The San Antonio Spurs still have some cards to play

The short-handed Spurs still have some cards to play in their best-of-seven series with the Warriors. They just have hope the Warriors don’t have a royal flush; whatever they have now is damn close.

Through something like five or so quarters, the Warriors have been molly whopping the Spurs. And dirty plays or not, they need to find a way to temper the Golden State Warrior’s preternatural play.

Let’s explore the absurd mission of stopping Golden State.

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there’s a saying that goes something like: Don’t stand with a striker. It means, don’t try and out-punch/strike a guy who’s already really good at boxing/striking. You’ll lose. It makes sense most of the time; you can’t beat the master with his own technique.

If the Spurs are living by that maxim, they won’t go small, with a shooter at power-forward; they can’t out-”small ball” the Warriors. So, it seems the Spurs have to stay big, play to their advantages and use two bigs. Except — full stop — one of those bigs can’t be Pau Gasol. Gasol has been an asset this postseason, but getting switched onto Stephen Curry — or worse, not switching out onto Curry at all — is making him look closer to another word reminiscent of “asset.”

For example: