Carmelo Anthony Already Recruiting Durant To New York

The basketball version of "New phone who dis?"


Kevin Durant's current presence in New York, hanging out with Melo several days in advance of the Team USA unveiling, can only mean one thing: people rabidly commenting that he will be a Knick next season. 

While it's true that Melo and Durant have been talking extensively about Kevin's free agency, and even with former-MVP Derrick Rose's recent arrival in New York, it still seems a little, shall we say, optimistic to think of the Knicks as Durant's most coveted free agency destination.

Don't get it twisted - I would love to have him here, more than I want to continue drawing breath. Most if not all basketball souls dream of having that man represent their team. 

The Golden State Warriors just won a record-breaking 73 out of 82 games this season, albeit missing out on the championship. Their weakest starting-five position? Oh, that would be small forward, where KD breaks his bread. And with many suggesting current-SF Harrison Barnes is keen to test the waters during his own free agency period in this time (possibly due to wanting a larger role on a different team, but almost certainly desiring more money), it defies logic to suggest that Durant is making the Knicks a higher priority than the Warriors right now.

On the topic of breaking records, San Antonio comes to mind as well. With all the Golden State/Steph Curry hoopla of last season, San Antonio's franchise record-setting 67 win season kinda went unnoticed. Durant absolutely would've noticed it though; he's already heaped praise on Spurs coach Greg Popovich, specifically admiring how he and the San Antonio front office have maintained a standard of excellence by consistently keeping their players in a winning position.

And that's just two out of the six teams Durant is reported to be meeting with during his free agency. Melo and Porzingis are both incredible, dynamic players, but i'm not sure that their respective prestige stacks up with the Splash Brothers in Golden State. Hornacek can coach, but there's no way his resume meets Popovich's. And Derrick Rose may still be an all-star PG (and a decent FA acquisition), but Durant's already playing with a better one in Russell Westbrook.

I guess what I'm saying, yet again, is are we really that arrogant to think of New York as top-priority for Durant? That, after years of barely sniffing a championship, he would want to start again in NYC with a bunch of talented but unproven guys, with approximately ten times the media savagery he experienced in Oklahoma City? 

It's not happening, optimism's great because we've stunk for a while and are just now on the up-swing, but holy hell. Settle down and get over it.

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