Bucks Sharpshooter Khris Middleton to Take Part in Basketball Without Borders

Middleton will attend the camp.

Source: thesportsquotient.com


More news is coming from the Bucks MAP, the core of this young squad.  Yesterday it was Jabari Parker being selected to the US Select Team, this time it's Khris Middleton heading to the well known camp, Basketball Without Borders.

Basketball Without Borders is a camp under the NBA (and coordinated with FIBA) that gets young players together under the game we all love.  It also encourages education, good health, good social change, and other things.  This year, BWB heads to Melbourne in Australia, and some of the world's best young players will flock there to show current NBA players and NBA legends alike what they've got.  The young players are all 19 and under and come from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.  They will work under the watchful eye of NBA coaches as well as players.

Some players will reach out to the community in order to promote education and other positive things in these areas.

Middleton has already been confirmed to attend the camp.  Other players/former players include: Patty Mills, Joe Ingles, Dante Exum, Aaron Baynes, David Robinson, Bruce Bowen, and Jerry Stackhouse.  All the young players can be found here on bucks.com

While Middleton might not develop his basketball skills, he can develop some invaluable leadership skills by teaching young talent, which can lead to him assuming a leadership role in a young but promising Bucks team.

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