What the Draymond Green Non-Suspension Mean to a Jazz Fan

One Jazz fan's opinion on what the Draymon Green non-suspension means for small-market teams.

By now, most have heard the news.  As reported in the following tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA has decided to not suspend Golden State's PF Draymond Green.

The league later released the following statement regarding their decision.

After yesterday's suspension of Cleveland's Dahntay Jones for a similar (and possibly less severe) foul, it seemed the League would take similar disciplinary actions against Green.  But they didn't.

So what does this mean to the Jazz fan?

For me, it means frustration.  I have spent my life being a fan of a small-market NBA team.  I have never had the opportunity to see a big name free agent come to my team in the offseason.  I have never had the opportunity to watch my team win a championship (the words "the push off" still make my blood boil).  And now I find myself in a situation where favoritism towards large-markets and key players seems blatant and obvious.  I apologize if I sound like I am complaining about being a small-market fan.  I am not.  I am a small-market fan by choice.  I also have nothing against the Warriors; on the contrary, I cheered them on and enjoyed seeing them beating the single-season wins record.  But this situation leaves me frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that NBA officiating is a difficult job.  I would not want to switch places.  I also understand that the outcome of a basketball game or series is not defined by a couple incorrect calls (push off, cough).  But it is impossible to not be discouraged when you see large-markets being favored.

I may be in the minority (I hope I am not), but I want to be a fan of a league that values integrity.  If I wanted to be solely entertained and didn't care about rules being enforced consistently, I would turn into the WWE instead of the NBA.

What do I suggest?  Let the NBA know if you feel the same.  Go to http://contact.nba.com/contact-nba/, choose the topic "Officiating in the NBA", and tell the League that their decision to not suspend Draymond Green frustrates you as a small-market fan.  Hopefully your letter will join mine and the League will listen to what we have to say.

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