A Knicks deal for Kyrie Irving needs to happen ASAP

Why the Knicks need to make a deal for Kyrie Irving

There are rumors that Kyrie Irving wants out of the Cleveland Cavaliers to join a team where he can be the man. His preferred destinations are the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs or the Minnesota Timberwolves. New Knicks president Steve Mills should be looking to orchestrate a trade to acquire Irving. It's the only logical thing the Knicks can do this offseason.

Kyrie Irving is still very young, at 25 years old. Trading for him will give the Knicks a young, dynamic point guard who can score at will. He also has the clutch gene, getting buckets down the stretch of a close game. The Knicks have not had a great point guard since Stephon Marbury (some may argue that with Chris Duhon). Kyrie is an All-Star, has won an All-Star MVP, has won a championship and helped lead the Cavaliers to 3 straight finals. Also, Kyrie is from New Jersey which means he will be home. How great would it be to be the man for your hometown team? Not a lot of players ever get that privilege.

A Kyrie Irving for Carmelo Anthony trade is the smarter thing for the Knicks. Melo wants to leave New York and either join the Houston Rockets or the Cavs. Houston does not enough assets to offer the Knicks. The Cavs giving up Uncle Drew for Melo is very logically. Let's hope that Melo will waive his no trade clause for this trade. It's time to go young and having a fading superstar with an expensive contract won't help the cause. Kyrie and Kristaps Porzingis sounds like a great one-two duo.

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