New Uniforms in Sacramento

The re-branding of the Kings continues.

There are plenty of changes being made in Sacramento this off-season, both on and off the court. To go along with their brand new, downtown stadium, the Kings are also undergoing a re-branding. In April, the team released the new logo and color scheme, though there was no discussion or release of a new uniform to go with the redesign. Two months later, the Kings have finally released images of the new gear they will be rocking this season. 

The new uniforms follow the trend set by other teams who have recently re-branded: simplicity and minimalism. There are four new renditions of the uniform: Home, Away, Global, and City.

The home jerseys are primarily white, and the away's have purple as the primary. Both have grey as the secondary color, with "Kings" in a straight line under a slightly curved v-neck. The "City" alternate is similar to the away uniforms in color scheme, but have "SAC" written across the chest instead. The "Global" uniform is primarily black, also with a grey accent. The shorts have less grey than the others, but the bold new logo remains. The team will still pay homage to their Kansas City days, keeping their baby blue throwback uniforms in rotation. 

A person favorite touch on the new uniforms is the subtle baby blue hidden throughout. Each jersey has a baby blue stripe on the inside of the neckline, and a tab at the base of the jersey that reads "Sacramento Proud" against a baby blue background. Even more subtle are the three stitches that run perpendicular to the seam on the right side of the jersey. They represent our city, our pride, and our foundation, and are of course baby blue in color. 

The early reviews on the new jerseys are mostly positive. The minimalist approach has been criticized in the past, most recently with the Los Angeles Clippers re-branding a season ago. The Kings, however, have gotten a mostly positive response throughout the day on social media. The comments on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are mostly in praise of the new design, although there are always unhappy people. An early response from the team's super star is a positive one as well: DeMarcus Cousins latest tweet reads "New Unis" with a fire emoji. 


New stadium, new uniform, and hopefully a new, young star on the court. The NBA Draft is June 23rd. 


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