to trade for Wall's contract, so he might be on the Rockets roster for a while. Expect good-stats-on-bad-team levels of output, thrown in with a lot of DNP/rest.
OG Anunoby (TOR, SF,PF) AGE: 23.5
Has the potential to be a top-100 staple as he continues to develop his game.
Tyler Herro (MIA, PG,SG,SF) AGE: 21.0
He can make it rain when he gets hot, but he needs to builds on other aspects of his game.
Brandon Clarke (MEM, SF,PF) AGE: 24.3
We expected more from Clarke after his rookie season, but maybe he peaked early? He needs Jonas to be moved to solidify his fantasy production.
Chris Paul (PHO, PG) AGE: 35.7
If you have Paul in a dynasty format now's the time to try and move him, unless you're competing for the title.
Buddy Hield (SAC, SG) AGE: 28.1
He's playing like a guy who wants out of Sacramento, and his fantasy game isn't strong enough to withhold a long shooting slump.
Killian Hayes (DET, PG,SG) AGE: 19.5
Had one of the worst starts to a rookie campaign you can imagine, but he's still in a good situation in Detroit to turn it around next season. You should be able to get him at a discount in dynasty leagues.
Donte DiVincenzo (MIL, PG,SG) AGE: 24.0
He's proving to be a good end-of-roster 3s and steals guy.
Onyeka Okongwu (ATL, PF,C) AGE: 20.1
I was hoping Okongwu landed to a team looking for a starting big-man, but, he, unfortunately, fell to a team with John Collins and Clint Capela. It might be a season or two before he gets the opportunity to play big minutes, but he was my favorite big man heading int the draft, and I think he's somebody to draft and stash in dynasty leagues.
Thomas Bryant (WAS, C) AGE: 23.5
Injuries suck, but he's still got 1 more year left on his contract after this season, so he'll continue to be in Washington's plans moving forward.
PJ Washington (CHA, SF,PF) AGE: 22.4
Had a good start to his rookie season. The potential is there to be a top 80-90 guy.
Marvin Bagley III (SAC, PF,C) AGE: 21.9
We're starting to see a concerning pattern with Bagley. He gets hurt, comes back and does some nice things, and then misses more games. He has the potential to be a walking double-double, but he needs to find a way to stay on the court.
Derrick White (SA, PG,SG) AGE: 26.6
A nice player to have at the end of your roster if you're not relying on him to score.
Anthony Edwards (MIN, SG) AGE: 19.5
His athletic ability allows him to get to the rim, and when he's not driving he's taking 3s (and sometimes too deep), but he tends to go missing during play and I'm not confident that his game translates well to fantasy.
Terry Rozier (CHA, PG) AGE: 26.9
Has started the season on a tear, but his 48% shooting from the field doesn't look sustainable. Charlotte needs to choose between Rozier and Graham to play alongside LaMelo once he joins the starting lineup, and it might be Rozier (if he isn't traded).
Marcus Smart (BOS, PG,SG) AGE: 26.9
It seems like Smart has returned to his old punt-FG ways, but his steals, 3s, and assists make up for it. It doesn't seem like there's much room to improve in turns of dynasty value, but he's still a useful player.
T.J. Warren (IND, SF,PF) AGE: 27.4
The TJ bubble has burst - we'll have to wait and see how he looks once he returns from his injury. Don't expect bubble numbers when he does.
Andrew Wiggins (GS, SG,SF) AGE: 25.9
Wiggins is Golden States' problem now, and it doesn't look like he'll be cracking the top-60 any time soon.
Otto Porter Jr. (CHI, SF,PF) AGE: 27.6
Williams limits Otto's value in the short-term - are we about to see him moved to another team? Think his days as a top-50 fantasy player are behind him.
Kemba Walker (BOS, PG) AGE: 30.7
There's a history of undersized point guards not aging well, and his knee injury looks like it's a long-term thing that he'll have to manage through the season.
LaMarcus Aldridge (SA, PF,C) AGE: 35.5
Father time is starting to catch up to LaMarcus, but he'll still have value for another season.
Robert Covington (POR, PF,C) AGE: 30.1
Covington has looked horrible to start the season in Portland, but we all know what he's capable of when he's switched on. Will that happen this season?
RJ Barrett (NY, SG,SF) AGE: 20.6
Let's hope RJ is currently in a gym working on his shooting, because if he can somehow become a respectable shooter, then he's a chance to be a good fantasy player. Until then, he's better suited to points-leagues.
Klay Thompson (GS, SG,SF) AGE: 31.0
Injuries are the worst.
Markelle Fultz (ORL, PG,SG) AGE: 22.7
Was starting to return to his college form before getting hurt.
Josh Richardson (DAL, SG,SF) AGE: 27.4
Had a down season in Philly, but we know he's capable of better.
Miles Bridges (CHA, SF,PF) AGE: 22.8
The perfect running mate for LaMelo - his FG% should continue to hover around the 46-47% mark, but it's hard to see him returning to the starting lineup this season.
Aaron Gordon (ORL, SF,PF) AGE: 25.4
Don't mind me, I'm just here waiting for Aaron Gordon to remember how to play basketball again.
Malik Beasley (MIN, PG,SG) AGE: 24.2
Has started the season where he left off and looks to be the best option at SG/SF for Minnesota.
Cam Reddish (ATL, SF,PF) AGE: 21.4
Closed out the season shooting 50% from the field (in the last 10 games), but his shooting still remains unreliable. A nice punt FG% target.
Kelly Oubre Jr. (GS, SF,PF) AGE: 25.1
Things can only get better for Oubre, but he needs to get better at adapting to Golden State's way of playing basketball (and actually learn how to pass the ball) or he won't be a top-100 fantasy player this season.
Shake Milton (PHI, PG,SG) AGE: 24.3
Shake is a younger version of Lou Williams - the ultimate heat-check guy who's capable of filling things up when his shot is falling, and right now, it's falling.
Devonte' Graham (CHA, PG,SG) AGE: 25.9
Looks to be the player who's going to lose the most when LaMelo eventually starts in Charlotte, but he's still a good end-of-roster guy in punt FG% builds.
Deni Avdija (WAS, SG,SF) AGE: 20.1
Landed in a great spot in Washington and fits right into their run-first approach to offense as a more than capable ball-handler. He might start the season slow, but it'll only be a matter of time until he plays starters minutes. Could be a better real-life-than-fantasy type of player.
Steven Adams (NO, C) AGE: 27.5
Didn't live up to most people's expectations last season, and his scoring is trending in the wrong direction, but he's still worth rostering.
Montrezl Harrell (LAL, PF,C) AGE: 27.0
Doesn't provide anything outside of the typical big-man stats and Gasol limits his ability to play big minutes at C.
Luguentz Dort (OKC, SG,SF) AGE: 21.8
The guy is a defensive stud. He has a spot in this league if he can continue to hit 2+ 3-pointers a game.
Dennis Schroder (LAL, PG) AGE: 27.4
Not much long-term appeal in dynasty formats.
Norman Powell (TOR, SG,SF) AGE: 27.7
His fantasy game has regressed to start the season, and he's not strong enough in other categories to make up for his shooting slump.
Bogdan Bogdanovic (ATL, SG,SF,PF) AGE: 28.4
Has a well-rounded fantasy game, but Atlanta is already stacked at SG/SF, so his upside is capped.
Eric Bledsoe (NO, PG,SG) AGE: 31.1
We've hit the downward part of Bledsoe's fantasy career.
Rui Hachimura (WAS, SF,PF) AGE: 23.0
He's still a little raw, but he's one of the best young players on the roster, so he'll continue to see minutes.
Kevin Porter Jr. (CLE, SG,SF) AGE: 20.7
Has fallen down the pecking order while the rest of Cleveland's young core solidifies their role to start the season.
Mike Conley (UTA, PG) AGE: 33.3
Has recovered from a horrible previous season, but at this stage, he is what he is (an aging PG who'll hover around the 60-80 range for a few more seasons).
Evan Fournier (ORL, SG,SF) AGE: 28.2
He doesn't have much long-term appeal in dynasty leagues, but he's continuing to produce solid numbers.
Eric Paschall (GS, SF,PF) AGE: 24.2
It's debatable how much playing time he'll get next season when everybody is healthy, but he should be Golden State's primary weapon off the bench.
Kevin Huerter (ATL, SG,SF) AGE: 22.4
Wing rotation has gotten very crowded with Hunter, Reddish, and Bogdanovic. Gallinari limits time he can spend at SF.
Darius Bazley (OKC, SF,PF) AGE: 20.6
Should be locked in as the Thunder's starting PF for the rest of the season, let's see what he does with the opportunity.
Patrick Williams (CHI, SF) AGE: 19.4
Should be locked in as Chicago's starter at SF for the rest of the season, it's a matter of waiting to see how his offensive game develops in the NBA, because he already has a strong defensive game.
Isaac Okoro (CLE, SF) AGE: 20.0
Okoro is the best wing defender in the draft, and he should slide into playing starters minutes relatively quickly. His defensive ability may not translate straight away into fantasy numbers, and his shooting needs some work (67% from the line and 29% from behind the arc), but the potential to be a 3&D guy is there.
Kira Lewis Jr (NO, PG) AGE: 19.8
The fastest player in the draft just got drafted by a team that's going to be running the floor as much as possible. He's a great fit; it's just a matter of finding playing time.
Spencer Dinwiddie (BKN, PG,SG) AGE: 27.8
Best case scenario for Spencer is that he fully recovers and find himself on a new roster next season.
Robert Williams (BOS, C) AGE: 23.3
Is a per-minute monster, but Boston has 3 centers worthy of playing time, and a coach that likes to pick and choose based on match-ups.
Lonnie Walker IV (SA, SG,SF) AGE: 22.1
Can score the ball, but he might need another season or two until he becomes fantasy relevant.
Tyrese Maxey (PHI, SG) AGE: 20.2
He landed in a great spot as an undersized shooting guard who can score and defend opposing point guards while Ben Simmons handles the ball.
Jordan Clarkson (UTA, PG,SG) AGE: 28.6
Has been running hot since moving to Utah, and it looks like it's sustainable, but he doesn't offer much outside of scoring categories.
Obi Toppin (NY, SF,PF) AGE: 22.9
The fit with Randle isn't great, but he has the potential to fill a role as a gunner off the bench.
Draymond Green (GS, PF,C) AGE: 30.9
Gives you nothing outside of rebounds, assists, and defensive numbers, and at this stage, his value lies in his name and reputation. There are better options available.
Duncan Robinson (MIA, SG,SF) AGE: 26.8
An elite shooter who doesn't provide anything outside of the scoring and shooting categories.
Jarrett Culver (MIN, PG,SG) AGE: 21.9
Has shown flashes of being a productive player, but those flashes aren't enough to make up for his putrid shooting percentages. Somebody to stash in dynasty leagues.
Devin Vassell (SA, SG) AGE: 20.4
In the 90s we had Baby Jordan. Is it too much of a throwback to call Vassell Baby Covington? He has all of the characteristics of a high-end 3&D guy, the only thing that worries me is San Antonio's track record of bringing rookies in slowly.
Larry Nance Jr. (CLE, PF,C) AGE: 28.1
Can put up numbers when spot-starting, but his days as a starter might be short-lived.
Gary Trent Jr. (POR, SG,SF) AGE: 22.0
Is currently showing signs of being a capable rotation player when given the minutes.
Gary Harris (DEN, SG,SF) AGE: 26.4
It's time to accept Harris for what he is - a decent real-life NBA player, but a below-average fantasy player. Try and find a believer and move him while he still has some value.
Ivica Zubac (LAC, C) AGE: 23.9
Is capable of being a top 120 player when given the minutes, but his upside is capped with Ibaka's ability to play C.
Cameron Johnson (PHO, SF,PF) AGE: 24.9
Showed enough last season to earn himself a spot in the rotation as a back-up stretch-4
Brook Lopez (MIL, C) AGE: 32.8
Brook has found a way to extend his career as a 3-point sniper who's capable of hitting 2+ threes and getting 2+ blocks a game, which is an extremely rare combination. Has value for a few more seasons.
Hamidou Diallo (OKC, SG,SF) AGE: 22.5
He's creeping back into the rotation and looks like he's improved his output on the offensive end.
Blake Griffin (DET, PF,C) AGE: 31.9
He's putting up inefficient guard numbers, and he's missing games. His best days are behind him.
Dillon Brooks (MEM, SG,SF) AGE: 25.0
Has just scored himself a new 3-year contract, which means he's definitely in Memphis' long-term plans, which bodes well for his dynasty stability.
Justise Winslow (MEM, PF) AGE: 24.8
His shooting %s will hurt you, but he should start and see decent minutes once he returns from injury. Don't expect high fantasy output from him, though.
Ricky Rubio (MIN, PG) AGE: 30.3
At this point, he's basically a streaming option when you need assists.
Will Barton (DEN, SG,SF) AGE: 30.0
We've seen this movie before. He's still capable of getting hot, but Denver are looking to replace him with Porter Jr.
Sekou Doumbouya (DET, SF,PF) AGE: 20.1
Still raw, but he's a great athlete who thrives in the open court and has the tools to become a good 3&D player. Detroit doesn't have a great track record in developing players, but that just means there's less youth ahead of him if he can crack the rotation. He should continue to get minutes next season.
Daniel Theis (BOS, C) AGE: 28.8
A solid end-of-roster guy who will put up decent numbers so long as he continues to start. Not much upside, though.
Nickeil Alexander-Walker (NO, SG,SF) AGE: 22.4
Still very raw and we may not see much of him again this season, but he's more than capable of putting up big scoring numbers when given the opportunity.
Al Horford (OKC, PF,C) AGE: 34.6
Has a chance to revive his career in OKC and should play a role as secondary ball facilitator in the starting line-up. Only has short term value, though.
Seth Curry (PHI, PG,SG) AGE: 30.4
Is the perfect fit in Philly playing alongside Simmons as the team's best outside threat.
Harrison Barnes (SAC, SF,PF) AGE: 28.7
Is he going to continue shooting 50% from the field? Has good short-term value so long as his shot keeps on falling.
Kyle Kuzma (LAL, SF,PF) AGE: 25.5
Needs to do more than score to be a fantasy target, but that's all he'll be asked to do on the Lakers roster. Doesn't have much long-term appeal unless he finds himself on another roster.
Jeremy Lamb (IND, SG,SF) AGE: 28.7
Is capable of putting up numbers when given the opportunity to play.
Serge Ibaka (LAC, PF,C) AGE: 31.3
Added a three-point shot to his game, which will help extend his career. Should continue to return top-100 value in LA.
Precious Achiuwa (MIA, SF,PF) AGE: 21.3
A great athlete picked by a franchise with an excellent track record of drafting players outside of the lottery.
Elfrid Payton (NY, PG) AGE: 26.9
We've seen this movie before. He often starts the season slowly, then, when the season is lost he goes on a tear to finish the season.
Troy Brown Jr. (WAS, SG,SF) AGE: 21.5
Didn't really take the opportunity on a depleted Washington roster last season. Still has enough upside to stash in dynasty formats.
Cole Anthony (ORL, PG) AGE: 20.7
Anthony is what Orlando needed; somebody capable of putting the ball in the basket. His shot selection is questionable (shot 38% from the field in his last college season), and he doesn't tally assists as you'd expect from a PG. Seems like a good candidate to be a gunner of the bench.
Aleksej Pokusevski (OKC, SF) AGE: 19.1
Not sure how much we're going to see of him in his rookie season, but the potential is there. He needs to bulk up more to get his body NBA ready, but he's somebody to draft and stash in dynasty rookie drafts.
Joe Harris (BKN, SG,SF) AGE: 29.4
He provides 3s and shoots a good percentage from the field and at the line, but he doesn't have much upside outside of that.
Davis Bertans (WAS, PF,C) AGE: 28.2
Flirted with top-80 value last season, mostly because of his 3.7 three-pointers made per game. His ceiling is capped until he starts contributing to non-shooting categories.
Bojan Bogdanovic (UTA, SF,PF) AGE: 31.8
He can score, and he's doing that in Utah, but he doesn't offer much else. Still has value for a season or two, so long as his shot continues to fall.
Delon Wright (DET, SG,SF) AGE: 28.7
His value tends to hover around the end-of-roster territory who relies on big minutes to put up numbers, doesn't have much long-term appeal.
DeMarcus Cousins (HOU, PF,C) AGE: 30.4
Cousins will have to prove he's healthy before we can consider him a viable fantasy option this season.
Enes Kanter (POR, C) AGE: 28.7
Expected to put up nice numbers while Nurkic is out injured, but there's not much long-term appeal.
Nerlens Noel (NY, PF,C) AGE: 26.8
Seems like he's destined to be a back-up in the NBA (unless he can improve his shooting). His reputation as a good defender is a bit misleading since he sometimes chases his blocks and steals by leaving his opponent.
Kevin Love (CLE, PF,C) AGE: 32.4
It doesn't seem like he'll ever be able to get back on the court and play enough games in a season to be considered a fantasy option. Which is a shame, because he was a beast back in his day.
Jarred Vanderbilt (MIN, SF) AGE: 21.8
Payton Pritchard (BOS, PG) AGE: 23.0
Lou Williams (LAC, PG,SG) AGE: 34.2
Still capable of getting hot, but his days of being a reliable 18 PPG scorer are getting away from him.
Isaiah Roby (OKC, PF) AGE: 23.0
Bobby Portis (MIL, PF,C) AGE: 26.0
There will be plenty of opportunities for Portis to pad his stats in blowout wins in Milwaukee. Still young enough to improve, but I think he peaks as a spot-starter / first big off the bench.
Jaxson Hayes (NO, C) AGE: 20.7
Still very raw and rebounding isn't one of his strengths. Should get more minutes this season.
Goga Bitadze (IND, C) AGE: 21.5
It's hard seeing Goga getting playing time with Sabonis and Turner on the roster, it might be a few seasons before we get to see him playing consistent minutes.
Anfernee Simons (POR, PG,SG) AGE: 21.6
I like Simons, but his ceiling is capped with Dame and CJ on the roster. He's somebody to monitor next season.
Matisse Thybulle (PHI, SG,SF) AGE: 23.9
A defensive stud, but he needs to develop a three-point shot to keep himself on the court.
Alec Burks (NY, SG,SF) AGE: 29.5
Started the season hot, and then it got hurt. Hard to see him maintain his output when he returns.
Danilo Gallinari (ATL, SF,PF) AGE: 32.5
Capable of giving you a quality return in PTS and FT%, but Atlanta isn't a great fit. He's not mobile enough to play SF full time, and Atlanta already has a quality starting PF.
RJ Hampton (DEN, PG) AGE: 20.0
A great pick by Denver, and while I do like him as a player, it's hard seeing him getting enough minutes this season to be fantasy relevant. Somebody to draft and stash in dynasty rookie drafts.
Mason Plumlee (DET, PF,C) AGE: 30.9
Desmond Bane (MEM, PG,SG) AGE: 22.6
He's going to out-perform his draft position and put up nice fantasy numbers in his rookie season so long as he can show enough defensively to stay on the court. He only has Dillion Brooks and Grayson Allen to compete with for SG minutes.
Hassan Whiteside (SAC, PF,C) AGE: 31.6
I hope you managed to trade Whiteside when he still had value, because, right now, he has none.
Luke Kennard (LAC, SG,SF) AGE: 24.6
The break-out happened last season, but he won't get the playing time in LA to be fantasy relevant.
Cedi Osman (CLE, SF,PF) AGE: 25.8
His shooting %s are going to hurt you, and he doesn't do enough in other categories to make up for it.
Malik Monk (CHA, PG,SG) AGE: 23.0
A heat-check guy who doesn't provide much when his shot isn't falling. Hasn't shown that he's capable of taking the starting spot, and has been overtaken in the depth chart by Graham, Rozier, and LaMelo.
Terence Davis (TOR, SG,SF) AGE: 23.7
Worth stashing in dynasty formats as he has shown that he's more than capable of being an NBA rotation player.
Chuma Okeke (ORL, PF) AGE: 22.4
We need Chuma to stay on the court long enough to see what he's capable of doing in the NBA.
Tomas Satoransky (CHI, PG,SG) AGE: 29.2
A nice player to have at the end of your bench, and is more than capable of providing decent assist and steal numbers. Has more value in re-draft leagues compared to dynasty.
Mo Bamba (ORL, C) AGE: 22.7
Has yet to prove that he's anything more than a blocks specialist at this early stage of his career, but he's young enough to work it out.
Zach Collins (POR, PF,C) AGE: 23.2
Are we still waiting for Zach Collins to do something or has he run out of chances?
Josh Hart (NO, SG,SF) AGE: 25.9
His output is going to be inconsistent, but the defensive numbers are there.
Josh Okogie (MIN, SG,SF) AGE: 22.4
His shooting percentages improved from his rookie season and should continue to develop. His upside seems limited, though.
Derrick Rose (DET, PG,SG) AGE: 32.3
Rose and Detroit are heading down different paths, will he get moved to another team soon? Not somebody to count on in longer formats of the game.
Aaron Holiday (IND, PG) AGE: 24.3
The best-case scenario is that he becomes the first guard off the bench once everybody is healthy, but he has proved a worthy fill-in starter when given the opportunity.
Derrick Jones Jr. (POR, SG,SF) AGE: 23.9
Has won the starting spot in Portland, but don't expect him to put up big numbers.
Terrence Ross (ORL, SG,SF) AGE: 30.0
He's a 3-point streamer when his shot is falling. There should be better options available.
Tim Hardaway Jr. (DAL, SG,SF) AGE: 28.9
His ceiling is capped, and it doesn't look like he'll be more than a contributor to the PTS, 3PM, and FT% categories.
Jae'Sean Tate (HOU, SG) AGE: 25.2
Juancho Hernangomez (MIN, PF,C) AGE: 25.3
Hasn't shown that he's starter worthy so far in his career.
Dario Saric (PHO, PF,C) AGE: 26.8
Has cemented his role in the bench unit, but there's not much upside with Dario.
Isaiah Stewart (DET, PF,C) AGE: 19.7
A raw big man who should continue to see more minutes as the season goes on.
Saddiq Bey (DET, SF) AGE: 21.8
Should continue to see more minutes as the season progresses, it just comes down to what he can do with them.
Xavier Tillman (MEM, PF) AGE: 22.0
Not sure how much of Tillman we're going to see this season, but the talent is there.
Royce O'Neale (UTA, SF,PF) AGE: 27.6
His ceiling is being able to spot-start as a low usage defensive specialist.
Thaddeus Young (CHI, PF) AGE: 32.6
Lauri Markkanen is often injured, so Young still has short-term value coming off the bench and as a spot-starter.
Tyus Jones (MEM, PG) AGE: 24.7
May spend his career as a back-up point guard who sees 18-20 minutes a game. He's a good player but has little upside.
Aaron Nesmith (BOS, SG,SF) AGE: 21.3
Might be the best shooter in this draft, but I'm always worried about players drafted by teams with championship aspirations. Most likely won't see enough playing time to be fantasy relevant in his rookie season.
Eric Gordon (HOU, SG,SF) AGE: 32.1
There are better 3-point streaming options available. Move on unless he starts getting hot.
Kelly Olynyk (MIA, PF,C) AGE: 29.8
Has value when he spot-starts, but he's not a long-term solution when Miami is at full strength.
De'Anthony Melton (MEM, PG,SG) AGE: 22.7
Seems set to continue playing 20 minutes as a backup.
Kyle Anderson (MEM, SF,PF) AGE: 27.3
It looks like the Kyle Anderson experiment is on its decline in Memphis.
Naz Reid (MIN, C) AGE: 21.4
His potential to be a great per-minute guy off the bench.
Danny Green (PHI, SG,SF) AGE: 33.6
A 3-point streamer who's still capable of getting close to a steal and block a game.
George Hill (OKC, PG,SG) AGE: 34.7
There are better options available.
Jeff Teague (BOS, PG,SG) AGE: 32.6
It looks like the regression has started. Hard to see him as anything more than a bench player moving forward.
Nicolas Batum (LAC, SF,PF) AGE: 32.1
Has somewhat revived his career in LA, but it's hard to see him finish the season inside the top 100. There are better options out there.
Marcus Morris Sr. (LAC, PF,C) AGE: 31.4
Basically, a streamer when he spot-starts.
Moritz Wagner (WAS, PF,C) AGE: 23.7
At best, he's an end of your fantasy roster kind of guy.
Harry Giles III (POR, PF,C) AGE: 22.8
Has an opportunity to play with Nurkic out injured, let's see what he does with them.
Nicolas Claxton (BKN, C) AGE: 21.8
Is currently the backup center in Brooklyn, but I'm expecting them to fill three of their vacant roster spots with a big man or two. Still quite raw, but has the potential to be good.
Grayson Allen (MEM, SG,SF) AGE: 25.3
Capable of getting hot, and Brooks starting spot in Memphis isn't exactly edged in stone, but his ceiling is pretty low to begin with.
Taurean Prince (CLE, SF,PF) AGE: 26.8
Hard to see him being anything more than a back-up, but he gets another fresh start in Cleveland.
Bruce Brown (BKN, SG) AGE: 24.4
Won't get the opportunity to play as much as he did in Detroit last season.
Grant Riller (CHA, PG) AGE: 24.0
The steal of the draft, but Charlotte is stacked at the PG position.
Kevin Knox II (NY, SF,PF) AGE: 21.5
Didn't have a good rookie season, and had a worse second-season.
Paul Millsap (DEN, PF,C) AGE: 36.0
Not much long-term appeal here as he's clearly in the twilight of his career.
Joe Ingles (UTA, SG,SF) AGE: 33.3
His fantasy output has started to regress, but the assists and 3-pointers should still be there. Not much long-term value.
Derrick Favors (UTA, PF,C) AGE: 29.5
Isn't much more than a streaming option when you need blocks.
Rodney Hood (POR, SG,SF) AGE: 28.3
A streamer when he gets hot, but not somebody to roster on dynasty teams.
Dennis Smith Jr. (NY, PG) AGE: 23.2
Is there anybody who still thinks he's capable of turning things around?
Marquese Chriss (GS, PF,C) AGE: 23.6
Put up numbers in a depleted Golden State team last season. Hard to see him doing it again.
Danuel House Jr. (HOU, SF,PF) AGE: 27.6
Didn't have the best on-court bubble experience.
DeAndre Jordan (BKN, C) AGE: 32.5
He must be the nicest guy in the NBA to continue finding himself in scenarios where he starts on teams, and he should continue being a good source of FG% and REB for the rest of the season.
Denzel Valentine (CHI, SG,SF) AGE: 27.2
Seems like his ceiling is the 7-8th man on a roster. Only has value in deep league formats.
Landry Shamet (BKN, PG,SG) AGE: 23.9
Hard to see him become fantasy relevant on the stacked Nets roster.
Jakob Poeltl (SA, C) AGE: 25.3
Will spend more time this season coming off the bench and spot-starting. Doesn't have a whole lot of upside, but is capable of getting good rebounding and block numbers when given the minutes.
Cody Zeller (CHA, C) AGE: 28.3
The often injured Zeller is younger than you think, and when he's fit and firing he provides end of the roster value, but that's not often enough (hasn't played more than 62 games since his rookie season in 2013-14).
Svi Mykhailiuk (DET, SF) AGE: 23.6
One of the better shooters on the Detroit roster, but he needs to add more elements to his game to be fantasy relevant.
Tristan Thompson (BOS, PF,C) AGE: 29.9
Boston is still doing the weird thing where they're starting both Thompson and Theis, but he doesn't have value outside of FG% and REB even if he continues to starts.
Austin Rivers (NY, PG,SG) AGE: 28.5
There are better options available.
Aron Baynes (TOR, C) AGE: 34.1
It's debatable whether he's the 2nd or 3rd best center on Toronto's roster, but there should be better options available on your waiver wire.
Monte Morris (DEN, PG,SG) AGE: 25.6
After a promising rookie season, he has fallen out of favor in Denver, and fantasy teams around the world.
Maxi Kleber (DAL, PF,C) AGE: 29.0
A good streaming option, but not somebody to rely on.
Dwight Powell (DAL, PF,C) AGE: 29.5
His output will increase when Porzingis is out of the lineup, but he's not somebody to rely on.
Rudy Gay (SA, SF,PF) AGE: 34.4
He's still capable of putting up OK numbers in the short-term, but at his age, there are better options in dynasty formats.
Josh Jackson (DET, SG,SF) AGE: 24.0
Has cooled down after his strong start to the season, and is somebody you can safely leave on the waiver wire.
Talen Horton-Tucker (LAL, SG,SF) AGE: 20.2
Patty Mills (SA, PG) AGE: 32.5
We might only see a few more seasons of Patty in the league.
Goran Dragic (MIA, PG,SG) AGE: 34.7
You have to assume he'll only be in the league for a few more seasons, and while he obviously has little long-term appeal, he can still be capable of producing OK numbers.
Kevon Looney (GS, PF,C) AGE: 25.0
He's still quite young, so there's plenty of room for improvement, but Wiseman has overtaken him as Golden State's preferred long-term center.
Kris Dunn (ATL, PG,SG) AGE: 26.9
Only worth streaming when he starts getting consistent minutes or if he finds himself off the stacked Hawks roster.
Kendrick Nunn (MIA, PG,SG) AGE: 25.5
Started the season on a tear, but Miami is deep at the guard spot, and when his shot isn't falling, he doesn't provide much else.
Cameron Payne (PHO, PG,SG) AGE: 26.5
Did enough work at the end of the regular season to get himself another contract somewhere in the NBA.
Jalen Brunson (DAL, PG,SG) AGE: 24.4
His FG% is surprisingly efficient for a short point-guard (46.6% over his past 2 seasons).
Grant Williams (BOS, SF,PF) AGE: 22.1
He's a high energy guy off the bench, but his ceiling is capped as a role player.
Nemanja Bjelica (SAC, PF) AGE: 32.7
Only has value when Bagley is out hurt.
Leandro Bolmaro (MIN, SF) AGE: 20.4
Has the potential to be a nice role player one day.
Damion Lee (GS, SG,SF) AGE: 28.3
Contributed on a depleted Golden State roster. Hard to see him doing it again.
Willie Cauley-Stein (DAL, PF,C) AGE: 27.4
The move to Dallas doesn't bode well for his fantasy output this season. There should be better options available.
Nassir Little (POR, SF) AGE: 21.0
Still very raw. We won't be seeing much of Little with Covington in Portland.
Thon Maker (CLE, PF,C) AGE: 23.9
Not much long-term appeal.
Frank Ntilikina (NY, PG,SG) AGE: 22.5
Best case scenario Frank becomes a Marcus Smart type player, worst case scenario he remains a Knick for the rest of his career.
Dante Exum (HOU, SG,SF) AGE: 25.5
The Exum experiment travels to Houston, but it's best to keep expectations low.
Bol Bol (DEN, PF,C) AGE: 21.2
His game translates really well to fantasy if he ever pans out. We'll have to wait and see if his body is up to playing a heavy NBA schedule, and could potentially become a good player off the bench.
Jae Crowder (PHO, SF,PF) AGE: 30.6
Fills a need in Phoenix, but he's not somebody to expect fantasy production from.
Jabari Parker (SAC, SF,PF) AGE: 25.9
He finds himself in a situation where he plays the same position as an important piece of his new team (again), but this time that piece is the often injured Marvin Bagley. Could have some value in the short-term.
Meyers Leonard (MIA, PF,C) AGE: 28.9
Older than most people think and never really broke-out in his 7 seasons in Portland. At this stage in his career, it's hard to see him as anything more than an end-of-bench big man who doesn't hurt either of your percentages.
Alex Caruso (LAL, PG,SG) AGE: 26.9
Can't see him being anything more than a back-up, but he can produce when given the minutes. Might need to find himself on another team to be fantasy relevant.
Alex Len (TOR, PF,C) AGE: 27.6
The 2nd or 3rd best center in Toronto who's only going to get situational minutes - there are better options available.
Furkan Korkmaz (PHI, SG,SF) AGE: 23.5
A three-point streamer who offers little else.
JJ Redick (NO, SG) AGE: 36.6
Will provide much-needed outside shooting for New Orleans this season, but at this point in his career, he doesn't offer much outside of 3-point shooting, points, and FT%. Not much long-term appeal.
Reggie Jackson (LAC, PG,SG) AGE: 30.8
There are better options available.
Brandon Goodwin (ATL, PG) AGE: 25.3
Trae's back-up, so it's hard seeing him get enough playing time to be fantasy relevant - he's a good follow on Twitter, though.
James Johnson (DAL, PF,C) AGE: 33.9
Adds some much-needed toughness to Dallas, but fighting ability isn't a fantasy category.
Rajon Rondo (ATL, PG) AGE: 34.9
An assists and steals streamer who doesn't provide much else.
Zhaire Smith (DET, SG) AGE: 21.6
It's debatable whether we'll see him in the NBA for much longer.
Caleb Martin (CHA, SG,SF) AGE: 25.3
The twin that can hit free-throws. Not much upside.
Daniel Gafford (CHI, C) AGE: 22.3
A good rim-rummer who can protect the rim, but he has no offensive game outside of the paint. Somebody to keep an eye on this season.
Dwight Howard (PHI, C) AGE: 35.1
A streamer when he spot-starts, but there's better options available.
JaVale McGee (CLE, C) AGE: 33.0
At this point in his career, on this roster, he's nothing more than a blocks streamer or end-of-roster big man.
Patrick Beverley (LAC, PG,SG) AGE: 32.5
He's the perfect PG for this Clippers roster, but at this point in his career, he doesn't have much upside in the fantasy format as an end-of-roster guy, and not something to target for anything long-term.
Gorgui Dieng (MEM, PF,C) AGE: 31.0
A streamer when he spot-starts, otherwise he's somebody you can avoid.
Cody Martin (CHA, SG,SF) AGE: 25.3
The twin that played more games. Still has the same low upside.
Jordan Poole (GS, PG,SG) AGE: 21.6
Definitely isn't shy to shoot and has the confidence to stick around in the league as a role player.
Brad Wanamaker (GS, PG,SG) AGE: 31.5
A back-up player at best, and older than you'd expect.
Willy Hernangomez (NO, C) AGE: 26.7
The experiment was over before it began. Not much to see here unless major injuries happen.
Emmanuel Mudiay (UTA, PG) AGE: 24.9
Hard to see him finding a spot in the rotation big enough to become fantasy relevant.
Trey Lyles (SA, PF,C) AGE: 25.2
Can put up numbers when he spot-starts. Don't expect him to become a consistent starter though.
Dewayne Dedmon (DET, C) AGE: 31.4
He's not somebody to roster in most formats, but he can still have value when he spot-starts.
Rodions Kurucs (HOU, PF,C) AGE: 23.0
Has a fresh start in Houston, but there are better options available.
Omari Spellman (NY, PF) AGE: 23.5
Still needs to get in better shape if he wants to get consistent minutes in the league. He's a wait-and-see to see if he can find himself in a favorable position in the rotation.
DeAndre' Bembry (TOR, SF,PF) AGE: 26.6
Bembry hasn't taken the opportunities he has been given so far, and it's hard to see him get many more.
Bruno Fernando (ATL, C) AGE: 22.4
His value in both the short and long term just took a huge hit with the addition of Capela. Better options are available.
Trevor Ariza (OKC, SG,SF) AGE: 35.6
It's hard to keep track of what roster he's on these days, but no matter which it is, he won't be fantasy relevant on it.
Ante Zizic (CLE, C) AGE: 24.1
Doesn't have significant upside and has a pretty low block-rate. There are better options available, even in 30-team leagues.
Kent Bazemore (GS, SG,SF) AGE: 31.6
Hasn't taken the new opportunity well, and finds himself on the waiver wire in most leagues. There should be better options available.
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (MIN, SF,PF) AGE: 26.1
He may not be in the NBA for much longer.
Cheick Diallo (PHO, PF,C) AGE: 24.4
Can provide some value as a spot-starter if/when he gets a chance to.
Noah Vonleh (DEN, PF,C) AGE: 25.4
Seems like he's destined to spend the rest of his career coming off the bench and spot-starting, but he's a capable streaming option when given the minutes.