Fantasy Basketball Advice: Working through the first 2 weeks of the season

What to do during the first two weeks of your fantasy basketball season.

It's the first week of games, stop freaking out! Panic leads to hasty decisions and that is how you lose leagues. Over the first two weeks of the season, you should not be making any drastic roster moves. Players get off to slow starts, it happens. Anyone in the top 75 should be given time to revert to the mean. You should not be dropping any player who would be picked up by someone else. You also should not be trading players away who start slow. Selling Low is poor form. Here is what you should be looking for in the first two weeks:

Exploit the Panic in Others 

Others will panic, exploit them. Buy Low on their slow starts, grab their bad drops off of the waivers, trade the bottom half of your team for their top half players. Flame the fans of panic and grab any asset you can.

Hit the Waivers

The end of your bench should always be expendable. Take a chance on hot players right away. Do not wait. You could be grabbing a top 70 player off waivers. At worst, you get some good starts and bad starts and drop that player for another hot hand. These moves are the ones that win leagues, don't hesitate.

Sell High 

Don't get too attached to hot starts, either. Certainly, there is going to be break-out players, and you have to do your best in evaluating if Swaggy P's hot start is sustainable (it's not). Some players like Gordon or Booker could break out, but there is always a trade that makes sense. Take the time to evaluate your team. Wait. Let guys get a few games under them. For example, Kanter will get out to a hot start, move him at his peak value. Trades are the way to a successful season.

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