The Ultimate 2018 Bio-Steel All-Canadian Game Preview

A preview of each player in the 2018 Bio-Steel All-Canadian Game.

I wrote this piece because I am impassioned about Canadian Basketball. As the years' pass, Canada (and specifically the Greater Toronto Area) is starting to become a hotbed for elite basketball talent. It used to just be Nash and Rick Fox, but now the NBA is starting to flood with contributing players who hail from north of the border.

The crop of Canadian NBA talent is highlighted by Andrew Wiggins, Jamal Murray, Kelly Olynyk, Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson. But throughout the league, Canadian players are starting to carve out a role for themselves on a variety of teams; Dwight Powell in Dallas, Dillon Brooks in Memphis, Trey Lyles in Denver, Khem Birch in Orlando, Tyler Ennis with the Lakers, Nik Stauskas in Brooklyn, and a few others.

For the American readers out there, the BioSteel All-Canadian Game is our own little version of the McDonald’s All-American Game. The best high-school talent the nation has to offer, on a national (and even global) stage.

On April 9th, we’ll catch a glimpse at 24 of the country’s brightest young ballplayers as they compete in Toronto for all of us to see - and this isn’t your typical all-star game. The BioSteel All-Canadian Game still serves as a platform for a lot of these guys who are still trying to earn more offers from bigger and better programs. It’s been historically competitive, and wildly entertaining. This will be the fourth year of the BioSteel Game, and the game has hosted a few names that ring a bell with NBA fans.

This includes the likes of Thon Maker (not Canadian, but attended a Canadian prep school), Matur Maker and Jamal Murray. Unfortunately, the cream of the crop often misses this game due to prior commitments to larger events. For example, this year three athletes will miss this game due to their attendance at the Nike Hoops Summit:

RJ Barrett (#1 in ESPN’s Top 100, Duke Commit.)

Andrew Nembhard (#30 in ESPN’s Top 100, Florida Commit.)

Ignas Brazdeikis (Michigan Commit.)

Three other prospects will be missing the game due to injury:

Simi Shittu (#11 in ESPN’s Top 100, Vanderbilt Commit.)

Ben Hendriks (Who unfortunately broke his arm after I wrote this. I kept my bit on him in, however.)

Jaelin Llewellyn (#96 in ESPN’s Top 100, Princeton Commit.)

That being said, the game will still be a phenomenal spectacle. These kids play so hard, and with the ever-improving state of Canadian Basketball, the game gets better and better each year.

So without further ado, here is a full, comprehensive preview of each and every player in the 2018 BioSteel All-Canadian Classic.

The Competing Talent

(Preface on NBA player comparisons : I’m not saying this player will end up like him or will have a similar career arc [by averages, most of these guys won’t make the NBA], it is simply a conclusion that I’ve drawn after watching a ton of footage and reading everything I can about their games. The comparisons are more to give you a better understanding of how they play, not who they’ll be. Think of them as being the player comparison version of this BioSteel Game.

Jaden Bediako  - C/PF - 6’10, 230 lbs. -  Grad Class 2019 - Ridley College (Ontario) - Offers from Oklahoma, USC - @JadenSayNoMore

Jaden spent his 2017-2018 campaign helping the Ridley College Tigers reach the finals of the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association, and winning gold for Team Ontario. Jaden’s club team was UPlay Canada, where he was an instrumental piece amongst a variety of bonafide Canada stars. He is a big 6’10 rim-protector, who still has a year of high school to work on his speed and verticality. Just watch some light footage of him, and you’ll understand how big of an impact he can have on the game.

He has good hands inside and shows decent footwork from what I can see. There’s no doubt as to why he’s received offers from some massive D1 programs. He throws his body around well and can use his big frame to shield defenders off from affecting his shot. His low center of gravity is an absolute plus, and any big-man his age will have issues moving him off the low-block.

Jaden played 15 minutes of last years BioSteel game, amassing 8 points and 4 rebounds.

NBA Player Comparison: Myles Turner

Joel Brown - PG - 6’2, 175 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) - Offers from Rutgers - @Genzz22

Joel is a lengthy, lefty 6’2 creator who viciously attacks defenses with the ball in his hands. He is the sole Canadian on Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, and he teamed up for gold with Jaden Bediako (seen above) on Team Ontario.

As good as Joel is at penetrating defenses and living in the paint - when he wants to get his teammates involved, he can do so at will. He is a naturally gifted scorer who excels at creating his own shot. His finishing around the rim comes from both hands, at all angles, with all kinds of spin. There’s a solid chance he puts on an absolute show for this BioSteel game.

His one knock comes from his jump shot, but that’s an ever-evolving component of his game. If you think about how effective he is right now, and he’s noted to have a “shaky” jump-shot, the sky's the limit if this all comes together. He’s already a dominant point guard.

He’s extremely fast, and a vocal leader on the court. On defense, he always has active feet and hands and often picks up his man in a relentless full-court setting. This will be his first year in the BioSteel Game.

NBA Player Comparison: Mike Conley

Luguentz Dort - SG - 6’5, 220 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Athlete Institute Prep. (Ontario) - Committed to Arizona State - @ - 4th Ranked Canadian Prospect (NPH)

With an ESPN scout grade of 92/100 and his 30 points on 12-16 shooting in last year's game, Dort is ready for one last epic hurrah as he’ll try and follow up his electrifying performance of last year's game.

Dort is a 5-star prospect and an overpoweringly strong shooting guard who uses a combination of adept footwork and a soft touch to do what he wants when he wants. The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he’s an absolute physical specimen. At times it looks like you crammed a shifty small guard into the body of a linebacker.

The one “knock” on Luguentz - and a fair amount of prospects in this game - is his somewhat inconsistent jump shot. “He could shoot 3 for 5 in a game and the next day go 1 for 6, so it’s a little inconsistent,” said Nelson Osse, who has coached Dort since he was 11. “Is he a great shooter? No. But his mechanics are good. When he shoots it, it looks like it's going to fall.”

And Dort is adamant on working towards fixing this aspect in his game. “They played an exhibition game not long ago and he shot it pretty badly, like 1 of 8,” Osse said. “Right after the game, he was in the gym shooting 500-600 shots. Lu is not afraid of the gym.”

For Athlete Institute, and any team he’s been on, Luguentz has been their do-it-all guy. Scorer, shot-blocker, rebounder, full-court defender - whatever is asked of him. “He’s a monster,” Athlete Institute coach Charles Hantoumakos said. “He can defend 94 feet. He rebounds the ball. He blocks shots coming from the weak side. He gets steals. He shoots gaps. He clogs up the lane off the ball, and with his strength, he can push people off their spots because of his body.”

Dort is one of the biggest names in this game, and look for him to (somehow) out-do his terrific performance from last year's game.

NBA Player Comparison: Kawhi Leonard

Kaosi Ezeagu - C - 6’10, 230 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - GTA Prep. (Ontario) - Offers from South Carolina and Western Michigan

Kaosi Ezeagu is a shot-blocker supreme. A lengthy 6’10 big with great timing and a quick bounce, he feasts on layups from the weak side - swatting shots into the stands or pinning them from behind.

On offense, he finishes above the rim with power and ease and has active and ready hands. He still needs to add some muscle to his frame, but that will surely come with time and work.

He’s a high-motor big man that has the potential to make a big impact at the D1 level. His impressive wingspan and his above-average defensive IQ and timing combine for a potent mix. Look for him to get at least 1 or 2 volleyball-esq spikes at this BioSteel All-Canadian game.

NBA Player Comparison: Serge Ibaka

Junior Farquhar - PG - 6’3, 188 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Orangeville Prep. (Ontario) - Offers from New Mexico State, Tulsa, Baylor, USC, Western Kentucky

Junior Farquhar is a true point guard, with a mix of explosive athleticism. He will be a hidden gem for whatever program is lucky enough to have their offer accepted by him.

He can absolutely run a team. A guy who can score, create for others and defend at an elite level. His shot has really developed this year, and his vision is noted to be exceptional. An athletic 6’3 guard who can absolutely do it all, and it’s his first induction into the BioSteel Game.

He’s a high-flying guard who can create shots for others, along with himself. Scouts are enamored with him, and coaches sing his praises in every way. His frame is solid, he is constantly operating with his head up, and he can lead a team on both ends.

I, personally, cannot wait to see what he’s got in store for us on April 9th, and for the rest of his basketball career.

NBA Player Comparison: Eric Bledsoe

Quincy Guerrier - SG - 6’7, 190 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - Thetford Prep. (Quebec) - Offers from Georgia Tech, George Washington, SMU, St. Bonaventure, Oklahoma, Florida,  Memphis, Seton Hall, Washington State, Oregon, Syracuse, Valparaiso, Pittsburgh, Creighton, Vanderbilt, Kansas State

Quincy has the sort of build, and a game that scouts dream of in a shooting guard. He’s a long, 6’7 athletic 2, with a high-shooting stroke and a quick first step. He is not flashy by any means, but he is dastardly efficient.

His game looks so polished for his age, and he plays under so much control and poise. This will be his second crack at the BioSteel All-Canadian Game, following his 15/4 in 12 minutes last year.

With still a year of high school to go, the offers don’t stop here. His body and frame are built for the NBA. Like a lot of young guys, he just needs that added strength, but he can get there.

His shots come off the catch, off the bounce, with a touch of ambidextrous floaters while going either way. Unless he gets caught up in another basketball commitment next year, this will be the 2nd of Quincy’s 3 BioSteel Games. He’s going to spread the defense out and catch them off guard with that first step and pull-up. He has such a bright future.

NBA Player Comparison: Bradley Beal 

Joshua Hemmings - SF - 6’9, 205 lbs. - Grad Class of 2020 - Oak Hill Academy (Virginia) - Offers from USC, Tulane, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati

It’s truly baffling to think that Josh Hemmings is a class of 2020. Physically, he has the potential to play at the highest level. He moves very well for a guy of that height and length, and there’s no confusion as to why he’s garnered so much attention from some huge programs in Division One.

Hemmings spent this year playing at Oak Hill Academy. This is the same school that fostered the talents of Carmelo, KD, Rondo, Stephen Jackson, Michael Beasley, Josh Smith, Ty Lawson, and so many others.

He’s one of the most exciting prospects due to how early his game has matured. He’s a long lefty who plays with his head up, a good jump shot off the dribble and catch and finishes high at the rim. Like almost every prospect on this list, he still needs to add strength, but he still has two more full years of pre-college development. Hemmings’ may still get taller, and he can already play almost every position at the high school level. Look for him to show out in his first ever BioSteel All-Canadian Game.

NBA Player Comparison: Jayson Tatum

Ben Hendriks - C - 6’10, 205 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - Athlete Institute (Ontario) - Offers from Arizona State, High Point - @BigBenHendriks5

Ben Hendriks is a versatile, long center who spends his time on the court stretching the defense with corner threes and altering shots at the rim. This will be his first time in the BioSteel game, and he always has the potential to create funky matchups that cause the defense to falter.

He’s got good hands and a great motor and finishes well above the rim with both hands. Again, like a broken record, he needs to bulk up if he’s to battle with the bigger bodies of the D1 circuit. But he certainly has the potential to fill out that frame.

He can stretch the defense and use his length to soak up boards down low. He’ll take advantage of slow-footed big-men hesitant to leave the paint and contest him behind the arc. With a few offers already on the table, programs clearly see the potential in Ben, and for good reason.

Unfortunately, however, as I mentioned, Ben broke his arm a few days ago and will not be in this game. 

NBA Player Comparison: Pau Gasol

Ja’Shon Henry - SF - 6’5, 190 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (Saskatchewan) - Offers from St. Bonaventure - @henry_jashon - 9th Ranked Canadian Prospect (NPH)

Ja’Shon will be the sole representative of Saskatchewan in this years’ BioSteel game. Hailing from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, this athletic 6’5 wing played his way into the top 10 of ranked players in Canada.

He may be my sleeper in this game. It’s tough to get noticed in mid-western Canada, but Ja’Shon has done enough to earn an invitation to his first BioSteel game, and was offered a scholarship to St. Bonaventure College.

He elevates so well on his finishes, getting above the rim faster than the defense can anticipate. He’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder, the same way Canadian players do in the states. Certain areas are overlooked because they aren’t known to be potent basketball hotbeds. But Canada as a whole is beginning to turn that narrative on its head, as Trey Lyles, and Ja’Shon Henry may be doing for Saskatchewan.

NBA Player Comparison: Donovan Mitchell

Jonathan Kabongo - PG - 6’4, 180 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Thornlea SS (Ontario) - Committed to Virginia Tech - @ChosenB01

Jon Kabongo had an army of elite D1 programs lining up at his door to give him a scholarship. In October this year, he accepted his offer to Virginia Tech.

He’s energetic and active, with a gorgeous jump shot, long frame, and a quick handle. A lot of sites still have him listed as a 6’1 guard, but he’s shot up to 6’4 and can fit VT as a one or a two. You may remember his brother, Myck, who played for Texas, a few teams in the summer league and D-League, and is now playing pro in France.

Jon uses both hands well and seems to hang in the air much longer than you think, making double-clutch layups and high-arching spin finishes look easy. His playmaking ability is a strong part of his game as well. He can usually get where he wants when he wants, and he can use that ability to free teammates up for wide open jumpers or easy layups. I can’t wait to see Kabongo in his first game, along with seeing his development at Virginia Tech. He’s a tantalizing prospect who could make an instant impact at the D1 level.

NBA Player Comparison: De’Aaron Fox

Noah Kirkwood - SG - 6’7, 210 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Northfield Mount Hermon (Massachusetts) - Committed to Harvard - @noah_kirkwood - 7th Ranked Canadian Prospect (NPH)

Noah Kirkwood is a physical, smart guard who will be joining fellow Ottawa native Corey Johnson at Harvard next year. He can use both hands and makes the most of his solid frame; shielding defenders from the ball and take advantage of uncanny angles to get his shots off.

He’s not as long as your prototypical 2-guard or wing, but he moves very well and boasts a very fluid game. Ex-coaches and scouts raved about not just his skills, but how he plays the game at a team level. He will contribute at the next level immediately. He’s a fierce competitor who seems mentally beyond his years.

The two main knocks on him are his length and shooting. He’s not a bad shooter by any means, but a lifetime mid-30’s guy. His work ethic will eliminate this narrative. He’s dedicated and strong-willed and is a dream player for coaches, who always seems to make the right play. This will be his second and final BioSteel All-Canadian Game.

NBA Player Comparison: Malcolm Brogdon

Emanuel Miller - SF - 6’7, 200 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - La Lumiere (Indiana) - Offers  from Oklahoma, St. Bonaventure, SMU, Pittsburgh - @EmanMiller5

Emanuel is a bouncy wing who still has a full year to rack up the offers and commit, as well as adding to his continue working on his craft as a strong two-way wing.

Where Miller shines is on defense. [La Lumiere]Coach Pat Holmes is thrilled to be adding the talented Miller to his roster and get a strong re-up from Canadian. “He’s just a terrific kid, we got to know his family. He’s one of five brothers so you know he’s going to be tough. He leads by example and does the right things. You’ll never have to ask him for effort, he brings it every game.” (From NPH)

We talk so much about the scoring ability of each kid but seldom does a player shine so clearly on defense. Especially a non-bigman.

He certainly possesses the physical tools to stop almost anyone at this level. His motor and hustle are off the charts, and he’s fantastic at the little things; setting good screens, rolling hard, timing his jumps, etc..

Amidst an all-star game atmosphere that thrives on offense, look for Miller to bring that edge to whatever team he’s on and clamp up the other team’s biggest threat in his second BioSteel All-Canadian Game.

NBA Player Comparison: Jimmy Butler

Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe - SF - 6’6, 165 lbs. - Grad Class of 2020 - Orangeville Prep (Ontario) - Offers from Tulane, Florida, Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Vanderbilt

Matthew-Alexander will be part of the younger crop of players in this game, as his High School sophomore season comes to a close. Physically, it’s easy to understand why these massive programs have already given him offers. He’s a 17-year-old 6’6 wing who is going to keep growing, and who’s game is going to keep expanding.

He’s a fantastic athlete, who moves very well laterally with great verticality. He has immense length and stands out as a versatile defender.

Offensively, he can get up to the rim in a hurry and can use his great length to sweep shots over taller defenders. Besides that, however, his game remains a tad unpolished - as most 17-year-old prospects go. Shooting isn’t a big part of his game, but his stroke looks natural and has potential.

He still has that boyish look to him, which is a good thing, as his body and frame will most definitely fill out in the future. I can’t tell you how much of an impact he will have on this game, but there’s a reason why he’s received so many big offers; his ceiling is absolutely tremendous.

NBA Player Comparison: Delon Wright

Cashius McNeilly - PG - 6’3, 175 lbs. - Grad Class of 2020 - Thornlea SS (Ontario) - Offers from Maryland, New Mexico State, St. Bonaventure, Georgia Tech, Sienna - @cmcneilly13

There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding young Cashius McNeilly and for good reason. He is an incredibly poised, confident and polished player for his age. As a young 6’3 guard who is showing that he can run the point or play the 2, his upside continues to be pushed upwards.

He’s not labeled as explosive, but he’s fluid and decisive, which can be just as effective. He’s a really good ball-handler who can create his own shot and create good shots for others. It’s his confidence that backs his game up, as he refuses to back down in any situation, regardless of his age.

He’s versatile defensively, excelling at guarding 1’s and 2’s. At only 17, he could still grow a couple inches before heading to College, and I expect his list of offers to continue expanding before his time in High School is over.

His shot still takes a little while to get off, and he can be a bit streaky. Scouts have voiced concerns over being lackadaisical at times, but that is a meager concern compared to his potential. These habits can be fixed, and he already has the natural tools to make an impact at the next level - even at his young age.

NBA Player Comparison: Damian Lillard

Addison Patterson - PG - 6’7, 195 lbs. - Grad Class of 2020 - Athlete Institute Prep (Ontario) - Offers from Florida, Oregon, Arizona State - @addi_patterson

Addison Patterson, despite being part of the 2020 grad class, is one of the biggest names in this game. He is the real deal; long, athletic, good handle, great vision, uses both hands well and can run a team at the point. Somehow, some way, like the past two prospects, Addison still has two more years of High School before he makes his way into College.

He’s such a tantalizing prospect for so many reasons. His game already oozes professionalism. He looks and moves like a guy who may one day reach the highest level. You can’t even knock him for a lack of size, or un-polisheness; he has a perfect tall-guard build and his game is very well rounded. He’s confident in the perfect way and according to a scout, he’s got that killer instinct in him.

There’s a chance he could be the most sought-after player in this game when it’s said and done. Even being a 2002-born, he’s already gotten offers from a few of the most prestigious basketball programs in D1. You simply can’t not be excited about Addison Patterson. Go watch his stuff on YouTube, seriously. How on earth does he still have two more years of High School?

We’ll all know this name one day.

NBA Player Comparison: Devin Booker

Daniel Sackey - PG - 5’10, 170 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Thornlea SS (Ontario) - Committed to Valparaiso - 20th Ranked Canadian Prospect (NPH) - @dsackey_4

Daniel Sackey might just be the best pound-for-pound athlete in this crop, but he’s certainly the quickest. It’s obvious what the “knock” on Daniel is. At  5’10, he doesn’t possess the size that can command attention from scouts.

But Daniel is so fast and has such a great motor and handle that it almost serves as an advantage. He gets up in your grill when he’s on defense and he keeps his dribble tight, and low to the ground. His shot is fundamentally sound and he has good elevation. He can serve as the lead facilitator of an offense and spearhead your press on defense.

He is so good at carving up defenses and shooting himself through even the tiniest sliver in the defense. He has a great feel for running an offense, and he can create so many good shots for others. His speed and lateral quickness can be instrumental in harassing a ball-handler up the entire court.

People will always say, “Yeah…but he’s 5’10”. But there are guys at the highest level who have used their short stature as an advantage; Isaiah Thomas, Tyler Ulis, Fred VanVleet, Nate Robinson, etc., and guys like these have been around for a while; Muggsy Bogues, Spud Webb, Calvin Murphy, etc.. Daniel will be a key contributor to Valparaiso right away, and I can see him igniting some big plays in this years BioSteel game.

NBA Player Comparison: John Wall

Luka Sakota - PG - 6’4, 165 lbs. - Grad Class of 2020 - King’s Christian Collegiate (Ontario) - @Luka_Sakota

Luka plays such an interesting, smooth style of basketball. He plays at his own comfortable pace, and as a defender, you’re forced to play along. His shot is so clean and easy, with a perfect rotation. He’s got a long frame for a guard, and still, have two years of high school to add strength.

He has a really good feel for the game that is beyond his years. As good of a shooter as he his, he has a strong understanding of how to run an offense. He is good at getting the ball to teammates in a position to score and can pick apart a defense to score when the time is right.

He’s not labeled as a “plus” athlete, and scouts worry about how he’ll handle the bigger athletes as he continues towards the next level. But Luka still, like the past few prospects, has two more years of high school left. There’s a chance he could reach around 6’7 or higher, and he could become a serious point-forward threat with an already deadly shot. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he’ll battle with some of the athletes in this game, as that seems to be the biggest knock on him. He’s an interesting prospect and one that can have a serious impact on this game with the ball in his hands.

NBA Player Comparison: CJ McCollum

Tyrese Samuel - PF - 6’8, 210 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - Wasatch Academy (Utah) - Offers from Vanderbilt, Canisius, Connecticut, East Carolina, Old Dominion, Providence, Rhode Island, SMU, Towson, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Wichita State, Baylor, Tulane, South Carolina - @tyrese5God

Tyrese still has a year of High School ball ahead of him, but he’s already built an impressive profile of earned offers from a plethora of massive D1 schools.

Physically, he’s already a problem for his opponents. He’s a big, athletic finisher who finishes with force and authority, making the most out of his impressive build.

He’s powerfully athletic with some good touch on his mid-range. Scouts and coaches are absolutely enamored with his physical tools. He’s a strong defender and can guard multiple positions. He’s quite versatile and plays the game with a high motor. He fearlessly grabs boards and doesn’t back down from anyone on either end.

Whether it’s team White or Red, whichever one he ends up on in this game will be getting a physically gifted wing/forward who will get after it on both sides of the floor, and whichever lucky D1 program acquires his services will get more of the same.

NBA Player Comparison:  Julius Randle

Keshaun Saunders - SG - 6’5, 185 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - Orangeville Prep (Ontario) - Committed to Toledo - @itsLanX - 11th Ranked Canadian Prospect (NPH)

Keshaun committed to Toledo earlier this year, and he will be an instant impact guy for that program.

He’s a strong, athletic, versatile guard who can create shots for himself off the dribble at will. He’s got a smooth jump shot with a devastating first step. It’s tough to find opposing guards who can stay in front of him or contest his shots.

Saunders doesn’t naturally create shots for others, but he commands so much attention. As a pure athletic shooter off the bounce or catch, he makes for an intriguing plug-and-play fit at the D1 level.

He’s also praised for his motor and is an absolutely fierce competitor. He won’t facilitate for your team (at least not right now) but he will serve as a pure scorer. Defensively, he’s physically built to be a good defender at the high level, and he’s the kind of guy who takes pride in locking up his matchup.

NBA Player Comparison: Victor Oladipo

Miguel Tomley - PG - 6’3, 185 lbs. - Grad Class of 2019 - Tamanawis (British Columbia) - Committed to California Baptist - @MiguelTomley10

As Ja’Shon Henry does for Saskatchewan, Miguel Tomley will be representing British Columbia in this BioSteel All-Canadian Game. He can do a lot of things, but he is probably best known for the 66 he dropped in the Bronze Medal game at the B.C. championships this year.

Recently, for reasons unknown as of now, Miguel has de-committed from Cal Baptist and will reclassify to 2019.

He can shoot the heck out of the ball. He’s not terribly long and he’s not an explosive athlete, but he finds ways to get open and he doesn’t miss open shots often, if at all. He’s my dark horse to put on a show this game. He’s not overly well known compared to some of these names, and he doesn’t possess the physical gifts of some of the other athletes. But he always seems to find a way.

He’ll be representing BC in this game, and I can see him catching fire and taking over for a stretch or two. There’s a good chance that he reclassified because he knows he should be garnering more attention. With a big performance here, Miguel could kick-start his campaign to attract the eyes of some of the bigger D1 schools.

NBA Player Comparison: Lou Williams

Antoine Vernon - PG - 6’0, 158 lbs. - Grad Class of 2018 - TRC Academy (Ontario) - Offer from Northern Arizona

Antoine Vernon is a strong, fast guard who can wreak havoc on a defense. He’s not overly flashy, but he plays with a sense of decisiveness and quickness, which make him a tough guy to guard.

He’s a decent shooter and a good passer, and he does all the little things really well. As a high-IQ athletic guard, he can be the coach on the floor as well as your best scorer. He’s quick and strong enough to be a pest on defense, and he runs fast breaks with great efficiency.

He hasn’t said anything about his future plans in basketball, as the offer from Northern Arizona remains on the table. If he ends up going there, you know what you’re getting, as you know what you’re getting in this BioSteel Game; a smart, athletic, do-it-all point guard who will facilitate, score and defend at a high level. Whichever team - red or white - gets this guy will benefit from his maturity and athleticism.

NBA Player Comparison: Dennis Schroder

(The players added to replace the injured invites are Dalano Banton, Eze Dike, and Adong Makuoi)

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