8 Things to Watch For: The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery

With the NBA lottery beginning at 8:00pm ET on ESPN, we have decided to bring the readers of Hashtag Basketball a list of the Top 8 Things to Watch For during tonight’s showing.

With the NBA lottery beginning at 8:00pm ET on ESPN, we have decided to bring the readers of Hashtag Basketball a list of the Top 8 Things to Watch For during tonight’s showing.

  1. To begin, keep any eye for the obvious: The Philadelphia 76ers. During their ‘process’ of tanking, they are yet to snag the number one pick. This year, they hold the NBA’s best odds of picking first at the draft combining a pick swap with the Kings and their own record (26.9%); more-so, they are also quietly wishing for a Lakers fall. If the Los Angeles Lakers pick falls to fourth or below, it will end up in the 76ers hands. Will tanking finally pay its dividends?

  2. Adam Silver has made a lot of waves recently by declaring that NBA jerseys will now have corporate logos on them which has led to an extreme amount of backlash among basketball fans everywhere. While Silver has promised that the ads will be small and fit in the corner of the jerseys, it may only be a matter of time before the jerseys start looking like NASCAR racing cars. Expect him or whoever does the picking to be booed by a (hopefully) belligerent crowd that will voice their distaste towards the new logos.

  3. Watch for the ‘basketball-gods’ to reward the already talented. Due to the Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce pick swap, the Boston Celtics hold the Brooklyn Net third-best odds at 15.6%. The Minnesota Timberwolves hold fifth-best odds at 8.8% for the first pick. The Celtics have a young playoff-level team with a premier head coach, and the Wolves hold back-to-back rookie of the years with complementary role players developing around them. For either of these teams, adding a number one pick to the mix could be the final piece to establishing a perennial championship contender looking forward.

  4. For the common fan of Knicks failure, look no farther than tonight’s lottery. The 2016 NBA Draft marks the end of the 2011 Carmelo Anthony trade. The numbers grow a bit convoluted due to a subsequent pick swap, but essentially the pick represents a 4.3% chance for the Nuggets to leave tonight with the Knicks' number one pick. Which thought upsets a Knicks fan more: another moment of draft-night misery or a full season with Head Coach Kurt Rambis?

  5. Since we're on the topic of the Knicks and the NBA Draft Lottery, it's hard not to comment about the potentially rigged 1984 draft which landed the Knicks the first overall pick and Patrick Ewing, the consensus first overall choice. The conspirators may come out of the woodwork if the Lakers manage to get the first overall choice, if the 76ers are punished for tanking and fall to third or lower, and finally, if one big market team jumps from a late lottery round pick to the first overall (I'm looking at you Chicago). Keep a close eye sports fans, you never know what could happen.

  6. A personal favorite: team representatives. A few are announced early, including Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns, Celtic figurehead Isiah Thomas, and there is a heart-warming story behind Devin Booker’s relationship with a loyal fan. But instead, I urge you to watch for the owners who show up. Seriously, what’s better than watching a billionaire have his dreams ruined by ping pong balls?

  7. For those who are on twitter, I highly suggest you follow @BillSimmons -- a sportswriter known for his extreme fondness of Boston sports (especially the Celtics). There should be plenty of juicy tweets that he puts out as the draft goes along, especially when it comes to his Celtics' pick. If they land a top two pick you can certainly expect a flurry of tweets filled with expletives and exclamations. If they fall at all in the draft, currently projected at the third overall, you can also certainly expect, well, also a flurry of tweets with expletives, exclamations, and obviously how the draft is rigged, especially if the Lakers get the first overall.

  8. Finally, we remind you to watch yourself. After rejoicing in your team’s good fortune, remember tonight is only a place-setting for the draft. We wish you all good luck tonight NBA fans, but remember that even if you win tonight, you can still lose on June 23rd.

We’ll see you at the draft.

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