Paying Homage: Top 5 Moments in ARCO Arena History

As the Kings get ready to leave their longtime home, we count down the Top 5 Moments in ARCO Arena History.

At the conclusion of this season, the Kings will be vacating their longtime rural home and moving to Golden 1 Center, a brand new arena in downtown Sacramento. The 500 million dollar arena will be state of the art, boasting features such as the biggest screens in the NBA and a wi-fi bandwidth with the power to handle more than 225,000 Instagram posts per second. The fans are understandably excited, and so is the franchise. 

But the fans and franchise should be paying homage to the building that housed them for the last 28 years: ARCO Arena*. The stadium was built for the Kings three years after they relocated to Sacramento from Kansas City in 1985 and has been home ever since. It has 17,000 seats and has also been used for countless concerts and other events. But to basketball fans, ARCO is where the Kings play. 

*(Disclaimer: I refuse to call it Sleep Train Arena, just as I refused to call it Power Balance Pavilion. It is, and always was, ARCO Arena.)  


We have compiled a list of the Top 5 ARCO Arena Moments, which was ranked by nothing but personal opinion. Give your input in the comment section below if you disagree or see something we missed. 

5. Bibby On Back To Back Nights

It was March of 2005, just as the Kings began to slowly dismantle the team. They played on back to back nights against the Grizzlies and the Clippers, and Mike Bibby wasn't done with the magic quite yet.


4. Tyreke Evans' Half-Court Buzzer Beater

Tyreke Evans was coming off of his Rookie of the Year performance, but it will be this shot that his time with the Kings is best remembered by. The Grizzlies have a thing for buzzer beaters against the Kings. 


3. Kevin Martin's Game-Winning Layup

It was the last playoff series ever played at ARCO arena, and it came against the San Antonio Spurs. The Kings were the 8th seed, and found themselves down 2-0 after two games in San Antonio. The Kings would steal two games, however, the first on a Kevin Martin game-winning layup. (Side note: the Kings won two games that series and took another to overtime. Not bad for an eight seed)


2. Fans Won't Leave

When the 2011 season came to a close, things didn't look good for the franchise. The reports at the time were that the Kings were "99.9% sure" to be moving to Seattle, and that the deal was "at the goal line". Fans were crushed, and they showed their loyalty by sticking around after the final home game for upwards of an hour or two. Some even started chanting "Grant and Jerry!" to the broadcast team, which brought them to tears. 

1. Bibby's Game 5 Winner

It was arguably the biggest shot in Kings history given the circumstances. The Kings and the Lakers were tied at two games a piece, after Robert Horry's heroics in Game 4 brought the Lakers back from down 2-1. If Horry doesn't hit that shot, Bibby's Game 5 dagger sends the Kings to the Finals. Instead, they would go on to lose (get robbed) in Game 6 in LA and lost in overtime back in ARCO in Game 7. Just made myself sad. Anyways, there was no bigger shot taken in the history of ARCO Arena, and boy did Bibby make it look easy. 



Never Forget. 

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