Firing Phil Jackson may restore faith in New York

Following reports that James Dolan may consider firing Phil Jackson, it may bring some faith back for New York Knicks fans.

The mismanagement of the Kristaps Porzingis trade saga may have been the final straw for Phil Jackson in his time with the Knicks. 

Adrian Wojnarowski reported James Dolan is weighing up the future of the President of Basketball Operations. It has been a move that many fans have called for, after a series of puzzling decisions.

The most recent possibility of trading Porzingis had fans in an uproar. Jackson's handling of a potential Carmelo Anthony trade hasn't been great, but at least his motivations are understandable. Other disappointments have included the signing of Joakim Noah on a tough-to-swallow contract and the obsessive fascination with the triangle offense that led Jackson to conduct 45 minute sessions in pre-draft workouts.

Jackson was seen as a figure who could save the Knicks from Dolan. Ironically, it's now up to Dolan to save the Knicks from Jackson and start over again. Firing Jackson would put Porzingis and Anthony trade rumors to bed, at least momentarily. 

It could also open up the Knicks as a destination for a free agent point guard. Jeff Teague, a potential target, made it fairly clear in terms of how he felt about the triangle. That compounding with a shaky front office does not make for an ideal landing spot for free agents. 

Dolan needs to do a lot to regain the trust of Knicks fans. He's not afraid to pay out a long contract if it benefits the team. The whole Charles Oakley debacle was perhaps the biggest indictment on Dolan's resume. Trying to bring in former Knicks like Latrell Sprewell to sit with him was like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Saying sorry after you really stuff up does not excuse your actions. 

For once, Dolan may make a move that fans will respect. If he could replace Jackson with someone like former Cavs GM David Griffin, while managing to continue to stay out of the way of major personnel decisions, it may just be a home run. 

Twitter seems to like the potential move.

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