Everything You Need To Know About Tyrell Terry

Tyrell Terry is one of the best shooters in this draft and at worst will be an excellent off-ball threat. He has some concerning physical limitations, but his shooting and offensive IQ are undeniable.

Those who come before inevitably influence and shape those who come after. It doesn't matter if it is politics, sports, writing, acting, war, whatever, those who are truly influential in their field will always be mimicked. This influence will slowly permeate among peers at the time, but this change's real benefactors will come at least a generation later. Without the brilliance, determination, and moxie of Steph Curry, there would never be a Tyrell Terry in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Please unroll your eyes and promptly move your mouse away from that X button. Terry is not and will not be Steph Curry, one of the most influential basketball players in the game's history. However, Terry's playstyle and meager athleticism would have been laughed out of the gym a decade ago until Curry came along and forever changed basketball.

His lack of athleticism doesn't bolster Terry's slight frame of 6'2 160 pounds. So far, I'm not doing a great job of selling him, I know. Terry does, however, have an incredibly impressive basketball mind and scoring repertoire. His shooting confidence and production is unrivaled, and worst-case scenario, Terry will be a lethal off-ball shooter.

The projections and interest surrounding Terry are about as widespread as any prospect in recent history. Some people have him as a top ten prospect, while others view him as a second-round dart throw. Ever the fence-sitter, I have Terry slotted at 25 of my draft guide and expect him to have his name called in the late first round.

If given playing time early in his career, Terry will make his most significant contribution with his off-ball shooting. He has an elite touch on his jumper, unlimited confidence in his shot, and a shooting range that will translate to the NBA seamlessly.

He does a beautiful job of running off screens and is deadly when shooting off the catch. This season, Terry scored a stunning 1.5 points per possession (PPP) when shooting off the catch (99th percentile) and 1.409 PPP when running off screens (95th percentile), per Synergy.

Here, we see Terry's feathery soft shooting touch and his ability to adjust his movement to lose his defender. As Terry runs off the down screen, his defender goes over the screen to intercept Terry's path. Instead of killing his movement once cut off, Terry makes a jab step to simulate that he will proceed for a handoff. Instead, Terry backpedals and reuses the screen for an open corner three.

Creating space by running off screens is an art. Stubbornly proceeding down one path is not enough as defenses adapt and learn quickly. Shooters must be able to change their speed, direction, and destination to lose their defender. Despite his size and age, Terry is already exceptionally skilled at this.

Even though Terry is an excellent off-ball shooter, he should develop into more of a primary ball-handler as his body improves, given his soft touch and high basketball IQ. When running the pick-and-roll, Terry scored 0.863 PPP (77th percentile) and 0.912 PPP (72nd percentile) on his passes out of the pick-and-roll.

Here, Terry initially gets into the lane after dribbling off a screen that dislodges his defender. Due to his scoring gravity, every defender is keyed in on Terry once he gets in the lane. Instead of pulling up or attempting a contested floater, Terry has his eyes up and finds his teammate sneaking backdoor for an easy layup.

Terry's scoring gravity also opens passing lanes when he is on the perimeter. Once he gets the ball, the entire defense is preoccupied with what he will do, instead of keeping an eye on their own man. Always with his eyes up, Terry spots his big man sneaking into the lane. Terry throws a perfect pass to set up his teammate for the layup.

Terry has also shown some promise as an on-ball scorer, especially when he has the aid of a screen. When Terry dribbled off a screen this season, he scored 1.462 PPP (96th percentile) when he attacked the basket and 0.984 PPP (71st percentile) when he pulled up for a jumper.

In the below clip, Terry attacks the space the defense gives him for the excellent finish at the rim. His defender decides to go over the screen due to Terry's shooting threat, and the drop defender never fully commits. The drop defender's noncommittal gives Terry an open lane to the rim. Due to Terry's lack of athleticism, though, a layup is still not a guaranteed result. To compensate, Terry does an excellent job of jumping early, which forces the shot blocker to do the same. Terry then finishes with a reverse layup, using the rim to negate the shot blocker.

Here, Terry utterly fools his defender and uses the screen for an open jumper. A simple jab step cripples the defender and gives Terry ample time to set up his shot. Even though Terry doesn't fully use the screen, the simple act of dribbling off of it limits the space his defender has to recover fully.

Unfortunately, if Terry doesn't have the aid of a screen, he is limited at creating his shot as he scored just 0.761 PPP (50th percentile) on shots off the dribble. He is a good ball-handler, but his lack of size and athleticism limits how much space he can create.

Here, Terry shows his shot creation limitations. He initially does an excellent job of getting into the paint by attacking the defender's high top foot. Terry's lack of athleticism, though, allows the defender to recover quickly. Despite a series of shot fakes and pivots, Terry is still incapable of creating any space and throws up an inexcusable shot early in the shot clock.

Terry's lack of athleticism hurts him, attacking the rim as well. Previously, we saw how he used the rim and screen to aid his layup. However, when he attacks a defender straight on, it typically doesn't end well for him, as we can see below.

As Terry is running in transition, he takes a stutter step as if he will pull up for three, a decision he commonly makes and should have here. Despite not fooling the defenders who are nowhere near him, Terry continues to attack the rim. Terry tries to elevate and finish through the opposing big man. It doesn't go well. Terry's lack of size, strength, and explosion give the defender zero issues as the layup promptly gets swatted away.

Terry had a difficult time creating space for himself against college defenders. When he faces NBA athletes who are the best defenders in the world, I don't see things changing for him. His scoring production will be reliant on screens, and he will need to adjust his shot selection to take full advantage of NBA spacing.

Terry's lack of athleticism and size will also be a significant hindrance on the defensive end. The opposition will repeatedly target him and abuse him. If Terry enters the league at his currently listed weight of 160 pounds, he will be the league's lightest player. He will put up little resistance, and when he has to switch onto wings, he will have no shot of deterring them.

As we can see below, Terry's man scores easily off an elementary drive. Terry momentarily loses his man on the rotation as Terry is ball-watching. To recover, Terry takes a direct path, instead of a more central one, which gives his man a clear approach to the lane. Once Terry slightly recovers, the ball-handler easily shrugs him off and finishes with the floater.

The player who scored in that clip was only 6'2 181 pounds. He brushed aside Terry as if he were a gnat buzzing in his ear. NBA athletes will have an even easier time doing the same thing.

An adjustment Terry could make in that situation to make life more difficult for his man is staying tighter on him before he gets the ball. This adjustment would give the ball-handler less of a runway to the lane and potentially disrupt his dribble.

However, Terry's off-ball defense is also an area of concern. He frequently gets caught ball-watching and loses his man on simple rotations. With his physical deficiencies, mental lapses like the below clips are inexcusable.

Terry initially overhelps in the post, leaving his man open on the wing. This choice isn't terrible for most defenders as long as they have a controlled closeout if the crosscourt pass is made. This pass does get made, and Terry is slow to react and carelessly closes out to surrender the open three.

Here, Terry shows no interest, awareness, or effort in playing defense. As the ball-handler drives, Terry's attention is entirely consumed by the ball. This obsession would be excusable if he at least made a dig at the ball. However, Terry proceeds to stand still watching the ball while his man rotates to the wing. Completely oblivious, Terry eventually realizes his man didn't do Terry the favor of standing still once the pass is made.

Offensively, Terry has a high IQ with impressive floor vision and awareness. These traits not translating to the defensive side are disconcerting. Being a lousy defender because of uncontrollable physical limitations is one thing, but having erratic awareness, effort, and positioning is a whole other problem. Maybe this area of Terry's game will tighten up once he receives NBA coaching, but coaches will be hesitant to play him until that happens.

Going forward, Tyrell Terry has tremendous room for growth. Offensively, Terry's worst-case outcome will be an off-ball shooter and a tertiary playmaker. His shooting is undeniably impressive, and his passing vision is promising. On the defensive end, I struggle to see a world in which Terry isn't a liability. His physical limitations are enough of a hindrance, but he almost becomes unplayable when paired with his inconsistent awareness and effort.

His game has flashes of Seth Curry and Patty Mills with their outside shooting and off-ball movement. As Terry continues to improve his body, running an offense isn't out of the question for him. It won't be surprising if a team reaches on Terry in the late lottery or if he falls to the second round. Hopefully, whoever drafts Tyrell Terry in the 2020 NBA Draft is willing to be patient with him and develop his body because his offensive upside is exciting.

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