Dallas Wings: Offseason Checklist

A new coach, convincing Liz Cambage to return, and re-signing key players are all on the Dallas Wings offseason checklist.

The Dallas Wings had a disappointing WNBA season that saw them fall in the first round of the WNBA playoffs. They also fired their head coach, Fred Williams and saw Taj Williams-Franklin step in as interim coach. They also finished a disappointing 15-19 despite getting star player Liz Cambage back for the season.

With such disappointing results in the 2018 WNBA season, the Wings offseason checklist is quite long.

A New Coach

The first and most important on the Wings checklist is to find a new coach immediately. The WNBA season can be a challenge, and they need to find a coach who can help the Wings play better, both defensively and offensively, and is flexible in the half court and up-tempo sets. They also need to find a coach who can get along with the Dallas Wings star players and help build strong relationships so it carries over on the court.

Liz Cambage

The second most important item on the Wings offseason checklist is to convince Liz Cambage to return to the WNBA next season. Liz Cambage has said publicly that she may not return, so the Wings need to reach out to her as many times as possible and keep her in the loop of key decisions. Cambage plays a big part in the Wings offense and defense, and without her, the Wings are not quite the same.

Re-sign Key Players

The third most important item on the Wings offseason checklist is that they have to re-sign some key players. There are a bunch of players who are not signed for 2019, according to the High Post Hoops Salary Database. Karima Christmas-Kelly, Kayla Thornton, Glory Johnson, Leticia Romero, and Cayla George. Karima Christmas-Kelly has been one of the important players for the Dallas Wings and it is important for the Wings to re-sign her otherwise they lose a good veteran who can help any team.

Glory Johnson has not been the same player, and has taken quite a dip statistically. This will be on the Wings if they want to continue to have her, otherwise, there is a strong possibility she will not be back in 2019. Kayla Thornton was one of the most important players for the Wings, and they should absolutely re-sign her. Of the two remaining players, Leticia Romero and Cayla George, neither player should be back and could be replaced.

These are just the main priorities in the Wings offseason checklist and the Wings will have a busy offseason and will need to make major changes if they want to be competitive in the 2019 WNBA season.

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