Derrick Rose Wants to be a Buck

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  Derrick Rose may want to be on the Bucks.  

While it is still early to talk about NBA free agency, this newest rumor has been making the rounds across the small Bucks Nation.  An ESPN report has suggested that upcoming free agent point guard Derrick Rose is considering playing in Milwaukee.

Every NBA fan knows the tragedy of Rose.  He went from superstar and league MVP to the butt of knee jokes everywhere.  In his MVP season, he was unstoppable.  He averaged 25.0 PPG and 7.7 APG.  That combination of scoring and passing from the same player is still one of the most impressive feats in recent history.  Unfortunately for Rose, he was plagued by injuries, keeping him sidelined for a whole season and more.  

Since the initial injury, Rose has yet to play a full season.  He also has yet to average 20 PPG (highest is currently 17.9), and his assist per game have yet to climb past 5.  He is obviously in a decline, and at 28 he only has so much time left until he enters a natural decline due to age.  He's not the player he used to be at all.

There is also the problem of money.  If the rumors are true, Rose will be asking for way more than he is worth.  For a player that is clearly on a downward trend, anything close to a max contract would earn that player being laughed out of the room.  The Bucks most likely wouldn't make the mistake of signing Rose to a large deal.  Despite him still being a widely-liked player around the world, Rose does not bring the value he once had.  

Rumors are rumors, and ultimately it's up to you if you want to believe it or not.  No matter how unlikely a rumor is, however, they shouldn't be tossed aside. It's important to look for credibility and flaws alike in each rumor you come across, especially in the NBA.

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