3 Things Magic fans can look forward to in 2018

The Magic have seen better days, for sure. So what good things can come out of this season so far?

Remember in the beginning of the season when the Magic were 6-2, and at the top of their conference? Well... Fast forward a month later, and it's funny how things change. Now Orlando is 12-27, with more injuries than they can count and just simply a terrible team with no effort to show for it. In other words, this seems to be one of the worst seasons Orlando has had yet as a franchise, and the season isn't even close to being over. Insults aside, let's wipe off the dirt and look for the actual few gems this Magic season has to offer.

1. Aaron Gordon

Drafted back in 2014, Gordon is now starting to show what he can do in this league. Currently, he's averaging 18.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, and overall just having himself a very impressive season. He's more confident in his shot, allowing him to stretch the floor. Along with that, he still has his unearthly athleticism and strong defense on his side. It's easy to see Gordon has taken the Magic into his own hands. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite taken them anywhere else besides a few nice highlight reels.

On the bright side, he's only 22, and as long as Orlando does everything in their power to keep him, things are going in the right direction. Although, he still needs help surrounding him, which will hopefully come with time.

2. Jonathan Simmons

Talk about heart and hustle, and Simmons has it. The Magic signed him over the summer from the San Antonio Spurs. He was a player looking for a bigger role to expand his game. Well, he's certainly done just that. He's averaging 14.3 points and 28.9 minutes. This is a huge upgrade over the 6.2 points and 17.8 minutes per game he got with the Spurs.

Simmons is not much a passer, and his efficiency could use some work as well. However, this guard/forward will do the dirty work, and provide some needed offense and defense. This is definitely a player Orlando should consider keeping for the future. 

3. The 2018 Draft

Fortunately for Orlando, considering their awful record, it makes their chances of getting a top 3 pick in the draft greater. To make things even better, this upcoming draft is apparently loaded, with the likes of DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic, and Trae Young.

The last draft pick Orlando selected with was Jonathan Isaac, a prospect who hasn't played much at all this season with his constant ankle issues. By the time this summer rolls around, the new Orlando front office would have had a full year to evaluate what they need going forward. Hopefully, they pick wisely, since higher the pick, the wiser you have to be.

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