Milwaukee Bucks Weekly Recap: November 13 - November 20

The Bucks played 3 games in the past week. Here is everything you need to know.

The Bucks played 3 games in the past week.  Here is everything you need to know.

November 16th, 2016: Bucks 100 Hawks 107

The Bucks started the week on Wednesday with a difficult game in Atlanta.  While Atlanta does not have the best home crowd in the NBA, going on the road is never easy.  The Hawks were 8-2 when this game was played, so the Bucks were not really expected to win.  They took a 5 point lead into the 2nd quarter, and then gave that lead away and dug themselves a massive hole in the process.?  In the 2nd quarter Atlanta outscored Milwaukee 31-9, a difference of 22 points.  This meant the Bucks were trailing by 17 at halftime.  They did outscore the Hawks in the 2nd half, but it was not enough.  Atlanta held on to earn a 7 point victory.  Milwaukee was led by Giannis with 26 points, followed by Jabari Parker with 23.  Giannis was also able to grab 15 rebounds and dished out 7 assists.  Some players, like Rashad Vaughn, did not score a single point in the loss.  Milwaukee could have won this game, but the 2nd quarter was a killer, and the Bucks had to play catch-up all night.

November 17th, 2016: Bucks 73 Heat 96

This game had to be a joke.  Heading into the 4th quarter, this game was 64-62 in favor of Miami.  The Bucks were outscored 29-11 in the 4th quarter, and fell to the Heat by a margin of 23 points.  The shooting from the Bucks was absolutely pitiful, as they bricked their way to just 28 makes on 85 attempts.  Worse still, the Bucks did not have a single player score more than 15 points (2 players scored 14).  Matthew Dellavedova did not score a single point, but he was not alone.  4 players including Delly put up a goose egg in the points category, compared to only 1 player for the Heat.  Miami has fallen from dominance with the departure of Wade and losing Bosh due to health concerns.  Even on the road, the Bucks should not lose by 23 points to a team that was 2-8 on the Thursday this was played.  Many calls did not go the Bucks way, which is unfortunate yet expected with a small market team.  

November 19th, 2016: Warriors 124 Bucks 121

I will get the salt out of the way first.  The Bucks played 2 teams in the final minutes.  One wore black and yellow sleeved jerseys, and the other wore black and gray sleeved jerseys.  The refs missed 3 possession calls and multiple fouls, 2 of them having a major impact on the score.  Draymond Green's "defensive play" on the Bucks last in-bounds play would be a foul on any other player that doesn't play for Golden State or Cleveland.  Ref bias aside, the Bucks played an incredible game against the Warriors.  Milwaukee matched the unreal offense of Golden State pound for pound, including shooting 50% from 3 point land, and 51.7% from the field in general.  Giannis and Jabari were just ridiculous, and one can only imagine how the Bucks would have played if Middleton was healthy.  Antetokounmpo scored 30 points while Parker scored 28.  Had Greg Monroe played more in this game, the Bucks would have won.  An offensive-minded big man down in the paint against a team with very little in the way of inside defense would be a dream scenario, but this was not the case.  Some Warriors fans will call this a "revenge" game, despite the game not having the significance of the 24-1 streak ending effort in December of last year.  

The Bucks are ended the week with a 5-7 record and will play 3 games in the upcoming week.  Milwaukee hosts Orlando on Monday, Toronto on Friday, and travels to Orlando on Sunday.  

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