Meet the top 75 NBA draft prospects of this year's NBA draft class.

Last updated on April 27, 2021 by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

1. Cade Cunningham (PG)

6'8 220 lbs Oklahoma State
19.6 years old

Cade Cunningham is one of the best prospects we've had in recent years and has all the tools to be a franchise cornerstone

21 35.0 0.452 (6.3/14.0) 0.854 (5.0/5.9) 0.418 (2.0/4.7) 19.6 0.8 5.5 6.3 3.5 1.5 0.9 4.3 2.5

Cunningham's combination of size and basketball IQ makes him an excellent primary initiator. He sees every inch of the floor and is a very accurate passer. He will make his teammates better from day one.

Cunningham is an unselfish playmaker, so he doesn't always look for his shot. With that said, Cunningham has no issues scoring the ball. His body control, strength, and change-of-pace dribbling allow him to get to the rim at will, where he has no problems finishing through contact.

On the perimeter, he can create space beyond the arc or in the mid-range. The only gripe with Cunningham's scoring is the consistency of his outside shooting. Cunningham isn't a bad shooter by any means, but if he can get more consistent from three, he will be even more of a threat.

Defensively, Cunningham has excellent instincts. He moves his feet well, makes well-timed rotations, and has the size to switch consistently.

The most significant limitation with Cunningham is his lack of explosiveness. He isn't a bad athlete, but he does lack elite NBA explosiveness.

Has similar characteristics to:

Bigger Chris Paul, Luka Doncic, Jimmy Butler with a jumper


Size, defense, playmaking, shot creation


Consistent shooting, explosiveness

2. Evan Mobley (C)

7'0 205 lbs USC
20.3 years old

Evan Mobley has the potential to be a transcendent big man

25 33.7 0.587 (6.0/10.2) 0.703 (4.2/5.9) 0.321 (0.4/1.1) 16.4 2.7 5.8 8.5 2.1 1.0 2.8 2.4 1.9

The combination of his fluidity, length, and athleticism makes him an incredibly enticing prospect. Mobley is a standout defender. He is unusually comfortable defending the pick-and-roll for someone his age and is a lethal shot blocker.

Mobley has impeccable footwork, and his athleticism allows him to defend all areas of the floor. Mobley can switch when needed, but he struggles to stay with his man if run off screens.

Mobley also struggles to control the post. He routinely fails to move opponents off their spot and frequently gives up deep post position. Mobley still uses his length to be competitive in the post, but he will need to improve his lower body strength to control the post in the NBA. Similarly to defense, Mobley often struggles to control the post on offense.

Too frequently, he gets pushed off his spot or settles for a mid-range shot instead of something at the rim. Despite this, Mobley has a tremendous amount of offensive upside. He can take defenders off the dribble, swing the ball to an open teammate, or finish over defenders with a dunk.

Mobley isn't a great shooter yet, but his mechanics are sound, and I expect him to slowly add that aspect to his game as he continues to get stronger.

Has similar characteristics to:

Chris Bosh, Rasheed Wallace


Rebounding, fluid athlete, shot blocking, scoring versatility, decision making


Consistent defensive awareness, controlling the post, strength

3. Jalen Suggs (PG)

6'4 195 lbs Gonzaga
19.9 years old

Jalen Suggs is a no-brainer top-five pick

22 27.6 0.505 (5.0/9.9) 0.750 (2.9/3.8) 0.333 (1.1/3.1) 13.9 0.7 4.8 5.5 4.6 2.0 0.3 2.8 2.6

The two traits that are immediately on display are his athleticism and competitiveness. Suggs is an elite athlete in this draft with his explosiveness, agility, and speed.

This athleticism makes him a good rebounder for his position, a versatile at-rim scorer, and a versatile defender. When you add in Suggs' competitiveness and general mindset of wanting to destroy his opponent, you get a player you want to lead your team.

Suggs never takes a playoff, and there isn't a situation in which he thinks he will fail. As a lead ball-handler, Suggs needs to work on staying in control. He will occasionally get out of control on drives and commit unnecessary turnovers.

As a freak athlete, this isn't entirely uncommon or unfixable, but it is an area for improvement. Despite that, Suggs is an excellent passer. He is very comfortable in the pick-and-roll and does a great job finding open teammates, whether they are cutting, relocating, or acting as a screener.

Suggs can also score with ease, even though he rarely forces his shot. He can attack the rim or pull up off the dribble. His outside shooting needs to improve, but he can take over a game when he gets hot.

Has similar characteristics to:

Donovan Mitchell, Ja Morant


Athleticism, passing, scoring versatility, off-ball defense


Staying in control, ball security, outside shooting consistency

4. Jalen Green (SG)

6'6 178 lbs G League
19.3 years old

Jalen Green will be a top-tier NBA athlete from day one

12 31.5 0.481 (6.3/13.0) 0.778 (1.8/2.3) 0.379 (2.1/5.5) 17.4 0.5 3.5 4.0 2.7 1.6 0.3 2.7 1.8

His explosiveness is jaw-dropping, and he also has excellent lateral agility. Green will be an electric scorer from day one. He has a special ability to attack the rim and has shown tremendous improvement with his outside shot.

Green's utilization of crossovers, step-backs, and hesitations regularly creates space for his shot. The most significant issue with Green's offensive game is his inability to slow the game down. Green frequently plays out of control, which results in erratic passing and shot selection.

He has shown flashes of making the read out of the pick-and-roll but has struggled with consistency. As Green gains more experience, this will inevitably improve, and he has shown signs that he knows what the correct decision is; it's just a matter of consistently executing them.

Early in his career, though, Green will likely commit many turnovers or make eyebrow-raising decisions. Green has also struggled with his defensive consistency. He has the physical tools to be an excellent defender; he just needs to get more comfortable with higher-level competition.

Since high school, Green has already shown meaningful improvement in his defense. He fights through screens and is making smarter rotations. Similar to his offensive game, Green's defense should continue to improve as he gets more experience.

Has similar characteristics to:

Zach LaVine, Jaylen Brown


Athleticism, rebounding, shot creation, scoring


Decision making, playing in control, defensive consistency

5. Jonathan Kuminga (SF)

6'8 210 lbs G League
18.6 years old

Jonathan Kuminga will handle NBA physicality from day one

12 33.5 0.395 (5.8/14.8) 0.617 (2.4/3.9) 0.246 (1.3/5.1) 16.6 1.3 6.1 7.3 2.9 1.1 0.9 2.8 2.3

Kuminga's strength and burst make him an excellent driver. When he gets a line to the rim, he is nearly impossible to stop.

Once he gets to the rim, Kuminga can finish over, through, or around defenders. He isn't affected by contact, and he has the finesse to pull-up for a floater.

Kuminga is also a deadly threat in transition. He is one of the best in this class with his grab-and-go ability, and he has shown that he can make a quick outlet pass to set up a teammate for an easy score. Besides in transition, Kuminga has also shown some promise as a half-court playmaker.

He consistently makes the correct decision on his drives and gladly dumps it off to a teammate as the defense rotates. He likely won't be a primary initiator, but he has improved his floor vision and ability to pass out of drives. His passing accuracy is still inconsistent, but with more reps, it could be a valuable tool. Along with his passing, Kuminga's shot has also improved.

Too frequently, Kuminga settles for bad jumpers off the dribble, but he has shown some reliability when he shoots in rhythm off the catch. His shooting still isn't a major threat, but he continues to refine his mechanics and he looks more confident from outside. Defensively, Kuminga can nearly guard anyone on the floor.

He has excellent footwork and great energy when he locks in. That's the problem, though, "when he locks in." Kuminga has the foundation to be a good defender; he just needs to prioritize it and improve his defensive IQ. When he is away from the ball, Kuminga will get caught ball watching or will be too easily moved by the ball-handler's eyes.

Hopefully, this is a symptom of youth and inexperience and will get ironed out of his game as he matures.

Has similar characteristics to:

Tobias Harris, Kyle Kuzma-plus, highly skilled Darius Bazley


Athleticism, attacking the rim, playmaking, defensive versatility


Shooting, defensive consistency, ball-handling

6. Moses Moody (SG)

6'6 205 lbs Arkansas
19.0 years old

Moses Moody is a prototypical off-ball wing

24 32.8 0.421 (5.0/11.9) 0.823 (4.8/5.9) 0.365 (1.8/4.8) 16.6 2.0 3.7 5.7 1.8 1.0 0.6 1.6 2.2

He is an excellent shooter both off the catch and off the dribble. Moody has impressive spatial recognition and does an excellent job of relocating to open spots on the floor.

The majority of Moody's shots come off the catch, but he has also proven that he is a good shooter off the dribble. Moody doesn't have the ball-handling or athleticism to break down defenders and consistently create his shot, but he can attack closeouts, escape dribble after a shot fake, and get to his spot dribbling off a screen.

Moody may seem passive offensively, but that is due to him not forcing things. He won't be a playmaker, but he is a good decision maker with his passes and shots. Moody is also a very intelligent defender. He will occasionally get beaten on a back cut, but he makes well-timed rotations and disrupts shots at the rim.

Moody also uses his excellent footwork to contain opponents on the perimeter. I would be surprised if Moody gets to an All-NBA Defense level, but I fully expect him to be a positive defender in a rotation.

Has similar characteristics to:

Mikal Bridges, better shooting Royce O'Neale, Gordon Hayward


Shooting, defense, feel for the game, decision making


Ball handling, playmaking, shot creation, athleticism

7. Tre Mann (PG)

6'5 190 lbs Florida
20.3 years old

Few, if any, have improved as much in the last year as Tre Mann

19 30.9 0.430 (5.1/11.7) 0.831 (2.8/3.4) 0.398 (1.7/4.4) 14.7 0.7 5.2 5.8 3.4 1.6 0.1 2.7 2.6

Not only has Mann improved as a player, but he's also grown multiple inches. Mann fits the perfect mold of current NBA point guards as he can score off the dribble or create for others.

Mann is very comfortable creating his shot off the dribble with crossovers and hesitations. He is also very good at driving. His at-rim finishing needs to improve, but as he continues to add strength, this should improve. Mann is also one of the most impressive passers in this class.

He can run the pick-and-roll, find cutters, or hit spot-up shooters with a live dribble cross-court pass. He has excellent passing vision and accuracy that should translate immediately to the NBA. Defensively, Mann is a good on-ball defender. He has excellent instincts, and his growth spurt has made him a more versatile defender.

His perimeter footwork is good, but he needs to work on its consistency as he will at times cross his feet instead of sliding them. The most significant defensive improvement Mann needs to make is his off-ball defense. He is good at making rotations and disrupting passing lanes, but he struggles to keep track of his man. He will get beat on back cuts or knocked off course by screens.

If Mann can improve the consistency of his off-ball defense, there won't be many holes left in his game.

Has similar characteristics to:

Jamal Murray, Coby White, Derrick White


Shot creation, playmaking, on-ball defense, shooting


At-rim finishing, strength, consistent off-ball defense, fighting through screens

8. Kai Jones (C)

6'11 218 lbs Texas
20.3 years old

Kai Jones is one of the most versatile athletes in this draft

20 22.6 0.571 (3.0/5.3) 0.654 (1.7/2.6) 0.379 (0.6/1.5) 8.3 1.9 3.0 4.9 0.7 0.9 0.8 1.4 2.7

Jones' length, speed, and explosiveness are apparent after watching him play for five seconds. Jones's athleticism makes him an effective rebounder, rim protector, and overall defender.

He does a great job of moving his feet on the perimeter and can hold his own in the post. Jones's ability to not just switch on perimeter players but to shut them down is exceedingly rare for someone his size.

Jones will usually make the right rotations, but he needs to improve his off-ball defensive consistency. He will occasionally get caught ball-watching or lose his man through screens. He also isn't completely comfortable with trapping or more exotic pick-and-roll coverages.

I expect him to improve with more experience, but it is something to keep an eye on early on. Offensively, Jones is either dunking or spotting up from outside. Jones is deadly in transition as he is impossible to stop once he gets a lane to the rim.

Jones has also been highly effective with his outside shot. The volume is still low, but his mechanics, improved free-throw percentage, and an uptick in three-point attempts is encouraging. The next step for Jones on offense is to improve his ball-handling. This skill will allow him to create an array of easy scoring opportunities.

He can get to the rim on straight-line drives right now, but if a defender forces him to initiate a counter move or create for a teammate, Jones struggles to do so. Jones's physical tools alone make him an intriguing lottery talent. Once you add in his marked improvement and feel for the game, he'll be tough to pass on.

Has similar characteristics to:

Serge Ibaka, Jonathan Isaac, Chris Boucher


Athleticism, scoring versatility, defense


Ball-handling, consistent off-ball defense, playmaking

9. Ziaire Williams (SF)

6'8 180 lbs Stanford
19.7 years old

Ziaire Williams's combination of skill and length is exactly what NBA teams look for in young wings

19 27.8 0.385 (4.0/10.3) 0.796 (2.1/2.6) 0.307 (1.2/4.0) 11.2 0.5 4.2 4.7 2.3 0.8 0.6 2.8 2.4

Williams has an excellent feel for the game on both ends of the floor. He won't be a primary offensive initiator, but he does move the ball nicely and will eagerly make the extra pass to an open teammate.

Williams has also shown flashes of pick-and-roll creation where he sets up the screener with an easy score. Williams may one day develop into a primary initiator, but he will need to improve his overall ball security consistency. As a shooter, Williams uses his length to his full advantage.

He has a high, smooth release point and can create space for his shot off the dribble. The shooting results haven't been ideal for Williams, but many of his early struggles can be attributed to a fluke knee injury. I have full confidence that Williams will grow into a quality shooter because of his mechanics, confidence, and volume.

The biggest hole in Williams's game is his strength. It limits his ability on offense to finish through contact and makes him less of an interior defensive presence than he should be. The hope and expectation are that Williams will get stronger as he ages, but early in his career, there will be struggles.

Despite his lack of strength and ability to handle physicality, Williams is a promising defender. He has shown promise as an off-ball defender who makes the right rotations and is a threat to jump passing lanes. Unfortunately, Williams frequently gets caught ball-watching and loses his man through screens or on cuts. He does make up for these errors, however, with excellent effort while recovering. Williams has also shown flashes of on-ball excellence. He gets low in his stance and contains his man's first and second moves, but he will frequently fail to finish a play. If the ball-handler has three or four dribble or post moves, Williams struggles to stay with his man.

Has similar characteristics to:

Brandon Ingram, Caris LeVert, Kevin Huerter


Shot making, rebounding, decision making


Defensive consistency, ball security, strength

10. Jaden Springer (SG)

6'4 204 lbs Tennessee
18.6 years old

Jaden Springer has been one of the more erratic players in the country this season

21 25.1 0.492 (4.2/8.5) 0.804 (3.5/4.4) 0.474 (0.9/1.8) 12.8 1.0 2.6 3.6 2.9 1.1 0.5 2.4 2.0

The freshman is talented, but he has struggled to put together sustained stretches of success. One night he can easily score 20 points, and the next, he'll struggle to get two.

Springer has a solid shooting form and has seen success from outside but on a very low volume. Instead, Springer prefers to use his change-of-pace dribbling to pull-up in the mid-range. Against most defenders, Springer's craftiness and high release are enough to get off a good shot.

When he is defended by more elite athletes, though, Springer struggles to create space. Springer isn't an explosive athlete, which hinders his ability to separate from better athletes. When shots aren't fallen for Springer in these situations, he tends to force the issue and take bad, heavily contested shots. Springer is at his best, though, when he penetrates and creates for others.

Once Springer penetrates and doesn't have a shot, he is a terrific interior passer. He excels at wrap-around or dump-off passes to set his teammates up for easy scores. Springer needs to improve his playmaking consistency from the perimeter, but the signs are there for that skill to develop.

Defensively, Springer is an excellent on-ball defender. He expertly moves his feet and has quick hands to force turnovers. He contests shots without fouling and is a general nuisance for ball-handlers. Springer has all the skills to be a starting NBA guard; he just needs to piece it all together on a nightly basis.

Has similar characteristics to:

Jeremy Lamb, DeMar DeRozan, Keldon Johnson


Creating off the dribble, on-ball defense, mid-range scoring, interior passing


Playmaking, shot selection, consistency, explosiveness

11. Davion Mitchell (PG)

6'2 205 lbs Baylor
22.7 years old

Davion Mitchell is one of the breakout stars from this college season

19 30.6 0.511 (5.0/9.7) 0.711 (1.4/2.0) 0.466 (2.2/4.6) 13.5 0.6 2.2 2.7 5.6 2.1 0.3 2.5 2.6

While he was projected initially as a defense-first guard, Mitchell's offensive game has exploded this season.

Mitchell has refined his shot and turned into an excellent shooter. He can play away from the ball, run off screens, and shoot off the catch. He can also pull-up off the dribble with ease.

Davion's tight ball-handling, change of pace dribbling, and athleticism allow him to create space anywhere on the court. Mitchell can lose a defender with a step-back or blow past them to the rim. Mitchell has shown excellent touch at the rim this season as well. However, Mitchell isn't the largest guard, so I expect his at-rim efficiency to come down in the NBA.

He can play as a lead guard, but he will need to improve his playmaking to be a primary initiator. Mitchell is a smart and accurate passer, but he doesn't regularly create for his teammates and pass them open.

Mitchell's quickness and athleticism also show up on the defensive end. He has impeccable perimeter footwork and hounds opposing guards every second he's on the floor. Mitchell's only defensive weaknesses are his size and overeagerness to make a weakside rotation. Mitchell will be a limited defender in the sense of who he can guard, but he'll be an excellent point of attack defender.

Has similar characteristics to:

Jrue Holiday, Kris Dunn with a jumper


Ball handling, defense, shooting, accurate passer


Explosiveness, creative playmaking, rebounding

12. Scottie Barnes (PF)

6'7 210 lbs Florida State
19.8 years old

Scottie Barnes is one of the most perplexing prospects in this draft

17 24.3 0.463 (4.0/8.7) 0.556 (1.8/3.2) 0.250 (0.5/1.9) 10.2 1.6 2.5 4.1 4.3 1.5 0.5 1.8 2.1

Barnes' size and length suggest he should play as an off-ball forward; however, his playmaking ability demands that he has the ball. Barnes is an excellent passer who sees the floor well and has the confidence to make any pass.

This confidence gets him in trouble at times, but it also suggests that he will continue to improve with more experience. The next step in Barnes's playmaking development is his ball-handling. He beats defenders with his size and strength, but he struggles to break them down as a dynamic ball-handler.

Barnes also struggles with his outside shot. The results aren't there right now, but his form is progressively looking smoother and more repeatable. While I don't expect Barnes to be a shooting threat early in his career, I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually develops into a competent shooter given the foundation of his mechanics and his confidence.

Defensively, Barnes is a menace defending the ball. He stalks the ball-handler like a tiger stalks his prey. Barnes moves his feet well, is an insane competitor, and has tremendous length that disrupts plays. However, Barnes does need to improve his off-ball defensive consistency. He randomly roams far too much and loses his man too frequently due to ball watching.

Has similar characteristics to:

Justise Winslow, bigger Markelle Fultz


Defensive upside, motor, initiator upside


Shooting, ball-handling, defensive consistency

13. Josh Giddey (PG)

6'8 188 lbs Adelaide
18.6 years old

Josh Giddey is one of the most dynamic playmakers in this draft

12 28.6 0.376 (3.4/9.1) 0.629 (1.8/2.9) 0.256 (0.8/3.3) 9.5 1.2 5.3 6.5 5.1 1.2 0.7 2.8 1.8

At 6'8, Giddey is a difficult matchup. Giddey's size makes him a solid rebounder, but more importantly, it allows him to see the floor as a playmaker.

When it comes to live-dribble passing, few in this draft are at the same level as Giddey. He is comfortable throwing one-handed passes with either hand. Giddey sees the floor well and has tremendous passing accuracy. Giddey's highlight tape is full of flashy assists, but it is also full of quick, simple passes to the open man.

Giddey's awareness allows him to read and anticipate the floor before the ball gets to him, so he knows exactly what he is doing by the time it arrives. As a scorer, Giddey creates space with creative ball-handling and change-of-pace dribbling. Early in his career, Giddey will likely struggle to score. He lacks the athleticism to be an above-the-rim finisher, and his shooting isn't consistent enough to be relied upon. He has shown improvement with his shot, but his mechanics are still too inconsistent with a push release that is too slow to get off under pressure. Defensively, Giddey has a lot of work to do.

His active hands and size bail him out of many situations, but the athleticism and consistent effort aren't there. Giddey must continue to get stronger and improve his off-ball activity. He too frequently misses rotations or doesn't dig at drives. If Giddey can improve to be at least a defensive playmaker and spark transition offense, his value to a rotation will skyrocket.

Has similar characteristics to:

Bigger Ricky Rubio, LaMelo Ball-lite


Ambidextrous passer, size, playmaking


Strength, athleticism, shooting consistency

14. James Bouknight (SG)

6'5 190 lbs Connecticut
20.6 years old

James Bouknight is one of the biggest breakout stars of this season

10 32.3 0.471 (7.2/15.3) 0.793 (4.6/5.8) 0.300 (1.5/5.0) 20.5 1.9 3.9 5.8 1.5 1.4 0.3 2.9 1.7

Bouknight is an explosive scorer who can consistently put up 15-20 points with the occasional 40 point outbursts. Bouknight is one of the best off-ball movers in this class.

He does an excellent job of changing pace and running tightly off screens to lose his man. When Bouknight runs off screens, he doesn't typically immediately shoot like most off-ball scorers. Instead, he prefers to attack off the dribble to exploit the recovering defender's momentum fully.

Bouknight will contribute to an NBA rotation as a three-level scorer. Bouknight has also proven to be a solid passer. He won't be a primary initiator or regularly create for others, but he is adept at passing out of the drive. As a defender, Bouknight has a lot of promise. He is an aware off-ball defender who makes the correct rotations and can disrupt passing lanes.

He has the awareness and instincts to be a quality defender. The improvement needs to come with Bouknight's on-ball defense. Bouknight needs to improve his lateral quickness, perimeter footwork, and discipline at staying in a defensive stance. Bouknight isn't a lousy on-ball defender, but he does need to work on his consistent commitment to the fundamentals.

Has similar characteristics to:

Richard Hamilton, Tyler Herro


Off-ball movement, scoring, off-ball defense, rebounding


Lateral quickness, ball handling, playmaking, defensive consistency

15. Franz Wagner (SF)

6'9 220 lbs Michigan
19.7 years old

This season, Franz Wagner has proven what his work ethic combined with his potential can produce

Wagner has improved tremendously since his freshman season and is a much more well-rounded player. The most significant improvement Wagner made was on his body. He added muscle and improved his agility.

Wagner is a versatile defender who has made massive leaps on that end of the floor. He has good footwork, and his combination of size and length allows him to guard multiple positions.

Wagner will get beaten off the dribble by faster guards, but his positioning, awareness, and effort will help a team's defense. Offensively, Wagner has yet to reach his peak. He has solid shooting mechanics, but the results have yet to meet expectations.

I expect Wagner to be, at worst, an average shooter, but he isn't limited to being only a shooter. Wagner moves well without the ball, is a good cutter, and keeps the ball moving. He won't be a high-level playmaker in the NBA, but Wagner will make the extra pass to an open teammate, kick out of a drive, or find a cutter.

If Wagner's improvement since his freshman year is a sign of things to come, he will become an outstanding rotation player.


Feel for the game, scoring versatility, basketball IQ, defensive improvement


Ball security, explosiveness, shooting consistency

16. Corey Kispert (SG)

6'7 220 lbs Gonzaga
22.2 years old

Corey Kispert is the best shooter in this class, and it isn't even close

Whether it is off the bounce or catch, Kispert is always a threat with his shot. He will make the occasional impressive drive, but he generally struggles to create space for himself off the dribble.

This is also the only glaring weakness in Kispert's game. He is an excellent off-ball mover and creates space for his shot by relocating, cutting, or running off screens. His shooting range is limitless, but there is more to his offensive game than just shooting.

He sees the floor exceptionally well, which leads to him making well-placed passes and the right decision nearly every time. Given Kispert's offensive strengths, the assumption is that he is a lousy defender. This assumption couldn't be farther from the truth, though. Kispert won't make any All-NBA Defensive teams, but he will be far from a liability.

He is a highly intelligent defender, moves his feet well, and is always in the right position. At first glance, Kispert may appear like a one-trick pony, but he is one of the most well-rounded players in this draft.


Shooting, off-ball movement, basketball IQ, decision making


Individual shot creation, ball-handling

17. Keon Johnson (SG)

6'5 186 lbs Tennessee
19.2 years old

Keon Johnson is at his best when he has the ball in his hands and attacks the rim

Johnson is a decent ball-handler who uses his athleticism and a quick first step to beat defenders off the dribble routinely. Johnson has the explosiveness to finish above the rim and the touch and body control to finish an off-balance layup. Johnson is also excellent at moving without the ball.

He relocates on the perimeter well and is an excellent cutter. Johnson doesn't have an exact position in the NBA. As an off-ball guard, Johnson can attack closeouts or act as a cutter, but his lack of an outside shot will make him much easier to defend. As a lead ball-handler, Johnson has shown flashes of being a good passer, but he lacks a primary initiator's playmaking instincts.

To be any threat on offense, Johnson must develop at least a willingness to shoot from outside. The athleticism Johnson displays on offense is also evident on defense. He is an excellent on-ball defender who moves his feet well, fights through screens, and is highly competitive. Johnson needs to improve his off-ball defensive consistency as his rotations tend to be at least a fraction late, but the recognition and effort are there.


Creating off the dribble, body control, on-ball defense, at-rim finishing


Outside shooting, rebounding, playmaking

18. Sharife Cooper (PG)

6'1 180 lbs Auburn
19.9 years old

Sharife Cooper's passing vision and accuracy are already an elite skill

Cooper sees every inch of the floor and can either find an open teammate with ease or pass a teammate open before the defense realizes what happened.

He is continuously looking to advance the ball and is one of the most dynamic playmakers in recent years. Cooper handles the ball as if it is on a string.

Combined with his quick first step, Cooper rarely has issues penetrating the defense. Once he beats the initial defender, Cooper can easily make a live dribble skip pass to the corner shooter, toss a perfectly weighted lob, or look off defenders to create space for a cutting teammate. Cooper has also shown good touch around the rim, which is promising for his scoring projections, but his jump shot is worrisome.

Cooper has a slow push release, barely elevates, and leans back in his shot, a symptom of his lack of size. None of these mechanical flaws are irreversible, but they will hinder Cooper's scoring versatility early in his career. Defensively, Cooper will not be a positive contributor. He's done a nice job of forcing turnovers this season, but those are mostly a result of his constant gambling.

He frequently loses his man off-ball and lacks the size to defend any position other than point guard effectively. Cooper will have spurts of competitive on-ball defense, but opponents will routinely seek him out and take advantage of him in the NBA.


Playmaking, quickness, passing vision, ball-handling, drawing fouls


Size, shooting, consistent defense

19. Isaiah Jackson (PF)

6'11 205 lbs Kentucky
19.3 years old

Isaiah Jackson is a shot-blocking machine

Not only does he have an excellent wingspan and leaping ability, but he also has impeccable timing.

Jackson's worst-case scenario is that he is an occasional rim protector off the bench. Jackson also has the athleticism and mobility to defend on the perimeter. As he continues to add muscle, hopefully, he will become an even more effective rim protector.

Offensively, Jackson is confounding. He is an excellent vertical spacer and a legitimate lob threat. Jackson has, though, shown inconsistent decision-making and a limited scoring repertoire. Besides not being a threat as a shooter, Jackson looks uncomfortable on the offensive end if he doesn't act as the screener and roll man.

Jackson won't turn into a threatening shooter, but he will be an excellent defender who can cope with any position on the floor.


Shot blocking, rebounding, explosiveness


Shot creation, shooting, strength

20. Josh Christopher (SG)

6'4 205 lbs Arizona State
19.4 years old

Josh Christopher is one of the most frustrating guards in this draft

He can easily score over 20 a game, but it will be a very inefficient 20 points. Christopher's shot selection is incredibly frustrating.

He frequently settles for heavily contested mid-range jumpers after he fails to break down a defender. Christopher has also mightly struggled with his outside shooting, either off the catch or off the dribble.

Christopher is at his best when he attacks the rim, especially in transition. He is an excellent athlete and has phenomenal body control that allows him to avoid contact and finish off-balance. Christopher is a good scorer at the college level, but he must improve his shot selection to be a viable threat in a rotation.

Defensively, Christopher has a good work rate and shows a lot of promise. He closes out in control on shooters, fights through screens, and makes the appropriate rotations.

All Christopher has to do is improve his consistency with his awareness. He will get caught ball-watching or not realize a screen is coming, which puts him behind the play. Christopher has the tools to be a good defender; he just needs to put it all together.


Scoring, defensive upside, off-ball movement


Passing, shot selection, shooting consistency

21. Jalen Johnson (PF)

6'8 210 lbs Duke
19.4 years old

Few prospects have as exciting highs and frustrating lows as Jalen Johnson

Johnson is a quality athlete who enjoys displaying his explosiveness at both ends of the floor. His leaping ability makes him a legitimate lob threat and a positive rim protector.

The most intriguing aspect of Johnson's game is his grab-and-go ability. Johnson is an excellent rebounder, and he eagerly looks to run in transition. He isn't a great ball-handler, but he is good enough to go coast to coast and then finish with a big dunk or through contact.

In the half-court offense, Johnson is a promising lob threat and an excellent straight-line driver. However, he struggles to create space, isn't a shooting threat, and has inconsistent ball security and awareness. Once Johnson develops a counter dribble move and a more reliable jumper, his offensive game will be fascinating.

Johnson is also a promising versatile defender. He holds his own in the post, can switch for short stretches on the perimeter, and has the leaping ability to protect the rim. He needs to improve his perimeter footwork consistency, but his awareness and rotations suggest he should be a good defender.


Rebounding, shot blocking, grab-and-go ability, attacking the rim


Shooting, acceleration, ball security, creating off the dribble

22. Jared Butler (PG)

6'3 190 lbs Baylor
20.7 years old

Jared Butler is a well-rounded guard who can fill whatever role is needed

Perimeter defense, off-ball shooting, shot creation, it doesn't matter to Butler; he has the skillset to fill any role.

On offense, Butler is an incredibly good ball handler. Whether it is a crippling stepback or a knee-buckling crossover, Butler has no issues creating his shot. He has a smooth shooting form that is effective off the dribble or the catch.

The concerns come with his at-rim-finishing and his average playmaking. Butler struggles when he is confronted with length at the rim, and his average playmaking may limit his ceiling as a lead guard. He has shown improvement this year with his passing vision out of the drive, but he won't regularly pass his teammates open.

His only limitation on defense is his size. Even though he isn't the biggest player, Butler is a very competitive defender. He has great instincts, positioning, and footwork, which should all carry over to the next level.

Butler may not ever be a regular starting point guard, but his varied skillset will keep him involved in rotations for a long time.


Ball handling, defense, shooting


Rebounding, size, at-rim finishing, explosiveness

23. Miles McBride (PG)

6'2 196 lbs West Virginia
20.7 years old

Miles McBride is one of the best defenders in this country

His footwork is impeccable, and his instincts are second to none. He can hound opposing guards full-court, jump passing lanes, and switch on anyone on the perimeter. McBride will gladly rip the ball away from the ball-handler and initiate transition offense. His team defense is also extremely valuable. He rarely misses a rotation and can cover the weak side on his own.

Offensively, McBride is an excellent interior finisher. He handles physicality well and has a soft touch at the rim. McBride has also proven he is an effective spot-up shooter. The concerns arise when McBride has the ball in his hands. He is excellent at running the transition offense, but he is a mediocre playmaker in the half-court offense. He won't pass teammates open and struggles to create his shot if he isn't attacking downhill.

McBride's stellar defense alone makes him a rotation contributor. If he can improve his half-court offensive effectiveness, he could be a long-time contributor to good teams.


Interior scoring, defense, shooting off the catch


Playmaking, shooting off the dribble, shot selection

24. Nah'shon Hyland (PG)

6'3 165 lbs VCU
20.7 years old

Nah'shon (Bones) Hyland is one of the most prolific scorers in the country

He is an excellent shooter who creates space with ease. Hyland isn't an explosive athlete, so he struggles to beat his defender off the dribble to get to the rim, but he has excellent footwork to create space for jumpers.

Hyland is comfortable shooting off the catch or shooting out of step-backs, side-steps, and pull-up jumpers. Hyland is a decent cutter and relocator, but his off-ball work rate isn't very high.

As a playmaker, Hyland has shown that he can be an incredibly accurate passer. However, he doesn't do much creating for his teammates. He will get a couple of assists per game, but he shouldn't be relied on as a secondary or even tertiary playmaker.

Hyland's most significant obstacle is his lack of size and strength. This limits him as a scorer, ball-handler, and defender. He doesn't handle physicality well and gets flustered when double-teamed. Defensively, Hyland will be targeted by opponents.

He lacks the strength and fundamentals to be a positive on-ball defender. He stands tall in his stance, has slow feet, and is easily outmuscled. Hyland isn't all bad on defense, though. He has quick hands and is a good off-ball defender. He jumps passing lanes, avoids screens, and plays good ball-denial.


Microwave scorer, quick hands, shooting


On-ball defense, strength, handling physicality, rebounding

25. Chris Duarte (SG)

6'6 190 lbs Oregon
years old

Chris Duarte is a mature guard who is a well-rounded player

The main selling point on Duarte is his shooting. Duarte is an excellent off-ball shooter. He has consistent mechanics, and his off-ball movement always puts him in a great position to score.

Duarte is excellent at relocating on the perimeter or cutting to the rim. Pass first point guards in the NBA will love playing with Duarte as he always finds a way to get open. Duarte has also shown a significant improvement at scoring out of the pick-and-roll. Duarte is not a great athlete, so at-rim finishing and creating space off the dribble are not his strengths.

When he uses a screen, though, Duarte can create enough space to punish defenses. Along with being a poor athlete, Duarte isn't much of a playmaker. He is a smart passer who keeps the ball moving, but Duarte won't create much of anything for his teammates. Duarte's lack of athleticism also hinders him on defense.

He struggles to stay with high-level athletes, but he makes up for some of his deficiencies with his awareness. Duarte reads the floor well, is a strong off-ball defender, and is generally in the right spot. Duarte's on-ball defense will let him down, but he will be able to play within a team's concept. The final hurdle for Duarte to overcome is his age.

By the time the 2021-22 season begins, Duarte will already be 24. This may allow him to be more ready to contribute, but it will likely turn teams off because there probably won't be much more to add to his game.


Shooting, defensive awareness, off-ball movement


Playmaking, athleticism

26. Cam Thomas (SG)

6'3 175 lbs LSU
19.7 years old

Cam Thomas is one of the most electric scorers in the country

He has a unique ability to create his shot whether he is running off screens, attacking the rim, or stepping back behind the arc.

He has shown promise as an outside shooter, has a soft touch around the rim, and has the rare ability to square his shoulders while he's in mid-air after elevating on his jumper.

Thomas could easily develop into a team's first scoring option in the NBA. My concern with Thomas's scoring, however, is how inefficient he is. Thomas is not a consistent outside shooter, and his overall shot selection is troubling as he takes far too many contested jumpers.

The silver lining, though, is that Thomas's confidence and willingness to shoot could help him develop into a better shooter. Besides scoring, though, Thomas does little else. He isn't an active rebounder, he does little to no playmaking, and his defense is lousy.

He loses guys off-ball, is sloppy on closeouts, and fails to finish off plays as he comes out of his stance too early defending the ball-handler. Thomas looks like a player who has never been asked to play defense.

His athleticism provides a glimmer of hope for competency, but he needs to put in a lot of work on that end of the floor.


Scoring, shot creation, ball-handling


Defense, shot selection, playmaking, shooting consistency

27. Ayo Dosunmu (PG)

6'4 200 lbs Illinois
21.3 years old

Ayo Dosunmu has good size and length for his position that makes him an effective player

Dosunmu's biggest strength is his defense. He can guard multiple positions, and his length creates a lot of problems for opponents. He does an excellent job of fighting over screens, moving his feet, and communicating with his teammates.

Dosunmu's length frequently disrupts opposing offenses, and his size makes him an effective rebounder. The combination of these often leads to Dosunmu running in transition, where he is deadly.

On the open floor, Dosunmu rarely makes the wrong play. He can find his teammates with ease or finish on his own. Unfortunately, Dosunmu's success in transition offense doesn't translate to the half-court. He is excellent at creating out of the pick-and-roll, especially for the roll man, but struggles to create for himself or his teammates in isolation.

As a shooter, Dosunmu has shown some improvement, mainly off the catch. His shooting off the dribble is still erratic and he struggles to create space from defenders.


Defense, cutting, transition offense, pick-and-roll creation


Shot creation, consistent shooting, isolation playmaking

28. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (PF)

6'9 231 lbs Villanova
20.5 years old

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl is a modern big-man who can do a bit of everything on offense and always seems to be in the right place at the right time

He can take defenders off the dribble, knock down mid-range jumpers, or utilize a sophisticated post-game. Robinson-Earl has a very high basketball IQ that is evident with his rebounding and accurate passing.

It also shines through on the defensive end as he is usually in the right spot. His IQ is vital to his success because he lacks the size, length, and explosiveness of most big-men. This will mostly limit him on the defensive end as he won't be much of a rim protector, but he can switch on defense and not be a liability.

Offensively, Robinson-Earl will need to improve his outside shooting to grow his game. He has shown some flashes but has struggled to be reliable from behind the arc. One of the most enticing aspects of his game is his ability to initiate the offense. He has the vision and ball-handling to initiate transition offense once he's secured the rebound.

Robinson-Earl's stats won't leap off the screen at you, despite the occasional scoring explosion, but he will do all of the little things that lead to winning basketball.


Defensive versatility, basketball IQ, rebounding, passing


Length, explosiveness, rim protection, consistent scoring impact

29. Roko Prkacin (Croatia)

6'9 220 lbs PF
years old

Roko Prkacin is a very raw prospect, but he has a foundation that could be molded into a really talented player

Prkacin has incredible instincts on both ends of the floor. His instincts make him an impactful rebounder who can immediately initiate the fast break or create easy second-chance points.

Prkacin also has an innate understanding of how to move in space. When he doesn't have the ball, Prkacin is a timely cutter, can roll hard to the rim, settle in open pockets, or pop out to open areas on the perimeter. As a scorer, most of Prkacin's attempts will come at the rim from cuts, rolling, or offensive rebounds. Prkacin has also proven he can attack from the perimeter.

He is very comfortable attacking closeouts or beating defenders with a straight-line drive. Unfortunately, Prkacin is not a good shooter. His mechanics are erratic and disjointed. He has shown a willingness to shoot, which suggests potential improvement, but he needs to refine his mechanics substantially.

The most significant upside for Prkacin on offense, though, is his passing. He can be erratic or careless with the ball at times, but he generally has excellent vision and a willingness to move the ball. As a defender, Prkacin shows a lot of promise. He is active away from the ball and competes hard on the ball. His activity can lead to overrotating, and his perimeter footwork will lead to many blow-by drives. Still, good coaching can refine the instincts, effort, and awareness to make him a positive on defense.


Rebounding, interior finishing, passing upside, defensive upside


Shooting, defensive consistency, ball security

30. Day'Ron Sharpe (C)

6'9 225 lbs North Carolina
19.5 years old

Day'Ron Sharpe is one of the hardest-working big men in the country

His intense motor makes him a dominant rebounder and a threat in transition. He frequently beats defenders down the court, which allows him to either establish a deep post position or finish with an uncontested dunk.

The most impressive aspect of Sharpe's offensive game is his passing. He has excellent touch on his passes and impressive vision for a big man. Whether he has the ball in the post or at the top of the key, Sharpe will typically find an open teammate.

When it comes to scoring, Sharpe is limited to being around the rim. He doesn't have a reliable jumper yet and needs to add some finesse moves to his post-up game. Defensively, Sharpe struggles when he gets pulled out to the perimeter.

He needs to work on his footwork and stay in his stance, but he works hard to stay in position. Around the rim, Sharpe is an effective rim protector. Through pure effort, Sharpe will carve out a role in an NBA rotation.


Rebounding, motor, passing


Shooting, defensive versatility, explosiveness

31. Alperen Sengun (Turkey)

6'9 240 lbs C
years old

Alperen Sengun is one of the more productive overseas prospects in this draft

Sengun is at his best when he is operating around the rim. He has excellent footwork in the post, and his consistently soft touch makes him an effective finisher.

Sengun has also shown that he is an adept passer out of the post and the short-roll. He can find cutters or make the skip pass to the open corner shooter. Unfortunately, Sengun is extremely limited as a shooter. Not only does he rarely make outside shots, but he rarely takes them. Sengun has also struggled with his ball security as guards have been able to force turnovers when they dig on his drives or post-ups.

His rebounding will be his first skill that translates to the NBA. Sengun is a below-average athlete, but he has excellent timing and instincts. Sengun's timing also translates to his shot-blocking. He is near the top of his league in blocked shots despite lacking great size or leaping ability. Sengun can't shoot yet, and he is lost defending on the perimeter. He doesn't have the athleticism to contain quicker opponents, and his positioning defending the pick-and-roll is erratic.


Interior scoring, shot blocking, rebounding, feel for the game


Athleticism, shooting, perimeter defense

32. Trey Murphy III (Virginia)

6'8 206 lbs SG
years old

Trey Murphy III is a standard 3-and-D wing

Offensively, Murphy is little to no threat with the ball. He struggles to create his shot, isn't a reliable driver, and does little playmaking.

Without the ball, though, Murphy is one of the most efficient scorers in the country. He is excellent at shooting off the catch. Murphy also is one of the best off-ball movers in the country.

He relocates well on the perimeter but, more importantly, is an expert at cutting, allowing him to use his explosiveness as an at-rim finisher. On the defensive end, Murphy is very reliable. His length and athleticism allow him to guard multiple positions. He moves his feet well and is rarely out of position.

If Murphy continues to improve his comfortability with the ball, he could easily become a regular rotation contributor.


Shooting off the catch, off-ball movement, defense


Ball skills, shot creation, playmaking

33. David Johnson (PG)

6'5 210 lbs Louisville
20.2 years old

David Johnson's combination of size and playmaking will be difficult to pass on

This season, due to roster construction, Johnson is playing out of position as mostly a shooting guard when he should be a primary initiator in the NBA.

He is an excellent playmaker who sees the floor well and is extraordinarily comfortable running the pick-and-roll. He sets up open shooters or the roll-man with ease, and his size makes him an effective interior finisher.

Smaller guards struggle to contain him inside the arc, and bigger defenders can't keep up with him. This season, Johnson's shooting form looks much improved, and he has more confidence in his shot.

He has also seen a significant increase in his three-point percentage despite quadrupling his attempts. He shouldn't be relied on as an outside shooter early on, but the potential for rapid improvement is there.

Defensively, Johnson can switch on most perimeter positions. He isn't a lockdown defender, but he is a good athlete who is typically in the right spot. Johnson won't be the cornerstone of an NBA defense, but it would be surprising if he is a liability.


Finishing at the rim, pick-and-roll creator, playmaking, shooting potential


Explosiveness, shooting consistency, shot selection

34. Terrence Shannon Jr (SF)

6'6 210 lbs Texas Tech
20.8 years old

Terrence Shannon Jr has an NBA-ready body but is a very raw prospect

Despite his rawness, Shannon's size and athleticism make him a very intriguing prospect. His defensive versatility is his most significant selling point.

He has the size and strength to defend in the post at a high level. He is also quick enough to shut down guards on the perimeter. Shannon's feel for the game has improved dramatically since his freshman season.

This season, Shannon is a much more effective cutter and has found ways to be more useful away from the ball. Unfortunately, Shannon's shot hasn't progressed as much as we'd hoped for.

Shannon may never develop into an average shooter, but his scoring effectiveness will come at the rim from either straight-line drives or cuts.


Athleticism, on-ball defender, rebounding, cutting


Shooting consistency, playmaking, ball-handling

35. Usman Garuba (PF)

6'8 230 lbs Spain
19.2 years old

Few players in this draft work as hard as Usman Garuba

Garuba has the potential to be an elite defender in the NBA. The combination of his work rate and length makes him a nightmare to face. As an on-ball defender, Garuba has proven he can battle in the post or contain wings on the perimeter. His most significant value, though, comes with his off-ball defense.

Garuba has excellent defensive instincts that make him a tremendous weak side shot blocker. Garuba rarely misses a rotation, and his length and timing make him an impactful shot blocker. Garuba has also shown promise as a pick-and-roll defender. His high work rate allows him to hedge, contain, drop, and recover.

He makes up for his teammate's mistakes and can cover a lot of ground quickly. The concerns with Garuba come on the offensive end. Garuba has shown flashes of running in transition and attacking closeouts to get to the rim, but he is generally an unreliable ball-handler. He has a loose handle and will frequently turn the ball over in the NBA.

Garuba has also proven to be an effective offensive rebounder and cutter, but he is essentially a non-threat when he isn't in the dunker's spot. Garuba's shooting mechanics are inconsistent and need to be refined. NBA defenses won't respect him from outside, which will clog the paint and make life more difficult for his teammates.

To counter this defense, Garuba must improve as a screener. He has shown instances of finishing as the roll-man or passing out of the short roll. However, he almost always slips the screen and locks into a predetermined decision: passing to a covered teammate or barreling through a rotating defender.


Work rate, rim protection, defensive instincts, rebounding


Shooting, ball security, decision making, offensive spacing

36. Brandon Boston Jr (SG)

6'6 175 lbs Kentucky
19.5 years old

Brandon Boston Jr has been one of the biggest disappointments in college basketball this season

Comin out of high school, Boston looked like he could easily be a top-five pick. At Kentucky, though, we've failed to see that player.

The biggest disappointment in Boston's game has been his shooting or lack thereof. Boston has erratic mechanics, mainly with his footwork and base, and has proven that he isn't a threat from outside. Boston does, however, have excellent scoring instincts.

He is a good ball-handler and can create shots from outside, mid-range, or at the rim. Boston is at his best when he is attacking the rim out of isolation. While Boston's offense has been a struggle, his defense has been problematic.

Boston loses focus when he is away from the ball and struggles to fight through screens. Boston also struggles to recognize the correct rotation and doesn't help his team as a weakside defender. His on-ball defense is too erratic as he goes from possessions where he moves his feet well to possessions where he has horrid footwork and fails to stay in a defensive stance.

Despite all these glaring concerns, Boston still has the foundation of a good NBA prospect. If he can regain some confidence and return to the player we saw coming out of high school, he could be a steal.

Boston has done very little this season to prove he is worthy of a first-round selection, but teams will sell themselves on his potential and their ability to get it out of him.


Length, ball-handling, scoring, off-ball movement


Shot selection, off-ball defense, shooting, on-ball defensive consistency

37. Isaiah Livers (SF)

6'7 230 lbs Michigan
23.2 years old

Isaiah Livers is a versatile wing who will execute whatever his role is at a high level

The majority of his college career has been spent playing as an undersized power forward. This experience has made Livers a versatile defender who can guard nearly any opponent on the floor.

He is strong enough to defend bigger opponents in the post and has the agility to keep up with wings and guards on the perimeter. He does an excellent job of communicating switches and making the right rotation.

Livers won't be a dynamic offensive talent, but he has the versatility to contribute to a rotation. In the NBA, he will likely project as an off-ball shooter. Livers will go through inconsistent shooting stretches, but overall, he is pretty reliable from behind the arc.

He has also shown some ability to attack closeouts or slower defenders to create driving lanes. Livers won't lead a team in many statistical categories, but he will be an essential rotation player who continually makes the right decision on both ends.


Defensive versatility, off-ball shooting, basketball IQ


Creating off the dribble, playmaking

38. Kessler Edwards (Pepperdine)

6'8 200 lbs SF
years old

Kessler Edwards is one of the more promising off-ball wings in this draft

With his height and length, Edwards has the tools to be a disruptive defender. Once you include his exceptional awareness and instincts, Edwards becomes an excellent team defender.

Edwards makes off-ball defense look easy because he is rarely out of position. He makes the right rotations, tags and recovers, jumps passing lanes, and communicates switches. His length allows him to switch, but his awareness pushes him into the upper echelon of team defenders in this draft. Unfortunately, Edwards' defensive effectiveness subsides when he is an on-ball defender. He can adequately guard larger wings and forwards, but he struggles to contain quicker guards. This lack of athleticism isn't a fatal flaw, but it is a limitation he will have to overcome.

Edwards' lack of athleticism also hurts him on the offensive end as he isn't much of a shot creator. Edwards can take a one-dribble pull-up or attack a close-out, but he won't create his shot in isolation. Edwards also has an unorthodox push release that limits his ability to knock down shots off the dribble. Edwards is, however, an excellent off-ball shooter.

He is reliable from three and is a reliable movement shooter. Edwards' off-ball movement is a significant asset to his game. He is a threat cutting to the rim, relocating on the perimeter, and flashing to open pockets in the mid-range.


Shooting, rebounding, team defense


Athleticism, ball handling, playmaking

39. Rokas Jokubaitis (PG)

6'5 194 lbs Zalgiris
20.5 years old

Rokas Jokubaitis is an intriguing international combo-guard

Jokubaitis will likely be a primary initiator, as he was growing up, but his shooting will allow him to play with another ball-dominant guard. Jokubaitis can shoot off the bounce or the catch.

He is a creative scorer as he can create space in the mid-range, utilize change-of-pace dribbling to get to the rim, and alter his body to finish at the rim. Jokubaitis also navigates the pick-and-roll with immense comfort.

He uses screens to create space for his shot and has tremendous passing vision and accuracy to set up teammates whether they are rolling to the rim, cutting, or spotting up in the corner.

Jokubaitis is an excellent passer on the move and doesn't telegraph where he is passing. He is excellent at making pocket passes to the roll-man, making a live-dribble swing pass to the opposite corner, and contorting his body to avoid defenders while kicking out to an open shooter.

The most significant limitation for Jokubaitis is his lack of athleticism. He struggles to beat his defender off the dribble without a screen and isn't an above-the-rim finisher. His lack of athleticism is more glaring on the defensive end. Jokubaitis has good hands and instincts, but he is easily overpowered. He lacks the foot speed to keep up with opponents and struggles to fight through screens.

The hope is that his instincts and awareness take over as he matures, but early on, Jokubaitis will likely struggle defensively.


Creative scorer, pick-and-roll playmaking, shooting


Athleticism, defense, beating his man off the dribble

40. Greg Brown (PF)

6'8 205 lbs Texas
19.7 years old

Greg Brown has the physical tools and potential to be a versatile forward in the NBA

Brown is a freak athlete who can leap out of the gym. The first time you see him rotate for a weak-side block or sky in transition for a dunk, your jaw will drop.

Like most teenagers, though, Brown needs to add muscle to his slender frame. Brown isn't weak, but he will be a more effective rebounder and post defender as he gets stronger. Brown shows a lot of promise as a quality team defender, but he needs to focus on his on-ball fundamentals. He, too frequently, stands up in his stance and must commit to staying low.

He has the footwork and instincts to be a good defender; he just needs to improve his fundamentals. Offensively, Brown needs a lot of work. He struggles shooting off the catch and is an inconsistent at-rim finisher. He plays with great energy, but he hasn't found a consistent role to fill. Brown isn't much of a playmaker either.

The hope is that as Brown gets stronger, he will be a more effective interior finisher. On top of that, despite the mixed results, Brown shoots over four threes a game. Brown should become a more effective offensive player with more strength and experience, but he will be a project early on.


Rebounding, energy, shot blocking, athleticism


Playing in control, shooting, foul prone, passing

41. David Duke (PG)

6'5 200 lbs Providence
21.6 years old

David Duke is a versatile combo guard who will fit in nicely in an NBA rotation

He is a savvy defender who can switch on the perimeter, chase his man through screens, or completely deny his man the ball. As an on-ball defender, Duke has good speed and instincts that make him an absolute nuisance for the opposition to deal with.

Duke doesn't have great size, so he won't be able to switch everything, but he is big enough to switch on most perimeter players. Offensively, Duke is a score-first guard. He's a good shooter both off the catch and off the bounce. His shooting allows him to play alongside another lead guard as he can effectively spot-up or be a scoring threat out of the pick-and-roll.

Duke needs to improve his off-ball movement, but his off-ball shooting makes him a seamless fit next to other guards. Duke isn't an elite playmaker, but he has shown improvement in his assist numbers every season while his turnovers have stayed the same.

His solid rebounding and speed also make him a deadly threat in transition. After securing a rebound, Duke will eagerly hit the open floor where he can score for himself or set up a teammate.


Defense, speed, rebounding, tranistion offense


Explosiveness, isolation scoring, off-ball movement

42. Joel Ayayi (PG)

6'5 180 lbs Gonzaga
21.2 years old

Joel Ayayi is an upperclassman guard who is a well-rounded basketball player at his core

Ayayi does a bit of everything and could easily be the floor general of a second unit. He is very comfortable creating out of the pick-and-roll, playing as an off-ball guard, or running in transition.

Ayayi is an all-around quality shooter, but he can struggle shooting off the catch when guarded. Ayayi rarely forces things and always seems to be in control. His offensive versatility and basketball IQ allow him to play on or off-ball. Ayayi's basketball IQ is also evident on defense.

He is an excellent team defender and does a nice job of shutting down opposing point guards. The biggest hindrance to Ayayi's defense is his lack of strength and slender frame. His physical limitations limit his ability to switch, but his footwork and IQ will make him a well-rounded defender.


Basketball IQ, off-ball movement, rebounding


Strength, shooting consistency, defensive versatility

43. Aaron Henry (Michigan State)

6'6 210 lbs SF
years old

Aaron Henry is a good athlete who got much stronger coming into this season and is one of the best wing defenders in this class

He is a very disciplined perimeter defender with great footwork. He disrupts the opponent's drives by using his excellent footwork to slide his feet instead of crossing them.

This foundation ensures that he stays balanced and can more easily anticipate his opponent's moves. Henry's newfound strength now allows him to switch more effectively, and instead of containing drives, he can now completely shut them down. Henry is also a reliable team defender because of his well-timed rotations and switching ability.

The frustrations come with Henry's offensive game, though. He has shown stretches of competent outside shooting, but he has struggled to string together consistent performances. Unlike his shooting, Henry has shown the most consistency when he's attacked the rim. He has a soft touch around the rim and uses his athleticism to avoid shot blockers. Henry can be a 3-and-D rotation wing, but he needs to improve the consistency of his outside shooting.


Defense, finishing at the rim, rebounding


Shooting, ball-handling

44. Daishen Nix (PG)

6'5 224 lbs G League
19.2 years old

Daishen Nix could be one of the best playmakers in this draft

Nix has excellent passing vision and accuracy. Nix can effortlessly launch a full-court outlet pass that leads his teammate directly to the rim, or he can whip a live dribble pass with either hand to the opposite corner shooter. Nix reads the defense well and is exceptionally comfortable creating out of the pick-and-roll.

As a scorer, Nix is at his best when he is attacking the rim. His strong frame allows him to absorb contact. He also has the touch to avoid contact and spin it off the glass.

The most significant hole in Nix's offensive game is his jump shot. Defenses currently can go under screens without getting killed by Nix's jumper. There are signs of improvement and potential, but Nix won't be a deadeye shooter early in his career.

Defensively, Nix needs to improve his consistency and discipline. When he locks in, Nix does an excellent job of moving his feet, poking the ball loose, or jumping passing lanes. Most of the time, though, Nix gets caught ball-watching, fails to move his feet to cut off drives, and gambles for steals.

If Nix can improve his defensive discipline and rebounding mentality, he could be a positive defensive contributor.


Strength, driving, playmaking, defensive upside


Defensive consistency, shooting, defensive discipline, rebounding

45. Marcus Bagley (SF)

6'8 215 lbs Arizona State
19.6 years old

Marcus Bagley is a perfect example of an athletic off-ball wing contributor

Bagley is one of the best shooters in the country off the catch. He runs off screens nicely and is excellent at relocating on the perimeter. While Bagley can effectively attack closeouts and finish at the rim, he will create very little off the dribble.

He will occasionally have a straight-line drive, but it is a rare sight to see Bagley breakdown a defender in isolation or run the pick-and-roll. As a passer, Bagley can make the extra pass or hit the roll-man if both defenders go with Bagley.

However, Bagley won't be an initiator and will have close to nonexistent assist numbers. Bagley is also a decent all-around defender. He isn't a great on-ball defender, but he won't be the weak spot of a defense. Bagley is a much better off-ball defender, though.

He is a good rotator from the weak-side and does a good job of navigating off-ball screens. There will be moments where he gets caught ball watching or miscommunicates on a switch, but overall, Bagley's defense won't be a glaring concern.


Shooting off the catch, rebounding, off-ball defense


Playmaking, scoring off the dribble

46. Yves Pons (PF)

6'7 215 lbs Tennessee
22.0 years old

Yves Pons is an absolute monster on defense

He is not only one of the best shot blockers in the country but also one of the best overall defenders.

Pons' athleticism and explosiveness are jaw-dropping. He springs off the floor with uncommon ease and has impeccable timing on his blocks.

Even when Pons gets pulled to the perimeter, he has the athleticism to defend well and the awareness to rotate as a weakside rim protector. Offensively, Pons is much more limited. He is a tremendous vertical floor spacer and offensive rebounder.

He has shown a willingness to shoot the occasional jumper, but he won't be viewed as a threat away from the rim. The selling point on Pons is simple. He's a freak athlete who can anchor a defense and act as a vertical spacer.

When looking for a role player off the bench, few have perfected their elite skill as well as Pons has.


Defense, shot blocking, athleticism


Touch, ball-handling, shooting

47. Ochai Agbaji (SG)

6'5 210 lbs Kansas
21.1 years old

Ochai Agbaji is a high-energy wing with a ton of athleticism

Agbaji will chase down every rebound and dive for every loose ball. On offense, Agbaji is at his best without the ball. He is a great cutter and doesn't struggle to rotate to open areas on the perimeter.

When he runs in transition, his speed and leaping ability are nearly unstoppable. Agbaji still isn't a reliable shooter, but he has shown a lot of improvement. When he is in open catch-and-shoot situations, his form and shooting results are much better than when he tries to shoot off the dribble.

In the NBA, Agbaji will likely spend most of his time in an off-ball role, but he has dramatically improved this season in his ball-handling and playmaking ability. If he can become just an average shooter, though, his offensive impact will skyrocket. Defensively, Agbaji can match up with any perimeter opponent.

His lateral agility rarely betrays him, and his explosiveness makes him an effective weakside shot blocker. He needs to be more disciplined with staying in a low defensive stance, but overall, he is a positive defender.


Athleticism, work rate, team defense, improved shot


Inconsistent on-ball defense, ball handling, shooting off the dribble

48. Herb Jones (Alabama)

6'8 210 lbs PF
years old

Herb Jones is one of the most versatile forwards in this class

This season, Jones has spent most of his offensive possessions as the primary initiator. He is a good passer and a consistent mismatch as larger defenders struggle to stay with him, and smaller defenders can't handle his physicality. Jones has shown a much-improved driving ability this season.

His ball-handling still needs some work to be effective in the NBA, but he has added counter moves and is more than just a straight-line driver. Jones is an excellent at-rim finisher, but his outside shooting can't be trusted. Jones's ability to attack in the NBA will be minimal if he fails to show a competent outside jumper.

Jones is an equally versatile player on the defensive end. He will frequently pick up opposing point guards but can also defend in the post. He will need to get stronger to defend NBA big men, but his overall versatility will be welcomed in a rotation.


Interior scoring, two-way versatility, initiator upside


Shooting consistency, ball handling

49. Moses Wright (Georgia Tech)

6'9 233 lbs PF
years old

Moses Wright is an excellent defender

He may not have the size to be a high-end NBA rim protector, but Wright's instincts and length will certainly help him play as a deterrent at the rim. Wright can also switch on defense, but his lack of foot speed will expose him in some matchups. Offensively, Wright made a significant jump this season.

Wright showed his versatility in the pick-and-roll as he found success rolling to the rim, slipping the screen, and popping for a jumper. Wright is also an excellent interior finisher. He will finish above the rim and has the touch and understanding of angles to finish through contact.

The next step for Wright is to continue the growth he showed on his jumper. He has a slow-release but proved effective on low volume when shooting open jumpers off the catch. Wright's shooting effectiveness plummetted once he had to shoot off the dribble or a defender contested, but it was a step in the right direction.


Length, rim protection, interior scoring


Shooting off the dribble, foot speed, shooting consistency

50. Raquan Gray (Florida State)

6'8 260 lbs PF
years old

Raquan Gray is a physical forward who is at his best around the rim

Gray's broad frame and physical play make him an excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor.

He has no issues absorbing or initiating contact with opponents. This level of comfort with physical play also makes Gray an excellent driver. He has the strength to barrel through opponents and the passing vision to kick out of drives to an open corner shooter. Gray is more comfortable than most power forwards with the ball in his hand.

He isn't a dynamic ball-handler or high-level playmaker, but he keeps the ball moving and can attack off the dribble. Gray's scoring effectiveness is limited if he isn't cutting or attacking the rim on a straight-line drive. He can knock down the occasional standstill jumper, but his shot isn't much of an asset.

Defensively, Gray has excellent awareness. He is excellent at communicating switches and making the right rotation. His lack of explosiveness limits him as a rim protector, but his agility makes him a more switchable defender.


Rebounding, defensive awareness, interior scoring, ball mover


Shooting, explosiveness, post-up scoring

51. Isaiah Todd (G League)

6'10 215 lbs PF
years old

Isaiah Todd is a pure upside pick

His length, athleticism, and shooting potential are undeniable and sought-after traits at the power forward position. Todd moves like a wing on both ends of the floor. His ability to space the floor will be the first thing that translates to the NBA. He has a high, smooth, high, and repeatable release. He is comfortable spotting up, shooting out of the pick-and-pop, or knocking down post-up turnarounds. Todd's growing pains will come with his overall feel for the game.

Todd still doesn't look comfortable with where he should be positioned or what the right decision is. His processing is too slow right now. Todd's length and athleticism give him a strong base to develop into a quality defender, but until his floor awareness improves, it will be a struggle for him.

The bright side, though, is that Todd seems coachable and eager to learn. If Todd can continue to grow his game's cerebral aspects, a team could easily get a steal in the second round if they are patient with his development.


Shooting, fluid athlete, defensive potential


Feel for the game, defensive consistency, passing

52. John Petty Jr (SG)

6'6 184 lbs Alabama
22.4 years old

John Petty Jr is a volume shooter who plays with great energy on both ends of the floor

Petty isn't the most consistent shooter, but he can take over a game when he gets hot. He has a consistent shooting form and does a nice job elevating on his shot. Petty is also a good athlete.

When he gets a runway to the rim, he can easily elevate to finish above the rim. While Petty is comfortable with the ball, he will be used mostly as an off-ball scorer as he lacks the passing vision and accuracy to be a primary ball-handler.

Petty will occasionally make a nice pass out of his drive, but he is too eager to leave his feet in these situations. Petty's offensive energy also carries over to the defensive end. He has good footwork and instincts that make him an effective on-ball defender.

Unfortunately, Petty lacks awareness when he is away from the ball. He will lose his man through screens, get caught ball watching, and make ill-advised switches.


Shooting, on-ball defense, energy


Off-ball defense, playmaking, ball stopper

53. Josh Primo (Alabama)

6'6 180 lbs SG
years old

Josh Primo has far exceeded expectations this season as he has proved that he can be a significant contributor to a high-powered offense

Primo has been one of the most efficient off-ball shooters in the country this season. He moves well without the ball to create open opportunities. When Primo shoots off the catch, it is likely going in regardless of the defensive pressure. Unfortunately, Primo has struggled in all other aspects of the offense. When Primo is the ball-handler, his effectiveness plummets.

He does very little creating for others and has mightily struggled to score in isolation or pick-and-roll. Primo must improve his capabilities as an on-ball creator, or else his offensive impact will be diminished. As limited as Primo is on offense, he is inversely versatile on defense. Primo has the size to switch on the perimeter regularly. His instincts and footwork make him both a good on and off-ball defender.

I'm not sure that Primo is ready for NBA-level competition yet, but if an NBA team takes him in the second round, they may be getting a steal on a player who could easily be a future first-rounder if he had decided to return to school.


Defense, spot-up shooting, off-ball movement, size


Playmaking, interior finishing, explosiveness, creating his own shot

54. Scottie Lewis (SG)

6'5 189 lbs Florida
21.2 years old

Scottie Lewis is a fluid, explosive wing who is one of the best defenders in the country

Lewis' athleticism and length make him a unique prospect. On defense, Lewis can guard multiple positions and is a deadly weakside shot blocker. He does an excellent job of staying vertical and has a knack for swatting away the ball at the last second.

When he is guarding the ball handler, Lewis has incredibly quick feet and hips that make him nearly impossible to drive on. He does a great job of keeping his opponent in front of him and using his quick hands to force turnovers. When closing out on shooters, though, Lewis must stop jumping at every shot fake. He struggles to stay in control on closeouts and opponents routinely drive past him.

On offense, Lewis is more of a scorer than a shooter. There aren't any glaring issues with his shooting form, he just needs to work on his consistency. He excels when he attacks the rim, though, where he can fully utilize his athleticism and body control. Lewis knows his role and doesn't play outside the offense.

He can make the right pass but shouldn't be used as a creator. When left open Lewis can knock down threes with ease or use his quickness and soft touch to finish at the rim.


Athleticism, defense, rebounding


Shooting consistency, defensive discipline, playmaking

55. Joe Wieskamp (Iowa)

6'7 215 lbs SG
years old

Joe Wieskamp is one of the best shooters in this draft

If Wieskamp makes an NBA rotation, it will be due to his elite shooting. Wieskamp is a very active off-ball player who runs off screens and relocates to open spots on the floor.

He has a quick release and a consistent shooting form that is unbothered by pressure. Wieskamp will mostly be an off-ball threat, but he can take a couple of dribbles and shoot off the bounce. Unfortunately, This aspect of Wieskamp's game will be greatly limited in the NBA. Wieskamp is an average ball-handler and a below-average athlete.

He will struggle to create space and get to the rim. Wieskamp is also a smart passer, but he lacks the vision and passing consistency to be a high-level playmaker. Defensively, Wieskamp will struggle not to be a negative defender. His size and awareness will help, but his lack of quickness and explosiveness is a significant obstacle.


Shooting, off-ball movement, rebounding


Athleticism, playmaking, defense

56. Sandro Mamukelashvili (C)

6'11 240 lbs Seton Hall
22.0 years old

Sandro Mamukelashvili's offensive game is ideal for the modern NBA

He moves like a wing and has an excellent feel for the game on offense. He can initiate the transition offense independently with either a perfectly placed outlet pass or taking the ball end-to-end for the finish.

Mamukelashvili is also a three-level scorer. He can maneuver in the post, sport up from three, shoot off the catch, or drive past opponents. On offense, Mamukelashvili is a matchup nightmare. If defenses try to double-team him, Mamukelashvili will find an open teammate using his excellent passing vision.

He is an accurate passer out of the post and out of the drive. When he has the ball in his hands, good things tend to happen. The prominent flaw in Mamukelashvili's game is on the defensive end. He isn't a good rim protector and struggles to stay with guys on the perimeter.

His team will need to make up for his lack of defense, but Mamukelashvili's rebounding and offensive repertoire is too useful to pass on.


Creating off the dribble, scoring versatility, passing


Perimeter defense, off-ball defensive consistency, rim protection

57. Derrick Alston Jr (Boise State)

6'8 190 lbs SF
years old

Derrick Alson Jr has had an impressive shooting season

Alston has improved his three-point percentage by nearly ten percent on a similar volume as the previous season. He has a consistent, high-release point and is a legitimate threat as an off-ball shooter. The concerns with his shot come with his mechanics, though. Alston's release is very slow.

While the high release point makes it difficult to guard, the slowness of Alston's shot allows defenders to recover and makes shooting off the dribble very difficult. Alston isn't a high-level passer or ball-handler, so most of his impact will come in an off-ball role. Besides being a good off-ball shooter, Alston moves expertly without the ball.

He is excellent at relocating on the perimeter or setting up his defender for a back cut. Alston will also need to add a lot of muscle to his slender frame. He struggles to finish through contact at the rim and is easily displaced on defense. Alston's length provides some promise for him defensively, but his impact will be minimal if he doesn't get stronger.


Shooting, length, off-ball movement


Slow release, strength, playing through contact, playmaking

58. Quinten Grimes (Houston)

6'5 205 lbs SG
years old

Quinten Grimes has done an excellent job of improving his scoring versatility every year

He can get to the rim, pull-up off the dribble, or knock down shots off the catch. Grimes has one of the prettier shooting forms in the country, but for some reason, he has struggled to find any consistency with his outside shooting. Grimes has also taken on a more significant role as a ball-handler.

He isn't an elite creator, but the offense can run through him. The most promising aspect of Grimes's game is his defense. He is an excellent on-ball defender because of his instincts and footwork. Grimes is also a good team defender as he recognizes rotations and communicates well. The only limitation is Grimes's lack of athleticism. He isn't explosive and doesn't have great top-end speed.


Defense, driving, improved scoring, feel for the game


Athleticism, shot selection, shooting consistency

59. Luka Garza (Iowa)

6'11 260 lbs C
years old

Luka Garza is a physical big man who has a motor that never stops

Garza's game's most apparent aspect is how hard he works every time he sets foot on the court. He is always running in transition, fighting for rebounds, or fighting for position in the post. Many big men only work when they know they are getting the ball, but Garza is continually working in hopes of getting the ball.

When Garza does get the ball in the post, he is difficult to stop. Garza is very strong and has a surprising touch on his floaters and hook shots. He has also developed a well-rounded post-up game that contains up-and-under moves, spin moves, and fadeaway jumpers. The only time that Garza struggles to score in the post is when he goes up against an athletic big man.

Garza doesn't elevate well, so he can initially struggle when he is put up against a good shot blocker. Garza has also shown an improved jump shot. He still has a long way to go to be reliable, but the fact that an outside jumper is part of his arsenal is a promising sign.

Defensively, Garza is far from passable. He battles in the post, but he is too slow to react to quick, decisive moves and isn't athletic enough to elevate to contest shots adequately. When he gets pulled away from the rim, his lack of athleticism is glaring. He is heavy-footed and lacks the agility to switch on the perimeter. Guards, forwards, and athletic centers will be able to drive past him with ease they haven't experienced since high school. Garza likely won't develop into a regular starter, but he could be a solid rotation big man that can eat up minutes in the post.


Interior scoring, motor, rebounding, strength


Defense, athleticism, consistent shooting

60. Matthew Hurt (Duke)

6'9 214 lbs PF
years old

Matthew Hurt will survive in the NBA on his shooting ability alone

He has a quick, high release that is nearly impossible to block. His release allows him to get mid-range turnarounds off with ease. He can be deadly from behind the arc when he gets hot, and when defenders aggressively close out, he is more than ok with pump faking and taking a wide-open mid-range jumper.

While still not polished, Hurt's post-up game is continuing to improve. This aspect isn't a heavily relied on skill anymore but is still very useful when opponents switch smaller guards on defense. In these situations, Hurt will easily be able to create a relatively uncontested turnaround jumper. The majority of Hurt's scoring opportunities come from his off-ball movement. He does a nice job of cutting, relocating on the perimeter, or sliding into the open spot on the baseline for an easy floater. The problem is that Hurt has almost no ability to create his shot. He isn't a great athlete and has sloppy ball-handling that makes him easy to defend.

This lack of athleticism also hinders Hurt on defense. He doesn't have the strength or explosiveness to be an effective post defender, and his lateral agility leaves him susceptible to get beaten off the bounce. Hurt has clear limitations, but his off-ball scoring ability is something that can help a rotation.


Mid-range scoring, length, shooting


Strength, athleticism, rebounding, passing

61. Johnny Juzang (UCLA)

6'6 200 lbs SG
years old

Johnny Juzang is one of the most lethal scorers in this draft

Juzang isn't an exceptional outside shooter, but he is entirely unaffected by the defense. With his size, Juzang has no issues shooting over shot contests. He moves well without the ball and is comfortable rising over defenders, especially inside the arc, to knock down jumpers.

Juzang needs to work on his shooting consistency, especially from the outside, but he can singlehandedly take over a game when he gets hot. Defensively, Juzang doesn't bring a ton to the table. He isn't an elite athlete, but his size will allow him to compete.

The most promising aspect of his defense is his off-ball defense. He is active with his rotations, communicates well, and is generally aware of the opponent's actions. If Juzang can prove to be a positive team defender, it will help him earn minutes on nights when his shot isn't falling. The final concern to look at with Juzang are his injury issues. He has had a lot of problems with his ankles. While this shouldn't eliminate him from consideration, it wouldn't be surprising if these issues arise again.


Mid-range shooting, decision making, smart off-ball defender


Consistent outside shooting, athleticism, playmaking

62. Mario Nakic (Serbia)

6'8 193 lbs SF
years old

Mario Nakic is one of the more enticing draft-and-stash prospects in this draft

Nakic has an excellent feel for the game, which shines through in his scoring ability. Nakic is a solid ball-handler who can create space for a jumper or get to the rim. Nakic isn't a great athlete, limiting his space creation upside, but his footwork and change-of-pace dribbling allow him to get to the rim.

Nakic has a good understanding of angles and a good touch to be a consistent finisher around the rim. The most significant offensive concern with Nakic is his consistency. He has compact and consistent shooting mechanics but has failed to show consistency despite knocking down shots off the dribble and catch. Nakic has also shown flashes of live-dribble playmaking, but he likely won't surpass a secondary or tertiary playmaking role. Nakic's lack of athleticism also hurts him defensively. He has slow footwork on the perimeter and needs to improve his discipline at staying low in his stance.

Nakic has made his most significant defensive impact as an off-ball defender. He has a knack for jumping passing lanes and immediately turning it into an easy transition score. Nakic has the tools to be a quality scoring wing in the NBA, but he needs more time to refine those skills and be a more consistent contributor.


Creating off the dribble, shooting mechanics, feel for the game, off-ball defense


On-ball defense, athleticism, shooting consistency

63. JT Thor (Auburn)

6'10 205 lbs PF
years old

JT Thor will be a project, but he has the potential to be an extremely valuable two-way wing

Thor's combination of size and length allows him to do things most players can't, especially on defense. Thor is a quality weakside shot blocker and has the potential to be a multi-positional defender. The concern is that he is far too inconsistent with his defense. Thor will have some possessions where he locks down a ball-handler, moves his feet, and corrals the rebound. Most of the time, though, Thor is too high in his stance, gets beaten off the dribble, doesn't box out, or is late on a rotation. Many of these things are coachable and fixable, but Thor must put in the work to eliminate these lapses from his game. Offensively, Thor's offensive rebounding will translate immediately. He was one of the most effective players in the country on offensive putbacks because of his length and soft touch at the rim. Thor's soft touch also translates to his jumper. The shooting results were somewhat inconsistent this season, but it would be surprising if Thor doesn't develop into a positive shooter. To be a more versatile threat, Thor must improve his playmaking and ball-handling.


Length, shooting potential, shot blocking, offensive rebounding


Playmaking, ball-handling, feel for the game, defensive consistency

64. Austin Reaves (Oklahoma)

6'5 206 lbs SG
years old

After taking on more of a point guard role at Oklahoma, Austin Reaves shooting numbers fell off a cliff

His free throw percentage and efficiency shooting off the catch was still excellent this season, so attributing the drop in three-point percentage to the change in role is fair. Reaves is much more than a shooter, though. This season, Reaves proved to be one of the toughest players in college basketball.

He is an excellent straight-line driver who finishes through and invites contact at the rim. Reaves also showed an impressive level of comfort at creating for teammates out of his drive. He is a good ball mover and an intelligent passer. The biggest hurdle for Reaves is his rudimentary ball-handling and lack of explosiveness.

He will struggle to beat quality defenders at the rim, and his lack of explosiveness will limit him defensively. Reaves has excellent footwork, defensive awareness, and work rate, but he will be at least a tier below most NBA players in athleticism. Reaves will, however, be a quality team defender. He makes the proper rotations, has excellent hands when digging on drives and post-ups, and fights every play.


Driving, passing out of the drive, toughness, team defense


Shooting consistency, athleticism, ball-handling

65. Jay Huff (Virginia)

7'1 240 lbs C
years old

Jay Huff will bring a good mix of outside shooting and rim protection to a rotation

Huff is excellent as a spot-up shooter. Huff is also a versatile tool as the screener. Huff can roll hard to the rim as a lob threat or pop out for an open three. If Huff is asked to be a low post player, though, he will quickly disappoint. Huff lacks the strength to control the post and consistently finish through contact. He also has clumsy footwork in the post, which limits his ball-handling and post-up shot creation ability.

Defensively, Huff is an excellent rim protector. His length and timing aid his usually well-timed rotations. He will get moved by stronger opponents, but Huff's length makes up for a lot of errors. As a drop coverage center or weakside shot blocker, Huff can absolutely be a positive defensive contributor.


Shooting, shot blocking, length


Post scoring, playing through contact, speed

66. Neemias Queta (Utah State)

7'0 245 lbs C
years old

Neemias Queta is one of the best shot blockers in the country

He has excellent timing and is always a force to deter anything around the rim. Queta is a shot-blocking threat defending post-ups, cuts, drives, and even in transition. Unfortunately,

Queta's defensive impact subsides the further from the basket he's pulled. Queta is inconsistent with his drop pick-and-roll coverage, and if he has to switch on the perimeter, he will likely get blown past due to his poor perimeter footwork and foot speed. While footwork is an issue for Queta's perimeter defense, it is a significant strength for his offense.

Queta has a well-rounded post-up repertoire and will execute a series of moves before going up with a shot. Queta has also shown a promising passing ability out of post-up possessions. The most prominent hole in Queta's offensive game is his lack of shooting. He has expanded his jumper to knock down deep mid-range jumpers occasionally, but he has yet to prove he is any type of threat from behind the arc. Queta needs to improve his lower body strength to battle against NBA competition, but he has the skills and foundation to be an end-of-the-rotation center.


Rebounding, post-up moves, feel for the game, rim protection


Outside shooting, foot speed, pick-and-roll defensive consistency, lower body strength

67. Charles Bassey (Western Kentucky)

6'10 240 lbs C
years old

Charles Bassey is a great athlete who thrives at the rim

Bassey is an excellent rim runner and can change games with his ability to crash the offensive glass. When his teammates drive, he does a great job of repositioning himself in the post to be available for either a drop-off pass or an offensive rebound. Unfortunately, this is where Bassey's offensive impact ends.

Despite being a good finisher at the rim, Bassey has a very rudimentary post-game. He frequently relies on pure athleticism instead of skill and footwork. He also needs to improve his shooting ability away from the rim. Bassey has shown flashes of knocking down threes, but it still isn't a reliable aspect of his game.

Defensively, Bassey uses his athleticism to deter opponents at the rim. He could develop into a consistent rim protector if he can improve his defensive discipline. He will often fall for shot fakes and get into foul trouble or chase weakside blocks that result in his man getting an easy putback. Bassey will need to develop his footwork and overall skill level and stop relying on just his athleticism.


Interior finishing, shot blocking, athleticism


Playmaking, consistent shooting, defensive awareness

68. Julian Champagnie (St John's)

6'8 220 lbs SF
years old

Julian Champagnie is an excellent shooter and versatile scorer

Champagnie won't take over NBA games with his scoring as he did in college this season, but he could be a helpful piece coming off the bench. His outside shooting is reliable, and he can score on all three levels.

Champagnie isn't a great athlete, so he won't have blow-by drives or highlight dunks. However, he has a patient, physical move set that allows him to get to his spot, pull up over defenders, finish through contact, or utilize a series of post moves. Champagnie's lack of athleticism also hurts him defensively. He struggles to stay in front of opponents on the perimeter and is a nonfactor in transition. The more concerning aspect of CHampagnie's defense, though, is his lack of awareness.

He will occasionally make the proper rotation and contest at the rim, but he's typically ball-watching. Champagnie regularly loses his man in motion and is beaten on back cuts.


Shooting, rebounding, scoring


Athleticism, perimeter defensive footwork, off-ball defense, work rate

69. Santi Aldama (Loyola (MD))

6'11 215 lbs PF
years old

Santi Aldama is highly skilled for his size

The Spanish big man showed how versatile he is on offense this season. Aldama was highly effective at shooting off the catch with impressive range and found some success shooting off the dribble. Aldama's fluidity and comfort with the ball also allow him to be a threat off the bounce.

Aldama can attack closeouts and finish around the rim in creative ways. While Aldama is comfortable with the ball, he is far too casual with it. Defenders can easily strip him and the ball being poked loose on digs is common. Aldama also doesn't have the strength to be a post presence on either end of the floor. While Aldama will get abused in the post defensively, he has some upside with his ability to defend in space. Aldama isn't a highly switchable defender, but he isn't a lost cause, given his fluidity.

Aldama's most significant selling point on defense is his off-ball defense. He is incredibly aware and on point with his rotations. Switch to a cutter and then recovering to block a three-pointer is a common occurrence for Aldama.


Shooting, team defense, attacking off the dribble


Ball security, strength

70. Chaundee Brown (Michigan)

6'5 215 lbs SG
years old

Chaundee Brown is a versatile wing who plays with great energy on both ends of the floor

Brown doesn't do much on-ball creation, but he is an excellent shooter off the catch and moves well without the ball. Brown runs well in transition, attacks the rim by cutting, and threatens the offensive boards. Brown will do little to no playmaking, but he is an excellent option as an off-ball shooter with great energy.

Brown is also a tenacious on-ball defender. He is highly competitive and plays with high energy. He can switch on multiple positions and use his quick hands to poke the ball loose to initiate transition offense. Brown's defensive enthusiasm can get him in trouble, however. He will occasionally over-deny off-ball, giving up open cutting lanes, or commit unnecessary fouls. Brown likely won't break into a starting lineup, but he has the shooting, energy, and athleticism for a backend of the rotation wing.


Shooting, on-ball defense, energy


Playmaking, ball-handling, consistent off-ball defense

71. Max Abmas (Oral Roberts)

6'1 165 lbs PG
years old

Most fans became aware of Max Abmas from his tournament breakout, but he was scoring on that level all season

Abmas is a legitimate three-level scorer despite his size. He has an incredible shooting range and is comfortable shooting off the bounce or the catch. Abmas has a good step-back jumper, which is essential given his size, an excellent floater, and a soft touch around the rim. Abmas also showed some playmaking ability off the bounce.

He isn't a high-level passer or an elite decision-maker, but he is an accurate passer after penetrating the lane. It seems simplistic, but Abmas's lack of size may keep him from making a rotation. His at-rim finishing will be limited, but the more significant concerns come on defense. Abmas is a solid defender in terms of positioning, but it was much easier to hide him in college than it will be in the NBA.

Opponents will hunt him out on every play and constantly force mismatches. Abmas will be a significant liability defensively through no fault of his own.


Shooting, scoring, creating off the bounce


Size, defense, decision making

72. Marcus Garrett (Kansas)

6'5 195 lbs SG
years old

Marcus Garrett is one of the best defenders in the country

He is an intelligent player who sees the floor well, has excellent defensive instincts, and communicates everything. Garrett has exceptional footwork on the perimeter, and he is a fantastic team defender. Offensively, Garrett took on a new role this season as Kansas's primary initiator. He is an effective driver with good touch around the rim and has proven he can run an offense.

The most significant issue with Garrett's offensive game is his shot. He isn't a good shooter off the catch or dribble, and defenses will sag way off him in the NBA. Garrett's defense and basketball IQ could make him a contributor to a rotation, but his team will need to be creative in how they use him on offense.


Driving, well-rounded defender, secondary initiator


Shooting, strength

73. Jason Preston (Ohio)

6'4 187 lbs PG
years old

Jason Preston is one of the most inspiring stories in college basketball, but he isn't just a story

Preston has proven that he has an excellent understanding of the game and can be an excellent initiator. Preston is an excellent passer who sees the floor well and keeps the ball moving. Preston is also a good ball-handler who can create off the dribble. The most significant hurdle for Preston is his lack of athleticism.

He will have a much harder time creating off the dribble and getting to the rim. Preston also struggled to shoot off the dribble in college, and this problem will be exacerbated against NBA-level athletes. Preston's poor free-throw shooting is also not a promising outlook for his shooting. Preston's lack of athleticism will also hurt him defensively. He has excellent off-ball awareness, but he will struggle to stay in front of anyone.

Preston has an exceptional basketball IQ, but I worry how he'll hold up athletically in the NBA. He's proven everyone wrong thus far, so it wouldn't be surprising if he does so again.


Passing, creating off the dribble, defensive awareness


Athleticism, on-ball defense, free throw shooting, shooting off the dribble

74. Jericho Sims (Texas)

6'10 245 lbs C
years old

Jericho Sims is an exceptional athlete who is one of the best rim runners in the country

Sims' broad frame and strength make him an effective screener, and he is always a threat on the roll. Sims' strength and leaping ability make him an effective rebounder on both ends of the floor as well. If Sims isn't rolling to the rim or setting a screen, though, he is mostly ineffective on offense. He doesn't have good touch around the rim, doesn't have a good post-up game, and can't shoot.

Defensively, Sims is at his best around the rim, where he can turn away shots or gobble up defensive rebounds.

Once he gets pulled away from the rim, Sims lacks the awareness to be an effective defender. However, he has shown significant improvement in his ability to use his athleticism to switch on perimeter ball-handlers and shut down drives.


Vertical spacing, rebounding, athleticism, defense


Touch, shooting, ball security

75. Khalifa Diop (Senegal)

7'0 250 lbs C
years old

Khalifa Diop has the foundation to be an excellent two-way center in the NBA one day

Diop may not be a candidate to contribute early, but there is a lot to like as a project or draft-and-stash. Diop is extremely mobile for his size. Defensively, Diop has shown he can switch on the perimeter at times and effectively defend the pick-and-roll. He does a good job of tagging cutters, dropping with the roller, and switching to the ball-handler when needed. Diop is also a promising rim protector. He does a nice job of staying vertical and has the size to be an effective shot blocker. While Diop has shown success defending the pick-and-roll, he needs to improve the consistency of his positioning.

His levels occasionally get mixed up where he is too high and can't deter the lob or too low and can't affect the ball-handler. Diop also needs to improve his rebounding awareness. He will have games with close to 20 rebounds, but he doesn't always read the angle of the rebound and anticipate its flight path well. Offensively, most of Diop's game resides around the rim.

He has, however, shown flashes of a quality mid-range jumper and the ability to attack off the dribble out of fake dribble handoffs and in transition. Diop's ability to attack and create for others off the bounce is fascinating, even if it is a ways off from being a legitimate tool in the NBA.


Mobility, offensive upside, defensive upside


Defensive consistency, consistent awareness, free throws

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