Is Dallas a good fit for Aaron Gordon?

Would Gordon fit in Dallas next season?

This summer Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic will be a free agent.

Dallas has already shown interest in Gordon before and this time I think Dallas can add him to their roster. Gordon was selected fourth overall in the 2014 draft by the Orlando Magic. Gordon and the Magic haven't done much in those four seasons, with the Magic not being in the playoffs in any of them. If Dallas can somehow get Gordon in free agency, Gordon would be the star player in this young Dallas team. Hopefully, Dirk will stay in Dallas for another season and if they get Gordon, and maybe another backup point guard, the team would be good for a playoff run.

DSJ would start at the one, Wes at the two, Barnes/McDermott at the three, Gordon at the four and Nerlans Noel at the five. Dirk and etc would come off the bench. I think Gordon is the spark this Dallas team needs. His explosiveness around the paint and with his up and coming three-point ability would be a great addition to the Mavs. 

  Photo taken by Jose Garcia

In his NBA career, Gordon has averaged 11.1 PTS, 5.8 REB and 1.6 AST per game. By coming to Dallas I think Gordon will be able to score more with the passing abilities of DSJ and JJ and Gordon will get more assists with Dirk and Barnes knocking down shots from the arc. This season Dallas have been missing that spark in their offense. Powell has been really good coming off the bench for Dirk at power foward, but if Dallas could land Gordon, Powell would have less playing time. This could hurt our defence. Dwight has arguably been our best defensive player this season, with fewer minutes for Powell, the Mavs defense could struggle. If Nerlans Noel ever returns from injury and Salah stays fit, the Mavs defense would be decent but we would miss Powell's energy. 

In the upcoming free agency superstars such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant will be free agents. While I don't think Dallas will try and get these players, one can dream! But there will be plenty more potential all-star talent up for grab. Players such as Jokic and Cousins could make Dallas a playoff team with a flick of a switch. The only problem is to somehow lure these players towards Dallas.

DeAndre Jordan could be a player the Mavs need. His rebounding and defensive presence would help the Mavericks. But realistically, I think Aaron Gordon is a player the Mavs could actually get.

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