NBA Christmas Uniforms: A Look at the Bucks

The NBA Christmas Jerseys have been unveiled.



Some of you might not really care about uniforms, but don't worry.  I'll have a piece out soon on Michael Carter-Williams.

I'm a design junkie, but not in the HGTV or DIY sense.  To me, tan and yellow on a wall are the same color.  I don't understand what an eggshell whitish yellow is, and I don't know if you can have a yellow exterior for your house and brown shutters.  However, when it comes to national and state flags, team colors, team logos, uniforms, and court/field designs, I love that stuff.

So you can imagine my excitement when I read that the NBA unveiled their Christmas 2016 jerseys today.  It really was like Christmas.  The NBA unveiled jerseys for all 30 teams, and they can be seen in Paul Lukas' article here: (article) and on  

It is mentioned in the video on the ESPN article that while the NBA hasn't released the season schedules yet, it is confirmed that only 5 games will be played on Christmas Day, so we'll only see 10 of these uniforms in action.  However, retailers are expected to carry the jerseys and it is possible that all 30 teams will wear these in a game at some point, however this hasn't been confirmed as it's just my hopeful speculation that I get to see the Bucks in these uniforms.

So from the picture from we can see the Bucks uniform is black with the Cream City Cream as the color of the text and numbers.  While it may look simple, I think it's great.  The uniform doesn't try to do too much, it's simple and sharp.  The cream and black work great together, and the silhouette of the deer head looks absolutely fantastic.  While just a logo, and a harmless deer at that, the design of it makes the deer look intimidating in a way.  The team name text on the front hasn't changed, which I think is good.  The font is very Christmasy in that it reminds me of hot chocolate after a day of sledding (which in Wisconsin you can do until May).  

I like the black the Bucks are using.  I've already bought the Fear the Deer alternate black jersey, and plan on buying a jersey from all eras, so the Christmas color era, the purple era (that green with the purple buck head alternate is the greatest jersey of all time) and the first era with the greatest logo in all of sports history, the deer spinning the ball.  

 While the Bucks probably won't play on Christmas Day, it's still exciting to see new uniforms.

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