LeBron James: Legend On & Off The Court

LeBron James' accomplishments as an NBA player speak for themselves. But his commitment to giving back and impacting lives makes him a legend both on and off the court.

LeBron James' accomplishments as an NBA player speak for themselves, but his commitment to giving back and bettering society makes him a legend on and off the court. In the last two decades, many prominent social issues have come to the forefront of the public focus. Despite joining the NBA before being able to receive a college education, James has proved himself to be both aware, informed, and well-versed in regards to a variety of these topics, including but not limited to inner-city education and police brutality.

Just as he does on the court, LeBron assessed the situation in a way that only he can---only this time, the situation was the unrest on America's social and political landscape. James aimed to find the quickest and most efficient way to make the biggest impact that he possibly could. Over the last few years, James' charitable activities have been equally as impressive as his achievements as an NBA player. The King has really grown to be the best possible version of himself---again, both on and off the court.

Inexplicably, LeBron faced an incredible amount of criticism for how outspoken and opinionated he was on some issues pertaining to and/or involving President Donald Trump. In February, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham infamously proclaimed that LeBron James---and Kevin Durant---"should just shut up and dribble", as she didn't think athletes were fit for "talking politics". Ingraham's remarks were incredibly offensive and close-minded, bringing into question her morals among other things.

Remember what I said about LeBron assessing the situation to see in which way he can make the greatest impact? Here it is in action:

As expected, LeBron's response was admirable, respectable, and iconic. He found the silver lining in Ingraham's unsettling remarks, which was the awareness it brought to the issues James' cared so much about. As time has passed since LeBron weighed in at All-Star weekend, his metaphorically lead over Ingraham has grown even more. If this were a basketball series, LeBron would've swept Ingraham 4-0, by a 50 point margin every game.

But LeBron's quest for social justice isn't about keeping score, or about retaliating with words against those that criticize him. LeBron's mission is about making an impact, with his actions speaking even louder than his words. The undisputed greatest basketball player in the world cares about helping kids and changing lives, not about any credit or accolades that may come with. Recently, LeBron James unveiled what he himself called his "greatest accomplishment", but it was no NBA award, trophy, or statistic. Instead, LeBron James opened up his own school for children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The perks that the 'I Promise' school provides are amazing and will be a huge boost to the education and morale of all the children attending.

LeBron James the basketball player may be gone from northeast Ohio, but for the community as well as the families and children still living there, he never left. LeBron has given many kids a path to success that they otherwise may not have had. The charitable impact he has had on so many lives has made him an unbelievably iconic figure and influential role model. Basketball players are already heroes to many kids growing up, but now LeBron is something more: a legend both on and off the court.

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