Ranking All 17 Toronto Raptors Contracts

These Toronto Raptors value rankings are based on how much the player is earning solely in the 2017-2018 NBA season.

These Toronto Raptors value rankings are based on how much the player is earning solely in the 2017-2018 NBA season. All salaries are rounded for ease.

1) Norman Powell $1.5M (Previously ranked 2nd)

Yes, Norman Powell got an extension, but that doesn’t kick in until next season. However, that doesn’t change his rank for me. If Powell was making $10.5M this year he would be the best value for the money on the team. As a starter in 18 games last year Powell shot 49.8% from the field and 39.7% from three. Plus, he has performed in the playoffs in both years he has been in the NBA. The Raptors probably don’t beat the Pacers two years ago or the Bucks last year without Norman.

2) Kyle Lowry $28.7M (Previously ranked 1st)

“Kyle Lowry is old and doesn’t perform in the playoffs.” I’m tired of hearing this. Lowry has had back luck with injuries, but before he got injured last year he was having a career year with highs in points (22.8) and three-point percentage (41.7% on 7.9 attempts per game). Kyle is the most impactful player on the Raptors. Hopefully, the Raptors won’t need him to play massive minutes this season so he will have a better shot at being healthy come playoff time. Kyle Lowry is Irreplaceable.

3) DeMar DeRozan $27.7M (Previously ranked 4th)

Some people will want to rank DeRozan in front of Lowry and I get that long-term DeRozan is the better asset because he is younger. However, if we are just talking about this coming season I give Lowry the edge. DeMar is coming off a career year himself. What impresses me most is how he shot 48.4% from two at a high volume of mid-range shots. DeRozan also carried the Raptors post all-star break when Lowry was out and played well in the playoffs despite what some people want to choose to believe. DeMar DeRozan Doesn't Need a 3-Point Shot.

4) OG Anunoby $1.6M (Not previously ranked)

I feel like there are a bunch of teams that would be willing to give up a first-round pick for Anunoby. The rookie might be the best wing defender on the Raptors currently. OG has a lot of potential and will certainly get minutes this season. Raptors Steal OG Anunoby.

5) Jakob Poeltl $2.8M (Previously ranked 11th)

This is where I’m going to get some hate. Jakob Poeltl is probably never going to be an all-star. That’s okay. He’s a good mobile defender that is constantly looking for second-chance points on the offensive side of the ball. “The Turtle” might not have much shooting range, but the Raptors don’t need him to have a jumper. Looking Back at Jakob Poeltl's Rookie Season.

6) Jonas Valanciunas $15.5M (Previously ranked 5th)

“Nobody wants Valanciunas. JV is garbage.”
Before you throw a brick through my window consider the facts. Jonas Valanciunas is a terrific rebounder. Jonas Valanciunas is an efficient scorer. Jonas Valanciunas is a good free throw shooter for a big man. There might not be a big trading market for centers in the NBA right now, but Valanciunas is a good player. If it wasn’t for JV the Raptors most definitely would have lost to the Pacers two years ago in the playoffs. He also played pretty well in the next round against Whiteside until they both got injured. People want to make Jonas out to be this horrific defender when he really isn’t. He might not be a rim protector like a modern center, but he uses his physicality. The Raptors have had horrific big defenders in the past in Bargnani and Scola who would both shy away from any contact what so ever. Finally, Jonas Valanciunas is one of the best centers in Raptors history. If the Raptors are serious about diversifying the offense Valanciunas could have a breakout year. Hot Take: Jonas Valanciunas Will Be Better Than Serge Ibaka.

7) CJ Miles 8M (Not previously ranked)

CJ Miles is exactly what you want out of a three-point shooting role player. He could pretty much fit on any team in the league. However, if the Raptors were to ever explore trading him they won’t get more than a late first for him. CJ Miles is a Better Fit Than Terrence Ross for the Toronto Raptors.

8) Serge Ibaka $20M (Not previously ranked)

“Why are you throwing shade on Ibaka?” Serge is the 3rd best player on the team and you rank him 8th?”

First off I want to say Serge Ibaka is super important to the Raptors success this year. Power forward is probably the Raptors thinnest position. The tires have a lot of wear on them. Ibaka is no longer the elite shot blocker he once was. A lot of his value comes from his three-point shot and when they aren’t falling $20M seems a little steep. Serge is probably almost impossible to trade.

9) Delon Wright $1.6M (Previously ranked 13th)

Delon Wright can guard point guards, shooting guards and some small forwards. He doesn’t have a jumper and he knows it. There’s a lot of guys in the NBA that don’t have jumpers will just continue to chuck it even if they aren’t going in. Wright is not those guys. His passing skills are coming along, but I don’t know that he will ever become an above average starting point guard in the NBA (top 15). The Raptors could probably fetch a late first for Wright if they wanted to trade him. 

10) Fred VanVleet $1.3M (Previously ranked 14th)

Fred VanVleet looks super comfortable with the ball in his hands. He doesn’t have much positional versatility like Delon, but he has the potential to be a decent shooter in the NBA. Freddy V could probably be the backup point guards on a lot of teams in the NBA, but it’s hard to imagine him ever becoming a star. If the Raptors ever wanted to trade him they could probably get a 2nd round pick back no problem.

11) Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira $2.9M (Previously ranked 7th)

Lucas Nogueira was a great shot blocker for the Raptors last year, but fell out of the rotation due to the emergence of Jakob Poeltl. Bebe is probably the Raptors best trade asset as they are stacked with guys that can play center. Trading Nogueira straight up probably doesn’t yield a lot, but if you package him with other assets the Raptors potentially could get a good piece back that would fill a roster need.

12) Pascal Siakam $1.3M (Previously ranked 10th)

Pascal Siakam might be the weak link in the Raptors rotation that is if he is actually in the rotation. Pascal plays with energy, but isn’t really a reliable source of anything. If he can master his three-point shot, he will have value significant value to the Raptors. Otherwise, he could be prone to riding the bench.

13) Alfonzo McKinnie $816K (Not previously ranked)

Alfonzo McKinnie showed flashes in the preseason, but he’s probably not more than an emergency option at this stage.

14) KJ McDaniels $1.5M (Not previously ranked)

KJ McDaniels plays hard, but is a fringe NBA talent. He also likes jean jackets.

15) Malcolm Miller $75k (Not previously ranked)

Malcolm Miller is cheaper and probably better than Bruno. That probably doesn’t mean anything.

16) Lorenzo Brown $75K (Not previously ranked)

Lorenzo Brown hasn’t been very impressive, but that probably still makes him better than Bruno.

17) Bruno Caboclo $2.5M (Previously ranked 15th)

Bruno Caboclo isn’t an NBA talent. He has shown little to no development. This is year four for Bruno. There is no reliable jump shot to be found with this kid. Playmaking skills do not exist. Caboclo doesn’t seem to understand what to do in any team defensive scheme. His one-on-one defense has looked passable at times, but as soon as he has to switch onto someone else he gets lost immediately. Bruno’s only real hope is to become a small-ball center and use his wingspan to protect the rim and rarely touch the ball on offense. I do not expect to be ranking Bruno Caboclo as a member of the Toronto Raptors next year. Bruno Caboclo is NOT 6 Months Away From Being 6 Months Away.

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