New York Knicks Trade Rumors: Rose, Anthony and Noah

The NBA Trade Deadline arrives at 3:00PM EST on Thursday, February 23, and the Knicks could be one of a handful of teams making moves in hopes of building their roster for the future. Here are the latest Knicks trade rumors.

The NBA Trade Deadline arrives at 3:00PM EST on Thursday, February 23, and the Knicks could be one of a handful of teams making moves in hopes of building their roster for the future. The Knicks currently sit 12th in the Eastern Conference with a 23-34 record, and are unlikely to secure a Playoff spot. Carmelo Anthony has been the focal point of most trade rumors surrounding the team in what seems like a deteriorating relationship between he and Phil Jackson.

While the rumors surrounding Melo, Boston, the Clippers, and the Cavs will continue until the deadline passes, there are a few other Knicks who could be on their way out before Thursday’s deadline comes to pass. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Knicks’ trade rumors.

Derrick Rose - PG

The Knicks acquired Rose last summer in hopes he would be able to return to his MVP form he once had in Chicago before his string of injuries. Rose hasn’t been the same player, and at this point may never reach the level he was at during his first few years in the league. The injuries aren’t so much a problem anymore with Rose, but his tenure thus far in New York has been far from ideal.

ESPN’s Ian Begley recently reported that Rose’s former head coach and current Timberwolves head coach/President of Basketball Operations Tom Thibodeau has reached out to the Knicks about the availability of his former star point guard.

The likelihood of an actual trade coming to life between the two teams is uncertain at this point, but Minnesota reportedly aren’t the first team to reach out to the Knicks about Rose’s services. Minnesota does make the most sense, given Rose and Thibodeau’s seven-year history together.

If the Knicks and Timberwolves were to agree to a trade it would likely be one of two scenarios for New York. In the first scenario, the Knicks would want Ricky Rubio in return. Rubio is just 26, and would be a perfect distributor for players like Carmelo and Kristaps Porzingis. In the second scenario, the Knicks would opt to accept a deal that didn’t involve Rubio, but rather some future picks the Knicks could cash in on in the future.

Carmelo Anthony - SF

As this is being written, it’s 8:20 EST on Tuesday night, and there’s little-to-no talk about Carmelo being moved. There has been no feuds between him and Phil today, and James Dolan hasn’t banned him for life from MSG. So, all in all, things look status quo for Melo and the Knicks right now, but two days from a trade deadline may as well be a month.

Don’t expect Carmelo to be moved. The best situation for the Knicks would be to send Carmelo to Boston, but it’s been reported that he won’t accept a trade to the Celtics, and recent reports have the Celtics focused on a Jimmy Butler deal. The Celtics have the most assets to offer any team they’re looking to acquire a star player from.

If the Celtics were to re-engage the Knicks on a Carmelo trade, I’d begin the discussion with “Am I getting the Brooklyn first-round pick?” If not, I’d follow that question up with “Am I getting Avery Bradley and/or Marcus Smart/Jae Crowder. If the Celtics aren’t willing to part with either the Nets’ first-round pick or Avery Bradley as the key pieces of a trade for Carmelo Anthony, then you simply hang up the phone.

The Knicks are in a great position with Carmelo. He’s under contract for at least two more seasons, and he’s going to command a king’s (Pelicans?) ransom if and when he is traded.

Joakim Noah - C

Someone, please, call Vlade Divac and convince him that trading for Joakim Noah is a perfect follow-up move to shipping out DeMarcus Cousins. Sorry, wishful thinking.

Players Knicks should call about

It’s rumored the Jazz are shopping Derrik Favors. While the Knicks are sitting quite pretty with frontcourt talent, you can never have too many talented bigs. Favors has a respectable contract, and is a talented defender who could complement Porzingis really well.

They should also be making calls about Wilson Chandler (Denver Nuggets, SF), Terrence Jones (New Orleans Pelicans, PF/C) and future draft picks.

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