Life Is Good If You're a Celtics Fan

Life is good right now if you are a Celtics fan. There is no pressure for your team to win it all, but the roster is absolutely stacked. It should be a fun season.

Life is good right now if you are a fan of the Boston Celtics.

Last season, the Celtics nearly advanced to the NBA finals without two of its superstars. Led by young studs Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Boston led 2-0 and 3-2 against the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals. But the King took over in Game seven and defeated the Celtics once again.

In the playoffs, Boston played without Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Daniel Theis. And yet, they were this close to playing against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals.

After Marcus Smart signed a 4-year, $52 million deal a few days ago, the Celtics will have all of its pieces coming back to play together for the first time since Gordon Hayward hurt his leg the first game of the season.

This is the potential starting lineup

Kyrie Irving

Jaylen Brown

Gordon Hayward

Jayson Tatum

Al Horford


Marcus Smart

Terry Rozier

Marcus Morris

Daniel Theis

Aaron Baynes

The lineup is absolutely stacked.

Not only is this team great, but it should be great for a long time. That is unless Kyrie Irving decides to abandon a great situation to go to the Knicks (we will rant and worry about that another day).

But assuming Kyrie Irving stays in Boston, life is really good right now if you are a Celtics fan. The green and white have all of the pieces to contend for a championship, and yet, there is no pressure to win because the Warriors are simply stacked.

On July 2, Demarcus Cousins signed a laughable 1-year, $2 million deal with the Warriors. One of the best centers in basketball joined one of the greatest teams ever assembled for penny change. 

What a league.

Twitter reacted accordingly

As a Celtics fan, you can only laugh at how stacked the Warriors are and enjoy the upcoming season. Right now, the Celtics are probably the second best team in basketball. And yet, the team is a major underdog.

It is not too often that this is the case.

Take the Boston Red Sox for instance. The Red Sox are generally very talented and are expected to win, but just don’t show up in the playoffs. They cause stress and anxiety, and there is generally no level of ease with the team (except this year thus far).

The New England Patriots are the Warriors of the NFL. There is pressure to win every year. It is great winning Super Bowls, but it just isn’t as fun anymore. You wake up once the AFC Championship game begins, you watch the Superbowl (also known in Boston as the “New England Patriots invitational”) and you watch the game in constant stress while your friend next to you annoyingly says, “Don’t worry, Tom is going to come back and win it again.”

Yeah, well how did that work out last year?

The Celtics, on the other hand, have a great young core, with a few veterans, and should compete for championships for at least the next five years. They work hard, are likable, and are fun to watch.

This year, they actually have a chance to win and are much more talented than in the past couple of years. However, they now have to compete against five all-stars who all played on team USA together.

It’s a joke.

So as a fan, there is no pressure this year. There is no stress. There is no anxiety.

This season will be… What is the word? Oh yeah, it will be fun to watch this team. Remember that word, Boston fans?

One could argue that the last couple of years have been fun because the team overachieved and had nothing to lose. And you are right. But the big difference between this year’s team and teams in the past is that this Celtics team actually has a chance to win a championship. They are that good.

Other teams never had a chance.

When a team is this talented, there is generally stress and expectations that surround the group. But because the Warriors are video game-level good, the Celtics are huge underdogs.

Not only that, but there is excitement around the Celtics because everyone is back and healthy. Last offseason, Danny dismantled the entire roster, and it took a while for fans to learn and embrace the new players.

This upcoming season, we now know all of the players and feel like they are our guys. We now know Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris, and Aaron Baynes.

The only player we really don’t know is Gordon Hayward, and everyone is anxiously waiting for him to play at the T.D. Garden for the first time.

Can you hear the standing ovation already? Chills.

This piece may sound obnoxious or annoying or pointless to a non-Celtics fan. Well, I don’t know what to tell you about that.

All I know is that while the rest of the league is upset with the Warriors, Celtics fans should be laughing.

What do we care? The Warriors were already better than the Celtics and it just makes the matchup a bigger David versus Goliath story. 

Can you imagine if the Celtics beat the Warriors next season?

Anyway, we are in it for the long run, not necessarily just next season.

Who knows, maybe Demarcus Cousins will be one person who can split this Warriors team apart because God knows nobody else will.

 But either way, it should be a fun and enjoyable season next year.

Unless the Celtics lose to the Sixers.

Then screw it.

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