Is this Dirk Nowitzki's most impressive season?

Is Dirk having his most impressive season at the age of 39?

Dirk Nowitzki became the sixth player in NBA history with 31,000 career points during the second quarter of last Wednesday's game against the Thunder at American Airlines Center. Nowitzki has now joined a group that includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Though he's within a reasonable distance of catching Chamberlain's 31,419 points before the 2017-18 season ends, Nowitzki said he wouldn't force the issue. At this time Dirk is 357 points away from Wilt Chamberlain.

With this being Dirk's 20th season you would think he would be slowing down. Well, that is where you are wrong! Dirk now ranks third in the NBA in 3-point field goal efficiency, draining 43.9 percent of his attempts this season! The season still has 17 games remaining but this is the highest 3-point percentage Nowitzki has shot during his 20-year career. Dirk did shoot 42% from 3 in the 2009-2010 season and that was prime Dirk! At the age of 39, shooting third best 3-point percentage is the league is remarkable. Michael Jordan at the age of 39 only shot 29% from 3, so this proves Dirk is the greatest of all-time! Right?? Probably not but there definitely is an argument for Dirk Nowitzki. If Dirk can keep up this unbelievable shooting he might break another Mavs record of 3-point percentage is a season, (Jason Terry,42.7%).  As Dirk is less agile as he used to be, you would think he is now just a three-point shooter, however, 31.9 percent of his points this season have come from mid-range baskets. That's the highest percentage in the NBA, just ahead of Carmelo Anthony's 30.2 percent.

  Photo taken by Danny Bollinger

This season Dirk Nowitzki is averaging 12.5 PTS a game which is better than his rookie season, 5.7 REB a game and 1.6 AST game. Nowitzki is shooting a total of 46.6% from the field, 43.9% from deep and 90% from the free throw line. You have to admit these a pretty nice stats for a 39-year-old. Other veterans like Vince Carter only averaged 6.6 points at the age of 39. Also, Dirk Nowitzki has only missed one game this season with an ankle issue. This is incredible! Dirk said " he feels good and wants to keep playing" which is great news Mavs fans. In the past week or so Dirk has played his best games of the season, scoring his season high 23 points against the Pelicans on Monday and hitting 5/7 from deep against the Denver Nuggets. It has been a very fun week. 

Dirk has had some issues this season saying "Sometimes there's games, or a stretch of games, where everything feels weird,". "And every time you shoot it's like an out-of-body experience." We understand that Dirk's body is getting older. Dirk also commented on his recent stretch of games, "You go through some ups and downs in a season," Nowitzki said. "It's normal. Right now I've just had a decent touch."

Overall, I think this might be one of Dirk's most impressive seasons. At the age of 39 when most players have retired by now, Dirk is third best in the league in 3-point percentage. Nowitzki may not be scoring as much as he used to, but it sure is fun to see him splash from deep or fade away over a mismatch. I am very excited to see what Dirk will do with the remainder of the season!

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