The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Otto Porter

After flying under the radar in the early part of his career, Otto Porter signed a max contract this summer, only to continue to fly under the radar, albeit in an extremely efficient and effective manner. He's proving to be worth the investment and deserving of more opportunities.

Breakthrough Season

Last year Otto Porter made solid strides in all areas. While usually the 3rd or 4th option on offense, he continued his slow and steady rise as one of the NBA’s most consistent and versatile, jack-of-all-trades type player, reaching career highs in his FG (51.6), FT (83.2) and 3 point (43.4) percentages, as well as points (13.4), rebounds (6.4), steals (1.5), blocks (0.5), and only 0.8 turnovers. While not eye-popping numbers, they exemplified the type of player who would grow up learning basketball from his uncles and cousins, emphasizing work ethic and versatility (His dad famously rejected the callings from AAU teams). A lot of what informs his tendencies, skills, and demeanor are reflected by what he learned in epic matches in his Grandma’s backyard in a tiny Missouri town.