Cousins Gets Robbed

DeAndre Jordan is this year's winner of the "We Hate DeMarcus Cousins" award.

The NBA released the results of the All-NBA Team voting on Thursday morning, and there are a few notable snubs from this year's list.

The most notable omission from the lists is James Harden. In a season in which he averaged 29 points, 6 rebounds and 7.5 assists, Harden was left off in favor of Klay Thompson and Kyle Lowry. He missed the cut by a wide margin, receiving 106 votes/points to Thompson's 164 and Lowry's 155. Below is a comparison of the statistics:

| Player      | Points | Rebounds | Assists | Steals |
| J. Harden   | 29.0   | 6.1      | 7.5     | 1.7    |
| K. Thompson | 22.1   | 3.8      | 2.1     | 0.8    |
| K. Lowry    | 21.2   | 4.7      | 6.4     | 2.1    |

The decision was most likely influenced by the fact that Harden broke an NBA record for most turnovers in a season with a walloping 374 (4.6/gm). 

Another snub was Sacramento's own DeMarcus Cousins. He wasn't snubbed in way Harden was: Cousins received 277 votes/points, good enough for Second Team All-NBA for the second consecutive season. Kings fans have a right to feel as though their prized big man was robbed, as Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was voted on to First Team All-NBA. 

| Player     | Points | Rebounds | Assists | Steals | Blocks |
| D. Cousins | 26.9   | 11.5     | 3.3     | 1.6    | 1.4    |
| D. Jordan  | 12.7   | 13.8     | 1.2     | 0.7    | 2.3    |

Cousins was the fourth-leading scorer in the league this season, ahead of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. DeAndre Jordan was tied for 79th. To go along with his 1.4 blocks per game, Cousins led all centers with 1.6 steals per, edging out Andre Drummond who was voted as the center for Third Team All-NBA. DeAndre Jordan does have the edge on Boogie in rebounds and blocks, which are far and away the best parts of Jordan's game, and the reason he is paid $20 million per year. Another factor that potentially played into the decision was Jordan's league leading .703 field goal percentage, which was the third best shooting percentage of all-time. Granted, most of his attempts were dunks or lobs from Chris Paul. Check out his shot chart compared to Cousins': 





DeAndre Jordan is this year's winner of the "We Hate DeMarcus Cousins" award. Congratulations.  

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