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Utah Jazz

#11Utah Jazz

Individual rankings:
Kevin #1, Nick #1, Tyler #1

With only a week remaining in the season, the league's best team continues to have the league's best record. Donovan Mitchell is coming along with his injury, and Utah doesn't even need him. While I'm a little nervous about how ready he'll be for the playoffs - and for (All-Star) Mike Conley's nagging hamstring issues, there's no sense arguing with results. Frankly, if Utah is healthy, they shouldn't feel any concerns about who they end up with in round one. Utah should be favored throughout the playoffs...if healthy.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Phoenix Suns

#21Phoenix Suns

Individual rankings:
Kevin #2, Nick #2, Tyler #3

Now the real fun begins with the seeding game. The Suns really could have used a week that held them to the 1 seed but all is fair in love and war. The Suns got bombarded by the Hawks on a back-to-back and lost to the Lakeshow late Sunday night. They now sit on the same side as the Lakers and Clippers for playoff seeding. This final week will assuredly be interesting with seeding and hopefully, those three aren’t on the same side of the bracket when the dust finally settles!

Summary written by Tony Jacobsen (@mathskers)

Philadelphia 76ers

#32Philadelphia 76ers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #3, Nick #3, Tyler #2

The Sixers are on a season-high eight-game winning streak, and while some of the wins haven’t been exactly pretty, you have to take the victories any way you can get them. There are four games left on the schedule and 50 wins are actually attainable for the Sixers, who still need to clinch the one seed in the east. If they get that many wins in a shortened season, it is nothing short of an incredible achievement. That would put their final win percentage at .694 which would be the highest since the 1984-85 season.

Summary written by Jordan Christmas (@Jordan_Xmas)

Brooklyn Nets

#41Brooklyn Nets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #5, Nick #4, Tyler #5

The Brooklyn Nets lost their first two games of the week to extend their losing streak to a season-long four games. They had dropped out of the top seed to the third seed, and were due to face the Denver Nuggets on Saturday. Brooklyn got down big early, but KD and Kyrie (with the help of a red-hot third quarter from Blake Griffin) led the Nets to a comeback victory on Saturday night. While James Harden has yet to return, he seems like all but a lock to be back once the playoffs start. Furthermore, Spencer Dinwiddie continues to hint at being close to fully back from his ACL tear. While it seems unlikely that he will be back for the playoffs, the Nets should still have a devastating squad ready by the time the playoffs begin.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Denver Nuggets

#51Denver Nuggets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #7, Nick #5, Tyler #4

It looks like Denver's chances of holding onto the 3rd seed in the West are slipping, but that's not exactly a bad thing. The first-round match-up against Dallas or Portland seems like a better match-up than the Lakers, even with LeBron not at 100%.

Summary written by Nick Paradise (@paradiseisnice)

Los Angeles Clippers

#6Los Angeles Clippers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #6, Nick #6, Tyler #6

It looks like the Clippers have locked in the 3rd seed, and an all-LA match-up in the first round is still in play.

Summary written by Gerard Fazackerley

Milwaukee Bucks

#7Milwaukee Bucks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #4, Nick #7, Tyler #7

The Bucks are on a five game winning streak, which includes two wins against the Nets. I've said several times that the Bucks look to be a lock for the third seed, but all of a sudden they're only 0.5 games back from taking the second seed away from Brooklyn. The difference between playing against the sixth seed and a play-in winner is massive, so the Bucks could be surging at just the right time.

Summary written by Jeremy Stevens (@JeremyWCT)

Dallas Mavericks

#82Dallas Mavericks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #8, Nick #8, Tyler #8

We've gone from play-in talk to a first-round match-up against either Denver or LA (Clippers). The last few games of the season are as important as ever.

Summary written by Joseph Mamone (@josephmamone)

Portland Trail Blazers

#92Portland Trail Blazers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #9, Nick #9, Tyler #10

The Blazers have continued to win games down the stretch when it matters most, taking 3 of 4 games this week including a key win against the Lakers. In the game against LA, The Blazers saw offensive contributions from a variety of players-- the depleted Lakers could not compete. Of course, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have been putting up their usual stellar numbers, but Portland has also benefited on the offensive end from Norman Powell’s improved play. With 4 games left, 3 against winning teams, the Blazers will need contributions from the entire roster to finish the season strong.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

New York Knicks

#102New York Knicks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #10, Nick #11, Tyler #9

It's time to start really thinking about the playoffs. A big Sunday win over the Clippers lets the mind wander a bit, and if things hold as they are today, New York would be favored over the Hawks in round one. However, the 4-6 dynamic is volatile, and a Cinderella season for the Knicks would hit a frightening wall if they face off with Miami. But first thing's first: The Knicks have to keep winning games, and that's exactly what they're doing.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Miami Heat

#112Miami Heat

Individual rankings:
Kevin #11, Nick #12, Tyler #11

The Miami Heat went 2-1 this week, including a crucial win over the Boston Celtics on Sunday. That win improves their chances of staying out of the play-in morass; with four games left in the regular season, the standings in the East are bunched up enough that the Heat could secure home court advantage in the first round with a good week. Their offense has looked much better in the month of May; Goran Dragic in particular has looked better this month than he has for most of the season. The offense will be the issue for the Heat heading into the playoffs, but they might be getting hot at just the right time.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Los Angeles Lakers

#123Los Angeles Lakers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #12, Nick #10, Tyler #12

Anthony Davis is baaaack. The Brow exploded on Sunday night - racking up 42 points in a 123-110 victory over the 2nd place Phoenix Suns. AD also added 12 rebounds and 5 assists to go along with 3 blocks and 3 steals. As Alex Caruso told reporters, “the beast is waking up”. This is great news for the Lakers, who have only four regular-season games remaining. LeBron James continues to be day-to-day as he recovers from his ankle injury. The return of The King would help the Lakers gain steam ahead of what appears to be inevitable - a matchup with Steph Curry and the Warriors in the NBA Play-in Tournament.

Summary written by Nate Smith (@NateSmithNBA)

Atlanta Hawks

#131Atlanta Hawks

Individual rankings:
Kevin #14, Nick #13, Tyler #13

Atlanta will need to keep winning games to secure the 5th seed, or else it's a first-round match-up against Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Summary written by Luke Fox (@LukeFox444)

Golden State Warriors

#142Golden State Warriors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #13, Nick #14, Tyler #14

The Warriors took advantage of their light schedule this week, winning 3 of four games against the Pelicans and Thunder. Steph Curry continues to carry the majority of the offensive load, however, Golden State has also been getting contributions from the rest of their roster. Andrew Wiggins had 4 consistent scoring games, while Juan Toscano-Anderson, Mychal Mulder, and Jordan Poole each had good offensive games. However, the Warriors’ short bench did affect them in their second game against the Pelicans; the team was noticeably tired and lacked the spark needed to make it a two game sweep.

Summary written by Ciara Smith (@CiaraMountains)

Boston Celtics

#151Boston Celtics

Individual rankings:
Kevin #15, Nick #15, Tyler #15

Alright, we're past the point where I can frame the remainder of the season as a potential positive. The forever-injured Celtics are struggling again, and I guess that's how it's going to be. Aaron Nesmith has been excellent on offense alongside Evan Fournier, but they can only do so much without Robert Williams and Jaylen Brown in the lineup. If Boston drops another game to Miami, they're booking a ticket to the play-in game, which I'd rather not think about right now.

Summary written by Jeremy Stevens (@JeremyWCT)

Memphis Grizzlies

#161Memphis Grizzlies

Individual rankings:
Kevin #16, Nick #16, Tyler #16

It's the same story for Memphis, but the opponents they're potentially facing change every week. We're not looking forward to a play-in against Golden State or LA.

Summary written by Connor Hay

Charlotte Hornets

#171Charlotte Hornets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #19, Nick #17, Tyler #17

LaMelo outplayed Lonzo but the Hornets lost by a bucket to a short-handed Pelicans team Sunday night. Veteran Terry Rozier is on fire scoring in double digits in 14 of his last 15 games. It looks like the Hornets will just make the playoffs for the first time since 2015-16. It would be awesome to get Gordon Hayward back who was cleared to begin weight-bearing exercises on his sprained foot.

Summary written by Wayne Thompson

San Antonio Spurs

#181San Antonio Spurs

Individual rankings:
Kevin #17, Nick #18, Tyler #19

With five games remaining, the Spurs are clinging to the tenth seed. They are currently 1.5 games up on the Pelicans and 2 games up on the Kings. The good news for the Spurs is that Zion Williamson is out with a broken finger and the Kings are, well the Kings. The bad news, however, is that the Spurs' remaining 5 games are the toughest in the league and are against the Suns (twice), Nets, Bucks, and Knicks. This close race is yet another great reason for the play-in games.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Washington Wizards

#19Washington Wizards

Individual rankings:
Kevin #18, Nick #19, Tyler #18

Russell Westbrook continues to numb us to absurd production. Over his last ten games, Westbrook is averaging 23.7 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 14.3 assists on 47/32/78 shooting splits. The stat hunting in the past has been real, but so has the production. Putting up those numbers on as consistent a basis as Westbrook does is incredible. The defensive infusion that Daniel Gafford has provided combined with the offensive absurdities of Westbrook and Bradley Beal are making the Wizards look like a difficult out in the playoffs.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Indiana Pacers

#20Indiana Pacers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #20, Nick #20, Tyler #20

Where to begin? Nate Bjorkgren might be on his way out after just one season coaching the Pacers. Goga Bitadze and assistant coach Greg Foster got into it in the middle of a game. TJ Warren might’ve opted for surgery instead of playing for Bjorkgren... Yikes! The Pacers are a mess right now, further evidenced by their slide down to 10th place in the East. Indiana is close to locking in an appearance in the play-in tournament, but a 10th place finish would still be well below internal expectations. This is a team on the verge of being blown up.

Summary written by Ethan Krieger (@KriegerSports)

Chicago Bulls

#213Chicago Bulls

Individual rankings:
Kevin #21, Nick #22, Tyler #22

Are we about to see a (very) late-season push from Chicago to make the playoffs via the play-in tournament? A 3-game win streak suggests it's on the cards.

Summary written by Jordan Schultz (@dynoNFL)

New Orleans Pelicans

#221New Orleans Pelicans

Individual rankings:
Kevin #23, Nick #21, Tyler #23

Is it too early to start talking about the draft? Because adding a top-5 talent to this young roster can only be a good thing.

Summary written by AJ Dellinger

Toronto Raptors

#231Toronto Raptors

Individual rankings:
Kevin #22, Nick #23, Tyler #24

The Raptors experienced a heartbreak overtime loss to the Wizards and a Jonas Valanciunas revenge game all in one week. It wasn’t all bad though. Rookie Jalen Harris has a career-high 16 points. Friend of Anunoby, Gary Trent, returned from injury. It doesn’t appear the Raptors will have the added stress of the playoffs. After relocating to Tampa, COVID, and not having a center for the majority of the season that may not be the worst thing. Schadenfreude season is upon us. We as Raptors fans now get to take pleasure in the misfortune of other teams. When a team that could have traded for Kyle Lowry is eliminated from the playoffs feel free to experience joy. Also, feel free to make some memes so we can share the joy with those other fanbases.

Summary written by Jordan Kligman (@416Basketball)

Sacramento Kings

#241Sacramento Kings

Individual rankings:
Kevin #24, Nick #24, Tyler #21

The Sacramento Kings managed to go 3-1 this week, but two of those wins were against the intentionally brutal late-season Oklahoma City Thunder lineup. With Zion Williamson out for the Pelicans, the Kings seem destined to secure the 11th seed. With the advent of the play-in tournament, you could argue that the 11th seed is now the worst place to be in the NBA, so of course it's fitting that the Kings end their rollercoaster of a season in the worst possible place in the standings while De'Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton are both on the sidelines. This season has been a particularly tough one even by Kings' standards, but hopefully they can glean some positives out of the final four games and begin the search for a new head coach on May 17th.

Summary written by Nick Agar-Johnson (@NBAJohnson)

Minnesota Timberwolves

#25Minnesota Timberwolves

Individual rankings:
Kevin #25, Nick #26, Tyler #25

It is looking more and more like the Timberwolves are going to lose their draft pick this season unless they get some incredible luck in the lottery; which is something they've never had. While adding Cade Cunningham or Evan Mobley to this roster would be incredible, winning games also isn't the end of the world. The Timberwolves are finally healthy, excluding Malik Beasley, and their core three of Karl-Anthony Towns, D'Angelo Russell, and Anthony Edwards looks really good. Winning has never been something the Timberwolves have done so I'm not going to complain about it right when it starts becoming the expectation.

Summary written by Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11)

Cleveland Cavaliers

#26Cleveland Cavaliers

Individual rankings:
Kevin #29, Nick #25, Tyler #26

The race to the bottom is really heating up, and the Cavs are all-hands-on-deck with shovels. Except even in this metaphor, guys are missing out due to rest and phantom injuries. Cleveland has lost 10 straight games and the most recent six have been by 16+ points each. They did take Phoenix to overtime, which was fun, but the Cavs somehow lost that game by 16 anyway. It is just atrocious out there. They lost to Dallas by 20 and then rematched Sunday. Luka got ejected shortly after half and the Cavs still lost by 27. Lastly, if you ever want to feel good about yourself, just think this: if Cedi Osman can get a $31 million contract, then you can do ANYTHING.

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

Orlando Magic

#271Orlando Magic

Individual rankings:
Kevin #26, Nick #28, Tyler #27

This Magic team might be the most loved bottom 3 team in power ranking history. The future is bright in Orlando even if we see all L’s the rest of the way. Chuma Okeke is continuing to make the most of his opportunity while Wendell Carter Jr and RJ Hampton will be prominent players for years to come in Orlando.

Summary written by Kevin Brown (@ihaveaformula)

Detroit Pistons

#281Detroit Pistons

Individual rankings:
Kevin #27, Nick #27, Tyler #28

The Pistons continue to seemingly embrace the full tank. Veterans have sat many games and the rookies/young guns are playing a ton. Unless something bizarre happens it seems that their goal to be one of the worst teams in the league while getting valuable playing time and development from their young players is a success. Pistons fans may be overly high on some of them, but there have been a lot of bright spots.

Summary written by Joe Sinke (@Joe_Truck)

Houston Rockets

#291Houston Rockets

Individual rankings:
Kevin #28, Nick #30, Tyler #30

It’s fortunate that Houston’s season is coming to a close because their healthy roster count is dwindling by the day. The Rockets faced some of the league’s strongest teams during Week 20 and came away with three of three losses. Coach Silas is playing whoever’s available at this point, resulting in standout showings from Khyri Thomas and DaQuan Jeffries. While flashes of new talent are always exciting, it’s inevitable that they benefit from the circumstances (aka high usage in mostly garbage time) and are likely to be relegated to a supporting role, if any, come next season.

Summary written by Lily Huang (@ldlh17)

Oklahoma City Thunder

#301Oklahoma City Thunder

Individual rankings:
Kevin #30, Nick #29, Tyler #29

Here's how bad things are in OKC right now: The Sacramento Kings are battling with the 2018-19 Cavs for worst DRtg in NBA history. They give up 118 points per game and are even playing pretty fast these days. The Thunder barely squeaked out 51 points in the first half of Sunday's game. Granted they're dealing with a ton of "injuries," but my goodness. They're not making money off ticket sales, why not just forfeit the last week of games?

Summary written by Kevin Nye (@kevinpnye)

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