Suns Unveil New Rebranded Nike Jerseys for 2017-2018

With a new global apparel deal with Nike kicking in for the upcoming season, rebranded jerseys were inevitable.

After an 11-year partnership with the NBA, Adidas announced in 2015 that they would not renew their deal with the NBA as the exclusive on-court apparel provider. After the Adidas news had broken, it was soon announced that Nike and the NBA signed a global apparel deal of their own. Adidas’ contract with the league ended this past season.

That brings us to today, early August, where Nike’s eight-year, nearly $1 billion partnership with the NBA kicks in. Obviously, switching over to Nike means that just about every single item in the apparel department, most importantly the jerseys, was in need of a rebrand. These first few days of the August doldrums have brought out creative marketing strategies, sneak peaks, and video game leaks of new jerseys around the Association.

Today, the Phoenix Suns unveiled two of their rebranded Nike jerseys for the 2017-2018 campaign.

Each team in the league receives what Nike calls an Association Edition and an Icon Edition.

In their description of the Association Edition, Nike says that the jersey features “a modernized wordmark of ‘Suns’ across the chest that proudly announces our team to the world.”

The Icon Edition sports the historic purple coloring seen over the course of the 50-year history of the franchise, while “Phoenix” is “proudly displayed across each player's chest.”

Nike's take on the basketball jersey is an interesting one, with a "scapula shaped armhole," that gives the jersey a slimmer look from the mid-torso upwards. Seams are essentially hidden with what Nike calls "modern construction." The stitching of the uniform creates "zero distractions" while providing ultimate mobility. After all, who would want to don a jersey that restricts them? One of the most exciting concepts about Nike's rebrand and jersey technology is the fact that the entire article of clothing is made from 100 percent recyclable fabric. The jerseys are made out of recycled poly, with an average of 20 bottles used to create a single jersey.

Newly rebranded jerseys will not be available until later this fall, according to Nike. However, you can reserve your new threads now, whether you opt for the Association Edition or Icon Edition.

Make sure to check out the rebranded Nike jerseys for yourself, and be sure to check out the detailed look of each edition.

What are your thoughts on the rebranded jerseys? Perfect? Too generic? Let us know!

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