The Offseason Jazz Fan: Edition 1

I have enjoyed watching the Conference Final battles (or lack thereof in the East), I went and saw Captain America: Civil War with my wife earlier this week, and BBQ weather is underway.  But the months from now until October are hard.  Life without Jazz basketball just isn't the same.  To help alleviate the struggles of the offseason, I bring to you the first edition of The Offseason Jazz Fan, a short (hopefully) bi-weekly article of my thoughts on what is happening within the Jazz world.

This week: Where the Organization Stands.

This offseason we have already seen three announcements that prove the Jazz organization is feeling confident and stable in their progress.  

The Jazz organization likes what Quin Snyder has done so far.  His extension is proof of that fact.  Amidst the many coaches that have been fired during the last couple seasons, I love the fact that I am a fan of an organization who has 1) found a coach that matches their plans and goals, and 2) shows that coach appreciation.

Sure, the rebranding of the Utah Jazz was nothing major.  I would have liked to have seen a return to the Mardi Gras purple.  But the fact remains that the Jazz organization is investing in their team.  They have a vision of what they want to organization to be (one without a mountain logo) and are making the vision come to light.

Though the specific details have not been released, the Larry H. Miller Group plans to make major renovations to Vivint SmartHome Arena.  Reports suggest that the majority of the funds for the renovation will come directly from the Larry H. Miller Group.  This further shows the dedication and investment towards the Jazz organization and its fans.

The Jazz organization seems confident and stable.  So, what can we expect this offseason?  I expect to see the organization take a risk.  I would not be surprised to see the Jazz trade their draft pick in an attempt to either obtain a veteran player or to move up in the draft.  In addition, I believe a trade involving a core player is likely to occur.  This may seem contrary to what the organization has been doing, but that is exactly why they can do it.  If a move fails, it won’t be detrimental. They have built a solid, stable group.  Now is the time to take a risk.

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