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Our Yahoo Fantasy Basketball tools help you identify players to add to your teams who are playing on specific days using our Premium Schedule Grid, rank free agents in your league using our Waiver Wire Rankings, see how potential trades impact your league using our Trade Machine, and let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competition using our League Scouting Report.

You can also create your own protections to use across all of our tools, as well as using our own projections, and in-season rankings.

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Premium Schedule Grid

Use our premium schedule grid to filter players available on your waiver wire by days they’re playing.

You can see how good, or bad a player’s opponent is at guarding their primary position. This is a ranking out of 150. Green means the match-up is a good one, red means it’s not ideal.

You can also turn categories off and on, or add weighting to emphasise the importance of the categories you’re looking to add to your roster.

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Waiver Wire Rankings

Can’t decide which players on the waiver wire fit your team the best?

Use our rankings tool to filter players that match your team build, by turning categories off and on, or adding weighting to categories.

You can also filter by position.

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Trade Machine

Our trade machine lets you see how potential trades impact your team, and league.

Start by selecting teams and players that can be involved in a trade.

You’ll then be given a total of the average stats each team is receiving, and an overview of how much of an impact the trade has on your future league standings after the trade takes place.

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League Scouting Report

It’s easy to know our own team’s strong and weak points, but doing the same research on your opponent's is hard work. Our scouting report does the hard work for you.

Select 2 teams at a time to see and compare players on their roster, including an overview of their strong and weak categories.

You also get an overview of how every team in your league ranks for each category.

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Create Your Own Custom Projections

Are you a fan of our fantasy basketball rankings and projection tools? Do you like our category filters and advanced options?

Well. Now you can create your own projections that use our ranking and filtering tools.

The best part is, you can use these projections across all of our tools made for Yahoo Fantasy Basketball leagues.

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