2017 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 46-60

Picks 46-60 of the 2017 Hashtag Basketball NBA Mock Draft.

Picks 46-60 of the 2017 Hashtag Basketball NBA Mock Draft.

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Sindarius Thornwell (South Carolina, SG)

Pick 46 - Philadelphia (From Miami via Atlanta)

Selection made by Jordan Christmas

Why did you select Sindarius Thornwell?

Sindarius Thornwell is a hard-nosed, switch-guard, who is 6-5 with a 6'10 wingspan and is a stocky-defender, which will need to be his calling card early on. He was coached by Frank Martin so we definitely know he won't lack in the effort department. Needs to extend his range, but showed ball handling chops as well. Also, the name is epic.

Wesley Iwundu (Kansas St, SG)

Pick 47 - Indiana

Selection made by Vince Massara

Why did you select Wesley Iwundu?

the new age of basketball, having a 6-foot-7 versatile defender is key. Iwundu offers a prospect with excellent tangibles, a 7’wingspan and an 8’8.5” standing reach. On the defensive end, he will be able to switch on defense 1-3, even being able to guard smaller power forwards. On the offensive end his jump shot is improving, however, it is still a long way off being an NBA threat. What he does have in his favor though, is a solid passing range. This combined with his ability to grab down boards give him the ability to run the occasional fast break. With a Pacers side looking to enter their next chapter, Iwundu should get a solid amount of time to prove his value at the NBA level.

Thomas Bryant (Indiana, C)

Pick 48 - Milwaukee

Selection made by Andrew Buchanan

Why did you select Thomas Bryant?

Has a huge amount of potential and length (7'6" wingspan) and will be able to learn from the Bucks Centers ahead of him. Has a potential to expand his range out to the three-point line which is an extremely valuable skill in Centers today. Slow-footed and may be exposed in the pick and roll but should offer good rim protection.

Kyle Kuzma (Utah, PF)

Pick 49 - Denver (From Memphis via Oklahoma City)

Selection made by Jacob Evans

Why did you select Kyle Kuzma?

An impressive athlete at 6’9 and can lead the break as the primary ballhandler. Though he isn’t the best at creating his own shot, he can drive to the hoop and finish with either hand or launch a quick pull-up or floater.Though he only shot 29% from three his junior year, he has solid mechanics and should improve at the next level. Defensively, he has all of the tools to be an effective perimeter defender and switch on the pick and roll. He’s an adequate playmaker in the post, but he’ll need to work on that facet of his game. Kuzma is raw and a tad unpolished, but fits the mold of the modern, perimeter-oriented stretch four.

Monte Morris (Iowa St, PG)

Pick 50 - Philadelphia (From Atlanta)

Selection made by Jordan Christmas

Why did you select Monte Morris?

Monte Morris is seen more as a backup point guard, but he can do some things running pick and roll and shot 37% from 3 in college. He will most likely only able to defend the point guard position, but he could be a general of 2nd units throughout his career.

Jake Wiley (Eastern Wash, PF)

Pick 51 - Denver (From Oklahoma City)

Selection made by Jacob Evans

Why did you select Jake Wiley?

Wiley, who played power forward during his time in Cheney, seems undersized for an NBA four at only 6'7, but don't let that particular measurement fool you. Wiley is a gifted athlete who can jump out of the gym, as evidenced by the 37.5" non-stop vertical leap and 3.17-second court sprint time he posted at the Portsmouth Invitational. Wiley also ran sprints for the Montana track team, and played wide receiver for the Grizzlies' football team, showcasing his high motor and exceptional explosiveness. Wiley is active around the basket on both ends of the floor, scoring in the post or on powerful drives on offense while pulling down boards and even protecting the rim on the other side of the court. Wiley's leaping ability has helped him become a very good shot blocker, compensating for his relatively short stature. The Eastern Washington product certainly has potential, but he'll need to extend his shooting range at the next level, as he as no midrange game to speak of. However, teams will certainly be encouraged by his excellent free throw shooting (80% from the stripe last season), and see it as a sign he can improve in that area. Wiley can also be a bit foul and turnover prone at times, and will need to develop his playmaking abilities if he wants to succeed in the NBA.

PJ Dozier (South Carolina, SG)

Pick 52 - Washington

Selection made by Michael Marzec

Why did you select PJ Dozier?

PJ Dozier is a 6’7 guard with 6’11 wingspan and elite athleticism. As a versatile defender and capable passer and scorer, Dozier offers plenty for such a late pick. However, his inconsistent three-point shooting obliterates his draft stock. At this point in the draft, the Wizards can take a flier and focus its attention on developing Dozier's shooting stroke.

VJ Beachem (Notre Dame, SF)

Pick 53 - Boston (From Cleveland)

Selection made by Dustin Lewis

Why did you select VJ Beachem?

Beacham is another option who was an efficient scorer in college. Boston can bring him along in the G-League.

Johnathan Motley (Baylor, PF/C)

Pick 54 - Phoenix (From Toronto)

Selection made by Devon Haripal

Why did you select Johnathan Motley?

Motley, 22, is a long big man that dons a ridiculous 7’3.5” wingspan and 9’3” standing reach that pairs with an offensive game that fits what the Suns run in the desert. Weighing in at 240 pounds, Motley, possess a quick first jump, along with end-to-end speed that will certainly aid in a run-and-gun offense. An above-average shooter, Motley can knock down mid-range jumpers off pick and pops, or face up jumpers. He can grab rebounds, due to his quick leaping ability, and can stay with his defender as he can move his feet. Over 40 minutes at the collegiate level, he averaged an impressive 4.8 offensive rebounds. Motley does come in undersized at 6’9”, but in today’s NBA he is a terrific fit for a guy that can be plugged into a small ball lineup. The most glaring weakness for Motley is his inability to hit threes, as he has only connected on 12 over the course of his collegiate career. He is rehabbing from a torn meniscus after averaging 17.3 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.1 blocks, on 52 percent from the field for the Bears, garnering consensus Second-Team All-American and First-Team All-Big 12 honors — along with the Karl Malone Award for the top collegiate power forward.

Jaron Blossomgame (Clemson, SF/PF)

Pick 55 - Utah

Selection made by Robby Lewis

Why did you select Jaron Blossomgame?

Goes in line with Josh Hart as a seasoned wing that will compete from day one and understand his role under Quin Snyder. Blossomgame was an explosive scorer at Clemson, but his true calling in the NBA could be his defense. Needs to improve his jump shot. Insurance pick just in case Gordon Hayward leaves in free agency.

Kobi Simmons (Arizona, PG)

Pick 56 - Boston (From LA Clippers)

Selection made by Dustin Lewis

Why did you select Kobi Simmons?

Simmons can provide Boston with a combo guard who can fill minutes at the one or two. He'll need some grooming in the G-League or overseas.

George De Paula (Paulistano, PG)

Pick 57 - Brooklyn (From Boston)

Selection made by Charles Maniego

Why did you select George De Paula?

With the Nets' long-awaited 57th pick, they could go for a relative unknown sleeper. When he first declared for the draft in 2015, De Paula was touted as a first round talent. Since then, he's played decently in the Brazilian league. De Paula has key skills the Nets have coveted under Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks. His height and length (6'6" with a 7'1" wingspan) is insane. His passing vision is solid and his athleticism is developing. De Paula could be a mound of basketball clay for the Nets' development staff to mold in the G-League in the next few seasons.

Nigel Williams-Goss (Gonzaga, PG)

Pick 58 - New York (From Houston)

Selection made by Jourdan Canil

Why did you select Nigel Williams-Goss?

A 6'4 point guard with a 6'7 wingspan. He can theoretically defend the shooting guards that Monk is too small for. He's a capable ball-handler who doesn't make flashy passes, but also keeps the turnovers down.

Mathias Lessort (Nanterre, PF/C)

Pick 59 - San Antonio

Selection made by Josh Lloyd

Why did you select Mathias Lessort?

It’s a tradition that the Spurs take an international prospect who they will likely keep in Europe for a few seasons. They finally brought over Davis Bertans and Livio-Jean Charles last season, while it appears Adam Hanga will be making his way across for the 2017-18 season and Nikola Milutinov is still waiting in the wings. Lessort is another big, who while only 6-foot-9, bangs pretty hard down low and averaged 11.8 rebounds per 40 minutes in Eurocup competition, to go along with his 18.6 points. 1.4 steals, and 2.5 blocks. He is not a threat to stretch the floor, but he gets work done under the rim and is a no-nonsense type of player who would likely fit nicely under Popovich.

Alec Peters (Valparaiso, PF)

Pick 60 - Atlanta (From Golden State via Philadelphia and Utah)

Selection made by Dean Vasic

Why did you select Alec Peters?

He's a big guy with a good shot. A terrible defender, so that's why he's fallen this far. A poor man's Ryan Anderson in many ways.

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