Kevin Durant Telling Dion Waiters 'F$%* You' is Absolutely No Joke

Source: (Hashtag Basketball - Brian Han)

Oklahoma City Thunder backup guard Dion Waiters may have once again gotten a little too big for his britches -- something that should come as a surprise to no one.

During Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, teammate Kevin Durant drained a difficult contested midrange jumper in the second quarter over Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green.

His smile suddenly turned into a solemn glare intended for Waiters who had just gotten an assist on the play.

What followed would be unambiguous to even the most amateur lip reader.

"F*ck you," Durant said.

Then he said it again followed by a shoulder check that went mostly ignored.

Apparently, Waiters told ESPN reporter Royce Young that it was just a joke.

The two players might have a strong bond, but if you look closely at the play, there was genuine friction between them.

Durant had a wide open alley-oop opportunity during the fast break. Waiters didn't take advantage, most likely because he thought about his own brand of hero ball before it was too late.

It was a rare lapse in judgment by the Warriors' defense considering they had done their job attempting to smother Durant for the majority of the game. In fact, the Thunder star was held to just six points in the second half after a hot start.

"They were sending three guys," Durant told reporters after the game. "I was just trying to make the right pass, and I was turning the ball over, playing into the crowd, so maybe I just gotta shoot over three people."

Compounded by the fact that the Warriors' offense probably plays some of the most selfless basketball in the league (sometimes, comically so), Durant's frustration made perfect sense.

The tipping point came in the third quarter.

During Warriors guard Stephen Curry's unstoppable scoring flurry, Durant tried to block the reigning MVP's three pointer only to be called for a foul and a subsequent technical for complaining afterward. What resulted was a four-point play and really the beginning of the end of Game 2.

As great as Oklahoma City's superstar duo may be, there are going to be times during this series where the team's role players will need to step up, but it's just as important to know when to defer.

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