Keep Dwight Howard Out of Milwaukee

The Bucks should not land DW12, and here's why:



Don't look at me like that, Dwight.  You know exactly why I wrote that title and this article.

From purely a basketball standpoint, keeping Dwight Howard out of Milwaukee sounds ludicrous.  DW12 was a superstar in Orlando, so much so that his decision to leave and go to the Lakers put the city he left in a state of rage.  To me it seemed like one of the largest uproars in one city over a basketball player leaving said city.  

Dwight went to the Lakers for a year.  It seemed then like the Lakers could rise with the NBA's best center and a legend working together.  In a perfect world, the Lakers would have gone on at least a Conference Finals run.  The real world result had them be swept by the San Antonio Spurs.  The real world also shocked the statisticians and the experts equally.  The fancy guys with their numbers failed to predict the very real threat that became reality soon, and the talking heads in their suits barely mentioned that same thing.  Kobe Bryant was the only one who said it, and the word rang so loud that it's used to this day, ranging in use from a joke to a valid point about Dwight.


Yes, it may be a tired joke, and many people say that Dwight isn't soft for butting heads with Kevin Garnett, but the reality is that Dwight Howard is soft.  

Howard in LA was unable to accept his role as 2nd in command behind one of the best the NBA has ever seen.  He wasn't content with best center in the NBA.  He made it seem like he needed more than that.  He needed to control the team.  He needed to be the guy.

This is why the Bucks need to keep Dwight out of Milwaukee.  I have little faith in our front office after trading Brandon Knight away last year and failing to trade the total joke of a point guard that is Michael Carter-Williams, but I think they can pull this common sense move off.  

The Bucks have their own Big 3 with a major supporter behind them.  The Big 3 of Milwaukee is our MAP to the Future.  Khris Middleton, Giannis Anteokounmpo, and Jabari Parker make up the MAP, and fantastic scoring big man Greg Monroe is the support.  Anyone who wants to get rid of or trade any one of these four answers to the Bucks problems has either just became a Bucks fan (which is a commendable feat in itself), or believes everything they read on the forums of arm chair GMs and coaches.  But, back to Dwight:

The four players above (MAP and Monroe) are the future of this team.  Giannis is by far and away the #1 guy for this team.  He will be the starting point guard, and we are expected to draft a shooter to make up for Giannis' unfortunate ability to not make jump shots.  Dwight Howard will not work.  For one, we already have Greg Monroe.  The Bucks haven't had a fantastic offense, and Monroe has helped boost it along with MAP.  The other reason is that no matter what, this will not be Dwight's team.  He will not be the #1 guy in Milwaukee.  

If Dwight can't be the #1, expect locker room feuds of the pettiest degree, and for drama in the media (when they actually pay attention to the Bucks) to distract such a young squad and hinder their development.  Dwight wouldn't even be the #4 player in Milwaukee.  MAP and Monroe would all be above him.  Besides this, we have a developing Plumlee, Monroe, and NBA Savage of the Year candidate John Henson.  

Bringing Dwight to Milwaukee means rebuilding the team again, and he would mess up the locker room chemistry which is so vital to young, developing players.  

Dwight to Milwaukee sounds good in either NBA 2K16 or in a perfect "only stats matter" NBA.  Unfortunately, the Bucks don't play in either.  They play in the real world, and the real world's message was clear and is clear now:

Keep Dwight Howard out of Milwaukee.?

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