Ranking All 15 Toronto Raptors Contracts

These Toronto Raptors value rankings are based on how much the player is earning solely in the 2016-2017 NBA season.

These Toronto Raptors value rankings are based on how much the player is earning solely in the 2016-2017 NBA season. All salaries are rounded for ease.

1) Kyle Lowry $12M

Kyle Lowry is the most important player on the Raptors. The drop off between Lowry and the next best point guard on the roster, Cory Joseph, is massive. Kyle is also an all-star that would likely get roughly three times this figure on the open market ($36M). He’s also arguably the best point guard in the Eastern Conference.

2) Norman Powell $875k

There is an argument to put Norman Powell #1 on this list because he’s a really good player with an insanely low contract. The reason why his contract is super low is because he was drafted in the second round and is currently being paid on that pay scale. The Raptors are deepest on the wing with DeRozan, Ross, and Carroll that we aren’t really seeing the full value on Norman Powell right now. On the open market, Powell would probably get in the $15M-$17M range. It’s a crazy multiple of what he’s currently being paid, but it still doesn’t match the $24M surplus the Raptors are saving on Lowry.

3) Patrick Patterson $6M

This one was extremely tough. Patrick Patterson is more or less a role player, but he’s insanely important to the Raptors success because power forward is the Raptors weakest position. Patterson makes the players around him better, primarily by spacing the floor and earning the respect of the defense. It’s hard to know what the Patman would get on the open market because he’s more important to the Raptors than he could possibly be for any other team in the NBA. I would guess Patterson is worth $15M-$20M on the open market.

4) DeMar DeRozan $26.5M

DeMar DeRozan is getting max (or close to max) money. How does he have a valuable contract? A lot teams with money often strike out on signing stars. At times this season, DeRozan has been unstoppable and played like an MVP candidate. The Raptors may not be making a profit on DeRozan, but they are getting max level player production on the court. DeMar DeRozan is arguably the best shooting guard in the Eastern Conference.

5) Jonas Valanciunas $14.4M

People love to rag on Valanciunas for not being great on defense, but he’s still a very good player. There is no big man currently on the Raptors roster that can score and rebound at the same clip. Going into the year Valanciunas had a real shot at being an all-star, but Dwane Casey and the Raptors choose to continue featuring DeRozan and Lowry in the offense which has been working great. On the open market, Jonas Valanciunas would probably get in the $20M-$25M range.

6) Terrence Ross $10M

Terrence Ross is shooting the lights out this season. Even though he’s playing really well, if the Raptors were to trade him they might not even notice he was gone. As previously mentioned, the Raptors are super deep on the wing and Powell is starved for minutes. What about the three-pointers and spacing Ross provides? Powell is shooting over 40% from three for his second consecutive season. So hypothetically Powell could replace Ross’s shooting as well as bring other things to the table like defense and driving. On the open market, Ross might get $15M.

7) Lucas Nogueira $1.9M

Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira has been a good backup centre for the Raptors this season. He’s shooting over 70% from the field and blocking 1.8 shots per game. That’s great. However, his shots are coming from around the rim. Also, he’s not a great rebounder for a big man. He’s averaging 4.7 rebounds as a 7-footer in just under 19 minutes per game. In comparison at 6-9, Bismack Biyombo averaged 8RPG in 22MPG last season for the Raptors. Still, at $1.9M the Raptors are getting good value with Bebe. I’m honestly clueless as to how much he would get on the open market.

8) DeMarre Carroll $14.2M

DeMarre Carroll has widely been regarded as a disappointment for the Raptors. He’s still a good physical defender that can be very useful for the Raptors. On the open market, he might see $16M-$18M as an inflation cap bump.

9) Cory Joseph $7.3M

Cory Joseph is Canadian and that definitely has value to the Raptors organization outside of his on-court production. However, it’s difficult to quantify that value. For much of the season, he’s being playing around replacement level. We do often see Joseph playing fourth quarters and he can hit clutch shots, but on the open market, he probably isn’t getting more than $8M-$10M.

10) Pascal Siakam $1.2M

Pascal Siakam has been really good for the 27th pick, but he hasn’t been a really good NBA power forward. Siakam probably wouldn’t be in the rotation if Sullinger was healthy. However, Pascal has shown as a rookie that he can start and not be a major liability. On the open market, he might get $5M-$6M.

11) Jakob Poeltl $2.7M

Jakob Poeltl hasn’t been getting a lot of minutes when Bebe has been healthy. We should see more of him post all-star break as we saw more of Norman Powell last year post all-star break. It’s really hard to know what his value at this stage, but he’s clearly not a bad player in my mind.

12) Jared Sullinger $5.6M

This one is super tough because I really liked the Jared Sullinger signing in the summer. However, he’s hurt and hasn’t played a single regular season game for the Raptors. Furthermore, Dwane Casey has said it could be another month until Sully sees the court. We could be dealing with the Carroll situation from last year where he may never get to be 100% this season. Sullinger has been known to not stay in peak physical shape, so there is a reason to worry. If he was able to get healthy and stay fit, he could be a major asset for the Raptors heading into the playoffs. If the Raptors don’t make a trade the PR department will likely label Sully the Raptors deadline acquisition.

13) Delon Wright $1.6M

Delon Wright has been hurt. It’s unclear whether he will see minutes in the rotation once he’s healthy. As a rookie, Wright didn’t get a lot of minutes. Hypothetically, he could be a good backup point guard.

14) Fred VanVleet $543k

Fred VanVleet is currently just getting garbage time minutes. He’s not hurting the Raptors because he’s not taking more than the minimum salary.

15) Bruno Caboclo $1.6M

Bruno Caboclo is NOT an NBA basketball player. He might be in the NBA, but he currently doesn’t have NBA talent. If Bruno was on the open market would another team claim him?

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