Write for Hashtag Basketball

Do you want to write about basketball?

So I had text written to make my website sound super professional, but after reading it a few times I came off as a massive douche. So here's my second attempt.

I created Hashtag Basketball a few years ago and it has grown from a simple website with team specific Twitter feeds to a popular(ish) fantasy basketball website. I'm wanting to take it to the next level by adding NBA team content, giving fans like myself the opportunity to get our voices heard on an already existing platform.

I have a background in web development and marketing and I'm looking for fellow passionate NBA fans to write content about their favorite team in exchange for a revenue split. 60% of the revenue generated by your content goes to you, the other 40% goes to running costs (server, promotion, editors etc.).

Why you would do it

You want to get started in sports writing

You're into writing, but don't have the tech savvyness to start your own website

You applied to write for SB Nation, ESPN & Yahoo, but got declined

Why you wouldn't do it

You're not interested in a revenue split

Your name is Zach Lowe and you already write for ESPN

You can't be bothered

Are you still interested? Great! Here's how it'll work.

You'll be asked to write a minimum of 1 article per week during the NBA season (at least 500 of your own words, not published anywhere else) on any topic of your liking (so long as it's relevant to the team you've been assigned). Your content will be promoted via our social media channels, but you're also encouraged to do the same using your own (the more traffic your content gets, the bigger your revenue). You'll receive your revenue split at the end of each month.

Fill out the form below to register your interest. Hope to hear from you soon!