Not Even Taxes Are Safe From Being "Bucksed"



"Bucks" (verb form)

1. to mess up in such a way that can only be attributed to the Milwaukee Bucks

Forms: bucksed, bucksing

example: "The Bucks had a 7 point lead with 1 minute left and lost by 3?  They Bucksed it again."


This time, the Bucks didn't cause the Bucksing of anything, but this situation really couldn't happen to any organization.  

Today saw the report from the Bucks that there was a security breach due to a scammer.  The scammer sent an email to the team on April 26th 2016 impersonating Bucks president Peter Feigin.  The scammer reportedly asked for W-2 tax documents from 2015, and a team employee, who remains unnamed, gave the scammer the information.

On W-2 forms you will find how much someone makes in a year, their address, phone number, and more worryingly, their Social Security Number (SSN).  

It has been reported that this was a "spoof hack" in which a scammer impersonates someone in order to obtain information.  In this case, the information obtained is incredibly important and is a massive security breach.  

The W-2's came from team employees all the way up to players.  The breach was discovered by the Bucks on May 16th.  Here's the tweet by the team:


The NBA and the NBAPA are investigating the incident, and a report has been filed to the FBI.
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