Should Alex Len Return to the Suns?

Alex Len is still a free agent over a month into free agency. Should the Suns look to bring him back or should they let him go and sign with another team?

Alex Len, the former fifth overall pick in 2013 draft, still remains a free agent over a month into free agency. The Phoenix Suns still have not renounced his cap hold, which is currently just over $12 million.  He still currently has his qualifying offer on the table which is at about $6.4 million for next season.

There has been very little buzz about him and he isn't generating any interest around the league. The Suns already have Tyson Chandler for another two years at about $13 million per year and re-signed Alan Williams to a three year, $17 million deal.  Additionally, they still have Marquese Chriss and Dragan Bender, both of whom could play either power forward or center depending on the lineup. This leaves very little room for Len.

Last season, Len averaged eight points per game on almost 50 percent shooting from the field while grabbing 6.6 rebounds per game.  He is still only 24 years old but really didn't show much of an intriguing skill set in his first four years in Phoenix. He shot nearly 60 percent from five feet and in last year but that's about all he can do on offense. He doesn't have a good post up game and doesn't have the shooting ability to stretch the floor at all.  Defensively, he isn't a great rim protector and has poor lateral quickness to guard out on the perimeter.

Besides being young, he doesn't have any other interesting parts of his game that would make it worth it for a team to give him a multi-year deal.  Going into this offseason, I'm sure he envisioned that he would garner more interest. However, the market for centers is poor and most teams no longer have cap space from free agency spending the last two years.

In his four years in the league, the league's style of play has changed significantly.  Len can only play center in a time where teams play only one center and sometimes go small for long portions of games.  His lack of positional versatility and mediocre production really decrease his value.

At this point, the market for Len is very small.  His only offers would seem to potentially be one-year deals in the $3-$7 million dollar range. Len could also accept the qualifying offer from the Suns. If Len doesn't want to accept the qualifying offer, then the Suns should renounce his cap hold and let him go find a deal with another team.  

If Len accepts his qualifying offer, then it's a decent deal for the Suns given that it's only for one year and it gives a small extended look at him as he attempts to continue to develop. Len doesn't appear to be in the Suns long term plans which would be the correct evaluation despite him being a top five pick just four years ago. It's important for the Suns to maintain cap flexibility since they are a young and rebuilding team. With that in mind, only on a one year deal or the qualifying offer would it make sense for the Suns to bring back Len.

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