Fantasy basketball dynasty rankings for both contending and rebuilding strategies, along with overall rankings.

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Last updated: 12 February 2019 by @hashbasketball
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#1 1 Karl-Anthony Towns 23MINCA young big who blocks shots, hits 3s, and shoots nice percentages is somebody I want to build my team around.
#2 1 Giannis Antetokounmpo 24MILSF/PFThere's still room for improvement (needs to get his FT% above 75% and hit 1 3PM a game), but he's already scary good.
#3 2 Anthony Davis 26NORPF/C Consistently one of the best players in fantasy basketball, but his output will be limited this season because of the risk of minute restrictions and the potential of missing back-to-back sets. He'll be back to being number 1 next season.
#4 Joel Embiid 25PHIPF/CHe's on his way to breaking the injury stigma. Congratulations if you got him for a bargain during his injured rookie season.
#5 James Harden 29HOUPG/SG The perfect win-now player. If you're not contending trade him for a nice young return, if you are, good luck and build to his strengths.
#6 Nikola Jokic 24DENPF/C7+ assists from the best passing big man in the history of the NBA (not a hot take).
#7 Kevin Durant 30GSWSF/PFProven to be a top fantasy player no matter what team he's playing for.
#8 Stephen Curry 31GSWPG/SGCan win you a category on his own and gives you elite shooting percentages at the PG spot.
#9 1 Luka Doncic 20DALPG/SG/SFHe's already looking like a seasoned vet, and we're a little over half way through his rookie season.
#10 1 Ben Simmons 22PHIPG/SFHe might go his entire career without making a 3-point shot, but he's a triple-double threat every night.
#11 Kawhi Leonard 27TORSG/SFThe injury drama is behind him and he's back to being an elite fantasy player. Plus, he seems like a fun guy.
#12 Damian Lillard 28PORPGA guy you might be able to get at a discount. His game should age well.
#13 Kyrie Irving 27BOSPG/SGInjuries are a concern, but he's still the main man in Boston (for now).
#14 DeAndre Ayton 20PHOCWhere are all the people who were ready to call him a bust before the season started? Ayton is putting up top 35 numbers as a rookie.
#15 Paul George 28OKCSG/SF/PFLooks to have settled in playing next to Westbrook.
#16 3 Bradley Beal 25WASSG He's feasting without Wall, and Wall isn't playing next season.
#17 1 LeBron James 34LALSF/PFWe may only have 10 years left of his prime.
#18 1 Devin Booker 22PHOPG/SGPoint Booker is best Booker. These niggling injuries are something to keep an eye on, but his numbers are starting to look Harden-like.
#19 1 Donovan Mitchell 22UTAPG/SGHe's out of his slump and producing like he did last season. Is his future at point guard?
#20 Clint Capela 24HOUPF/CElite in 3 categories (FG%, rebounds, and blocks), Faried might take some minutes away from him now that Houston have a back-up, but I think that's a good thing (it was clear that he was playing too many minutes, and his health and decrease in defensive o
#21 Jaren Jackson Jr 19MEMPF/C Has potential to be a consistent DPOY candidate for years to come once he gets his fouls under control. No Gasol has fast-tracked his development.
#22 De'Aaron Fox 21SACPGI've been high on Fox since he got drafted and seems like the kind of guy who's going to keep improving every season.
#23 Russell Westbrook 30OKCPGA walking triple double if you can ignore his percentages. Might only have a few seasons left playing at an elite level.
#24 Jimmy Butler 29PHISG/SFI'm worried about how many Thibs years he has in his legs. Will still put up elite numbers when healthy.
#25 John Collins 21ATLPF/CAdded size during the off-season and looks like he's ready to hang with the big boys. Has walking double-double potential, but needs to work on his defensive numbers.
#26 Rudy Gobert 26UTACWill give you elite FG%, REB, and BLK, and is still only 26.
#27 1 Lauri Markkanen 21CHIPFHis pairing with WCJ is the future of the franchise, and I like it.
#28 1 Kristaps Porzingis 23DALPF/C Thoughts and prayers (tm) that he returns to his pre-injury form next season. I like the move to Dallas.
#29 Jayson Tatum 21BOSSF/PFDid you guys know at one stage he was only 19? The offensive game is there, but he needs to work on his assist and defensive numbers.
#30 Andre Drummond 25DETPF/CAn excellent punt FT big man. Seems like he's starting to get underrated.
#31 Kemba Walker 28CHAPGHe's putting up elite numbers, I'm just worried how many more seasons of elite play he has left in him.
#32 Myles Turner 23INDPF/C Usually when star players get injured for a long time (Oladipo) the second tier players learn to step up and it does wonders for their career, and it looks like Turner is doing that now.
#33 1 Jrue Holiday 28NORPG/SGAn underrated elite fantasy player, but he's already 28, and could be on the move next season.
#34 2 D'Angelo Russell 23BKNPG/SGUnsure whether his future remains in Brooklyn next season, but he's currently playing like a man who's going to be in demand.
#35 Victor Oladipo 26INDPG/SGHis injury is obviously bad, and we may not see him on the court to start next season. When he returns he'll need time to adjust back to playing at a top level, and he may have to adjust his game style a little.
#36 1 Jarrett Allen 20BKNPF/CHas a fantasy friendly game. I think people are forgetting how young he still is.
#37 2 Trae Young 20ATLPGAtlanta are obviously giving him every opportunity to develop into a star player, and PG is the hardest position to play as a rookie. The potential is there.
#38 5 Tobias Harris 26PHISF/PF A great Roto player, but the move to Philly hurts his numbers.
#39 1 Khris Middleton 27MILSG/SFOne of the best 3&D options in fantasy basketball. Hard to see his game changing much over the next few years.
#40 1 Jamal Murray 22DENPG/SGThere's still room for improvement. Would like to see his steals hit 1+.
#41 1 Wendell Carter Jr 19CHICNow might be a good time to try and trade for him while he's still injured. He's already showing signs of an elite shot blocker who shoots good percentages. Could do with a new coach, though.
#42 1 Robert Covington 28MINSF/PFOne of my favorite players in any format. With Thibs gone he'll be logging fewer 40-minute games (once he returns), but that's probably a good thing for his body.
#43 1 Buddy Hield 26SACSGThe offensive game is there, I'd like to see his assist and steal numbers improve.
#44 1 C.J. McCollum 27PORPG/SGHe can get buckets and shoot at a high percentage. Hard to see his game expanding any further.
#45 2 Klay Thompson 29GSWSG/SFHe'll be hitting 3s until he's 40 so long as he keeps drinking his chocolate milk.
#46 2 DeMar DeRozan 29SASSG/SFHis game is what it is. A 25/5/5 player with elite impact on FT%.
#47 2 Blake Griffin 30DETPF/CHe's having a great season, and his 3-point shot will keep him relevant for a few more seasons as he loses his athleticism.
#48 3 Otto Porter Jr 25CHISF/PF Chicago seems like the perfect landing spot for him with their low-pressure environment. His efficiency should creep back up to 50/40/80 soon enough.
#49 12 Pascal Siakam 24TORPF I didn't expect him to do so well this season, but he's looking more-and-more legit every day.
#50 4 Josh Richardson 25MIAPG/SG/SFHe's stepping up his scoring, but his defensive numbers have taken a hit. If he can work out how to do both he'll be a great asset.
#51 1 Eric Bledsoe 29MILPG/SGA great punt-AST PG. His age is his only concern.
#52 Nikola Vucevic 28ORLPF/CWill he ever get traded? Long-term I'm not sure how long he'll sustain these kind of numbers.
#53 DeMarcus Cousins 28GSWPF/CHe's looking good coming back from his injury, and Golden State won't be ramping his minutes up too much, which often leads to a re-injury.
#54 Marvin Bagley III 20SACPF He's starting to show us why he was picked 2nd in the draft. I still think his best position on this team is at the 5.
#55 Caris LeVert 24BKNSG/SF He looked good in his first game back from injury, the buy-low window is closing.
#56 Draymond Green 29GSWPF/CI'm worried about how he's going to age. Try and move him during a hot streak while he still has value.
#57 Kyle Lowry 32TORPGHe's scoring less and passing more. Looks to be moving into the old man stage of his career.
#58 Steven Adams 25OKCCIt would be nice to see his FT% improve, but his overall numbers are nice.
#59 Jusuf Nurkic 24PORCHe'll continue to be a solid option so long as he can keep his FT% at 75%+.
#60 Chris Paul 33HOUPGHis hamstrings are a concern, and I think we start seeing him managed a lot more with 3 more seasons on his contract.
#61 1 Aaron Gordon 23ORLSF/PFJack of all trades, master of none. He's still young enough to take the next step.
#62 24 John Wall 28WASPG He's out for the whole 19/20 season, so you'll be stashing him on the IL for a while. He'll be 30 when he starts playing again, so it's worth shopping him to see what you can get in return.
#63 Julius Randle 24NORPF/CFills up the stat sheet in 3 categories, needs to do more in the rest.
#64 3 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 20LACPG/SG He has the keys to the building after the Harris trade. He should be putting up some nice numbers towards the end of the season, but I wouldn't be shocked to see his name thrown in to trade rumors in the off-season as the Clippers make a pitch for Anthony
#65 5 Dennis Smith Jr 21NYKPG/SG I'm not convinced that he's going to be a great player, but the opportunity is there to put up good counting numbers on a bad New York team. Just don't rely on him for good shooting percentages.
#66 2 Kris Dunn 25CHIPG/SG The assists and steals are nice, he needs to increase his scoring. I'm starting to believe in him a little less as a starting calibre player.
#67 2 Zach LaVine 24CHIPG/SGThere's no doubting he can score. Congratulations if you managed to move him for a better player during his hot start to the season.
#68 2 Lonzo Ball 21LALPGIt feels like he needs an entire season to adjust to playing with LeBron before we see his numbers improve. The potential is there, but his value is slipping.
#69 1 Taurean Prince 25ATLSFHe's not making the jump many expected, and he's starting to become expendable. It's hard to see him put up good numbers if he's traded.
#70 1 Gordon Hayward 29BOSSG/SFWe won't see the real Gordon Hayward until the end of the regular season. Sit tight if you have him on your roster.
#71 1 Jerami Grant 25OKCSF/PFHe'll put up 1/1/1 in 3PM/STL/BLK so long as he's starting.
#72 1 Collin Sexton 20CLEPGHe can score. Needs to work on his assist and steal numbers if he wants to be a legit fantasy option.
#73 Mohamed Bamba 20ORLC Orlando are deep with bigs. Now might be a good buy-now opportunity with his injury.
#74 10 Brandon Ingram 21LALSG/SFI still don't rate him as a fantasy option. He's still only 21, so I guess he has time to prove me wrong.
#75 1 Gary Harris 24DENSG/SFA great 3&D option when healthy.
#76 1 LaMarcus Aldridge 33SASPF/CWe've hit the old man, but still productive section of the rankings.
#77 1 Kevin Love 30CLEPF/C Injury concerns are a worry, and Cleveland aren't in a rush to bring him back to 30 minutes a game.
#78 Al Horford 32BOSPF/CWill continue to give you good AST numbers from the C spot as long as he keeps playing big minutes.
#79 Mike Conley 31MEMPG He's having a great season, but age isn't on his side. I'm always concerned with aging vets on a rebuilding team. Hopefully he gets traded in the off-season.
#80 3 DeAndre Jordan 30NYKC May only have a few good seasons left in him. I'm worried about his playing time down the stretch with a young Mitchell Robinson backing him up.
#81 1 Bogdan Bogdanovic 26SACSG/SFA nice low-key guy to target if you can get him in a good deal.
#82 2 Nikola Mirotic 28MILSF/PF He's going to be a gunner in Milwaukee, but his role won't be as big as it was in New Orleans.
#83 Justise Winslow 22MIASF/PF15/5/5 with a steal and a three a game is the new normal, and I dig it. Needs to work on his percentages, though.
#84 1 Domantas Sabonis 22INDPF/CHe's a stud off the bench, I'm not too worried whether he eventually starts or not.
#85 1 Hassan Whiteside 29MIACHe's close to 30, has bad knees, and often sits during 4th quarters. He's a per-minute monster, but I'd be looking to move him while he still has value.
#86 5 Marc Gasol 34TORC Toronto don't need to play him heavy minutes, and given his age, it's best that he doesn't. Don't expect Memphis numbers, but he'll still be decent in Toronto.
#87 Kevin Huerter 20ATLSGThe opportunity is there, and he's starting to put up some defensive numbers to complement his 3 point game.
#88 Andrew Wiggins 24MINSG/SFWiggins looked me in the eye and promised me that he'd play better. So I'm keeping him in the top 90.
#89 1 Malcolm Brogdon 26MILPG/SGNot much upside, but still solid overall. And he finally missed a free-throw.
#90 1 Mitchell Robinson 20NYKC Already a monster on the defensive end, but his minutes will be limited this season with Jordan on the roster. He's a good buy-low target for next season.
#91 4 Jonas Valanciunas 26MEMC It looks like he won't be getting 30+ minutes a game in Memphis. He would have been a top 40 player in the 90s, but not in this era. He'll still put up nice numbers in ~25 minutes.
#92 Montrezl Harrell 25LACPF/C He's a FG% monster, and his role is safe in LA.
#93 Kevin Knox 19NYKSF/PFNew York desperately need Knox to be good. His FG% is horrible, but will improve.
#94 10 Mikal Bridges 22PHOSG/SF The opportunity is there for him, and he's starting to take it.
#95 6 T.J. Warren 25PHOSF/PFHe can score and is improving, but not at a fast enough rate to be a top dynasty option.
#96 2 Cedi Osman 23CLESF/PFThe FG% is horrible, but the minutes are there (for now, anyway).
#97 1 Dejounte Murray 22SASPGThe starting PG spot is there for the taking once he returns.
#98 Kelly Oubre Jr 23PHOSFHe's a gunner, so he'll put up numbers when he's on the court. Will he still be on the team next season?
#99 Jonathan Isaac 21ORLSF/PFHard to see him reach his potential playing next to Gordon. He's not a natural SF, and will play better when moved to PF.
#100 3 Larry Nance Jr 26CLEPF/CWill the guy ever start? Even if he doesn't, the steal and assist numbers from a PF/C are nice.
#101 1 Willie Cauley-Stein 25SACPF/CHe's showing signs of what Sacramento want from their big man (rebound and run the floor), but is it too late with Bagley looming?
#102 1 Michael Porter Jr 20DENSFStash. Wait and see.
#103 1 Bam Adebayo 21MIAPF/CWhiteside is already 29. The opportunity shouldn't be too far away.
#104 1 Kyle Kuzma 23LALSF/PFNeeds to do more than score.
#105 1 Spencer Dinwiddie 25BKNPGHe was ballin' before his injury, and is still only 25.
#106 1 Jaylen Brown 22BOSSG/SFIt's hard seeing Jaylen putting up great numbers on this Celtics team, but he has talent, and he's a good trade chip for Boston.
#107 1 Miles Bridges 21CHASFBatum is struggling, and Miles is waiting to take his starting spot. Hopefully we see more of him soon.
#108 3 Josh Jackson 22PHOSG/SF He's starting to put some productive numbers on the board, hopefully he can keep the run going.
#109 Tim Hardaway Jr. 27DALSG/SFHe can score. That's about it.
#110 Kyle Anderson 25MEMSG/SFSure, he can get you close to a steal and a block a game, but it's not enough to make up for the lack of production in other categories.
#111 1 Elfrid Payton 25NORPGHe looked OK to start the season and looks like he'd be better served as a backup who can start on specific teams.
#112 3 Harrison Barnes 26SACSF/PF His role should be about the same in Sacramento.
#113 7 Bobby Portis 24WASPF/C He's going to have some great games, and some bad ones, but one thing we know about Bobby is that he's not shy when it comes to wanting the ball, and the opportunity is there for him this season in Washington.
#114 2 Joe Ingles 31UTASG/SFHas the old man game locked in, and has a few good seasons left in him.
#115 (NEW) Ivan Rabb 22MEMPF Claim him off the waiver wire if he's still available. He'll put up some nice numbers this season, and could turn into something nice next season depending on what happens in the off-season.
#116 41 Ivica Zubac 22LACC Set your expectations correctly, but I like the move to the Clippers.
#117 6 Danilo Gallinari 30LACSF/PF Gallinari has the opportunity to feast this season as the number 1 option. Could be a great sell-high option if you're looking to re-build.
#118 3 Thaddeus Young 30INDSF/PFWill continue to give you elite STL at the PF spot. Unsure how many more seasons as a starter he has left, but his usage will take a jump this season with Oladipo out.
#119 (NEW) Landry Shamet 22LACPG The Clippers have a new gunner. Get him while you still can.
#120 7 Josh Hart 24LALSG/SFWhile I do like his game, it's hard to see him as the long-term starting SG option on a LeBron team. It would be nice to see him on another team.
#121 7 Dario Saric 24MINPF/CThere's not much upside with Dario. He's solid, and needs to find a way to play 28-30 minutes to put up good numbers.
#122 4 Jeff Teague 30MINPGHe's peak has passed him, but he can still contibute.
#123 4 Dennis Schroder 25OKCPGAt this stage he is what he is - a high volume PG with a low FG%. He'll produce some nice counting stats though.
#124 2 Serge Ibaka 29TORPF/C Are we sure he's as old as he says he is? Gasol in Toronto lowers his output. I'd be looking to move him while he still has value.
#125 (NEW) Jahlil Okafor 23NORC He's a stash to see if New Orleans choose to keep him as their starting C after trading Davis.
#126 9 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 24BKNSF/PFAt this point there's not a lot of upside with RHJ, and other players are taking away his minutes, but he's still only 23.
#127 30 Enes Kanter 26PORC I'm afraid Kanter's double-double days are limited.
#128 4 Will Barton 28DENSG/SFDon't expect too much of a jump in production as a starter.
#129 4 Harry Giles 20SACPF/C Giles is a more of a stash-for-next-season kinda guy. Still very raw, but I like what I see.
#130 5 DeAndre Bembry 24ATLSFHas shown flashes of talent, but he needs to do more with the opportunities he's getting, because he won't be getting them on another team.
#131 5 Marcus Smart 25BOSPG/SGThe Celtics team run on Smart's hustle, so he'll continue to get playing time.
#132 5 Terry Rozier 25BOSPG/SGI don't think he'll be on Boston's roster next season, and there's still a few teams who need a starting point guard.
#133 5 Ricky Rubio 28UTAPGAt this point he's just an AST and STL contributor. Not sure how much longer he'll be starting.
#134 5 Derrick White 24SASPGHas some nice 1/1/1 potential, and seems like a good Spurs system player. Still young, but doesn't have huge upside.
#135 5 Reggie Jackson 28DETPG/SGThe 3-point shot is a welcome addition, but he's not the kind of player you should expect to start as he hits 30.
#136 5 Paul Millsap 34DENPF/CHis best years are behind him, and might only have a few seaons left of solid production.
#137 12 Markelle Fultz 20ORLPG/SG Moving to Orlando is the perfect scenario for Fultz. Hopefully he gets a chance to play this season.
#138 6 Kent Bazemore 29ATLSG/SFWill continue to put up numbers in Atlanta, but how long will he remain on their roster?
#139 5 Emmanuel Mudiay 23NYKPGNothing about being a Knicks guard screams job security, but you can't deny the numbers he's putting up right now.
#140 5 Lou Williams 32LACPG/SGHas a few seasons left in him. I'd be looking at other options at this stage in his career.
#141 4 Rudy Gay 32SASSF/PFHaving a solid season in San Antonio, but his best years are behind him.
#142 3 Fred VanVleet 25TORPGToronto like to get their bench involved, and Lowry isn't getting any younger.
#143 2 Richaun Holmes 25PHOPF/CPutting up nice numbers in Phoenix, and is an unrestricted free agent so he could land himself in a good situation next season (Washington?)
#144 2 Rodions Kurucs 21BKNSF/PFI like this guy. He just needs to find more consistent minutes.
#145 2 Jeremy Lamb 26CHASG/SFHe's starting to produce as a 3&D guy, but there's not much upside here.
#146 2 Dillon Brooks 23MEMSG/SF Memphis have started their tank, but Dillion won't be back until next season, so others are getting a head start on him.
#147 33 Jabari Parker 24WASSF/PF Jabari has a team-option next season that Washington would be silly to take. He could be back on a cheaper deal, though.
#148 (NEW) Kenrich Williams  NORSF I like what I'm seeing from Kenrich so far. Let's see if he can keep it up after the All-Star break.
#149 4 Terrance Ferguson 20OKCSG/SFMaybe OKC doesn't need Roberson after all.
#150 4 Frank Ntilikina 20NYKPG/SG I'm not sure why New York refuse to trade him if they're not willing to invest in giving him 30+ minutes a game. He's still raw, but has potential to be a good 3&D player.
#151 11 Chandler Hutchison 22CHISG/SFThe Bulls are bad, and they're weak at the SF spot. He doesn't have much competition unless Chicago draft a SF.
#152 5 Terrence Ross 28ORLSG/SFHe is what he is, but he's still a handy player.
#153 5 Willy Hernangomez 24CHACTime is running out, but Zeller isn't the healthiest player, so the opportunity might come soon.
#154 4 Nerlens Noel 24OKCPF/CAn unrestricted free agent if you're willing to roster him to see if he lands in a favorable location.
#155 4 Thomas Bryant 21WASCWashington are a mess, and won't be re-signing Dwight next season, which leaves a big hole at C. I think they go after another player, but if they fail to land anybody, it opens the door for Thomas.
#156 10 Luke Kennard 22DETSG Detroit are desperate for a wing with a pulse, and Kennard seems the best of the bunch that's still on their roster.
#157 1 Malik Monk 21CHASGDon't mind me, we're just here, paitiently waiting for Monk to show that he'll eventually become a good fantasy player.
#158 Jordan Clarkson 26CLEPG/SGJust to be clear, I'm not a fan, but he's the definition of good-stats-bad-team, and he still has another season on his contract.
#159 7 Dante Exum 23UTAPG/SGHe had a good stretch of games before getting injured (notice a theme?). The potential is there, is his health?
#160 (NEW) Maxi Kleber 27DALPF Not much upside, but he'll put up some OK numbers this season.
#161 8 Jalen Brunson 22DALPG Minutes have opened up for Jalen. I like him as their 6th man.
#162 26 Ante Zizic 22CLECTristan Thompson is an expiring contract next season, which will open up minutes for Ante. Could be a long wait, though.
#163 25 De'Anthony Melton 20PHOPG/SGProduction has dipped, and I'm worried that Phoenix are looking to throw money at a point guard next season and Melton will be relegated to the bench.
#164 10 Omari Spellman 21ATLPFHe still needs to drop some more weight, but if Atlanta move some bigs at the deadline it makes things interesting for Omari.
#165 6 Tyus Jones 22MINPGTeague isn't getting any younger. I've always felt that Jones deserves a bigger role.
#166 6 JaVale McGee 31LALCA FG% and BLK monster, but his long-term appeal is pretty low.
#167 6 Aaron Holiday 22INDPGOladipo's injury will provide more opportunity, but Indiana are a playoff team, and playoffs teams don't often give non-lottery pick rookies big minutes to fast-track their development.
#168 6 Monte Morris 23DENPGHas shown that he deserves the backup PG spot in Denver. Could play himself into a starting role somewhere else in a few seasons.
#169 6 Zach Collins 21PORPF/CPortland seem high on Collins, but it might take a while for him to start producing.
#170 6 Luke Kornet 23NYKPF/C Vonleh comes off the books next season, and Kanter is on the move, so Kornet might find himself in the rotation next season as the first big off the bench.
#171 6 Noah Vonleh 23NYKPFIs still young enough, most likely senario next season is the first big off the bench.
#172 5 Elie Okobo 22PHOPGI liked him coming out of the draft, not sure why he's not playing more.
#173 5 Tomas Satoransky 27WASPG/SGIs older than most people think. He's putting up numbers this season, but isn't anything more than a back-up on a healthy, competitive team.
#174 4 JaMychal Green 28LACPF/C His value remains the same in LA. Not much upside.
#175 6 Kelly Olynyk 27MIAPF/CHe is what he is. Solid, but nothing more.
#176 5 Tristan Thompson 28CLEPF/CNot somebody to put in your long-term plans, but he's currently putting up numbers. Being shutdown or traded is a big factor to consider.
#177 5 Brook Lopez 30MILCElite 3PM and BLK, but won't give you much else, and he's already 30.
#178 5 Evan Fournier 26ORLSG/SFI'm not a fan of his production, and it has nothing to do with Googling his surname.
#179 5 Trevor Ariza 33WASSG/SFHe shouldn't be in your long-term plans, but he's putting up numbers, and you should consider them for win-now builds.
#180 5 Alex Len 25ATLPF/CNothing really more than a streaming option when he spot-starts.
#181 5 Nicolas Batum 30CHASG/SFHe might get a second-wind in his career as a bench player, but his production as a starter is shot.
#182 5 Eric Gordon 30HOUSGNothing more than and end-of-bench PTS and 3PM option.
#183 5 Josh Okogie 20MINSGNeeds to do more with the minutes he's given, but the steal and block combo from a wing player is nice. Hard to see him starting (over Wiggins or Covington) any time soon.
#184 (NEW) Frank Jackson 20NORPG A stash option to see what happens in New Orleans next season.
#185 6 D.J. Wilson 23MILPFDJ is interesting. Hard to see how he'll crack the rotation since he's backing up Giannis, but he has shown real glimpses of talent.
#186 (NEW) Derrick Favors 27UTAPF/CHard to see another team willing to start him, and he's still putting up OK numbers in Utah.
#187 (NEW) Isaiah Thomas 30DENPGLow upside given his age, injury status, and unwillingness to admit that he's not a starter.
#188 (NEW) Lonnie Walker IV 20SASSGYou guessed it, we've officially hit the part of the rankings where we start stashing players for next season.
#189 (NEW) Zhaire Smith 19PHISG/SFAs above.
#190 (NEW) OG Anunoby 21TORSF/PFAnother stash-for-next-season kinda guy.
#191 (NEW) Tyler Johnson 26PHOPG/SG He'll get minutes in Phoenix, I'm just not sure whether he'll keep getting them next season.
#192 (NEW) Dorian Finney-Smith 25DALSF/PF Low upside, but Dallas are lacking wings, so he'll get the opportunity this season to prove himself.
#193 38 Goran Dragic 32MIAPG/SGSure, he was an all-star last season, but his best years are behind him.
#194 (NEW) Dwight Howard 33WASPF/CIs there another team willing to sign Dwight and play him big minutes? Computer says no.
#195 (NEW) J.J. Redick 34PHISGMaybe has one more season left in him, but will continue to hit 3s until he retires.
#196 (NEW) David Nwaba 26CLESG/SF Cleveland are a mess. He's not starting on another team, and I don't think he's starting on this team next season either.
#197 (NEW) Danny Green 31TORSG/SFAn end-of-bench dynasty guy with very little upside.
#198 (NEW) Marcus Morris 29BOSSF/PFWho would've thought Marcus was the better Morris twin? He might be playing himself into a contract on another team.
#199 (NEW) Damyean Dotson 24NYKSG New York is full of unproven wings who have a chance to earn playing time for next season.
#200 (NEW) Cheick Diallo 22NORPF/C Diallo performs when he plays, and New Orleans has a decision to make on whether Cheick is part of their long-term plans. He's a stash for next season if you can afford to collect some DNPs.