Kidd out of Ideas: Milwaukee Game 5 Recap

The Raptors were three steps ahead of the Bucks in a game that was basically over at quarter time.

All throughout the game, the Bucks commentary team would say 'a 13-point lead is nothing'. Yet every time the Bucks would claw back to eight points, the Raptors would go right back at them. Toronto coach Dwane Casey made a few adjustments in game four and stuck with them for game five. Bucks coach Jason Kidd had no answers, despite the Bucks playing seemingly solid basketball. 

We'll remember the Norman Powell game

Norman Powell played junk time in game one and didn't even see the floor for game two. In game 5, Norman Powell played 33 minutes and led the game in +/-. His 25 points were incredibly efficient, as he made all four of his three-pointers and missed only three field goals all game. He and Kyle Lowry really pressured the ball handlers, snaring three steals each. The Bucks just didn't know how to defend him. Khris Middleton played some okay defense on him on the perimeter, but he kept making shots. As it turns out, Powell also had a vendetta against the rim. He was just nasty, showing plenty of bounce.

Make it rain

Both these teams have the wing defense to force teams to shoot around 30% from the perimeter regularly. In game 5, neither team looked like missing. The Raptors were 12/27 (44%) and the Bucks were 10/22 (46%). It wasn't the stars that were lighting it up from deep, but the extra attention being paid to DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and Giannis Antetokounmpo opened it up for Powell and Malcolm Brogdon. Powell was 4/4 as previously mentioned and Brogdon was 5/7 on his way to 19 points. He was clearly Milwaukee's second-best player.

Casey's lineup change works wonders on the boards

Greg Monroe was okay in game five. He had 11 points and shot well from the field, but having to play against Jonas Valanciunas (who has been moved into a bench role) has really stopped Monroe being as effective as he was earlier in the series. Monroe only grabbed two rebounds in his 22 minutes, compared to seven from the Lithuanian center. The Raptors had four players who grabbed six or more rebounds. The only Buck to do that was Antetokounmpo. In the end, the Bucks lost the rebounding battle 23-40 and had no second-chance points.

Kidd just got out-coached

There have been times where fans have praised coach Kidd for shortening his rotations and playing the right guys at the right times. In game five, Kidd had no answers at all. Mirza Teletovic has been awful in this series. He was -10 tonight, while Michael Beasley was -1 (the best of any Buck) in roughly the same amount of minutes. The Bucks have not made any adjustments to guarding Serge Ibaka's jumper. Thon Maker has the length and quickness to stay with Ibaka, but Kidd has gone back to having the bigs stay up in the pick and roll to try and trap the ball handler. It didn't work in game five, and if anything, it forced fewer turnovers than when the bigs would stay back and clog the paint.

Giannis is a top-five two-way player in this league

Antetokounmpo is doing it all in this series. He started game five poorly, shooting 1-6 in the first quarter. By half-time, he was up to 7-12 from the field. He finished 12-19 from the floor for 30 points, had nine rebounds, three blocks, three steals, and three assists. He understands how to run an offense. He knows when he needs to take over and he knows when he needs to get his teammates involved. Antetokounmpo drew a double team in the post and managed a slick pass to Maker underneath the hoop at a time when the Bucks made a run. He needs some help and we may just see his star rise even more next season.

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