Can Russell Westbrook sustain this level of play?

Russell Westbrook has recorded six straight triple-doubles, and there's no stopping him right now.

One of the biggest NBA headlines heading into this season was whether or not Russell Westbrook can become the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double, through an entire season.

Now, 22 games into the season, Westbrook has 11 triple-doubles, six straight right now, and is three away from tying Wilt Chamberlain when Chamberlain recorded nine straight triple-doubles in 1968.

With that being said, it is becoming much more realistic that Westbrook can average a triple-double for an entire season.

The one category that shied people away from saying Westbrook could average a triple-double was the rebound category. However, since Serge Ibaka was traded to Orlando and Kevin Durant left for Golden State, Westbrook has had a better opportunity this season to grab more rebounds.

Last season with Durant and Ibaka in the lineup, Westbrook averaged 7.8 rebounds per game, and for his entire career, he has averaged 5.8 rebounds per game, according to

But this season Westbrook is on another level with his rebound totals. Through 22 games, Westbrook is grabbing 10.9 rebounds per game -- which leads the Oklahoma City Thunder, and is ninth in the NBA in total rebounds. Not to mention he is averaging more rebounds than Demarcus Cousins, Karl Anthony-Towns, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

All of those players that were mentioned, all of them happen to be either forwards or centers. Westbrook is leading all of these players in rebounds as a point guard. The last time the world saw a point guard who could grab a rebound like Westbrook was Magic Johnson, but Magic was a lot bigger than Westbrook.

But the way Westbrook rebounds the ball is insane. He's outrebounding 6-11 forwards, he's rebounding the ball off of missed free throws from the opponent, and has shown that he can rebound his own missed free-throw.

And as for the other categories, Westbrook should not have a problem with points and assists in double figures.

Westbrook is unlike any point guard in this league. He can score in multiple ways whether it be from three-point range, midrange, posting up down low, or driving to the lane. As a point guard, Westbrook is the most athletic guard in the league based on how he drives to the lane and scores at ease. What makes Westbrook so unique is that he can score whenever he wants to, and he knows how to set up his teammates.

Last year was the first year Westbrook averaged double figures in assists. And now that Durant is gone Westbrook knows that he has to be more of a facilitator as oppose to a scoring point guard like he was early on in his career. He does a good job of getting open shots for his teammates because of the style he plays and how he draws a crowd in the paint when he drives. He can also play pick-and-roll with his teammates.

Only time will tell if Westbrook can pull off a triple-double for the season. But don't be surprised if he ends up becoming the second NBA player ever to average a triple-double for an entire season.

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