With scouting reports from Tyler Metcalf (@tmetcalf11) and projections by Marc Roberts (@MarcFRoberts)

Meet the top 60 prospects of the 2018 NBA Draft.

Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic

6'8 | PG | Real Madrid

A 6'8 playmaking guard who has been dominating the worlds second best league as a teenager.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 42.1% FG, 78.6% FT, 15.7 PTS, 1.9 3PM, 7.0 REB, 6.0 AST, 1.1 STL, 0.5 BLK, 2.2 TOV

He is a 6'8’’ playmaking guard who has been dominating the world’s second best league as a teenager. He is able to score consistently from all three levels in a myriad of ways. He has the ability to stretch the floor, the size and strength to finish inside, and the craftiness to beat the defender off the dribble. His floor vision and IQ allow him to make the right play and set up his teammates. He has the ability to be a multiple-time All-Star and the focal point of a franchise.


Passing, IQ, Pick-and-Roll manipulation, change of pace scoring.


Lateral quickness, defending better athletes, consistent shooting form.

DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton

7'1 | C | Arizona

Ayton is a dominating center and an incredible athlete.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 50.7% FG, 72.0% FT, 13.4 PTS, 0.3 3PM, 9.3 REB, 1.6 AST, 0.7 STL, 1.1 BLK, 1.7 TOV

Although he is already a physical marvel, he has the frame to add even more muscle. He boasts an advanced post game, is patient and creative, and has a soft touch around the rim. When he gets doubled in the post he has the size and vision to pass out of it to the cutting man or a teammate spotting up for three. His smooth shooting stroke and consistent form allow him to stretch the floor with ease. When opponents close out hard on him, he has the athleticism and ball handling to blow past them for an easy finish at the rim. Defensively, he is a huge liability. He frequently gets caught ball watching and misses rotations. He is often out of position, which accounts for his low block rate. If he can get engaged on that end, he has the tools to be a key part in a switching defense.


Post moves, passing, shooting range, rebounding, pure athlete.


Often out of position on defense, struggled to battle against opponents of similar strength, inconsistent effort, and intensity.

Jaren Jackson Jr

Jaren Jackson Jr

6'11 | C | Michigan St

Jackson is one of the most well rounded big men in this draft.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 44.8% FG, 76.1% FT, 12.2 PTS, 1.0 3PM, 7.3 REB, 1.7 AST, 0.9 STL, 2.6 BLK, 2.1 TOV

Offensively, he can finish around the rim and knock down shots from the perimeter. He is a star on the defensive end though. He is one of the best shot blockers in the draft, he makes the right rotations, and his athleticism allows him to defend the perimeter effectively. He has a very raw post game and shouldn't be used as a main weapon, but as one of the youngest players in the draft, he will continue to develop.


Rim protection, defensive versatility, floor spacing, finishing at the rim.


Strength, rebounding consistency, post moves, ability to create his own shot.

Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges

6"7 | SF | Villanova

In an age where three-and-d wings are coveted, he has the ideal size and length to fill that role.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 44.7% FG, 79.4% FT, 12.7 PTS, 1.6 3PM, 4.8 REB, 1.9 AST, 1.2 STL, 0.7 BLK, 1.4 TOV

He is a great defender who can lock down multiple positions, and he can be deadly from beyond the arc on the other end of the floor. Bridges is effective when driving, can finish strong at the rim and has shown the ability to kick it out to open teammates. His IQ allows him to move the ball in the flow of the offense, rarely forcing the wrong play. He will need to improve his ball handling and his ability to create his own shot because he is highly reliant on playing off the ball.


Outside shooting, lockdown defender, unselfishness, IQ.


Shot creating ability, passiveness, strength.

Mohamed Bamba

Mohamed Bamba

7'0 | C | Texas

With a 7'10 wingspan Bamba is a devastating rim protector.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 46.4% FG, 68.7% FT, 11.4 PTS, 0.4 3PM, 9.6 REB, 0.7 AST, 0.9 STL, 2.3 BLK, 1.6 TOV

His size allows him to be an effective finisher around the rim, but that is about the limit of his offensive ability. There are some clips of him hitting threes in the gym, but we've seen this before from prospects who are never able to translate it to the NBA. Despite his offensive limitations, Bamba will likely be a multiple All-NBA defensive selection. His size, mobility, and coordination make him not just a great rim protector but also someone who can switch on the perimeter. Even when he gets beat by quicker opponents out there, he can use his length to alter shots from behind. He will need to work on his scoring ability but will make an immediate defensive impact.


Rim protection, defensive versatility, passing vision, finishing at the rim.


Shooting, shot creation, strength, intensity.

Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley III

6'11 | PF | Duke

After reclassifying last year Bagley was one of the most dominating players in the country.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 50.8% FG, 65.2% FT, 13.3 PTS, 0.5 3PM, 8.5 REB, 1.5 AST, 0.8 STL, 0.6 BLK, 1.8 TOV

It is difficult to figure out which position he will play in the NBA. In an era of positionless basketball, though, he should have a long career. He is one of the hardest working players in the draft, and he is a great athlete with an extraordinary first step that allows him to blow past defenders. He is great at finishing around the rim and has shown flashes of outside shooting. He will, however, be a defensive issue he isn't big enough to guard true post players and lacks the instincts to be a strong perimeter defender. His outside shooting is extremely inconsistent and not a tool that should be relied upon.


Inside finishing, work rate, rebounding, athleticism.


Defensive consistency, outside shooting, shooting off the dribble, ball handling.

Michael Porter Jr

Michael Porter Jr

6'10 | SF | Missouri

Unfortunately, we barely got to see Porter this year.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 39.2% FG, 75.5% FT, 12.8 PTS, 0.9 3PM, 6.9 REB, 1.2 AST, 1.0 STL, 0.3 BLK, 1.8 TOV

A back injury that kept him out of the entire regular season and when he did come back for the final two games, he was very rusty and out of playing shape. So we have to base it this analysis off of what he showed in high school, where he was one of the top recruits. Porter has a beautiful shot, which is a deadly weapon when paired with his size. He has the athletic ability to play wing and score from anywhere on the floor. He tends to rely on his size to shoot over opponents, so he needs to work on his ability to create space. He is a strong ball handler and is able to attack and initiate the offense. His physical attributes suggest he has the ability to develop into a versatile defender, but he does lack the consistency on that side of the ball.


Shooting, scoring, athleticism, defensive potential.


Ball handling, shot creation, shot selection, inefficient scorer.

Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges

6'7 | SF | Michigan St

Last year Bridges projected as a lottery pick, and that hasn’t changed.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 41.4% FG, 79.7% FT, 12.7 PTS, 1.3 3PM, 6.2 REB, 2.7 AST, 0.8 STL, 0.6 BLK, 1.8 TOV

Bridges is an exceptional athlete who showed more consistency shooting from outside this year. When he attacks the rim he is a devastating finisher. He does a good job of blocking shots, especially when helping from the weak side. His off-ball movement is at a very high level as he does a great job of running through screens and cutting back door. He needs will need to improve on getting his teammates involved and developing as a ball handler. His passing vision and accuracy need a lot of work as he'll likely never be a primary ball-handler. This year he mostly played out of position at the three and should be used as a stretch four.


Athleticism. pure scoring ability, positional versatility.


Playmaking, ball handling, ability to get to the line.

Trae Young

Trae Young

6'2 | PG | Oklahoma

Even though Young lead the country in points and assists as a freshman, he is one of the most polarizing prospects in this draft.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 39.3% FG, 80.2% FT, 14.5 PTS, 1.8 3PM, 3.1 REB, 6.5 AST, 1.1 STL, 0.3 BLK, 3.1 TOV

After an incredible start to the year, Young and Oklahoma struggled during conference play, prompting many to begin questioning his potential despite his constant contributions. Young has an incredibly quick release and nearly limitless range. When defenders guard him too tightly he has the ability to beat them off the dribble and using floaters and creative layups to finish at the rim, despite his lack of pure athleticism. He is also one of the best passers in the draft. He is accurate and creative, which helps set up his teammates for easy scoring opportunities. The main complaints with Young are his decision making and proneness to turnovers, but those can be explained by how heavily he was relied upon (he had the countries second highest usage rate at 37). Young does need to improve his shot selection and turnover frequency, but due to the quality of his team, I am willing to forgive a lot of the errors he made last year. With better talent around him, he should shine on offense.


Pure shooter, ball handling, passing, finishing at the rim.


Defensive ability, ball security, decision making.

Wendell Carter Jr

Wendell Carter Jr

6'10 | PF | Duke

Carter is yet another versatile big man.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 47.6% FG, 72.3% FT, 12.0 PTS, 0.5 3PM, 8.8 REB, 2.2 AST, 0.9 STL, 1.5 BLK, 2.0 TOV

He has a mature post game as well as the ability to stretch the floor on a consistent basis. He has incredible control of his body and great positioning. His instincts on positioning for cuts, screens, and dribble handoffs is exceptional. He is a very agile player, which allows him to move well laterally, and has the size to be a quality rim protector. This last year he was very inconsistent defensively but if he is put with the right coach, he could continue to develop nicely. He isn't an explosive athlete, so his ability as an above the rim player is limited. His shooting form will restrict his ability to shoot off the dribble and he often forces things, which leads to too many turnovers and defensive mistakes.


Post scoring, outside shooting, positioning, defensive potential.


Patience, playmaking, explosiveness.

Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton

6'3 | PG | Alabama

Sexton isn't the best prospect in this draft but he may be the most fun.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 40.8% FG, 74.9% FT, 13.6 PTS, 0.9 3PM, 3.7 REB, 3.6 AST, 0.9 STL, 0.2 BLK, 2.3 TOV

Sexton is an incredibly confident and athletic score-first guard. He isn't afraid of anyone and works his ass off the entire time he's on the floor. He projects as a very good on-ball defender who is able to stay with his guy away from the ball too. His blind confidence isn't always a positive; sometimes it can lead to him taking unnecessary risks and forcing the issue. He isn't a very good passer, so he will need to really work on not just his vision but also the quality of his passes. His shooting consistency will also need work, but he has shown the ability to succeed from outside.


Scoring, defense, competitiveness, work rate.


play-making, consistency, decision making.

Lonnie Walker IV

Lonnie Walker IV

6'4 | SG | Miami

Walker was able to have a significant impact on Miami’s team this year due to the injury to Bruce Brown.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 38.8% FG, 72.3% FT, 11.2 PTS, 1.3 3PM, 3.0 REB, 2.2 AST, 1.0 STL, 0.4 BLK, 1.4 TOV

Walker, in general, rose to the task and had a very good year. He is an explosive player who can really attack the rim. He is creative on offense, using his ball handling to either get to the rim or create an open shot. He has good form on his outside shot but needs to improve the consistency of it. His size and athleticism allow him to guard multiple positions and chase opponents through screens. His effort on offense wanes when he isn't directly involved and he has below average floor vision. He doesn't create much for his teammates and too frequently takes poor shot attempts.


Scoring ability, athleticism, defensive potential.


Motor, decision making, playmaking.

Khyri Thomas

Khyri Thomas

6'3 | SG | Creighton

Thomas might be the best wing defender in this class.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 46.3% FG, 75.5% FT, 11.5 PTS, 1.2 3PM, 3.9 REB, 2.6 AST, 1.3 STL, 0.3 BLK, 1.6 TOV

It isn't just his athleticism that makes him a menace on defense; he is able to combine that with his great instincts and technique. He can lock down players on the ball and jump passing lanes to quickly create offense going the other way. He does a good job of scoring from the outside when running off screens and catch-and-shoot opportunities. His ball handling has improved, but it is still far too sloppy to be a primary ball handler. He is ok off of straight-line drives but struggles to create space and shoot off the dribble. Thomas will be a strong two-way weapon and could end up being one of the mid-round steals of the draft.


Perimeter defense, outside shooting, basketball IQ.


Playmaking, shooting off the dribble, offensive creativity.

Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox

6'9 | SF | Kentucky

Knox is an intriguing prospect whom I've struggled to properly project.

PER/32MIN ROOKIE SEASON PROJECTIONS: 40.8% FG, 74.6% FT, 11.9 PTS, 1.0 3PM, 4.8 REB, 1.5 AST, 0.8 STL, 0.3 BLK, 1.9 TOV

He is a very good athlete with a lot of upside, which he should be able to maximize if he is able to buy into whatever system he is put into. He does a great job of finishing around the rim and has shown the ability to excel at scoring in pick-and-roll scenarios. His explosiveness makes him deadly when attacking the rim. His shooting is inconsistent and he often takes ill-advised attempts that are either far too early in the shot clock or heavily contested. While he has the physical makeup to be a versatile defender, he has yet to show the ability to do so. He often falls asleep on defensive rotations and generally has a low work rate.


Scoring, attacking the rim, athleticism.


Work rate, shot selection, defensive interest.

15. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

6'6 | PG | Kentucky

Gilgeous-Alexander isn't the typical Kentucky prospect.

He started the year on the bench and then, through performing at a high level and working hard, he turned into one of their best players. He is one of the bigger point guards in the draft, with a very long wingspan which helps him defend at a very high level. He has an extremely high work rate on both ends of the floor as well as a mature feel for the game. He is currently very limited offensively: as his shooting form makes him very unreliable and he lacks the athleticism to be elevated around the rim. However, he is a skilled ball handler and is very good at manipulating the pick-and-roll.


Playmaking/ball handling, defense, work rate.


Shooting, strength, athleticism

16. Robert Williams

6'9 | C | Texas A&M

This era's centers thrive as athletic rim runners and that is exactly what Williams projects as.

He is a freak athlete who is great at finishing above the rim and protecting the rim. Offensively, however, he is very limited, as his range doesn't expand much farther than the paint. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor for a dribble or two but needs to improve his overall post movement and footwork. He is a very good shot blocker but needs some work with the rest of his defensive game. He often gets caught biting on fakes and reaching in too frequently.


Rim running, shot blocking, athleticism.


Scoring away from the rim, attention to detail, defensive discipline.

17. Troy Brown

6'7 | SG | Oregon

Brown showed a lot of offensive versatility this year.

He does a great job of attacking the rim and finishing through contact. He also showed consistency shooting from outside off the catch. His size and length give him the potential to guard multiple positions and he does a good job of jumping passing lanes. His floor vision and defensive awareness need to improve. In order to be a weapon shooting the ball, he will need to speed up his release, but the foundation is there.


Attacking the rim, outside shooting potential, athleticism.


Playmaking, awareness, slow release.

18. Melvin Frasier

6'5 | SF | Tulane

Most fans haven't heard of Frasier because he played at Tulane and wasn't on the big stage.

With that said, he projects as a versatile wing who could develop into a nice 3-and-D wing. He is a high energy defender with quick hands and great instincts. He does a great job of keeping opponents in front of him and jumping passing lanes. This defense will frequently turn into quick offense going the other way, where he can punish teams when he attacks the rim. His most effective shooting this year came off the catch. He struggles to score off the dribble because his handles are too sloppy and form is too inconsistent. He is a very accurate passer and has the potential to improve if he is able to work on his vision.


Perimeter defense, catch and shoot threes, athleticism, work rate.


Ball handling, passing vision, shot creation.

19. Zhaire Smith

6'5 | SG | Texas Tech

When Smith jumps it looks like the only reason he is coming down is because he decides to.

He has the ability to leap out of the gym and the speed and agility to lock down opponents on the perimeter. He isn't a good ball handler but is a very effective cutter and screener. His shooting is a liability because he currently lacks confidence and the proper mechanics. He projects as a strong defender from the start, but if he develops any shooting consistency, he could turn into a two-way weapon.


Perimeter defense, off-ball movement, athleticism.


Shooting, ball-handling, playmaking.

20. Donte Divincenzo

6'5 | PG | Villanova

After exploding in the National Championship game, Divincenzo caught the countries attention with his deep range, explosive leaping ability, and supreme confidence.

After exploding in the National Championship game, Divincenzo caught the country’s attention with his deep range, explosive leaping ability, and supreme confidence. Initially, I thought Divincenzo would benefit from an additional year at Villanova so he could show how consistently dominant he could be in the lead role. However, after a great combine and likely receiving a first-round promise, his decision to declare made all the sense in the world. Divincenzo is a dynamic shooter who can punish opponents off the dribble or in catch-and-shoot opportunities. If he can tighten up his inconsistent mechanics, he can become one of the best shooters in the league. He is tough and able to absorb contact when attacking the rim, playing intense defense, and using his great leaping ability to fight for rebounds. He needs to improve his ability to run and shoot off of screens. If he wants to be a team’s primary ball handler, he will need to improve his playmaking skills and stop telegraphing his passes.


Shooting, athleticism, basketball IQ, two-way versatility.


Passing consistency, length, Shooting consistency off-ball.

21. Elie Okobo

6'2 | PG | Pau-Orthez

Okobo’s great year has propelled him up draft boards and made him one of the most intriguing international prospects in the draft.

Okobo is a great scoring guard who excels with his outside shot or finishing at the rim. He grew up as a two guard, so he is able to cut off the ball or rotate to the open spaces on the wing already at a high level. The downside to this, though, is that his point guard skills need a lot of improvement. His ball handling and passing have improved, but they will still need work to be effective at the NBA level. His dribbling is still far too loose which leads to easy steals. While he has developed a nice drive-and-kick tendency, his passes are often too predictable and lack the required velocity. When he is engaged on defense he shows flashes of success, but far too often he seems disinterested. As he continues to improve his point guard skills, he has the ability to develop into a nice lead guard.


Scoring versatility, Ball handling creativity, improved passing.


Pure point guard skills, inconsistent shooting, defensive effort.

22. Kevin Huerter

6'7 | SG | Maryland

Huerter is another example of a prospect originally expected to return for another year but declaring for the draft after a stellar combine.

Huerter is one of the best shooters in this class, and maybe the best. He displays a very high basketball IQ and plays to his strengths as he manipulates the wing. He does a great job of attacking closeouts with aggressive straight-line drives. When attacking the rim, he has shown success finishing with either hand or kicking out an accurate pass when the defense collapses. His lack of muscle and quickness limits him as a defender, but he still plays with a high effort level.


Shooting from anywhere, defensive effort, attacking the rim.


Slow shooting release, slender frame, limited athleticism.

23. Josh Okogie

6'4 | SG | Georgia Tech

Okogie plays with an extremely high level of energy.

He is a solid defender and a good rebounder for his size. He can guard multiple positions and displays great footwork and instincts. His shooting form needs work, but he has shown the ability to pull up off the dribble consistently. He is far too inconsistent from the outside, easy to close out on, and shouldn't be relied on as a playmaker.


Defensive versatility, rebounding, off-ball movement, energy level.


Shooting form, playmaking, ball handling.

24. Jacob Evans

6'6 | SF | Cincinnati

Evans is another versatile wing that has shown consistent improvement during his time in college.

He is a very intelligent defender that makes the right rotations and is a nuisance for opponents as his work rate is through the roof. His shooting form needs work as he will really struggle to score off the dribble but has shown success spotting with good range. He isn't a great athlete, so his defensive ability may struggle to translate. He will need to work on not killing the ball movement and keeping the flow of the offense running.


Defensive IQ, work rate, spot up shooting consistency.


Raw athleticism, shooting off the dribble, offensive feel, and flow.

25. De'Anthony Melton

6'4 | G | USC

Melton is a defensive stud.

He jumps passing lanes, has active hands to swipe the ball, and does a great job of keeping opponents in front of him. His athleticism, length, and great instincts also make him a very good shot blocker. His instincts also make him an excellent rebounder as he does a great job of hunting them down and going up over everyone else to collect them. He isn't a very good shooter as he struggles to maintain a consistent form and can be too sloppy with his ball handling. He is best when attacking the rim to score or kicking it to a teammate.


Shot contesting, quick hands, length, rebounding.


Shooting, strength, ball handling.

26. Chandler Hutchison

6'7 | SG/SF | Boise St

Hutchison is a great example of a player staying in school and developing into a first-round talent.

He has developed into a reliable perimeter shooter off the catch and an explosive athlete when attacking the rim. His low release point will need some refining to ensure it transfers to the NBA and he currently struggles to shoot off the dribble. His length and athleticism allow him to compete defensively but will need to improve on staying engaged through the entire possession.


Work ethic and desire to improve, defensive versatility, catch and shoot ability.


Ball handling, shot creation, low release point.

27. Grayson Allen

6'4 | SG | Duke

Allen may be America's least favorite player but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is a good player.

Allen spent much of this year showing his playmaking ability. He improved as a ball handler and passer and showed an ability to navigate the pick-and-roll effectively. He is a deadly shooter and can attack aggressive closeouts. He struggles defensively, where he often gets caught flat-footed and disengaged. He will need to improve his effort on that end or else he may be difficult to put on the floor.


Shooting, offensive IQ, athleticism.


Defense, decision making, maturity.

28. Jerome Robinson

6'6 | PG | Boston College

Robinson is a versatile wing.

He has a great level of coordination and fluidity that allows him to create scoring opportunities. His ball handling is at a high level as he displays success with hesitations, crossovers, step-backs, and head fakes. He can be a deadly shooter that can be very difficult to guard with his quick release. His defensive effort often wanes when he is guarding off-ball as he will get caught ball-watching or miss rotations. If he wants to have a long career in the NBA he will need to improve his feel for the game on what his team needs. He often forces the issue and takes careless shot attempts or makes sloppy passes.


Very good athlete, creative ball handler, very good shooter, defensive potential.


Forces the issue on offense, inconsistent defensive effort, struggles finishing over bigger opponents.

29. Dzanan Musa

6'8 | SG/SF | Cedvita

Musa is a prototypical swingman.

He is a good scorer off of the dribble and can shoot from all over the floor. He will excel when being run through screens and moving with the ball. His creativity and touch allow him to create good shot attempts. He sees the floor well and can create for his teammates. He can make an impact on defense but far too often loses interest and is disengaged. As a shooter, he is far too streaky but excels when attacking the basket.


Scoring off the dribble, playmaking, floor vision, rebounding.


Defensive engagement, strength, motor.

30. Mitchell Robinson

6'11 | C | N/A

Robinson is perplexing because he was a top recruit that shocked everyone by committing to Western Kentucky and then pulling his commitment and skipped playing last year all together.

He is a complete lottery ticket but is a great athlete that will excel as a rim runner. His defensive instincts are questionable as he can be late on rotations and has very little of a post game.


Athleticism, shot blocking, finishing at the rim.


Feel for the game, decision making, effort level.

31. Anfernee Simons

6'4 | SG | N/A

Simons is an explosive score-first guard.

He has the ability to attack and finish above the rim as well as pull up consistently from outside. He has very tight ball handling that he uses to create off the dribble and footwork that he utilizes on both ends of the floor. He needs to improve his decision making and ball security on offense as he is far too prone to turnovers when pressured. He also needs to work on his off-ball movement as he tends to get disengaged and stand still when he doesn't have the ball. He has all the athletic tools to be a good defender but far too often loses his man or sags too far off of shooters.


A pure scorer, ball handling, explosiveness, footwork.


Point guard play, decision making, defensive awareness.

32. Keita Bates-Diop

6'7 | SF | Ohio St

Bates-Diop is another versatile wing that doesn't have a defined position at either end of the floor.

He is a capable shooter and has a nice touch along with the creativity to finish at the rim. He can post-up smaller defenders and beat bigger defenders off the dribble. He has very good instincts and overall basketball IQ. He is a versatile defender that can keep up with quicker perimeter players and protect the rim. The biggest concern is his ability to fight through tougher opponents. He too frequently gets easily beaten when fighting for rebounds. He will need to prove his willingness to fight through contact and that he has a high motor.


Scoring versatility, defensive versatility, instincts, IQ.


Motor, injury concerns, toughness.

33. Aaron Holiday

6'1 | PG | UCLA

Holiday took a major step this year as he became the leader and main offensive focus for UCLA.

He is a score-first point guard that can explode for major scoring outbursts. He is a crafty ball handler and does a great job of navigating the pick-and-roll. Despite his lack of raw athleticism, he is still able to use his change of speed and ball handling to finish tough layups. When shooting from outside he is deadly off the dribble or catch and does a good job of setting his teammates up for easy scoring opportunities. Due to his lack of pure athleticism, he will be limited defensively but he is still a very hard worker and his basketball IQ allows him to be in the right spot.


Shooting, passing vision, work rate, scoring.


Athleticism, decision making under high defensive pressure, consistency.

34. Jalen Brunson

6'3 | PG | Villanova

Brunson likely won't develop into much more than he currently is but will still have a long, successful career.

He is a very smart player that sees the floor incredibly well. His lack of athleticism doesn't hurt him much on offense as he is crafty enough to finish around the rim and has a very surprising post game. He can shoot from deep off the catch or dribble and will gladly get his teammates involved. His lack of athleticism will hurt him on defense as he'll struggle to keep up with opponents.


Basketball IQ, shooting, passing, decision making.


Explosiveness, size, creating off the dribble.

35. Moritz Wagner

6'10 | PF/C | Michigan

After coming back for his Junior year, Wagner had an awesome year at Michigan leading them to the championship game.

He projects as an offensive big man who will be a true weapon from outside. He is able to attack bigger defenders off the dribble and abuse smaller defenders in the post. He isn't the best athlete but runs the floor well and uses his footwork and patience to utilize a solid post game. He showed flashes of being a good passer out of the post but needs to improve on his consistency. He also tends to force the issue if he's made a few baskets in a row which leads to too many turnovers. He will struggle defensively as he isn't a good rim protector and gets into a lot of foul trouble.


Offensive mismatch, shooting, work rate.


Rim protection, decision making.

36. Omari Spellman

6'9 | PF | Villanova

Spellman has great energy and versatility on both ends of the floor.

He can space the floor on offense when needed, is a very intelligent screener, and has shown flashes of being a very good passer. His post-game needs to improve but his comfortability when facing up suggests that it likely won't develop much. He is a good rebounder who fights for every loose ball, especially on the offensive end. He does a good job of contesting shots at the rim and playing with a high level of energy but often struggles when switched onto smaller opponents. Over the last year, Spellman has done a great job of losing weight and getting in better shape. He still has a ways to go for a preferred NBA body and needs to prove that he can get and stay in shape for a full NBA season.


Excels at doing the little things, two-way versatility, improved athleticism.


Raw postgame, explosiveness around the rim, conditioning.

37. Hamidou Diallo

6'5 | SG | Kentucky

Diallo is a classic case of someone who really hurt their stock by returning for another year.

Saying he is a freak athlete is an understatement. He is a very strong finisher at the rim and is a crafty off-ball cutter. He will need to improve his ball-handling in order to create off the dribble in the NBA. He is currently a very bad shooter. He is as bad at shooting as he is good at dunking. Teams will need to be patient with his development in order for him to improve at all. On the defensive end is where he will make his impact right away if he is able to stay engaged. He is a strong defender when he wants to be that is hard to get by and his leaping ability makes him a good shot blocker. He tended to fade on defense but in big games, he showed what he was capable of.


Athleticism, perimeter defense, finishing at the rim.


Shooting, playmaking, consistency.

38. Bruce Brown

6'5 | SG | Miami

Similarly to Diallo, Brown was hurt by returning to school both literally and figuratively.

After a rough start to the season, Brown suffered a season-ending injury. Coming into the year Brown was projected as a two-way guard with a very mature game. He is a strong defender that is able to lock down opponents on the perimeter and showed flashes of being a good shooter. His basketball IQ is high but he needs to improve his ball handling and passing in order to be a primary ball handler.


Defense, basketball IQ, scoring potential.


Consistency, playmaking, injury concerns.

39. Jevon Carter

6'2 | PG | West Virginia

Carter is another one of these prospects that had a really good college career but will likely fall due to his age.

He isn't an elite athlete but makes up for it by constantly working harder than everyone else on the floor. He has great footwork that makes him a stud on defense and very quick hands that made him second in the country in steals per game. He isn't a lights out shooter, but is reliable as long as he isn't forcing the issue which will be doubtful considering his change in role from college.


Engine, basketball IQ, defense.


Consistent shooting, finishing through contact, athleticism

40. Jarred Vanderbilt

6'9 | SF | Kentucky

Vanderbilt is one of the toughest prospects to get a gauge on in this draft.

Based solely on his energy level, size, and length Vanderbilt is an enticing prospect. His defensive ability is second to none as he might be the most versatile defender. He has the ability to guard all five positions at a high level in the NBA. He is an explosive leaper that does a great job of finishing above the rim and contesting shots. His ball handling is better than expected and he can create off the dribble; other than that, his offensive ability doesn't exist. His shooting form will need to be entirely rebuilt and he will likely never be any sort of threat. More worrisome though is his history of foot injuries. Over the last couple of years, he has had multiple foot injuries which historically have ended player's careers.


Very high defensive work rate, defensive versatility, good rebounder and athlete.


Injury concern with the foot, bad shooter, offensive liability.

41. Shake Milton

6'5 | PG | SMU

Milton is an offensively focused guard.

He is a very good shooter from outside and has the ability to finish around the rim. Since he lacks the explosiveness of other guards, he relies on his soft touch and creativity to knock down floaters and off-balanced layups. He is great at running the pick-and-roll as he is able to get both opponents to engage him and then easily find the open man. He needs to improve his change of speed as he really struggles to create any space off the dribble. He also has a long way to go on the defensive end. He is often late on rotations, lazily fights through screens, and will get blown by on drives.


Shooting, passing, playmaking.


Defensive work rate, defensive rotations, shot creation off the dribble.

42. Rawle Alkins

6'5 | SG | Arizona

Alkins is a stocky, high energy defender.

He will be a versatile defender due to his strength and athleticism. He is limited offensively but has shown improvement spotting up. His ball handling and inconsistent form don't allow him to score much off the dribble. He also needs to improve his off-ball movement as he too frequently gets caught standing still.


Defense, energy, athleticism.


Ball handling, offensive versatility, rebounding.

43. Gary Trent Jr

6'6 | SG | Duke

Trent is an offensively focused wing with supreme confidence in his outside shot.

He is one of the better off-balanced shooters due to his great footwork. He doesn't need much space and often doesn't seem concerned if a defender is all over him. Despite but also due to his shooting ability, he often takes ill-advised shot attempts that can ruin the offensive flow. Trent was a key factor as to why Duke's defense was so bad this year. He often gets caught ball-watching, misses rotations, and seems extremely disinterested in general which will likely lead to NBA teams attacking him consistently.


Spot up shooting, off-ball movement, running in transition.


Too eager to shoot, defense, athleticism.

44. Chimezie Metu

6'11 | C | USC

Metu is a very good athlete but will need to continue to add muscle in order to battle in the post.

He is an explosive finisher at the rim, runs the floor well, and has shown a lot of improvement in his post game. His shooting form has drastically improved but needs to improve his consistency from outside. He also has the ability to attack opponents off the dribble but needs to improve his passing in order to find his teammates as the defense collapses. His athleticism allows him to be a good shot blocker but he often makes the wrong rotation when he goes for the weak side block which results in either a foul or easy basket for his man.


Explosiveness, shot blocking, attacking off the dribble.


Shooting consistency, defensive awareness, strength.

45. Trevon Duval

6'3 | PG | Duke

Duval is another point guard that will succeed based on his athleticism.

He has great explosiveness that lets him aggressively attack the rim which is necessary due to his lack of outside shooting. His inconsistent form resulted in very mixed results. He is a good ball handler and passer but needs to slow the mental game down as he can get out of control and turn the ball over too much. He has the tools to be a good defender but would get caught ball watching and miss rotations.


Athleticism, playmaking, vision.


Shooting, defensive consistency, decision making.

46. Tony Carr

6'5 | PG | Penn St

Carr projects as a ball-dominant scoring guard.

He is a good shooter that can put up a lot of points once he gets into a rhythm. He does a good job of scoring at the rim but needs to improve his ball-handling in order to create easier opportunities as he struggles to create enough space. He is an ok passer but needs to get better at moving the ball and getting his teammates involved. His defensive effort often waned as he didn't make the impact he could be able to. His shot selection needs to improve but a lot of this could just be due to his role and lack of help.


Shooting, finishing at the rim.


Ball movement, defensive effort, playmaking.

47. Kevin Hervey

6'9 | SF | UT Arlington

Hervey projects as a versatile role player who can make an impact at either end of the floor.

He is a good shooter with a release that is very difficult to guard. He can get caught up in the speed of the game though can play out of control. Despite that, he excels when doing the little things. He is very active off-ball by setting effective screens, running in transition, and cutting to find the open spot on the wing or to get to the rim. Once he gets on an NBA team he will need to accept his lesser role and be more selective with his shot attempts. The reliance on him as the star lead to ill-advised shots and careless turnovers. He plays hard on defense but needs a lot of work on his fundamentals; his footwork can get sloppy and will frequently misread pick-and-roll coverage. Teams will be concerned over his past ACL tears but if he can stay healthy he can be a productive rotation player.


NBA range, off-ball impact, willingness to compete.


Knee health, adapting to the speed of the game, making the right play.

48. Arnoldas Kubolka

6'9 | SF | Capo D'Orlando

Kubolka has great size, fluidity, and feel for the game.

He thrives on offense when he is run through screens. He does a great job of creating space when running off-ball and is then able to use his size and length to get shots off over opponents. He has shown flashes of succeeding in the pick-and-roll but needs to improve on his passing decisions. His ball handling is smooth and controlled but his playmaking abilities are often too predictive. In order to have an NBA career, he will need to get much stronger in order to absorb contact attacking the rim and to defend multiple positions.


Shooting ability, ball handling, running in transition.


Lack of muscle, predictable playmaking tendencies, struggles to absorb contact.

49. Devon Hall

6'5 | SG | Virginia

Hall is a mature 3-and-D prospect who rarely makes the wrong play.

He's a good shooter who has a knack for moving off-ball to find the openings in the defense. Coming off the bench he can be a good secondary ball handler who can navigate the pick-and-roll. Despite his lack of great athleticism, he is a strong defender with great fundamentals. His lack of athleticism limits his defensive ability and ability to create his own scoring opportunities. Hall's development is likely limited from what he is now, which will push him to the mid to late second round, but that doesn't mean that he won't be able to be an impactful role player.


Spot up shooting, individual and team defense, makes the right play.


Ball handling, athleticism, room for growth.

50. Devonte' Graham

6'2 | PG | Kansas

Graham is a prospect that showed continuous development and leadership in his time at Kansas.

He improved his shooting ability into more of just a spot-up shooter. He improved on his ability to navigate the pick and roll and shoot off of screens. More importantly, his decision making made a big jump as he did a better job of creating for teammates and eliminating sloppy turnovers. His lack of size though hurt him when trying to finish inside. He struggled to finish over length and absorb contact. His size also hurts him as an effective defender but he is able to make up for some of it with his high level of energy and competitiveness.


Competitiveness, decision making, shooting,


Size, room for development, finishing inside,

51. Landry Shamet

6'4 | PG | Wichita St

Shamet has the ability to consistently knock down shots from well behind the three-point line.

He is an offensively minded point guard who is a shooting threat at all times. He needs to increase his creativity when navigating screens but has a high feel for managing those situations with his good passing vision and shooting confidence. Due to his lack of athleticism, he struggles to turn the corner or beat the opponent off the dribble. This also hinders his ability on defense as he lacks the lateral quickness to keep up with quicker guards. His foot injury history is also concerning as he has had multiple surgeries on the same foot.


NBA range, playmaking, pick and roll navigation.


Athleticisim, handling defensive pressure, injury concerns.

52. Rodions Kurucs

6'9 | SF | Barcelona

Kurucs projects as a playmaking forward but will most likely be a draft-and-stash pick.

He has shown flashes of shooting from outside but needs to refine his form. He is a fluid ball handler with good passing vision. He has the ability to navigate his way to the rim and be an explosive finisher. Despite his strong ball-handling ability, he struggles shooting off the dribble as he struggles to keep a tight form. He also needs to work on getting his teammates more involved and making the extra. Far too often he goes into iso-ball and kills the entire flow of the offense. He has all the tools to be a good rebounder and defender but needs to improve his fundamentals and become much stronger.


Basketball IQ, ball handling, good touch around the rim.


Kills ball movement, defensive fundamentals, rebounding.

53. Malik Newman

6'3 | SG | Kansas

Newman is the definition of a pure scorer.

He has ultimate confidence in his shooting and when he gets hot he can run up the score quickly. He is a strong shooter coming off screens or off the dribble. His high level of ball handling allows him to create space for his jumper or slither his way to the rim for an acrobatic finish. The issue with his scoring ability is that it often leads to him taking ill-advised attempts. While he is a good athlete, he is still undersized for a two-guard. This will be an issue defensively when he is forced to guard bigger, stronger opponents. It also creates an issue on the offensive end as well as he doesn't possess the typical playmaking skills required for a primary ball handler.


A pure scorer, running in transition, ball handling.


Shot selection, size, playmaking.

54. Isaac Bonga

6'8 | SF | Frankfurt

Bonga is one of the youngest players in the draft and could be an ideal draft-and-stash prospect.

Bonga has a lot of work to do to be NBA ready but the pieces are there. He is a very good playmaker who does a great job of finding open teammates off the drive. His handle of the pick-and-roll is much higher than most players his age. He still commits far too many turnovers as he can be easy to read. He is also an easy cover as his shooting ability is nonexistent. His form needs a lot of work and he has zero confidence in his shot. He frequently passes up open shots and then forces the issue into the wrong play.


Passing, pick and roll navigation, length.


Far too many turnovers, lack of confidence, no shooting ability.

55. Justin Jackson

6'7 | PF | Maryland

Jackson has seemed to fall down draft boards over the last couple years despite his projection as a strong defender.

His body, strength, and defensive ability projects him as a potential small-ball five who can switch onto any position. He has strong fundamentals and does a good job of utilizing his strength and length to alter shots. Offensively, his game is limited. He has shown some shooting ability but his form is too inconsistent and his release is far too slow to make an impact unless he is given a ton of space.


A versatile defender, post game, physicality.


Health, shooting, ball security.

56. Brandon McCoy

7'1 | C | UNLV

McCoy is a traditional big man who would have gone in the first round ten years ago.

He has a soft touch around the rim that he pairs with mature post moves. He has a strong frame that allows him to be a strong post defender and keep opponents out of the paint. Besides his post moves, he also has a solid mid-range jumper and is a strong free throw shooter which will deter teams from intentionally fouling him. Despite his interior defensive potential, he is a huge liability when brought out to the perimeter. His lateral quickness and footwork need a lot of work. Teams will consistently switch him into pick-and-rolls and constantly attack his inability to defend the perimeter which could make him unplayable. His offensive feel also needs to develop as he turns the ball over way too much. He frequently turns into a black hole and makes the wrong decision almost every time.


Post scoring, post defense, solid mid-range shooter.


Inconsistent rim protection, feel for the game, perimeter defense.

57. Gary Clark

6'8 | PF | Cincinnati

Clark is the perfect example of a high energy player off the bench.

Clark uses his bulky frame to its maximum potential. He is a very good rebounder that tracks the ball well, relentlessly pursues it, and uses his strength to box out opponents. He is a good defender that stays tight on his man but his lack of length limits his ability to effectively challenge shots. He runs really well in transition going both ways for easy dunks or chase down blocks. His shooting ability is limited at best and he was far too sloppy with the ball.


Energy level, rebounding, defense.


Shooting, ball security, room for growth.

58. Vince Edwards

6'8 | SF | Purdue

Edwards has the potential as a 3-and-D wing, but at 22, the potential isn't worth much.

Edwards does a great job when he is off-ball. He has a knack for floating on the perimeter and finding the open areas. He also does a good job of running off screens to create shooting opportunities. When he has the ball in his hand he frequently makes the right play but really struggles to create his own shot. Due to his funky mechanics, he really struggles when shooting off the dribble. Despite his size, he is an inefficient defender. His energy level is too low, he struggles to fight through screens, and he seems disinterested in taking on opponents.


Shooting off the catch, off-ball movement, avoiding unforced turnovers.


Defensive intensity, shooting off the dribble, passiveness.

59. Alize Johnson

6'9 | PF | Missouri St

Johnson has shown flashes of being a versatile wing but needs to improve his creativity.

He's a strong rebounder that gladly pushes it in transition. He is a strong ball handler and has very good passing vision. His post game is far too predictable and he struggles to finish through contact because of his reliance on his right hand. His block and steal rate was far too low and his defensive issues mainly stem from his lack of lower body strength.


Rebounding, playmaking potential, shooting potential.


Defensive impact, lower body strength, predictability.

60. Tryggvi Hlinason

7'1 | C | Valencia

Just a few years ago Hlinason was working on an Icelandic farm, now he may find himself on an NBA roster.

He had a great showing in last years U-18 Euro championships when he led Iceland to a historic top-eight finish. He is a strong rim protector and has a really soft touch around the rim. His post game is still very raw but he's shown flashes of success. His shooting form will need to be refined as he struggles with consistency. He should be a better rebounder given his size as his intensity often isn't where it needs to be.


Rim protection, mobility, post scoring.


Feel for the game, rebounding intensity, shooting.