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Utah Jazz

#1Utah Jazz

Individual rankings:
Kevin #1, Nick #1, Tyler #1

A loss to the Clippers in LA ended Utah's 2nd 9+ game winning streak since the new year. It's a tiny bump in the road for what has been the league's most dominant team. The league's 2nd ranked defense and 3rd ranked offense makes for a lethal combination, and the scores have reflected that reality. Utah is now 20-2 in their last 22 games, and only two of those wins came by fewer than 10 points. There's some expectation that the offense may come back to Earth (Royce O'Neal is shooting 43% from deep), but Mike Conley is back from injury, so it sure looks like Utah could roll right into the All-Star break with a strangle-hold on the #1 seed in the west.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Los Angeles Clippers

#21Los Angeles Clippers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #2, Nick #2, Tyler #2

The Clippers split their week 2-2, but, more importantly, they now have Paul George back. The wins will keep coming, it's just a matter of continuing to work on team chemistry as they plan a meaningful playoff run.

Summary written by Gerard Fazackerley

Los Angeles Lakers

#31Los Angeles Lakers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #4, Nick #3, Tyler #3

For only the second time all season, the Lakers are coming off of back-to-back losses. Playing against the Nets and Heat without Anthony Davis and Dennis Schröder, the defending champs sputtered on offense and failed to eclipse the 100-point mark in both contests. The All-Star break is on the horizon and it couldn’t come at a better time for an exhausted Lakers team. Before the much-needed break, LeBron James and company will play five straight nationally televised games versus Washington, Utah, Golden State, Portland, and Phoenix, before rounding out the first half of the season in Sacramento on March 3rd.

Summary written by Nate Smith (@NateSmithNBA)

Brooklyn Nets

#41Brooklyn Nets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #3, Nick #4, Tyler #5

No KD? No problem. The biggest member of Brooklyn's Big Three (size-wise and game-wise) missed the full week of action--and the Nets still went 4-0. This wasn't a light 4-0 run either; Brooklyn kicked off the week with an easy win over the once-again free-falling Sacramento Kings, but closed out the week with wins over Phoenix and both LA teams. Their defense might not matter in the end if they can run roughshod over the best teams in the league while missing their best player.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Philadelphia 76ers

#51Philadelphia 76ers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #6, Nick #5, Tyler #6

Since the last updated ranking, the Sixers’ two stars have had breakout games. Ben Simmons posted a career-high 42-points against the Utah Jazz, and Joel Embiid basically beat the Chicago Bulls by himself with a 50-burger. Though Simmons missed two games this week, I think the career nights highlight how well the two stars have been playing in the past month. Since the James Harden trade, Simmons has basically been back to his normal all-NBA-defending/all-NBA self, while Embiid’s comical numbers in that same time span (and all season, really) have put him squarely at the forefront of the MVP race.

Summary written by Jordan Christmas (@Jordan_Xmas)

Phoenix Suns

#6Phoenix Suns

Individual rankings:
Kevin #7, Nick #6, Tyler #4

Another positive week for the Suns! They lost to the short-handed Nets after holding a 24 point halftime lead showing they can still be a rollercoaster at times, but other than that things are cruising along nicely. The following week can certainly set up for another positive and starts off with a pivotal matchup against the red hot Blazers, who are just behind the Suns in the West. From a statistical standpoint, the Suns are the 2nd slowest team in pace which is a major change from years past but definitely points to one of the reasons they are finding more success along with their improved defensive rating, low TO%, and one of the leagues highest assist%.

Summary written by Tony Jacobsen (@mathskers)

Portland Trail Blazers

#73Portland Trail Blazers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #8, Nick #8, Tyler #7

The Blazers may have finally lost a game, but not before capping off their winning streak by taking down the Pelicans on a night Zion Williamson dropped 36 points. The New Orleans big man was no match offensively for Damian Lillard, who scored 43 points and dished out 16 assists as he continues his incredible hot streak. Blazer fan-fave Gary Trent Jr. has also impressed recently. He provides much-needed offensive firepower to a roster still missing several key players due to injury. Portland has a much tougher schedule in the upcoming week, it will be the perfect opportunity to prove that this dominant stretch wasn’t simply a fluke. If they can keep their hot streak going long enough to regain some of their roster, the Blazers could easily become a squad other teams wouldn't want to face in the postseason.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

Denver Nuggets

#8Denver Nuggets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #5, Nick #10, Tyler #10

Denver really should have done more with their schedule this week if they want to make themselves serious contenders this season, and losing games to Washington and Atlanta isn't the right way to go about it.

Summary written by Nick Paradise

Milwaukee Bucks

#92Milwaukee Bucks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #11, Nick #7, Tyler #8

The Milwaukee Bucks went 2-2 this week, but that 2-2 record doesn't quite tell the tale of a really disappointing week for the squad. The two losses were both by double-digits and both at the hands of the Toronto Raptors. The two wins were against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Sacramento Kings--two teams that this Bucks squad should destroy on a regular basis. The offense is starting to slip after the Bucks led the league in Offensive Rating to start the season; with the defense already well below their league-leading mark from last season, any more slippage could send this team into a downward spiral towards the lower part of the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

San Antonio Spurs

#101San Antonio Spurs

Individual rankings:
Kevin #10, Nick #9, Tyler #9

The Spurs just keep plugging along and have moved into sixth in the Western Conference after going 7-3 in their last ten games. Are they actually good, though? DeMar DeRozan has had an impressive season, but his on/off stats suggest otherwise. LaMarcus Aldridge's game seems to have fallen off a cliff. In the Spurs' last ten games, they have a plus/minus of -2.1 and a net rating of -1.4. If the Spurs slowly fall in the standings, I wouldn't be surprised, but they are closing out close games and slowly climbing the standings right now.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Toronto Raptors

#117Toronto Raptors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #12, Nick #13, Tyler #12

No deers were feared this week as the Raptors beat the Bucks not once, but twice. After an ugly win over the Wolves, it seemed unlikely they would follow it up with a win against the Sixers. Well, guess what? Toronto got hot and managed to minimize the Sixers in the 4th quarter to win their 4th consecutive game. The shocking part is Lowry has been out the last 3 games. Baynes has officially worn out his welcome as a starter, but Bembry has filled in nicely. Additionally, Terence Davis may have found his way back into the rotation. The Raptors may not be the favorite to win the East, but come playoff time they will be a tough out. We recognize nurses as heroes. Coach Nurse has been nothing short of heroic by getting this team to flip the script after an abysmal 2-8 start.

Summary written by Jordan Kligman (@416Basketball)

Indiana Pacers

#12Indiana Pacers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #15, Nick #11, Tyler #11

The Pacers were scheduled to play four games last week, but two sadly got postponed in the aftermath of Texas’ winter storms. Instead, Indiana went 1-1 in a couple of overtime contests; one a loss to Chicago, and the other a victory over Minnesota. The good news was that Sabonis and Brogdon both looked like their old selves in these games, and Domas posted an impressive triple-double against the Wolves. Indy now waits for Wednesday to take on Steph and the Warriors. Will having a week off help Indy return fresh, or will they now have rust to shake off?

Summary written by Ethan Krieger (@KriegerSports)

Golden State Warriors

#132Golden State Warriors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #14, Nick #12, Tyler #13

Two wins, two losses, and another middling week for the Warriors, who can’t seem to fight their way out of a .500-ish record. On a positive note, the wins were more decisive, including the 120-112 overtime defeat of the Miami Heat. The Dubs rallied from behind in the fourth and Kent Bazemore dropped 26 points to stun the reigning Eastern Conference champs. However, that game was quickly overshadowed by a bizarre finish against the Hornets. After a couple of controversial calls towards the end of the game, Draymond Green was ejected on a double technical. The free throws awarded to the Hornets for the tech tied the score, and they would go on to win on a Terry Rozier buzzer-beater. The game would have been an especially good win - Steph Curry was a late scratch and the team has shown little signs of success without him.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

Boston Celtics

#141Boston Celtics

Individual rankings:
Kevin #9, Nick #18, Tyler #17

The Celtics seem destined to be a .500 team for a while as they finished their week going WLWL. Will giving up a 24 point lead against New Orleans be enough to kick-start their reality check? Because what they're doing right now isn't working.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Memphis Grizzlies

#151Memphis Grizzlies

Individual rankings:
Kevin #16, Nick #14, Tyler #16

Playing 4 games in 5 days is not an easy task for any team. The Grizzlies took to the floor in their final matchup of the week with 10 active players, 1 of which had never played a game in a Grizzlies uniform. That's right, Justise Winslow has arrived 1+ years after joining the team. In the blowout loss to the blazing hot Suns, Justise managed to put up 9 pts and 7 reb. He also looked dangerous defensively and in transition - but he only shot 3 for 14. The rust is there, definitely, but seeing him hit the floor is enough to grant excitement from Grizzlies fans. Let's see what he can bring to this young and exciting team.

Summary written by Connor Hay

Dallas Mavericks

#16Dallas Mavericks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #13, Nick #15, Tyler #19

In a week where it was hard to find positives, Mark Cuban, Cynt Marshall, Luka Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr., Maxi Kleber, and Dwight Powell donated $1.25 million to the Dallas Mayor’s fund and other local sources for winter storm relief. Hopefully, the situation clears up soon.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Charlotte Hornets

#172Charlotte Hornets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #18, Nick #16, Tyler #14

Charlotte only played one game this week, and it was a 2-point win against a Steph Curry'less Warriors where Rozier went off for 36 points.

Summary written by Wayne Thompson

New York Knicks

#181New York Knicks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #19, Nick #17, Tyler #15

The only thing that matters in New York right now is that we're a matter of hours from finding out if Julius Randle will make the All-Star game. To think that a guy averaging 23/11/5 on 48/41/80 shooting splits is on the bubble for the All-Star game is crazy, but that's where we are this season. Randle's 44-point outburst last Monday provided the kind of signature performance that can get a guy a spot as a reserve, but it may also help that the Knicks have won 4 of 5.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Miami Heat

#191Miami Heat

Individual rankings:
Kevin #17, Nick #19, Tyler #20

The Miami Heat went 2-2 against the Pacific Division this week, losing to the Clippers and brutally blowing a big lead to the Warriors before beating the Kings and taking a two-point victory over the Lakers in a rematch of the Bubble Finals. Jimmy Butler also continued his recent tear and is starting to get rolling now after missing most of January; he put up triple-doubles in three of Miami's four games, and put up 24 points with eight boards and five assists in the win over the Lakers.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Chicago Bulls

#205Chicago Bulls

Individual rankings:
Kevin #20, Nick #23, Tyler #18

Chicago has won 3 of their last 4 games, and they're suddenly looking like a team that's on track to play a few games in the playoffs.

Summary written by Jordan Schultz (@dynoNFL)

New Orleans Pelicans

#21New Orleans Pelicans

Individual rankings:
Kevin #21, Nick #20, Tyler #21

Is New Orleans a better team with Willy Hernangomez starting? In his 4 games this week he has averaged 10 points and 12.8 rebounds. They've split their week 2-2, including a 24-point comeback against Boston (their biggest come-from-behind victory in Pelicans history), and are on track to be a problem during the second half of the season,

Summary written by Jordan Schultz (@dynoNFL)

Sacramento Kings

#225Sacramento Kings

Individual rankings:
Kevin #23, Nick #21, Tyler #23

The Sacramento Kings continued their roller coaster ride of a season by extending last week's small dip into a full-on free fall. The Kings lost all four of their games this week, including an absolute beatdown on Sunday at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks. Sacramento has now lost seven straight since the February 7th win over the Clippers that put the Kings over .500 at 12-11. The lone bright spot has been DaQuan Jeffries, who finally came back late last week after having missed the entire season up until then. Jeffries scored 18 points and played nearly 40 minutes in Sunday's loss to the Bucks; with Harrison Barnes still on the shelf, Jeffries will get an extended chance to prove that he deserves a permanent spot in Sacramento's rotation.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Atlanta Hawks

#231Atlanta Hawks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #22, Nick #22, Tyler #26

Let's talk positives - Atlanta is 2-1 over their last 3 games and Trae Young has switched it on again, averaging 32.3 points and 10.5 assists over the past week. Things are heading in the right direction, but they've got a long way to go before they start meeting their pre-season expectations.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Oklahoma City Thunder

#241Oklahoma City Thunder

Individual rankings:
Kevin #24, Nick #24, Tyler #24

On Sunday the Thunder enjoyed that which cures any ailment in the NBA: A trip to Cleveland. OKC had lost 6 of 7 games over the past couple of weeks, and while most were close losses, they were still losses. The Thunder dominated on both ends Sunday, winning by 16, and righted the ship a little. They're getting good minutes from Theo Maledon, Mike Muscala, and Kenrich Williams on a nightly basis. It still doesn't make a lot of sense, but the Thunder can battle, and they're only about 2 games away from the play-in spots in the western conference.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Orlando Magic

#252Orlando Magic

Individual rankings:
Kevin #26, Nick #26, Tyler #22

So much for tanking. With Fournier and Michael Carter Williams back, the roster is a bit more NBA-friendly now and the Magic are back in the spot of too good to lose them all and too bad to win them all. Thanks to an advantageous schedule, they are winners of 3 straight and 4 of the last 5 with another winnable game tomorrow vs the Pistons again. We will find out if this team has any fight though against the Nets and Jazz to end the week. My guess

Summary written by Kevin Brown (@ihaveaformula)

Houston Rockets

#262Houston Rockets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #27, Nick #25, Tyler #25

It was a nice gesture to guarantee Boogie's contract before deciding to part ways with him (I'm all for people getting paid), and it makes sense given their 11-17 record. Losing 7 games in a row is hard to swallow, but, on the plus side, Jae'Sean Tate has shown out averaging 18.5 points, 6 rebounds, 4 rebounds, and 2.5 steals over his last 2 games.

Summary written by Max Nathan (@maxnathan3)

Washington Wizards

#272Washington Wizards

Individual rankings:
Kevin #25, Nick #27, Tyler #27

Is that a spark of life we're seeing from the Washington Wizards? After going 6-4 in their last ten games and a four-game win streak, the Wizards are now only a game and a half out of the play-in-game. Based on counting stats, Russell Westbrook appears to be slowly making a comeback as he is averaging 17.4 points, ten assists, and 9.4 rebounds over his last eight games. Unfortunately, his inefficiency has seemed to hit new lows. Over this same stretch, Westbrook is shooting 42.9 percent from the floor, 12.5 percent from three, 55 percent from the line, and is committing 5.5 turnovers per game. We all assumed Westbrook's game would not age well, but has it really gotten here this fast?

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Detroit Pistons

#28Detroit Pistons

Individual rankings:
Kevin #28, Nick #30, Tyler #28

The entire Blake Griffin situation is pretty sad, but it does make a clear path forward for the Pistons. Jerami Grant has started to show signs of slowing down but is still very good even if he is going to probably miss the all-star team, Saddiq Bey continues to look promising as well. But with Derrick Rose traded, Blake Griffin not returning, and now Delon Wright hurt, the Pistons are likely about to lose even more than before.

Summary written by Joe Sinke (@Joe_Truck)

Minnesota Timberwolves

#291Minnesota Timberwolves

Individual rankings:
Kevin #29, Nick #28, Tyler #30

This team will destroy your soul. The fans deserve better, yet all we get from this team is lackluster effort, horrid late-game execution, and a team completely devoid of an identity that is anything but incompetence. I know that few teams have been as unlucky with injuries and illnesses as the Timberwolves, but that doesn't excuse this rudderless ship. On the bright side, Anthony Edwards took the new Mortal Kombat trailer far too seriously as he gave us the dunk of the season when he finished Yuta Watanabe. Now, please excuse me while I download that dunk, crop out the score, and watch it on repeat because that is the only joy this team has produced this season.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Cleveland Cavaliers

#304Cleveland Cavaliers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #30, Nick #29, Tyler #29

Wow have things gotten dark in Cleveland. They've been ravaged by injuries, but still. Going into Sunday's game, the Cavaliers had lost 9 straight and only one of those 9 losses was by fewer than 17 points (note: between writing and publishing the Cavs lost to OKC by 16). That's right - 8 of 9 consecutive losses have been by 17+ points. Kirk Goldsberry did a nifty chart of best and worst Net Ratings where good teams are in the top right and bad teams are in the bottom left quadrant. Most of the league is close to the center. The Cavs are the 30th ranked offense and 29th ranked defense over the last 15 games. And as a Cavs fan I can tell you that it somehow feels worse than that.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)