2022 NBA Draft Prospects

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Meet the top 40 NBA draft prospects of this year's NBA draft class.

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Chet Holmgren

1. Chet Holmgren (C)

7'1 195 lbs Gonzaga 22.2 years old

Chet Holmgren is one of the best rim protectors to enter the NBA in the last few years

32 26.9 0.607 (5.3/8.8) 0.717 (2.2/3.1) 0.390 (1.3/3.3) 14.1 1.8 8.1 9.9 1.9 0.8 3.5 1.9 2.7

Despite his skinny frame, Holmgren's instincts, toughness, length, and awareness are second to none. Holmgren is elite at staying vertical to deter shots and then timing his blocks to perfection to ensure he isn't wildly swiping down on shooters.

Holmgren also rarely chases blocks. Instead, he is patient and uses his length to steer opponents to where he wants them to go. Holmgren has also shown flashes of defending on the perimeter, but his footwork still needs a lot of work as he frequently struggles with step-backs and blow-by drives.

His lack of strength will hinder him as a defender as some players will bury him under the rim, but my more significant concern is how slashers will displace him with physical drives. Offensively, I have zero worries about Holmgren's strength. He has an incredible sense of self-awareness and coordination, making him a versatile scorer.

He doesn't try to overpower players in the post but instead uses their momentum and positioning to out-leverage them. In addition, he has excellent footwork and a quick first step that allows him to finish in many ways.

Holmgren needs to improve his outside shot in the half-court, but he is deadly in transition and is an adept passer from the top of the arc.


Rim protection, feel for the game, grab-and-go, toughness


Strength, left hand

Jabari Smith

2. Jabari Smith (PF)

6'10 220 lbs Auburn 21.2 years old

Jabari Smith has been one of the biggest stars in college basketball this season

34 28.8 0.429 (5.4/12.6) 0.799 (3.9/4.8) 0.420 (2.3/5.5) 16.9 0.9 6.5 7.4 2.0 1.1 1.0 1.9 2.1

At 6'10, 220 pounds, Smith is proving to be one of if not the best perimeter defenders in the country. His footwork is impeccable, and he can guard nearly any position on the floor.

Smith's lack of explosiveness limits his ability as a rim protector, but his footwork, strength, and lateral agility make him a nightmare to score on.

Offensively, Smith has an obscene amount of upside. He isn't much of a passer, but his combination of shooting mechanics, size, and release point make him one of the best shooters in the country. Smith proves that he can consistently knock down threes, hit mid-range fadeaways, and attack closeouts.

The main hesitation with Smith's offense is his complete lack of ball-handling. However, Smith can execute a 1-2 dribble pull-up with an occasional spin move thrown in.

However, Smith is clunky in the open court, easily thrown off by a dig from a help defender, and inept with counter dribble moves.

The list of plus-size forwards/wings who turn in high-level ball-handlers is small, but Smith will have to find his way onto it if he wants to turn into a legitimate number one option. However, if he doesn't, Smith can still easily be an elite second option on a contender.


Defense, rebounding, spot up shooting


Ball handling, explosiveness, playmaking

Paolo Banchero

3. Paolo Banchero (PF)

6'10 250 lbs Duke 21.7 years old

Paolo Banchero has long been considered one of the best prospects for this class, and for a good reason

39 33.0 0.478 (6.3/13.2) 0.729 (3.5/4.8) 0.338 (1.1/3.3) 17.2 1.7 6.0 7.8 3.2 1.1 0.9 2.4 1.9

Banchero's combination of size and skill is scarce and beautifully aligns with the constantly changing ways of modern NBA play. Banchero will go through stretches where he doesn't assert himself, but he is nearly unstoppable when he decides to take over a game.

He is an adept ball-handler who isn't afraid of contact, making him a wrecking ball when he attacks the rim. Banchero can finish with power and finesse at the rim, but the way he operates in the mid-range is a masterclass. Banchero utilizes his jab step like a tenured vet to dispatch defenders consistently.

Banchero has also shown encouraging signs as a shooter. His mid-range jumper is a legitimate weapon, but he is more inconsistent from the outside. Banchero's mechanics and results shooting off the catch are more impressive and reliable as his pull-up jumpers from outside frequently fall short. This is a fixable issue with better conditioning and additional development, but Banchero will need to keep his mechanics more consistent when he shoots off the dribble.

Despite his profile, Banchero shouldn't be used as a point forward. He is an incredibly accurate passer, but using him as a secondary/tertiary playmaker to punish defenses when they collapse would better serve him and the offense.

As a defender, Banchero has some work to do. When he is locked in on-ball, he can be stifling. He moves his feet well and can use his strength to out-leverage his assignment. Off-ball, however, Banchero struggles mightily. He frequently gets caught ball-watching, is inconsistent with his rotations, and doesn't properly communicate switches. Among players in this class, though, few have as much star upside as Banchero.


Athleticism, passing, rebounding, scoring, shot creation


Outside shooting consistency, off-ball defense, consistent motor

Johnny Davis

4. Johnny Davis (SG)

6'5 196 lbs Wisconsin 22.4 years old

Johnny Davis has emerged as one of the country's best scorers and two-way players

31 34.4 0.426 (6.8/15.9) 0.791 (5.0/6.3) 0.303 (1.2/3.9) 19.7 1.3 6.9 8.2 2.1 1.2 0.7 2.3 2.0

Davis has an old-school approach as most of his points come in the mid-range and at the rim. Davis uses his strength to finish through contact and get to his spots at will in the mid-range. Davis also is exceptionally comfortable using angles and a soft touch at the rim to finish. Unfortunately, Davis's aggressiveness also results in him drawing a lot of fouls.

The biggest concern with Davis's scoring is his lack of space creation. He is a mediocre ball-handler and doesn't appear overly comfortable shooting off the dribble from deep.

I expect Davis to become a reliable outside shooter eventually, but it may be a slow development as he embraces a new role. Davis is also an accurate passer and tenacious rebounder on both ends of the floor. Davis's aggressiveness also shows up on defense. He is a competitive on-ball defender, disciplined off-ball defender, and actively disrupts the opponent's possessions.

The only complaint with Davis's defense is his footwork. He too frequently crosses his feet and turns his hips to chase instead of sliding his feet. Given his athleticism and rapid improvement, it shouldn't be a long-term concern, but he does need to improve it.


Feel for the game, rebounding, scoring versatility, off-ball movement, passing, screen navigation


Consistent shooting, playmaking, defensive footwork, shot selection

Jaden Ivey

5. Jaden Ivey (SG)

6'4 200 lbs Purdue 22.4 years old

Jaden Ivey is one of the most explosive athletes in recent years

36 31.5 0.461 (5.6/12.2) 0.744 (4.3/5.8) 0.358 (1.8/5.0) 17.3 0.7 4.2 4.9 3.1 0.9 0.6 2.6 1.8

Few can even attempt to stay with him when he hits his top speed.

Ivey most frequently displays his blazing speed in transition, where he is a menace. He gets from end to end in the blink of an eye and has a versatile scoring package. Ivey expertly uses his speed and is rarely out of control.

He has tremendous body control that allows him to contort mid-air and dispatch defenders with deceleration moves. Ivey has also proven to be excellent at kicking out of drives to open shooters when he forces defenses to collapse due to his tremendous rim pressure. Ivey is incredibly right-hand dominant and seldom attacks to his left. It is almost impossible to stop him from going right, but NBA defenses will key in on it.

Additionally, Ivey has improved tremendously with his shooting. He is a reliable off-ball shooter and has shown strides at shooting off the catch.

Ivey has a low release point and slow mechanics, which will need some tweaking, but his athleticism should portend positively for improved space creation as he matures.

Defensively, Ivey solely relies on his athleticism. He can be effective when he locks in, but he frequently spaces out and lacks the fundamental consistency of great defenders.


Driving, passing on the move, ball-handling, athleticism, scoring


Shooting off the dribble consistency, finishing with his left, off-ball defense, pick-and-roll defense

Keegan Murray

6. Keegan Murray (PF)

6'8 215 lbs Iowa 23.9 years old

Keegan Murray is simply an outstanding basketball player

35 31.9 0.554 (8.8/15.8) 0.747 (4.1/5.4) 0.398 (1.9/4.7) 23.5 2.9 5.8 8.7 1.5 1.3 1.9 1.1 1.9

He constantly executes at a high level on both ends of the floor and consistently shows his high feel for the game. Murray's understanding of floor balance, spacing, and instincts is most highlighted with his rebounding.

He is a solid defensive rebounder and an opportunistic and effective offensive rebounder. In the post, Murray can score in many ways by overpowering his defender, knocking down a fadeaway, or patiently executing a series of post moves.

Unfortunately, Murray isn't much of a playmaker and struggles to create space on the perimeter. Murray is, however, a reliable shooter who can efficiently and consistently stretch the floor. Murray is also a scalable defender.

He has the strength to hold his own in the post, the footwork to defend on the perimeter, and the off-ball instincts to block shots from the weak side or jump passing lanes.

Murray is the type of player who will have a long career as a high-level starter because he constantly executes on every possession.


Feel for the game, rebounding, defensive versatility, scoring


Space creation, playmaking, ball-handling

A.J. Griffin

7. A.J. Griffin (SF)

6'7 220 lbs Duke 20.9 years old

Outside of the top three prospects in this class, A.J. Griffin may have the most star upside

39 23.9 0.493 (3.7/7.6) 0.792 (1.1/1.4) 0.447 (1.8/4.1) 10.4 0.8 3.1 3.9 1.0 0.5 0.6 0.6 1.1

Griffin has quickly proven that he is one of the best shooters in this class and will provide reliable outside shooting to an NBA team from day one.

Griffin has also started showing more of an off-the-bounce game. He hasn't had many opportunities to create off the dribble, but what he's shown has been impressive. Griffin's mechanics are consistent despite his oddly broad base. He can attack close-outs, run off screens, and be a deadly spot-up shooter.

Griffin hasn't shown much in terms of on-ball creation. He will pull out the occasional step-back, which looks perfect, but he rarely gets the opportunity to break down a defender. Griffin also hasn't shown much in terms of playmaking. He is a consistent ball-mover, but he isn't passing anyone open.

Defensively, Griffin is a quality rebounder, but the rest of his defense needs some work. He has flashes of high-level on-ball defense, but he often moves like he is running in sand. In addition, Griffin doesn't have the best foot speed, which may limit his defensive versatility. Also, Griffin's off-ball defense has been erratic. He is decent with his rotations, but he is prone to getting back cut and overhelping out of the corner.

Griffin's shooting alone makes him a tantalizing prospect, but it is hard to imagine him falling too far in the draft when you factor in the upside with the rest of his game.


Rebounding, basketball IQ, scoring versatility


Raw defender, defensive foot speed, playmaking

Shaedon Sharpe

8. Shaedon Sharpe (SG)

6'5 198 lbs Kentucky 21.1 years old

Despite not playing a game this year, Shaedon Sharpe is still one of the most talented prospects in this class

6 21.5 0.680 (5.7/8.3) 0.600 (1.0/1.7) 0.333 (0.7/2.0) 13.0 3.7 2.3 1.3 0.3 1.2 1.8

Sharpe is an athletic wing who excels as an off-ball scorer but has legitimate on-ball upside. Sharpe's off-ball shooting and cutting should translate seamlessly. He has a consistent form, fluid mechanics, and times his movement well. Off cuts, Sharpe is an above-the-rim finisher off lobs or highlight dunks. Sharpe's on-ball creation has a ways to go as he almost exclusively looks to create pull-up jumpers, but the foundation is there for a dynamic creator. He strings together combo moves effortlessly and is a threat shooting off the catch.

The concern is his limited slashing game. His moves are often predetermined, and he lacks much improvisation on his drives.

While Sharpe has legitimate vertical pop that rivals players like Anthony Edwards and Jalen Green, his first step is much slower, and he requires more load-up time, lessening his explosiveness in traffic. He won't be much of a playmaker, but Sharpe is a smart passer. He moves the ball well and uses his gravity to find open teammates.

The biggest concern with Sharpe is his defense; it's really bad. Sharpe gets lost in space, misses rotations, and is constantly ball-watching away from the ball. He struggles to navigate both on and off-ball screens, and he lacks a quality defender's defensive fundamentals. The hope is that Sharpe can use his athleticism to be a defensive playmaker, but it could be quite some time until he is a positive, or at least not glaringly negative, contributor on defense.


Shooting, off-ball movement, scoring, passing, defensive playmaking


Off-ball defense, screen navigation, defensive discipline, driving

Jalen Duren

9. Jalen Duren (C)

6'10 245 lbs Memphis 20.7 years old

Jalen Duren is one of the most physically impressive prospects in recent years

29 25.2 0.597 (4.9/8.1) 0.625 (2.2/3.6) 0.000 (0.0/0.0) 12.0 3.0 5.2 8.1 1.3 0.8 2.1 2.2 2.7

Duren has the physical tools that few NBA players possess despite reclassifying up a year. Duren's physical tools make him an elite rim runner and shot blocker. Unfortunately, Duren doesn't consistently display his physical gifts as his effort fluctuates.

Duren can be a game-changer when he is locked in, but he frequently coasts through long stretches of games. Duren has also proven that he has a ton of progress to make with his processing speed and basketball IQ. The hope is that Duren's lack of feel is a symptom of his youth and poor situation. Regardless, Duren will still be a project.

Offensively, Duren doesn't have a jumper and struggles to create his own shot. Duren also has poor hands unless he is expecting a lob or chasing a rebound. What could potentially set Duren apart, though, is his passing. We have yet to see sustained stretches of impressive playmaking, but the flashes he has shown are incredibly encouraging.

Defensively, Duren is at his best around the rim. He is a prolific shot blocker, and his weak side rotations will improve as his game matures. When he gets pulled out to the perimeter, though, the results are more mixed. He has flashes of moving his feet well, but typically he gets lost in space and seems heavy-footed. Duren still has franchise center potential, but he desperately needs a point guard and a franchise willing to be patient with him.


Athleticism, shot blocking, rebounding, interior scoring


Shooting, ball security, creating his own shot, processing speed, consistent impact

Dyson Daniels

10. Dyson Daniels (PG)

6'6 199 lbs G-League Ignite 21.3 years old

Dyson Daniels is likely the best guard defender in this class

14 31.2 0.449 (4.4/9.9) 0.737 (1.0/1.4) 0.255 (0.9/3.6) 11.3 2.2 4.0 6.2 4.4 1.9 0.7 2.4 2.1

Daniels has excellent size and athleticism for a point guard, and his footwork and instincts make him a tenacious on-ball defender. Since he is a larger guard, Daniels can also scale up a few positions, improving his defensive versatility.

As an off-ball defender, the results are more mixed. Even though there are some really bad possessions for Daniels off-ball, they feel more of a symptom of him covering for the rest of the team rather than him not knowing where to be. With more NBA-level defenders, I expect those inconsistencies to disappear pretty quickly. While Daniels is an NBA-ready defender, his offense needs more work.

Daniels' shot has been erratic, but his size and athleticism make him a quality interior scorer. Daniels is also an accurate passer, but he isn't much of a playmaker. Daniels doesn't make many advanced reads outside of a direct kick-out, extra pass, or a simple read in a two-man game.


Passing, on-ball defense, interior scoring


Shooting, playmaking

Jeremy Sochan

11. Jeremy Sochan (PF)

6'9 230 lbs Baylor 21.2 years old

Jeremy Sochan is a shockingly cerebral player, given his age

30 25.0 0.474 (3.3/7.0) 0.589 (1.8/3.0) 0.296 (0.8/2.7) 9.2 2.0 4.4 6.4 1.8 1.3 0.7 1.6 2.3

Sochan's high basketball IQ shines on the defensive end of the floor. He communicates at a high level, makes timely rotations, and is rarely caught out of position.

Even though he isn't the most explosive athlete, Sochan's lateral quickness and exquisite footwork make him a versatile on-ball defender.

Offensively, Sochan is equally fascinating. His lack of explosiveness and ball-handling limit him as a scorer, but he continues to show his high-level passing, off-ball movement, and shooting potential. Despite the percentage, Sochan's outside shooting is still a bit of a wild card. He hasn't taken many of them, and his poor free-throw percentage is a worrying indicator, although that too is a small sample.

Sochan will likely be one of these prospects who we can't properly judge his outside shot until he has spent some time in the NBA and gone through a few subtle mechanical fixes.

Given his rebounding, defense, and feel for the game, Sochan has the tools to help any rotation in the NBA.


Rebounding, passing, defense, feel for the game


On-ball creation, explosiveness, shooting

Malaki Branham

12. Malaki Branham (SG)

6'5 180 lbs Ohio State 21.2 years old

Malaki Branham's combination of scoring, length, and consistent growth could make him one of the unlikelier one-and-done prospects of the 2022 NBA Draft

32 29.5 0.497 (5.0/10.1) 0.833 (2.5/3.0) 0.411 (1.2/2.8) 13.7 0.8 2.8 3.6 2.0 0.8 0.3 1.7 1.8

Branham's offensive game has continued to surge throughout the year. He is a lethal off-ball shooting threat, but his on-ball impact continues to grow. He is a precise passer and exquisite straight-line driver. Branham draws a significant amount of fouls and is comfortable finishing through contact.

Unfortunately, Branham's on-ball threat may be diluted more in the NBA as he isn't the most explosive athlete, is an average ball-handler, and has a slow release.

All of these combine into a mediocre on-ball creator in the NBA, but nothing should be ruled out given his growth this season. As a defender, Branham is inconsistent. As his offensive responsibilities have grown, his defensive impact has worsened.

Branham has the length and size to be a quality defender, but he frequently spaces out on defense and struggles to get through screens. In more of an off-ball role in the NBA, Branham should continue to grow as a scorer and refine his defensive fundamentals.


Passing, defense, off-ball shooting, scoring, straight line driving


Defensive consistency, space creation, explosiveness

Mark Williams

13. Mark Williams (C)

7'0 242 lbs Duke 22.6 years old

Outside of the potential franchise-changing centers, Mark Williams is the best bet to be a long-term contributor

39 23.5 0.721 (4.9/6.8) 0.727 (1.4/2.0) 0.000 (0.0/0.0) 11.2 2.6 4.8 7.4 0.9 0.5 2.8 0.9 2.0

There isn't much about Williams' game that is flashy, but he is incredibly impactful. Williams is one of the most reliable rim protectors in the country. He is a quality shot blocker and has the strength to keep his verticality.

Williams can't defend much on the perimeter, but he isn't a liability in the pick-and-roll. He is very comfortable in drop coverage, and when he has to defend on the perimeter, he finds ways to recover. Williams doesn't have great footwork or footspeed on the perimeter, but he has fluid hips, allowing him to recover quickly.

Offensively, Williams's game is beautifully simplistic as he dunks everything he possibly can. Williams has some of the best hands in the country, which he routinely shows off by catching nearly every lob thrown his way. In addition, Williams is skilled at cutting to open pockets near the rim and rolling with immense efficiency. Few big men in the country run in transition as reliably and consistently as Williams.

Williams likely won't ever show off much of a jumper, but his finishing ability and lack of need for the ball will make him an ideal complementary center.


Rim protection, vertical spacing, footwork, running the floor, hands


Perimeter defense, shooting

Bennedict Mathurin

14. Bennedict Mathurin (SG)

6'7 195 lbs Arizona 22.1 years old

Bennedict Mathurin is one of the best off-ball scoring guards in the country

37 32.6 0.450 (5.9/13.1) 0.764 (3.7/4.8) 0.369 (2.2/6.1) 17.7 1.4 4.2 5.6 2.5 1.0 0.3 1.8 1.8

He is a reliable shooter off the catch and a reliable movement shooter. Mathurin also leverages his off-ball shooting to generate cutting opportunities. Mathurin punishes his defender when they ball watch, and he has the athleticism to finish above the rim.

Unfortunately, Mathurin has very little on-ball equity. He isn't much of a playmaker, is a mediocre ball-handler, and creates very little space. However, Mathurin isn't much of an on-ball creator; he has shown improvement in attacking close-outs with escape dribble pull-up jumpers, straight-line drives, and the occasional drive-and-dump pass.

As a defender, Mathurin's production is a mixed bag. He has the athleticism to be an effective on-ball defender and defensive playmaker, but his off-ball awareness needs a lot of work. As a result, he frequently falls asleep and loses his man in space. Nevertheless, Mathurin has the foundation to be a highly effective two-way wing in the NBA.


Shooting off the catch, athleticism, tranisition scoring


Ball-handling, defensive awareness, playmaking, off-ball defense

15. Ousmane Dieng (SF)

6'10 215 lbs New Zealand Breakers 21.2 years old

Ousmane Dieng had a horrific start to his season, but he looked like the player many hoped for in the second half of the year

Dieng is a fluid athlete with great length and oozes versatility on both ends of the floor. The biggest concern with Dieng is his lack of physicality. Some, maybe most, of this should be improved as he continues to get stronger, but it does limit him on both ends of the floor.

Offensively, Dieng struggles to finish through contact. He has the length to finish around or over defenders at the rim, but he is still figuring out the craft of finishing through contact. Dieng also doesn't reliably create space consistently. He has a decent step-back jumper that improved as the year progressed and showed flashes of effective straight-line driving, but he rarely broke down his defender, which he may not need to given his size. Dieng also showed that he's an intelligent passer who can make the extra pass and quick decisions to counter rotations.

Dieng showed some flashes of on-ball shooting, but he will likely be most effective early in his career as an off-ball shooter. His release is a bit low, but the mechanics are consistent, and he has excellent touch. Defensively, Dieng could be a monster if he can improve his physicality. Dieng has excellent perimeter footwork and makes some perfect weak side rotations to protect the rim. If Dieng can improve his ability to cut off and impede opponents, his defensive ceiling could be scary impressive.


Fluidity, length, defensive upside, passing, shooting


Defensive consistency, finishing through contact, physicality, off-ball movement

16. Ochai Agbaji (SG)

6'5 210 lbs Kansas 24.2 years old

Ochai Agbaji's skill development has been an extraordinary journey

Agbaji was purely an athlete who provided tremendous energy and did the little things early on.

After years of work and development, Agbaji has turned into a lethal shooter, legitimate pick-and-roll operator, and good team defender. Agbaji has lost much of the athletic chaoticness of his younger seasons, but he has harnessed that into consistently productive play. As a result, Agbaji always makes the right decision and can fit into any role asked of him.

Agbaji's on-ball creation will be more limited in the NBA, but he will be a reliable off-ball shooter and can act as a secondary or tertiary creator.

Additionally, Agbaji's on-ball disruptiveness won't be significant, but his off-ball awareness and consistency will make him a quality team defender.


Decision making, work rate, team defense, shooting


Space creation, shooting off the dribble

17. Max Christie (SG)

6'7 185 lbs Michigan State 21.4 years old

Max Christie has a pristine-looking jump shot

Despite getting off to a cold start to the season, Christie is proving how lethal of a shooter he can be. His off-ball movement comes second nature to him as he effortlessly finds open pockets to relocate to and lanes to cut.

Christie is an effective shooter, both spotting up and off movement, making him an ideal off-ball shooter. Unfortunately, the rest of Christie's offensive game is more limited.

The ball rarely sticks with him, but he isn't much of a playmaker and is an average ball-handler. As a result, Christie won't be creating opportunities for himself or others off the dribble. Defensively, Christie continues to show immense upside. He needs to add muscle to improve his defensive versatility, but that should come with age.

More importantly, Christie shows great instincts both on and off-ball and displays stellar footwork. Christie's footwork can falter when he gets too focused on a screen, but he is generally spot on and timing his movements well.

As he adds strength and finds consistency in his shot, Christie could easily develop into one of the best two-way players in this class.


Shooting, off-ball movement, on-ball defense


Playmaking, ball-handling, screen navigation

18. Gabriele Procida (SG)

6'7 194 lbs Italy 22.1 years old

Gabriele Procida is one of the most intriguing international prospects

Procida's main selling point is his scoring versatility. He moves off-ball expertly and can score in a myriad of ways. Procida can shoot off screens, attack close-outs, and create space with step-backs. Procida has shown significant promise as an outside shooter, but he struggles to finish through contact at the rim.

As he gets stronger, the hope is that it improves. Procida has also shown some interesting flashes as a passer, delivering passes from unorthodox angles.

However, Procida struggles with his ball security. He frequently gets sloppy with his handles and stripped on drives. If he can become more consistent, Procida has a lot of upside as a defender. He can get caught flat-footed on the ball, but his athleticism and footwork generally make him competitive.

Procida may be a long-term project, but he has tantalizing upside.


Scoring versatility, off-ball movement, defensive upside


Consistent shooting mechanics, finishing through contact, ball security

19. Jaden Hardy (SG)

6'4 185 lbs G-League Ignite 22.0 years old

Jaden Hardy hasn't lived up to the lofty expectations he left high school with as he's struggled with the far superior level of athleticism

Even though he's had mixed results, Hardy will likely be an above-average shooter in the NBA. The more important question is how he ends up getting those shots.

Hardy's combination of a slow first step and loose handle makes it incredibly difficult for him to create space, likely making him an off-guard reliant on a lead creator. Hardy also isn't much of a playmaker, but he has shown impressive flashes of interior passing.

Defensively, Hardy won't add a ton of value. He will have some stretches of inspired defense, but he is generally undisciplined and lacks the physical tools to be a high-level defender. Hardy still has the tools to be an exquisite scorer, but he needs to tighten up his handle.


Shooting, scoring, interior passing


Defense, first step, space creation, ball-handling

20. Jaylin Williams (C)

6'10 240 lbs Arkansas 22.0 years old

Jaylin Williams is one of the most offensively unique big men in the 2022 NBA Draft class

Williams doesn't have a great percentage from outside, but his willingness to shoot, touch inside the arc, and free-throw percentage are promising indicators for improvement. In addition, Williams shines on offense as the screener. I know that's a weird thing to shine at, but his versatility in that role creates a myriad of options for the offense.

Williams is comfortable shooting or driving out of the pick-and-pop, catching on the roll, and playmaking out of the short roll. It is a skill set that suggests he has more to offer to an offense. The concerns with Williams come on the defensive end. Williams is one of the best charge takers and defensive rebounders in the country, suggesting he has good awareness and timing on his rotations.

However, Williams' defensive role is to essentially stand at the top of the restricted area for the entire possession. Williams offers little rim protection and rarely challenges opponents at the rim, often resorting to trying to take a charge. Williams is also erratic with pick-and-roll drop coverage and frequently surrenders deep post position.

Given his mobility and awareness, the hope is that Williams's defensive limitations are a symptom of the scheme and not his ability. Williams has the offensive skill to be a starting big man, but that role will be unobtainable if his defense doesn't see a significant improvement.


Rebounding, mobility, passing, hands


Rim protection, post scoring, explosiveness, defense

21. E.J. Liddell (PF)

6'7 240 lbs Ohio State 23.6 years old

E.J. Liddell is an undersized big man who has improved his two-way versatility

Despite lacking the size of a traditional big, it wouldn't be surprising if Liddell carves out a role through sheer effort and toughness. Liddell is an excellent rebounder on both ends because he isn't afraid of contact, has excellent instincts, and will battle with anyone.

Liddell has also proven an effective interior scorer. He has good touch around the rim and the strength to be unaffected by contact. He has also proven that his outside shooting has improved significantly, allowing him to be a threat from pick-and-pop and spotting up. Liddell is also a versatile screen setter who can roll hard to the rim or pop out for three.

Defensively, Liddell will struggle against larger opponents. He has the strength to hold his own, but he lacks the height and length to be a highly effective post defender. Liddell can, however, switch on the perimeter and hold his own.

He isn't a traditional big man, but his two-way versatility will provide a welcomed change of pace to any rotation.


Scoring versatility, defensive versatility, screening, rebounding


Explosiveness, ball-handling, size

22. Tari Eason (PF)

6'8 216 lbs LSU 23.2 years old

Tari Eason is far from perfect, but his breakout season has been incredibly fun

When Eason attacks the rim, there are few players who are as effective. He has a stellar first step and the strength to finish through contact. Eason is also a highly explosive athlete, allowing him to finish above the rim regularly.

The only concerns with Eason's slashing game are that he can be purely reliant on his strength and is less reliable finishing with his left hand. There are some games where Eason will combine multiple dribble moves to break down a defender, but he primarily relies on his strength and first step. Eason has also shown impressive passing flashes for his position. He won't be an initiator, but he can consistently pass out of doubles and find cutters.

The big question mark on Eason's offensive game is the shooting. His volume, percentages, and indicators are significantly better than last season, but the mechanics are still funky. Eason has a decent release point, but he starts his shot like he's throwing a shot put by pushing the ball from his right shoulder.

Eason is also a highly opportunistic defender. He has good hands and frequently jumps passing lanes to generate easy transition scores. He has the strength and athleticism to defend multiple positions, but he needs to improve the consistency of his footwork. He tends to cross his feet and flip his hips to chase too quickly when defending drives. NBA-level ball-handlers will be better equipped to exploit these fundamental lapses.


Explosiveness, passing, slashing, defensive playmaking


Shooting, defensive discipline, on-ball defensive footwork, left hand finishing

23. Patrick Baldwin Jr (SF)

6'9 220 lbs Milwaukee 21.7 years old

Patrick Baldwin Jr has had a disappointing season compared to preseason expectations

Once thought of as one of the top prospects, Baldwin has now slid on most draft boards because he has struggled to dominate the Horizon League on a bad Milwaukee team.

Despite that, Baldwin still has the tools of an NBA wing. Few players have as pristine mechanics as Baldwin when it comes to shooting mechanics.

His size and release point make him incredibly difficult to guard and makes his lack of high-level space creation a lesser issue. Baldwin has also proven to be a quality passer. He won't be a primary initiator, but Baldwin will add value as a connecting piece and someone who can exploit defensive lapses.

Defensively, Baldwin is showing to be an adept team defender. In addition, he has good awareness and instincts that make him a positive contributor on the weak side.

On-ball, though, Baldwin's fundamentals and consistency are erratic. However, Baldwin's defense and shooting should improve as he gets stronger.

If Baldwin gets drafted with the expectations of a primary scorer, he will likely disappoint. However, he will add substantial value if he's taken as a complementary piece who doesn't have to create everything.


Shooting, feel for the game, passing


On-ball defense, screen navigation, space creation

24. Christian Braun (SG)

6'7 209 lbs Kansas 23.2 years old

Christian Braun is one of the best off-ball movers in this class

He is excellent at relocating on the perimeter and cutting. However, the most significant addition to Braun's offensive game has been his effectiveness in attacking close-outs this year.

He is an extraordinary athlete who has no issues finishing above the rim and is an adept passer out of drives, whether throwing lobs or kicking out to shooters.

Braun struggles with creating space for himself, and his shooting consistency has significantly lessened. There are few better shooters in the country when he is on a hot streak from outside, but unfortunately, his hot streaks are becoming rarer. As a defender, Braun needs to improve his consistency.

He is highly effective both on and off-ball when he's locked in. But, unfortunately, he has lapses off-ball and has fundamental inconsistencies on-ball.

If he can improve his defensive consistency, Braun has a lot of promise as a defender at the next level.


Off-ball movement, work rate, at-rim finishing, ball movement


Ball-handling, shooting consistency

25. Dalen Terry (PG)

6'7 195 lbs Arizona 21.6 years old

Dalen Terry's size, defense, and competitiveness make him a fascinating prospect

The main selling point with Terry is his defense. Terry can switch on the perimeter, but his footwork, high energy, and active hands make him a menacing point-of-attack defender.

Terry also has promise as an off-ball defender as he generally rotates well and is active at jumping passing lanes. While Terry's high energy can produce chaos, it can also get him in trouble with jittery footwork, getting lost off-ball, and committing fouls. With more experience, that energy should be more productively harnessed.

Offensively, Terry's lack of shooting hurts him. His mechanics are inconsistent as his release point, and arc can vary significantly. Terry has shown a willingness to attack and rebound in traffic, but his passing is the most intriguing aspect of his offense.

Some of his reads feel predetermined, but Terry is incredibly effective at finding and setting up cutters for easy baskets. He is excellent at scoring and creating in the open floor, and if he can find more consistency in the half-court, he could be a major steal in this draft.


Defense, ball-handling, feel for the game, passing


Shooting, defensive consistency, playing under control

26. TyTy Washington (PG)

6'3 175 lbs Kentucky 22.7 years old

TyTy Washington is one of the more impressive shot-making guards in this class

He isn't a terrific ball-handler or space creator, but it is challenging to stop him from getting to his spot. Washington is more reliable shooting off the catch from outside than off the dribble. However, he has one of the most reliable floaters and mid-range scoring games in the country.

As a playmaker, Washington leaves a lot to be desired. He is an accurate passer and runs a solid two-man game, but he isn't much of a playmaker and struggles to read multiple levels of the defense. Washington has also continued to improve as a defender. He has good footwork and is quick enough to hold up on-ball. Unfortunately, Washington has shown more inconsistencies away from the ball. He has moments of mental lapses and struggles to navigate off-ball screens.

Washington may never be a pure point guard capable of running an NBA offense full-time, but his shooting alone will make him a valuable contributor on any roster.


Shooting, pick-and-roll creation, passing


Explosiveness, size, playmaking

27. Christian Koloko (C)

7'1 230 lbs Arizona 24.1 years old

Christian Koloko has made significant strides to become one of the best defensive big men in the country

Koloko is a good athlete who expertly uses his length to disrupt opponents. In addition, Koloko is very comfortable in drop coverage, is a lethal weak side shot blocker, and has shown flashes of surviving for stints on the perimeter.

Offensively, Koloko is much more limited. He is a reliable vertical spacer, but he doesn't have a jumper, has little to no post-up moves, and isn't a good passer. Koloko doesn't need to develop a three-point shot; although it'd be nice, he needs to improve his ability to pass out of the short roll and the post.

Koloko's defense alone should allow him to carve out a spot in a rotation to anchor the defense for a second unit.


Vertical spacing, rim protection, defense


Shooting, post moves, ball skills

28. Bryce McGowens (SG)

6'6 175 lbs Nebraska 21.7 years old

Bryce McGowens has immense amounts of offensive potential

McGowens is still too slender, but he has the frame to add enough muscle to handle NBA physicality. McGowens projects as a good shooter, but the results have been lacking this season.

McGowens adding strength will help, but the more significant issue is his shot selection. He frequently settles for contested pull-ups that he has no business taking.

However, he is much more effective when McGowens attacks the mid-range and the rim. He has impressive pop off the floor and is a versatile at-rim finisher.

Defensively, McGowens needs a lot of work. He has slow feet and is frequently high in his defensive stance on the ball.

Off-ball, McGowens gets caught ball-watching and missing rotations regularly. McGowens has immense potential, but he may be better off returning to school for another year to improve his body.


Slashing, cutting, athleticism, at-rim finishing


Strength, shot selection, playmaking, defense

29. Ryan Rollins (SG)

6'4 180 lbs Toledo 22.0 years old

Ryan Rollins is a promising two-way guard with meaningful offensive upside

As a scorer, Rollins thrives in the mid-range. He has solid mechanics and gets to his spot with ease. Rollins isn't a great ball-handler or explosive athlete, limiting his ability to score at the rim, but he is shifty enough to create space in the mid-range.

Rollins' percentages are underwhelming as an outside shooter, but I would bet on him becoming at least an average shooter. His mechanics are sound, but he often leaves his shots short and has an inconsistent arc. Some natural body development and subtle mechanical tweaks should fix that.

The most intriguing aspect of his offense, though, is his passing. He won't be a primary playmaker, but his ability to find cutters, pass out of drives, and push in transition will positively affect any rotation. As a defender, Rollins has promise but is inconsistent. He has excellent on-ball footwork, but he struggles to keep opponents from getting to their spots due to a lack of strength.

Rollins also struggles away from the ball. He frequently ball watches and is reactionary, leaving him a step or two behind on a play.


Passing, on-ball defense, mid-range scoring, shooting


Off-ball defense, explosiveness, space creation

30. Trevor Keels (SG)

6'5 210 lbs Duke 20.9 years old

Physically, Trevor Keels provides everything you could hope for from a guard

He is built like a free safety, very strong, and extremely quick. This makes him an interesting interior scorer and defender. But unfortunately, Keels's biggest issue has been consistency on both ends of the floor.

His raw numbers are incredibly underwhelming and even concerning in some cases. However, when Keels is hot, he can be devastating. Keels has been highly productive as the pick-and-roll ball-handler, and if he can improve his shooting consistency and at-rim craft, he could be a legitimate NBA scoring weapon.

As a defender, Keels has the physical profile to be a multi-positional defender. When he is locked in, he is highly effective. However, he will get caught ball-watching, high in his stance, or more worried about the screen than the ball-handler.

Keels will take some time, but he could grow into a quality rotation player if he can find any consistency at either end of the floor.


Strength, feel for the game, passing


Shooting, off-ball defense, consistency, at-rim finishing craft

31. Peyton Watson (SF)

6'7 185 lbs UCLA 21.8 years old

Peyton Watson is another freshman who has had a difficult season, but the tools of an NBA wing are clear

Watson needs to get significantly stronger, but his length, athleticism, and instincts give him the tools to potentially be in the All-Defensive team conversation at the peak of his career.

In addition, Watson can defend multiple positions and act as a legitimate rim protector. Once he adds more muscle, there are few, if any, concerns about his defense.

Offensively, Watson has a long way to go. His shooting mechanics are erratic, which carries over to his shooting results. As Watson gets stronger, the hope is that his mechanics find some level of consistency. Given his role, Watson hasn't had much chance to show his passing ability at UCLA, but he has shown impressive flashes before UCLA.

Watson is also a quality rebounder, allowing him to get easy putbacks and spark the transition offense. Watson will be a project, but a team willing to be patient with him and spend the resources on development could reap significant rewards.


Body control, defense, passing, rebounding


Shooting, finishing through contact, strength

32. Kendall Brown (PF)

6'8 201 lbs Baylor 21.2 years old

Kendall Brown is one of the best athletes in the country, which makes him nearly unstoppable in transition

Brown has the explosiveness to finish over defenders, the speed to outrun them, and the agility to sidestep them. Besides being a dynamo scorer in transition, Brown is also one of the best cutters.

He has excellent timing and rarely messes up the offensive spacing. Whether improvised or a set play, Brown's cutting often results in a highlight finish at the rim.

Unfortunately, Brown's off-ball effectiveness has not transferred to on-ball creation. Brown is an average ball-handler who can attack closeouts or in transition, but he struggles to break defenders down and rarely looks to shoot off the catch.

Additionally, Brown is a reluctant shooter both on and off-ball. He frequently passes up open shots, suggesting he isn't as reliable as his percentages indicate. However, an encouraging sign is that Brown is an incredibly decisive passer. He isn't a great playmaker, but he is accurate, has good vision, and doesn't hesitate. As a defender, Brown has a lot of room to grow.

His athleticism gives him an encouraging baseline of on-ball defense, but his processing speed and awareness off-ball are often a step slow. Brown also doesn't play with much physicality, resulting in underwhelming rebounding numbers. If Brown can improve his defensive awareness and reaction speed, he has the tools to be a highly effective starting forward.


Athleticism, cutting, transition offense, passing


Confidence, shooting, processing speed

32. Kendall Brown (PF)

6'8 201 lbs Baylor 21.2 years old

Kendall Brown is one of the best athletes in the country, which makes him nearly unstoppable in transition

Brown has the explosiveness to finish over defenders, the speed to outrun them, and the agility to sidestep them. Besides being a dynamo scorer in transition, Brown is also one of the best cutters.

He has excellent timing and rarely messes up the offensive spacing. Whether improvised or a set play, Brown's cutting often results in a highlight finish at the rim.

Unfortunately, Brown's off-ball effectiveness has not transferred to on-ball creation. Brown is an average ball-handler who can attack closeouts or in transition, but he struggles to break defenders down and rarely looks to shoot off the catch.

Additionally, Brown is a reluctant shooter both on and off-ball. He frequently passes up open shots, suggesting he isn't as reliable as his percentages indicate. However, an encouraging sign is that Brown is an incredibly decisive passer. He isn't a great playmaker, but he is accurate, has good vision, and doesn't hesitate. As a defender, Brown has a lot of room to grow.

His athleticism gives him an encouraging baseline of on-ball defense, but his processing speed and awareness off-ball are often a step slow. Brown also doesn't play with much physicality, resulting in underwhelming rebounding numbers. If Brown can improve his defensive awareness and reaction speed, he has the tools to be a highly effective starting forward.


Athleticism, cutting, transition offense, passing


Confidence, shooting, processing speed

33. Kennedy Chandler (PG)

6'1 170 lbs Tennessee 21.8 years old

Small guards are becoming more looked down on in the NBA, but Chandler still has plenty to offer

As one of the quickest guards in the country, Chandler is a blur in the open court. Unfortunately, he has yet to fully utilize his quickness to create in the half-court. In addition, Chandler isn't an advanced ball-handler which limits his space creation. Additionally, his shooting has underwhelmed, but I think it will be an asset in the long run.

As a playmaker, Chandler has steadily improved. He runs a decent two-man game and can find teammates out of drives, but he doesn't make many advanced reads to pass teammates open. Chandler has also shown impressive craft as an at-rim finisher, but his inability to draw fouls limits his driving effectiveness. Chandler has also failed to prove he can score in the mid-range with pull-ups or floaters, making him a much easier defensive assignment.

Even though he is smaller, Chandler may be best off-ball where he can fully utilize his quickness to attack closeouts, collapse the defense, and create for others. Defensively, Chandler has a lot of promise as a point-of-attack defender.

He has quick feet, excellent hands, and good screen navigation. But unfortunately, he gets completely lost off-ball, and his on-ball consistency can be erratic.


Off-ball scoring, quickness, pick-and-roll creation, at-rim finishing craft, screen navigation


Defensive consistency, size, advanced playmaking reads, off-ball defense, space creation

34. Ismael Kamagate (C)

6'11 220 lbs Paris 23.5 years old

Ismael Kamagate has taken the crown as the international breakout prospect this season

Kamagate is still raw but continues to show growth that suggests legitimate offensive upside with him. In addition, he has an absurd catch radius and soft hands, which pair nicely with his athleticism.

He is an excellent vertical spacer but also a patient at rim finisher. Kamagate has no issues dunking on anyone in his way, but he has also shown the ability to contort his body in mid-air and utilize shot fakes to dispatch defenders.

Kamagate is an effective screener, roams the baseline like a vet, and has shown some promising flashes of passing out of the short roll. The next step for Kamagate on offense is becoming a reliable mid-range shooter. He has shown some decent touch on his shot, but it is often flat, and his footwork is inconsistent.

To make it in the NBA, though, Kamagate must prove he can survive on defense. His athleticism makes him a good shot blocker, but his awareness and processing speed leave a lot to desired.

Kamagate is frequently a step behind on his rotations and gets lost when pulled out in space, especially the pick-and-roll.


At-rim finishing, work rate, athleticism, passing upside


Ball security, shooting, very raw defender (gives too much space, not physical, very late/slow processing

35. Jake LaRavia (PF)

6'8 235 lbs Wake Forest 24.7 years old

Jake LaRavia is a versatile two-way forward

Offensively, LaRavia is a quality spot-up shooter who can also score with his back to the basket. He isn't an elite athlete, but he moves well enough to be a legitimate threat in transition and on cuts.

LaRavia also consistently displays impressive passing. He sees the floor well and routinely delivers accurate passes to cutters and shooters. Defensively, LaRavia has impressive on-ball footwork.

Despite not possessing overwhelming athleticism, LaRavia can switch on the perimeter because of his footwork.

LaRavia's lack of athleticism hurts him the most as a rim protector. With his offensive versatility and defensive dependability, LaRavia has a good chance of cracking a roster.


Passing, rebounding, on-ball defensive footwork, off-ball movement, interior scoring


Athleticism, space creation, rim protection

36. Walker Kessler (C)

6'11 220 lbs Auburn 23.0 years old

After transferring from North Carolina, where his minutes were inconsistent at best, Walker Kessler has quickly turned into the best shot-blocker in the country

Kessler's ability to turn away shots at the rim has been impeccable as he effortlessly reaches the five-block threshold with regularity. While he is more comfortable and more impactful in drop coverage when defending the pick-and-roll, Kessler has shown flashes of executing different coverages.

He should never switch on the perimeter, but Kessler can execute the occasional hard-hedge and recover without issue. The more significant concerns with Kessler come on the offensive end. Kessler has been underwhelming as a passer, which will limit his impact in the short roll, and his shot has been far from a legitimate tool.

There is plenty to love if Kessler is used as a roller and vertical spacer. Kessler constantly finishes lobs and uses his length to be disruptive on the offensive boards.

Kessler doesn't have superstar upside, but few prospects have been as impressive as an offensive role player and rim protection monster.


Rebounding, rim protection, vertical spacing


Shooting, passing, foul prone

37. Moussa Diabate (PF)

6'9 215 lbs Michigan 22.5 years old

Moussa Diabate has improved game by game all season

He is still a raw prospect, but the constant growth he has shown is immensely encouraging. Most of Diabate's production comes through sheer energy and force of will, but now we are seeing him add in some skill.

Diabate's calling card right away will be his tenacious rebounding on both ends of the floor and his defensive versatility. Diabate can defend on the perimeter because of his superb defensive footwork, and he has the strength to hold his own in the post.

Diabate needs to improve his weak side activity to be a complete defender. He is good at staying vertical, but he isn't the most explosive rim protector, which isn't an ideal pairing with his current tendencies to be late on rotations.

Offensively, Diabate is a much bigger work in progress. His shot isn't a legitimate weapon, but there are signs of a decent shooting foundation that could grow into something decent one day.

Most of Diabate's scoring comes at the rim through put-backs, hard rolls, and patient interior finishes. Diabate has also started showing a deadly face-up game with a deadly jab step and lightning-quick drive. However, besides a quick first step, post-spin, or rip through, Diabate is an unreliable ball-handler and passer.

He is a bit of a project right now, but the short-term growth and potential are incredibly enticing.


Rebounding, motor, interior scoring, defense


Shooting, ball-handling

38. Jabari Walker (SF)

6'8 214 lbs Colorado 22.0 years old

Jabari Walker's blend of size and shooting is easy to picture in the NBA

Walker is a lethal spot-up shooter who also excels in the pick-and-pop. Walker isn't much of a movement shooter, but he can be deadly with his feet set. Other than outside shooting, Walker's offensive contribution is more hit or miss.

He is a decent straight-line driver, which allows him to attack closeouts, but he isn't a dynamic ball-handler, doesn't shoot much off the dribble, and isn't an explosive athlete. Walker's main selling point, though, is his defensive versatility.

Theoretically, Walker is a multi-positional defender. He has excellent perimeter footwork and has proven to be a competent weak side rim protection. The concerns again stem from his lack of explosiveness. Walker's footwork masks a lot of athletic limitations.

Walker doesn't have great foot speed and is stiff in his movements. Even though his footwork suggests he can guard wings, his stiffness may make that a bigger question mark.


Spot-up shooting, rebounding, on-ball defensive footwork, weak side rim protection


Explosiveness, space creation, foot speed, on-ball scoring

39. Nikola Jovic (PF)

6'10 210 lbs Serbia 21.1 years old

Nikola Jovic's blend of size and skill make for an intriguing prospect

Despite being the size of a power forward, Jovic moves and handles the ball like a wing. He is comfortable running in transition and initiating in the half-court. Jovic doesn't consistently make high-level playmaking reads, but he is an accurate passer who sees the floor well and can counter defensive rotations with his ball movement.

Jovic has a ton of upside if he finds more consistency in his shot as a scorer. Jovic's shooting foundation looks solid, but some of his shots come out flat, resulting in a lack of touch and wild misses. Jovic also isn't a great athlete, which makes space creation an issue for him.

Defensively, Jovic will struggle to scale down. He doesn't have great perimeter footwork, and decent ball-handlers and athletes will be able to expose him. Jovic also struggles to navigate screens both on and off-ball, making his ideal defensive assignment tricky.

He has shown some promise as a weak-side help defender, which will likely be his best opportunity to contribute positively on defense.


Shooting potential, size, passing


Shooting consistency, screen navigation, defensive footwork

40. MarJon Beauchamp (SG)

6'6 199 lbs G-League Ignite 23.8 years old

MarJon Beauchamp is one of the best transition scorers in this class

His size, strength, and athleticism make him difficult to stop in the open court as he can finish around, over, and through defenders.

The bigger concern with Beauchamp's offense is how he'll contribute in the half-court. Beauchamp likely won't be an on-ball scorer, but he has significantly improved his outside shooting off the catch, especially from the corners, which is highly encouraging.

Defensively, Beauchamp is at his best on-ball; he has a good work rate and athleticism to be a multi-positional defender. Off-ball, though, Beauchamp regularly misses rotations, gets back cut, and ball-watches.

Beauchamp doesn't have a ton of upside as a high-level starting wing, but he has shown plenty to prove that he'll be a quality role player.


Tranisition scoring, on-ball defense, off-ball shooting


Off-ball defense, shooting off the dribble, playmaking, space creation

41. Blake Wesley (SG)

6'4 187 lbs Notre Dame 21.3 years old

Blake Wesley has promising scoring potential, but he has a lot of work to do to contribute to an NBA rotation

Blake Wesley has promising scoring potential, but he has a lot of work to do to contribute to an NBA rotation. Wesley is an excellent ball-handler who is quick and twitchy with his movements. This allows him to get to the rim and create perimeter space consistently.

Wesley's combination of scoring instincts and space creation is enticing, but he struggles to be an efficient scorer. Wesley has a poor shot selection, struggles to finish through contact, and has erratic shooting mechanics. Away from the ball, Wesley works hard running off screens and running in transition.

He also has shown flashes of creative passing, but he frequently over complicates his passes. Defensively, Wesley has promising upside. He is inconsistent, mostly with his off-ball defense, but he is a pesky on-ball defender with good footwork and relentlessly chases opponents off screens.


Space creation, ball-handling, on-ball defense, passing


Off-ball defensive consistency, shooting mechanics, shot selection, finishing through contact

42. Caleb Houstan (SF)

6'8 200 lbs Michigan 21.5 years old

Caleb Houstan's outside shooting has been a roller coaster this season, which has soured many scouts' views of him

Houstan is an incredibly intelligent and productive basketball player despite the shooting inconsistencies. Given his mechanics and pedigree, shooting likely won't be an issue for him long-term. Besides shooting, though, Houstan constantly contributes in a myriad of ways.

He is one of the best off-ball movers in the country, and his movement in the half-court and in transition pulls defenders and consistently creates opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Houstan's off-ball movement also allows him to attack in various ways. He is an excellent passer which he frequently exhibits when he runs off screens, attacks closeouts, and cuts. Unfortunately, Houstan is a mediocre athlete and struggles to create on-ball. If he isn't attacking a rotation or using a screen, Houstan can be nullified.

Defensively, Houstan's athletic limitations also come through. His footwork has flashes of promise, but his lack of lateral agility often gets him in trouble. Thankfully, Houstan has shown improvement as a team defender. He is active on the weakside, good at staying vertical, and has impressive timing on rotations.


Basketball IQ, team defense, passing, off-ball movement


Athleticism, space creation, defensive consistency

43. Alondes Williams (PG)

6'5 210 lbs Wake Forest 25.1 years old

Alondes Williams is one of the best playmakers in the country

Williams has tremendous vision, accuracy, and confidence with his passing. He regularly delivers one-handed skip passes with pinpoint precision and isn't afraid of a no-look underhand pass to a cutter. At 6'5, Williams can see and create passing angles other point guards can't, but he also uses that size to be a tremendous slasher.

Williams is an unassuming athlete because of his stocky build, but he is more than capable of exploding for a big dunk or at-rim block when given a chance. More frequently, though, Williams uses his size and strength to execute straight-line drives while also occasionally showing off his balance with balletic step-throughs.

The concern with Williams's offense is his shooting. He is reliable off the catch, but he struggles to create space on pull-ups, and his slow release allows defenders to recover. Williams is also a passable defender. He struggles to navigate screens and communicate away from the ball, but his on-ball footwork and strength make him an adequate defender. He will need to lessen his ball-watching tendencies off-ball, but he shouldn't be a complete negative.

Williams also uses his strength, instincts, and vertical pop to be an impressive rebounder. He frequently generates extra possessions or initiates the fast break because of his rebounding prowess.


Playmaking, rebounding, at-rim finishing, off-ball shooting


Shooting off the dribble, off-ball defense, screen navigation, space creation

44. Justin Lewis (PF)

6'7 220 lbs Marquette 22.3 years old

Justin Lewis has taken on a much more significant role than he had his freshman season, and he has not disappointed

Lewis has turned into a three-level scorer with legitimate shooting upside. He doesn't have the most picturesque shooting mechanics, and they will occasionally betray him, but his sample of quality outside shooting is large enough to believe he'll be at least a league-average shooter.

Lewis' outside shot is extremely important for his future because it creates driving lanes for him. Lewis is excellent at attacking closeouts to finish with a big dunk, finesse layup, pull-up jumper, or create for others. Lewis is an unselfish passer and has excellent vision, even though his accuracy can be erratic.

If Lewis' shot doesn't continue to develop, his offense will be extremely limited due to his lack of explosiveness. Lewis is strong, has good balance, and good footwork, but he has a slow first step, very little foot speed, and isn't an overly explosive athlete. Without the threat of his shot, Lewis will struggle to create off the dribble. Lewis' lack of athleticism also hurts him on defense.

His footwork should be good enough to guard opposing bigs, but he will get exposed if he switches on quicker wings and guards on the perimeter. The bigger concern, though, is his off-ball defense. Lewis constantly gets caught ball watching and out of position. He doesn't have good off-ball instincts and needs to work on his discipline.


Rebounding, scoring, attacking off the dribble, passing vision


Off-ball defense, athleticism, defensive foot speed, space creation

45. Wendell Moore (SF)

6'6 217 lbs Duke 22.8 years old

Wendell Moore feels like an elderstatesman of college basketball, but the toolsy wing will still be just 20 years old on draft night

Moore showed an improved jumper this season, which will likely be his swing skill in the NBA. In college, Moore had a prominent on-ball role that he likely won't experience in the NBA, but it prepared him to be a second-side creator off the bench.

Moore is a good slasher, and if his spot-up shooting improvement is legitimate, then he'll have a role in a rotation. Defensively, Moore has the athleticism and strength to be a quality contributor. He was at his best defending the ball, but he struggled away from it.

Moore was also inconsistent with his rotations and would get beat on back cuts. Given his tools and Duke's poor recent track record of developing defenders, there is hope that Moore can take a sizeable jump on this end of the floor, but there is some work to do.


Driving ability, ball movement, on-ball defender


On-ball creation, off-ball defense, ball security