The Only Reason the Bucks Should Trade Their Pick is to Move Up

The Bucks are rumored to trade their pick.



There are rumors about teams trading their draft picks, and the Milwaukee Bucks are very much involved in these rumors.  The Bucks will pick 10th in the upcoming NBA Draft on June 23rd, unless of course the Bucks trade this pick.

In the last few days I've seen fans and writers alike say that the Bucks should trade this pick.  The only way I agree with trading the pick is to move up in the draft, and even then I'm wary of any trades after the MCW mistake.  The front office on the trade front has shown incompetence with the MCW mistake and the failure to make any deals at the trade deadline.  

One scenario that has come up is that the Bucks should trade the 10th pick and Greg Monroe to the Pelicans for the 6th pick.  This proposal is absolutely great... for the Pelicans.  Monroe is, if we were to trade him, someone we can get a player for, not an unproven draft pick.  Wasting a valuable player in the market on a draft pick would be an awful decision when we can get a player for him.  On the other side, the hypothetical trade does give the Bucks a chance at players like Henry Ellenson, Buddy Hield, and other sought after players.

Another scenario, which I will outright say is ridiculous, is trading down for multiple mid rounders.  More is not always better, and in this scenario I feel we could easily lose out on a very promising player, Furkan Korkmaz, a Turkish guard who is described as a "natural born scorer."  Korkmaz averaged almost 50% shooting in the U19 World Championships, and the U19 part of that shouldn't put you off considering we are seeing more and more one and done college players.  Korkmaz is someone the Bucks need to look at and if he's available, need to draft.

Again, the only way a trade makes sense is if the Bucks can move up considerably.  Trading with Toronto to move up 1 would be a waste, unless it was an agreement to trade just the picks and nothing else, which won't happen as Bismack Biyombo wants to become a free agent.  

This Draft is an important one for the Bucks.  If we draft well and get the requirements (shooters and shooters and shooters), this team can be a 6, 7, or 8 seed at the least.  I don't expect a Finals win, but with a promising future, we could be only a few years away from something truly special in Milwaukee.


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