NBA Draft Trade Rumor - Sixers and Celtics in talks to make a trade for the 1st pick

It appears a deal is in place for the Sixers to land the First overall pick and a chance to draft Markelle Fultz.

Malik Monk? Dennis Smith Jr? Josh Jackson? Those were some of the options debated at the number 3 spot in the draft but now, instead of trying to figure out who is the best player available, it seems the front office figured out an answer - Markelle Fultz.

After sifting through the usual "duh" type of reports, smokescreens, and leaks during the pre-draft process, some of the industries most well-connected NBA insiders, reported that the Sixers were in serious talks with the Celtics to land the number 1 pick in the draft, and of course a chance to draft Fultz.

It was first reported by ESPN's Marc Stein (how is ESPN letting this guy go?), and then it was followed up by Zach Lowe and Adrian Wojnarowski. This appears to be real because per Wojnarowski, the most connected NBA reporter in the business, reported that Fultz could be coming to Philadelphia for a meeting on Saturday. Zach Lowe went on Sportscenter shortly after the news broke and pretty much said this deal is likely agreed to in principle. If that's the case, then the Sixers will almost certainly draft Fultz, who to me, is in a tier by himself and the talent gap between him and the next best player is pretty sizeable. 

At this point it's unclear what picks are being offered, the number 3 pick is almost guaranteed to be included and one of the Sixers 2018 pick or Lakers 2018 could be involved as well. Will the 2019 Kings pick be included as a sweetener? 

Fultz is not only the best prospect in this draft class but he is also the best fit next to a Ben Simmons/Joel Embiid foundation. Fultz has an incredible feel for the game, can do a number of things, and already has NBA ready hesitation moves, shooting, thee-level scoring and passing all wrapped in a 6'4 185-pound body (and a 6'10 wingspan). 

The report has sparked internet outrage from the Boston faction, and who can blame them? Fultz has been a no-brainer pick, but it is unclear if the Celtics are lining up for a second deal that includes maybe Jimmy Butler. Either way, a Simmons/Embiid/Fultz core without giving up players is too good to pass up. I'd personally have no problem giving up #3, The Lakers pick AND the Kings pick. Fultz is that good. 

Any hopes of getting Fultz were dashed when the lottery set the order on May 16th, but now, let the hype commence. Draft night is coming Sixer fans. If this trade happens there will be a Fultz breakdown posted on here, but in the meantime, Bask in this Draftexpress video.

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