Not Hometown, Just Heart: Why I'm a Milwaukee Bucks Fan

This piece explains why I'm a Bucks fan despite the struggles the team faces year in and year out.


Anyone who knows me in real life knows three things for sure: I'm a devout Catholic, I'm the typical country guy, and that I am far from a hometown fan. In fact, the only teams in my home state of Wisconsin I like are the Brewers, the Marquette Golden Eagles, and my beloved Milwaukee Bucks. The other teams are the Detroit Lions, Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Red Wings, and I'm a bigger Boston Red Sox fan than Brewers fan. So it comes as a surprise to many when they see me in my Greg Monroe jersey or Bucks hoodie. However, spend 5 minutes talking to me about the NBA and the Bucks will come up faster than you can say Own The Future.

I wasn't alive to see the 1971 team win the NBA title. The memories I have of the Bucks are not wins, far from it in fact. The only playoff memories besides the 2001 ECF Series are round 1 losses. Despite the excitement of last year's series against the Bulls, complete with Jerryd Bayless' game winning layup, it ended i the most Bucks way possible with the video game like score in our loss to the Bulls in game 6.

One of the biggest wins in franchise history came this season, with the Bucks beating the then 24-0 Golden State Warriors. Now, you can say that "Oh, the Warriors were on a 7 game road trip" or "They just finished an OT game vs the Celtics", but nothing will take away the fact of "24-1." And the entire 2015-16 season has been filled with incredible moments, like the tear Giannis Antetokounmpo went on with triple doubles. We witnessed the Bucks beat top teams like the Cavs, Hawks, Warriors, Celtics, etc. We've seen our MAP to the future, consisting of Middleton, Antetokounmpo, and Parker, play fantastic basketball. We've seen Moose (Greg Monroe) score consistently. We've seen John Henson become the ultimate savage of the year on Matt Barnes, and get the BMO Harris Bradley Center as loud as I've ever heard it.

The Milwaukee Bucks are the one girl you want to leave so badly because all she does is hurt you, but you can't. You can't leave because you know one of these days something great will happen, and this year has been no exception. The bad times make the good times better, and even when we're leading for the entire game and blow it in the last 7.3 seconds (Hi Andre Drummond last night), I know something great is coming. I can't imagine myself cheering for any other team in the NBA.

So let's go Own the Future. Be proud of our Bucks fandom, and make sure the rest of the NBA has a reason to Fear the Deer.

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