Warriors Beat Cavs in Competitive Bout

Cavs lose a competitive and chippy game four that may have lasting implications.

Sometimes you're just not the better team. 

 The Cavs are the not better of the two teams in this series, despite what people say. The Warriors are the better of the teams, and they're showing it.

The game did get chippy though, and Draymond Green, yet again, has found himself on the brink of suspension because toward the end of the game, James and Green got tangled up, Green fell down, James stepped over Green, and as James did this, Green threw his arm up and hit James in the family jewels. Green and James exchanged words, and if the NBA is at all consistent in their officiating and their ruling on crotch shots, Green should be suspended for game five. It remains to be seen if he will be though.

 The Cavs stopped running their offense in the fourth quarter, and they began playing hero ball, which does not work against the Warriors. They stopped moving the ball, they chucked up bad shots, it just wasn't anything near the offense they had run in the first three quarters, and that's frustrating for all Cavs fans.

This series, for all intents and purposes, is over. If Green gets suspended for game five, maybe the Cavs can win in Oakland, and then maybe they can win again in Cleveland to force a game seven, but I am not going to say that will happen, and I do not expect it to happen. This series will likely be over Monday night.

Game four was a great game, but for all Cavs fans, we know the referendum on LeBron James' career will begin again, and that is a tired argument, but sometimes, all you can do is shake the hand of the man who beat you, take the L, and move on.

But, the fat lady hasn't sang...

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