Giannis Wins Eastern Conference Player of the Month; Kidd Wins Coach of the Month

Following the best March in the NBA, Giannis and Coach Kidd were recognized for their efforts.

The Bucks are coming off a red-hot March in which they went 14-4, rising up the standings in the Eastern Conference.  They currently sit in 5th with 5 games left to go.  Who would have thought any of this would happen after Middleton went down?  Or even Jabari?

Giannis Antetokounmpo earned the honor of Eastern Conference Player of the Month for March.  In 18 games he averaged 22.4 points per game along with 8.4 rebounds and 4.8 assists.  This is not the best month statistically for Giannis this year.  March was tied for the lowest total points, and the 4.8 assist average is the second lowest of the year.  However, like the MVP award, the situation is also considered.

The reason Giannis won the Eastern Conference Player of the Month is because of the Bucks' dominating the month of March.  They won an NBA-best 14 games.  The Greek Freak shined as he usually does, but the month of March was a team effort from everyone, even the coaching staff.

This brings me to the entertaining news of the day.  Bucks coach Jason Kidd won Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for the same reason Giannis won Player of the Month.  The team was playing playoff caliber basketball throughout March.  Kidd's faith in Thon Maker proved crucial against the Pistons, and no matter how frustrating his experiments and game plans can be, no one can deny that Kidd is more of a help to this team than a hindrance.  

The reason Kidd winning Coach of the Month is entertaining is because he is the most divisive topic among Bucks fans.  It seems to be a love him or hate him type of debate with a few falling on the fence.  This award adds some ammunition to the pro-Kidd side, but we really shouldn't be calling for a statue or a firing until we see what the Bucks do in the playoffs.  

While just monthly awards, it is nice to see the Bucks be acknowledged for their stellar play.

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