The Spurs face one problem against Houston

The Spurs are facing a significant problem from the Houston Rockets, and it will decide the fate of this series.

With the Rockets-Spurs series tied 2-2, nobody can predict the winner of this bracket. The Rockets throw a haymaker, then the Spurs throw a couple heavy blows, and the Rockets came back with another stunner with a 125-104 blowout. With game 5 happening in San Antonio, Popovich is going to need to make significant adjustments to counter the Moreyball fury and it all stems from one problem: Getting Houston off of the three-point line.

With Nene suffering a groin injury and heading to the hospital, the perimeter defense will have a great opportunity to force the Rockets inside the arc and make the Rockets shoot low percentage shots. Gasol, Aldridge, and Lee can now operate more effectively within the Spurs defense, but it all starts with the perimeter defense and if they get the appropriate switches. The Rockets made 19/43 threes in game 4 and a fair amount happened to be open looks due to poor defensive assignments. This is especially prevalent when Aldridge is isolated on James Harden or Lou Williams, and the Spurs simply cannot survive when their big men are isolated on an island with a professional scorer.