Kevin Durant Opens Up About Moving to the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant recently did an interview and really opened up about his decision to move from Oklahoma to Oakland and join the Warriors. The decision caused reactions that affected Durant in a way not many people predicted. Maybe it's time to stop the hate and think about players as people.

The NBA world was on the edge of its seat waiting for superstar Kevin Durant’s free agency decision.

It eventually came, and to Oklahoma City Thunder's very own to rivals, the Golden State Warriors.

Source:, Kevin Durant

The superstar himself has finally opened up completely on ‘Any Given Wednesday’ about his decision and the emotional toll it took on him, particularly to the reactions of the public.

“It did [drive me crazy] because I can’t go in a studio and express myself through words and it be a normal day.

“So if I were to come out and tweet something or Instagram a video of me disagreeing with what a writer said, it’s career suicide almost.

“Once I made the decision I knew I had to take a lot of stuff on the chin. I knew I had to keep rolling with the punches. It upset me”.

When prompted about the decision perhaps being weak, Durant said that was certainly not the case.

“When they called me weak, I think I’m the total opposite. There’s plenty of times in this life I could have quit… but I just kept going.

“How am I weak if I’m at the top, elite level of my profession and I just chose to play for a different team?

“A lot of people try to tear you down when you make a decision that makes them uncomfortable.”

Obviously, the reactions Durant had to deal with were extreme. Thunder fans were furious and disappointed.


Others were supportive.

A veteran to these sorts of decisions, LeBron James said in an interview with Business Insider’s US editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell that he likes the decision.

“I think it’s all great for our league, I mean our league is very competitive, it's continuing to grow and Adam Silver has done a great job picking up what David Stern started… So it’s pretty cool.”

Predominant NBA figure and journalist Stephen A. Smith said the move was the weakest he’d ever seen from a superstar.

“You [Durant] depart for the team that beat you? When you’re on the cusp of getting to the finals yourself or ultimately winning the championship for the franchise that you’ve been with since you’ve come into the NBA? I think it’s incredibly weak.

“He ran away from the challenge that he faces in order to jump on a bandwagon of a team that’s a little better”.

In the interview, Bill Simmons subtly mentions the idea of changing surroundings and the personalised nature of the decision to which Durant replied with a profound concept that many wouldn’t have even thought of or cared about.

“No one cares about what I want as a parson. It was all about what I do on the basketball court.

“No one cares if I like going fishing on Tuesdays or likes taking pictures in the street. No one cares as long as I can shoot the ball into the hoop”.

Who knew Kevin Durant was actually a person?

It may be time to put down the pitchfork and torches and actually take a minute to think about why players make the decisions that they do. Everyone is free to make their own choices and should not be condemned by them.

Sportsman or not, stop the hate.

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