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Utah Jazz

#1Utah Jazz

Individual rankings:
Kevin #1, Nick #1, Tyler #1

The Jazz are fallible, which is important. But they're also clearly the best team in the league right now. They lost to Miami on Friday night but Donovan Mitchell is really heating up. He's scored 30+ in back to back games and has multiple steals in 4 of Utah's last 6 games. If their most explosive offensive player can be a solid contributor on defense? This team is on the verge of being terrifying. Also we refrain from getting into the Mike Conley All-Star conversation.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Los Angeles Clippers

#2Los Angeles Clippers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #2, Nick #2, Tyler #3

The Clippers split the week 2-2 with losses against the red-hot Memphis Grizzlies and Milwaukee Bucks. Paul George continues to shake off some rust, but the team desperately needs a consistent 3rd/4th tier scorer (as desperate as a team currently sitting 3rd in the Western Conference). Let's see how active they are at the trade deadline.

Summary written by Gerard Fazackerley

Los Angeles Lakers

#3Los Angeles Lakers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #5, Nick #3, Tyler #2

Dennis Schröder’s return from a four-game absence came at the perfect time, revitalizing an exhausted Lakers squad. The team went 0-4 without him, scoring just 101 points per contest. With Schröder back, the Lakers are 2-0, scoring 109.5 points per game, while holding the Blazers and Warriors to 93 and 91 points, respectively. In the two wins, the Lakers (24-11) have posted a dominant 76.8 defensive rating in the 33 minutes that Schröder and LeBron James have shared the court. Before heading into the All-Star break, Los Angeles will play back-to-back games against Phoenix and Sacramento on March 2nd and 3rd.

Summary written by Nate Smith (@NateSmithNBA)

Philadelphia 76ers

#41Philadelphia 76ers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #3, Nick #4, Tyler #6

If anything, the last couple of weeks have shown that the margin for error on the Sixers is very thin if one or two things don’t go right. Tobias Harris goes out with a knee contusion? Suddenly, consistent scoring is harder to come by. Shake Milton misses a handful of games? Suddenly, the bench is way more famine than feast. If the Sixers really have championship aspirations and they want to capitalize on their two star players playing the best basketball of their careers, then a few fringe trades or a bigger move (Kyle Lowry?) might be in order.

Summary written by Jordan Christmas (@Jordan_Xmas)

Brooklyn Nets

#51Brooklyn Nets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #6, Nick #5, Tyler #4

The bad news: Kevin Durant is out until after the All-Star break, and the Nets' winning streak ended with a 115-98 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. The good news: they had an eight-game winning streak heading into that game after winning their first two games of the week against the Kings and the Magic. Durant's hamstring injury seems to be relatively minor (the team has indicated that he's mostly being held out for precautionary reasons) and barring an off-night against Dallas the team's offense has been humming even with Durant sidelined.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Phoenix Suns

#6Phoenix Suns

Individual rankings:
Kevin #4, Nick #6, Tyler #5

Not much new to report for the Valley Boyz but don’t look now, the Suns are only 1 game behind both the Lakers and Clippers making this upcoming matchup with the Davis-less Lakers and Warriors even more important going into the ASG weekend. Get into that 2-3 seed conversation and the Suns are suddenly looking like a team that could not only break their playoff streak but could improve their chances to win a first-round playoff series.

Summary written by Tony Jacobsen (@mathskers)

Milwaukee Bucks

#72Milwaukee Bucks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #7, Nick #7, Tyler #7

The Milwaukee Bucks went 3-0 this week in interesting fashion--they blew out the Timberwolves to start the week, then won by tight margins against the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Clippers. Giannis averaged 37 points per game across those three contests, and has turned it up a notch recently, averaging 30/12 for the month of February. The Bucks' defense hasn't been quite as dominant this season as they've tried to mix up their defensive coverages a bit, but the offense continues to steamroll opponents and is keeping Milwaukee near the top of their conference.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

San Antonio Spurs

#82San Antonio Spurs

Individual rankings:
Kevin #10, Nick #8, Tyler #8

Over the Spurs' last three games, Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, DeMar DeRozan, and Keldon Johnson are all averaging over 18 points per game while shooting at least 50 percent. I know it shouldn't be, but the consistency that the Spurs continue to show is astounding. Despite having this odd roster that few thought had any chance of competing, the Spurs currently sit in the fifth seed. I absolutely thought this team would be a seller at the deadline, but they continue to prove that they have no intentions of doing anything other than winning.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Denver Nuggets

#91Denver Nuggets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #8, Nick #10, Tyler #10

The loss to Portland hurts in the sense that Denver could've been the 6th seed had they won, but the loss to Washington hurts even more. We're looking at a first-round match-up against one of the LA teams if Denver doesn't get moving.

Summary written by Nick Paradise

Portland Trail Blazers

#103Portland Trail Blazers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #13, Nick #9, Tyler #9

The Blazers’ bubble burst this week; they dropped three in a row to put an official end to their impressive hot streak. Perhaps most troubling was the 100-132 takedown by the Suns on Monday night. Damian Lillard was the high scorer with only 24, and Portland turned the ball over 16 times to the Suns’ 7. Against the Lakers, the Blazers played with or better than LA for all but the third quarter. After leading at halftime, Portland scored only 19 points in the third, while the Lakers dropped 31. The team was unable to find an additional offensive spark at the end, and came up short.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

Golden State Warriors

#112Golden State Warriors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #11, Nick #11, Tyler #11

It took them until the All-Star break, but this week the Warriors finally strung together three wins in a row. The Dubs took down the Hornets, Knicks, and Pacers with a collection of great performances by a variety of players. Notably, in the game versus Charlotte, Draymond Green dished out a whopping 19 assists en route to a 12-19-11 triple double. The Dubs were brought back down to earth Sunday night against the Lakers, however. Eric Paschall led the team with 18 points and the Dubs went 8/34 on 3pt attempts in an ugly 91-117 loss.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

Miami Heat

#127Miami Heat

Individual rankings:
Kevin #9, Nick #13, Tyler #13

The Miami Heat put up a perfect 4-0 week to extend their winning streak to six games. Miami is now at .500 after early season struggles that were due more to absences than any flaw in the roster. They are now tied for fifth in the Eastern Conference following Sunday's games. The offense has been an issue this season, even as their defense has remained elite, but their offense certainly did alright on Friday when they put up 124 points in a win over the Utah Jazz.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Toronto Raptors

#132Toronto Raptors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #14, Nick #12, Tyler #14

Covid decommissioned the Raptors, but it didn’t stop Sergio Scariolo from winning his first NBA game as a head coach. He is currently the only coach in the NBA that is undefeated or as LaVar Ball would say, “Neva Lost.” It’s unclear if the Raptors will play any more games prior to the all-star break due to covid protocols. What is clear is that Pascal Siakam will not be. The Raptors are currently .500 with zero all-star selections. Was Fred VanVleet a snub? Maybe? He would have had a much better case if the Raptors had a winning record. Freddy’s shooting has been a little inconsistent game-to-game but on those nights he tends to turn up his defensive intensity racking up steals and blocks. Furthermore, Mr. Bet On Yourself has been the Raptors best player this season averaging a career-best 20PPG. More than half his shot attempts continue to be threes where Fred is shooting over 38%. What might have gone unnoticed is he’s almost shooting 90% from the free-throw line. Another pretty good number 23 with ties to Chicago has never done that. With VanVleet playing so well there has been speculation that Kyle Lowry, who is on an expiring contract, might get traded. The Raptors haven’t lost games in which Lowry doesn’t play, but don’t expect that trend to continue if he does in fact get moved at the trade deadline. However, if this team stays intact they will be a tough out in the playoffs.

Summary written by Jordan Kligman (@416Basketball)

Dallas Mavericks

#142Dallas Mavericks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #12, Nick #14, Tyler #16

Things are starting to click again for Dallas as they finish reeling off 7 wins out of their last 10 games, and it's coming from consistent play from guys like Jalen Brunson (16.5 points, 4.3 rebounds) and Tim Hardaway Jr (17 points) over their last 4 games. The rumor mill is in full swing as people have started linking Drummond to Dallas, but, it's a matter of waiting to see what happens.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Boston Celtics

#151Boston Celtics

Individual rankings:
Kevin #17, Nick #19, Tyler #12

At this point, I think it's scientifically impossible for Boston not to end weeks with a .500 record (until next week, when the trend will no doubt come to an end). The positives are that Kemba Walker's knee issues are looking to get better (averaging 22.2 points, 5.2 assists, and 1.2 steals over his last 6 games), with the extra break over the All-star weekend coming at a good time, but the ongoing center rotation is still an issue, and it looks like it's the best option of the three (Robert Williams) that's getting the least amount of time.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

New York Knicks

#162New York Knicks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #18, Nick #16, Tyler #15

Julius Randle is an All-Star. The team is still only .500, but somehow that's good enough for 5th in the east heading into Sunday's action, but that's secondary to Julius Randle being an All-Star. Did I mention that Julius Randle is an All-Star? Anyway, coming into Sunday's game, Randle's 3-game week showed averages of 25/11/6, so yes, this guy is very good. The Knicks still have the #1 opponent 3pt% in the league, but it's now trending into the 33% range, which is at least sustainable, so maybe this team really is destined for the playoffs.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Memphis Grizzlies

#172Memphis Grizzlies

Individual rankings:
Kevin #19, Nick #16, Tyler #18

When the league leaders in deflections get out and run the fastbreak, they can blow out anyone and everyone. Badly. The Grizzlies weren’t satisfied after splitting a back-to-back against the Clippers earlier in the week with a 28 point win. Instead, they were inspired to go out and set a franchise record 49 point win over the Houston Rockets. The Rockets scored 84 points in this game, while just the Grizzlies bench alone scored a franchise-record 85. Justise Winslow locked down John Wall this game while also scoring 20 points in just 20 minutes. He is just what the Grizzlies needed, a defensive-minded, athletic wing, who can create his own shot. The bad for the Grizzlies this week was the halfcourt execution, struggling to win when they can’t get out and run the break. This is where the addition of Jaren will send this Grizzlies team into the stratosphere. Be prepared.

Summary written by Connor Hay

Chicago Bulls

#182Chicago Bulls

Individual rankings:
Kevin #20, Nick #20, Tyler #17

Chicago had a favorable week, with games (and wins) against Houston and Minnesota, and then a reality-check against Phoenix. They're doing enough to keep themselves in play for the play-in tournament, and that's about as good as things might get for Chicago this season.

Summary written by Jordan Schultz (@dynoNFL)

Charlotte Hornets

#192Charlotte Hornets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #21, Nick #18, Tyler #19

The Hornets closed out the month with a tough stretch on the road losing to the Jazz and the Warriors. They got behind by 17 points in the first half to a solid Phoenix Suns team. Malik Monk then got hot, scoring 20 points in the second half to get the win. He finished with 29 points. Rookie LaMelo Ball added 20 points and eight assists. LaMelo will win the rookie of the year award barring a major injury. The Hornet finish out the week with a winnable game Sunday against the defensive poor Sacramento Kings.

Summary written by Wayne Thompson

Indiana Pacers

#208Indiana Pacers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #22, Nick #17, Tyler #20

The Pacers slid down the standings after going 0-3 last week. Prior to these games, the team sat at 4th in the East but now would be fighting for a playoff spot if the season ended at the All-Star break. Still, the teams in the 4-10 spots in the conference are bunched up, and Indy can climb back up the ladder if they can get themselves sorted out. Indiana is now 16th in offense and 11th in defense, much worse than where they were in the season's early stages. Concerns are growing, and this team needs to get healthy ASAP.

Summary written by Ethan Krieger (@KriegerSports)

New Orleans Pelicans

#21New Orleans Pelicans

Individual rankings:
Kevin #16, Nick #21, Tyler #22

New Orleans continues to struggle closing out games, having lost their last 2 games in a row, and now find themselves having lost 7 of their last 10 games. On the plus side, Lonzo continues to roll, averaging 16 points, 6.7 assists, and 1.3 steals over the last 3 games, and Zion continues to score, averaging 29.7 points over the same period.

Summary written by Jordan Schultz (@dynoNFL)

Washington Wizards

#225Washington Wizards

Individual rankings:
Kevin #15, Nick #24, Tyler #21

The Wizards are steadily sneaking up the standings in the Eastern Conference. Their 7-3 record over their last ten games has the Wizards up to the 12th seed and only two games out of the play-in game. While Russell Westbrook's shooting efficiency continues to plummet, 8% from three over his last ten games, he is looking healthier and more explosive around the rim. Davis Bertans rediscovering his shot is also encouraging. Bertans shooting 50% from three on 7.6 attempts per game is incredibly important to the Wizards offense as it spaces the floor and provides an outlet for Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Atlanta Hawks

#23Atlanta Hawks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #23, Nick #22, Tyler #23

Remember when Atlanta was looking good for a spot in the playoffs? Well, that was 10 games ago, and they've gone 3-7 since and fallen to 11th place in the Eastern Conference. It's time to start worrying, Atlanta.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Oklahoma City Thunder

#24Oklahoma City Thunder

Individual rankings:
Kevin #24, Nick #23, Tyler #24

This OKC team is still just...spunky. Getting major contributions from Theo Maledon, Hamidou Diallo, and Kenrich Williams on a nightly basis and still winning games is not something you might believe - unless you watch the Thunder. OKC's only two losses this week were both on the 2nd night of back-to-backs, so it's hard to hold that too strongly against them. And a special shout out to SGA for dropping 42 on the Spurs earlier this week.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Orlando Magic

#25Orlando Magic

Individual rankings:
Kevin #25, Nick #25, Tyler #25

As we wind down the first half of the season, the 2nd half schedule was finally released and well, it’s not a kind one for the Magic. The silver lining is that by the trade deadline, the Magic most likely will be too far out of the playoff hunt to seriously think they have a chance which means...A TRADE?! We can only hope! The team was dealt just too many injuries to overcome and with Fournier becoming a free agent and Gordon playing the same position as Isaac, it’s time for the team to make a move. Right?

Summary written by Kevin Brown (@ihaveaformula)

Sacramento Kings

#264Sacramento Kings

Individual rankings:
Kevin #28, Nick #26, Tyler #26

The Sacramento Kings extended their losing streak to nine games this week before finally winning a game, barely squeaking past the Pistons with a 110-107 victory. They looked to be on track to close out the week on a positive note, but blew Sunday night's game in absolutely brutal fashion. They surrendered an eight point lead in 73 seconds, resulting in a 127-126 loss to the Hornets marred by the Kings missing five of their last six free throws. The Kings only have two more games before the All-Star break, and if their current performance continues they may end up being one of the few sellers at the trade deadline. At least Buddy Hield managed to become the fastest player to hit 1,000 made threes for his NBA career by hitting that mark in his 350th game.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Cleveland Cavaliers

#273Cleveland Cavaliers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #26, Nick #28, Tyler #27

For as dark as things looked last week - and they were midnight on a moonless night dark last week - the Cavs won three straight games this week. A back to back set against Houston and Atlanta was solid, but beating Philadelphia on the road was pretty special on Saturday. An important note: Darius Garland has now cleared 82 NBA games in his career and Isaac Okoro is a rookie who basically didn't have a training camp due to COVID. This will take some time, but there are signs of promise for the Cavs' future.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Houston Rockets

#282Houston Rockets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #29, Nick #27, Tyler #28

To the shock of nobody, Oladipo is out on the idea of re-signing with Houston, as he declined the Rockets offer of 2 years for 45M, and with the trade deadline looming it'll be interesting to see what Houston can get for him.

Summary written by Max Nathan (@maxnathan3)

Detroit Pistons

#291Detroit Pistons

Individual rankings:
Kevin #27, Nick #29, Tyler #29

The Pistons remain, largely, very bad. But Jerami Grant is still awesome (even if he's slowed a bit recently) and Josh Jackson has come back on. The rookies (who are playing) have all shown good looks, Dennis Smith Jr is playing hard on defense. Not clear what this team will look like in a few weeks, buyouts/trades are probably likely. But they do play hard.

Summary written by Joe Sinke (@Joe_Truck)

Minnesota Timberwolves

#301Minnesota Timberwolves

Individual rankings:
Kevin #30, Nick #30, Tyler #30

The good news is that Cade Cunningham continues to prove that he is hands down the number one pick and someone capable of being a franchise cornerstone. The bad news is that the Timberwolves are on pace to have only a 14% chance to get him, a 50.1% chance to keep their pick, and in the history of the franchise, last year was the first time they had ever moved up in the lottery. Things look bleak but continue praying to the applicable NBA Gods. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)